The Twilight Saga

Ever wonder about Victoria's life before she became a vamp? How about how she became one? I hope you enjoy this. Every post/chapter is posted as a comment.

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Chapter One Victoria's POV
School. Again. I clutched my books with both arms and walked in slowly, avoiding the eyes glaring in my direction. My pace picked up as I came closer to my first class. The bell rang before I got a chance to step in. Mr. Vern gave me a tardy slip and sent me to my seat. I sat down and began thinking about my past.

I was born August 8, 1817 in the hospital near my home. Dad left us, leaving my mom alone to take care of me. remember starving, being unable to sleep. My childhood was rough. It pained me to think of those memories. It's been 17 years since my birth. Graduation was 3 weeks away.

My straight red-orange hair rested against my cheeks. I lifted my hand to brush my hair out of my face, it revealed my boyfriend sitting on my right. I turned my head in his direction and smiled. He slipped his hand into mine and held it on his desk. I relaxed at his touch. Mr. Vern cleared his throat. We both jumped and returned out hands to our own desks, releasing a little laugh. John and I have been together ever since 7th grade. He proposed to me last month at prom in the middle of the dance room. I looked at the ring on my left hand. It was silver gold with a sparkling clear diamond held on it. It made me think of the days that we'll spend together. He said that he'd wanted kids. I told him I was okay with that. And I was. Whatever he wanted I'd give to him. I'm sure it was the same way around. I felt madly in love with him.
Woh i love this :D!!, but did they have hospitals and stuff in 1817? and school? just a question :P

but keep going!!!
lol i dont think but im just gonna say this story they do hehe.
i love it so far!
I really loved it! I'm excited to see what happens next!
School was going by fast so far. Then a stranger face showed up at lunch. A new student? It's right before graduation though. He walked over to my table. John was getting his food at line, busy picking out his food. I watched him walk over, hesitantly.

"Hi I'm Devin. I'm new here, would you mind walking me around the place?" I hesitated, waiting for John to hurry up and save me. Luckily, John spotted him and became a little mad that he was talking to me.

"Sorry, man, but my fiance` is busy walking me around the school. Why don't you ask Ms. Timpano?" I felt him exaggerate the word 'fiance.' I had to smile at the word, but I let it out as a gentle one. Ugh, Mrs. Timpano. She's the school's weirdest teacher. She freaks the new kids because of her hairy birthmark on her chin. I giggled, mentally, at Devin freaking out at the sight of her.

"U-Uh, it's okay sure." He walked away empty-handed. John sat on my left and put his right arm around me. I leaned in and kissed his right cheek. He was too quick for me and turned to his right, making me place a kiss on his lips. I laughed.

At the end of the day, I walked over to John's car, he was my ride to and from school. I haven't raised enough money to buy a car. My mom was working two jobs taking care of our food and water supply. I got into the passenger seat and John got into the driver's.

"You wanna go out tonight?" Every time he spoke it made me smile.

"Sure. Where at?" I watched him ponder his thoughts.

"Hmmm... how about the river?" The river had boats up for rent. It was a nice, peaceful scenery during sunset. I nodded my head in excitement as I thought about the night I had ahead of me.

John started to back the car out. But when he stepped lightly on the gas pedal, people started screaming. I signalled John to stay put and got out of the car to see what was going on. Devin was laying next to the tires, his body spread out. I gasped and quickly helped him up.

"Devin! What are you doing?!"

"Risking my life to ask you a question."

"Don't do that again. But you have my attention right now so I'll hear it."

"Will you go on a date with me? It doesn't have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend date but I mean like. Just as friends. I know you're engaged and all, I just want to hang out. Dinner? Tutoring?! I don't know much about history. Come on. What do you say?"
WoW, this devin is really persistend! haha would love to see what happend with her, and what will she say!!!
uhh-ohh devin's kind of a creeperrr! watchhoutt!
i wonder what victoria will say!
HAHA! i think the next few chapters will change that perceptive
"Come on what do you say?" He had a puppy face on and I couldn't resist. I wanted to stall to get more time to think.

"I say that's more than one question."

"Well.................what do you think about going out with me? friends..............if you want." Friends. Seems okayy.

"All right fine. But I have a date tonight already so maybe tomorrow?"

"You're going on a date with your fiance`? Yes, sure, tomorrow's fine." His face was twisted into a sad, worried expression.

"Yeah, we're going out to the river." What am I, stupid?! Why did I just tell him where we were going? For all I know he could stalk us and try to kidnap me!

An awkward pause went by.............."Okay I'll get going now. John's waiting. See you tomorrow." I quickly turned around and hopped into the passenger seat, avoiding further talk with Devin.

Chapter Two

I decided to get ready for my fancy date with John. The river was such a fantastic place. When the sun starts to set, it puts on a colorful show in the river. The river acts as a mirror and reflects the clouds' display above. It'd be so romantic. I wore a black dress that stopped at my thighs, and had a low cleavage in the front. It was a thin strap dress. My earrings were black hoops, and I added some more body jewelry to go with it. I examined myself in the mirror. Maybe it was a little too much for a boat ride. I opened my closet to pick something else out, but the doorbell rang.

I hurried to it and opened the door slowly.

"Wow! You look stunning!" John was always the one to compliment and please me. He was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a button up collar shirt. I guess I wasn't the only one that dressed up a bit too much. His shirt was a nice silk, smooth ocean blue.

I giggled, "And you're very handsome." I locked the door behind me and took his hand. We got into his car and started to drive down the road.
This is great so far!!!
But what the heck is Devin gonna do?
I am betting he is gonna be at the river too
OMEC he is gonna ruin it
I know i so totally know it!!
Chapter Two continuing Devinn's POV

I waited at my house, bored as ever. I just finished my homework, now staring at the window. A car was driving by a boy and girl were in it. It looked like Victoria and John.

"Ohhhh. I forgot they were going out today!" Where'd she say at?

(thinking back)
"You're going on a date with your fiance`?"

"Yeah we're going out to the river."

Yes! The river. I'm bored sooooooooo........I guess I'll join them. They won't mind. I have a date with her tomorrow anyways.

~ I hopped in my car and sped down to the river. I saw a big area of open grass, perfect for a picnic, and a boat rental shack. I hurried and rented and boat, then dragged it down to the river, jumping inside. Victoria came into view, kissing John. I felt the need to get away from here. I regretted coming, this wasn't the view I wanted. They started to come down the bank to the boat, I had no way out without them seeing me, so I quickly rowed farther out into the river, letting my back face them.


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