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I hope you all enjoy the newly added play list! The songs are not meant for just one person - it's for each of the three characters so far. I think you will be able to figure out which song is for which person. :) Thanks so much again for reading!

What if Bella hadn't reached Edward in time in Volterra, and he carried out his plan and killed himself? This is my 2nd FanFic, and I am going to write a small Preface and see what you guys think; tell me if I should continue.

**DISCLAIMER** I DO NOT IN ANY WAY OWN THESE CHARACTERS. (Except the ones I may make up.) They all belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Preface: Too late


Bella is dead. I will never see her beautiful and radiant face ever again; only in my memories will I be able to cherish her. I will never be able to hear her pulse thunder against her ribs; feel the warm touch of her soft lips against mine as our lips used to whisper in sync. Never again will her voice whisper my name in her sleep, and never again will I see her cheeks flush that beautiful shade of crimson that tempts me so...

It's all your fault. Just do it, you monster.

The weight of the six letters to my family suddenly were heavy in my pocket; how much this would hurt them.... But it must be done.

I love you, Bella. I thought before stepping into the direct noon sunlight that shone upon Volterra.

So... tell me what you think, and I'll continue if you would like;)

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I loved it!
I loved that :D
Here you guys go:) I know it's short, but it's very hard to right in this form as you'll see there's barely any talking and action. More will come, I promise, and it will soon speed up.
Super good :D
Nice!!! :)
awesome job!
i barely read all of it right now and its awesome
though i cried at some of the chapters.
look forward to more!
keep me updated!
i need more now that was so good i got all hooked up when you didn't even write anymore
i want more
want more
Sorry it's taken so long! As said... this fanfic is tougher for me to write than Paramour, but I hope you enjoy these next two character perspectives!

that is definitely..something.
awesome job.
look forward to more.
keep me updated
That was extremely good, but I don't like that Edward was finding flaws in Bella, he's supposed to think she's perfect. I do understand what you're portraying here though! It was a very good chapter! :)

Oh look at sweet little Jacob… running home in a desperate attempt to save MY
girlfriend… I never knew he was so altruistic… maybe now I’ll get some appreciation to the
hell I went through to keep her safe… only for all of those efforts to not even matter in the
I doubt she even “loved” me. If she were the one who would have died, I too would
be dead and gone… but no, here she is living her beautiful and perfect life with her new dog
of a boyfriend while I sit here, secluded on a cloud with nothing to do but bask in my own
Maybe now he will see all the crap and worry that I had to go through trying to
protect Bella… maybe then he will have a bigger appreciation to what I did for her. That
would be the least he could do for me.
I was eager, now. I wanted Bella more than anything to start complaining and
whining about wanting to be with him 24-7 and wanting to go down to La Push with him;
him and I both knew that would be an absurd request right now. The Pack—Paul—simply
wouldn’t allow it, and Sam would not be happy.
Had I always been that blind? I mean, I loved Bella—I really loved her—but for
Pete’s sake she’s clingy! And not to mention she does have a tendency to whine…
Edward, look at what you’re doing to yourself… finding the worst in your exgirlfriend
just because of jealousy… Or is it because I truly don’t love Bella anymore? Or am
I just irritated that while I was alive that she—in a way—took advantage of me sometimes?
What am I saying?! I know full and well that Bella loved me with more passion
imaginable; why am I being so pessimistic? Am I angry that I never made love to her; didn’t
change her when I could have? Am I angry because although Alice said Bella would become
one of us anyway, that I wanted to preserve her soul? I am such a selfish monster; If I would
have changed her, we would still be together—I would still be alive.
It’s a strange feeling—being the third person in this situation; being able to see how
much power Bella truly has over her boyfriends. She’s a pit passive-aggressive… okay she’s
really passive-aggressive, but nevertheless, I still loved her with my whole existence while
we were together. Can you blame me? I was, as they say, ‘blinded by love’.
Looks like this time it cost me more than I would have every expected.
Oh, Jacob.
I swooned as his face appeared in my head; I’m now relaxing in the hot calming waters of my
bathtub—bubbles surrounding me. Sam demanded that he return to “work”, thus, I have been
left alone to myself. He’s never gone long—he seems to be very influential with Sam—so I
decided to take a nice warm bath so I would be plenty refreshed when he returned.
Fearless by Taylor Swift chimed in on my radio, and I smiled to myself at the coincidence. A pint
of Ben & Jerry’s Fish Food perched on the lip of my tub, and I quickly took another spoonful
before returning it. After making sure my possessions weren’t in the splashing zone, I took a
deep breath and plunged my whole head and face under the water. I felt my hair billowing
around me; a tree canopy. I then ran my fingers through my hair and rinsed out my shampoo
before submerging.
I was about to take another bite of my icecream, but that’s when I heard the front door burst
open, and frantic heavy feet were stomping along the bottom floor.
A robber.
Bella, what the hell did Charlie say about locking the door?! Now I’m probably going to be
I was about to jump out of the tub when I heard the footsteps thundering up the stairs; I was
too slow. If I turned off the lights now, not only would they hear the water sloshing around, but
they would also see the yellow lights flick off from the space under the door—I was trapped.
I instinctively pulled my knees up to my bare chest, and crushed my eyes shut. The footsteps
were now in my room, throwing things everywhere. It was only a matter of time before they
burst through the bathroom door…
It felt like a silent eternity, but a few seconds later, the footsteps were in front of my bathroom
door. The handle jimmied, and flew open. I screamed on impulse.
It was Jake.
His russet skin was flushed in the face, and his eyes were wide with terror. Sweat beaded on his
forehead, and his hair was a tousled mess. They melted when ours met, and he sighed my
name—relieved—before pulling me out of the tub (wet and all) and enveloped me in a bone
crushing hug.
“Bella, oh Bells,” he murmured into my hair.
“Jake… what’s wrong?” I asked,
“Oh, Bella, I thought she got here first…” He replied, cupping my face in his calloused hands. “I
thought I was too late.”
“Who is she?” I demanded, breaking away from our gazes and wrapping a towel around my
naked body.
“I’ll explain in a moment… I’ll let you get dressed… sorry about the mess.” He grinned
sheepishly at me before disappearing into my bedroom.
Water was everywhere. When he had thrust me out of the water, bubbles flew along with me,
fluttering to small clumps where we had been standing. A puddle of water pooled next to them,
and there were other small puddles in every possible place on the floor.
I sighed before grabbing another towel to mop of the mess before wrapping the towel around
my hair and shrugging into my robe. Once in my room, Jake was cleaning up the wreckage of
what used to be my room.
“Geez… you were really in a hurry there, Bud,” I muttered, grabbing underwear and a bra from
my dresser along with sweats and a t-shirt. He didn’t respond; just another guilty smile as he
folded blankets and picked up overturned lamps.
Finally, after restoring order in my room, I went and joined Jake on my bed, folding into his
“Spill,” I murmured into his neck.
“Bell, before I say anything, I want you to know that no matter what we’re dealing with and
what happens, no one will ever touch you; no one will ever hurt you—I promise that.”
“Jake, please, I’m anxious here. If my life is in danger—again—I really need to know what it is so
I can start making decisions on what I’m going to do.” I sighed, sick and tired of the red bull’s
eye that seemed to have been tattooed on my forehead.
“Victoria. She’s back. We don’t know for sure what she’s doing, but we have a feeling that she’s
looking for you—for revenge. She obviously doesn’t know about Edward’s death…” He paused
to check on me before continuing.
I pretended that I hadn’t heard his name; that it still didn’t shred me to pieces inside.
“she has been running around frantically in circles… that’s what’s so confusing. We don’t know
what the hell she is doing… and she’s running on Quileute land. We lost her scent in the water
on the outskirts of Forks, so we didn’t bother to pursue it… until you popped into my head. I’m
not leaving you until she’s gone for sure.”
“Jacob, you can’t do that… I’m not going to let you let down the pack just because of me. I’ll be
“Sh, don’t. Do not tell me you’re going to be fine; if anything happened to you because I wasn’t
there to defend you… I could never forgive myself…” his voice cracked as he trailed off.
“Jake,” I whispered, stroking his cheek with the back of my hand. His eyes were closed, and he
tightened his arms around me, pulling me closer to his chest. I breathed in the scent of him;
earth and rain. It was beautiful; nothing quite like Edward’s, but it was good enough for me.
I now see why they “smelled” to each other. Jacob and the wolves smell like earth (I’m
assuming) and her nature, while the Cullens smell floral and sweet like nectar; exact opposites.
“I love you,” I whispered, hugging him tightly.
“Bella Swan, I love you with my whole heart, soul, and mind. I’m never letting anything happen
to you,” he murmured, stroking my hair.
We kissed, Jake’s hand cupping and supporting my chin as I tangled my fingers in his hair. My
breathing altered, but didn’t make me hyperventilate like usual, and the kiss was full of passion
and fire. Jake’s hands slowly released my face and rested above my waist.
I pulled away after a few minutes, and rested my head on the crest of his shoulder; closing my
eyes and enjoying the moment. I fell asleep this way, and for once, I didn’t have a nightmare,
and I slept soundly.
Oh I loved it :D


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