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Close your eyes

I’m gonna let you know

something I never

Told you before


-Come on son, close your eyes, it’s time to sleep- A 34 year old man said to his 7 or 8 year old boy.

The young man was very handsome, his hair was short and coffee brown, his skin pale and his black eyes started at the kid sweetly but at the same time, exhausted.


-But…daddy, please!- the boy begged with tiny tears falling down from his eyes while imploring with his look- I want to go sleep with you!- And it’s just poor Ted was already really tired, after getting his son to sleep at about 11.30 p.m., he started to chat with his wife, forgetting about time and certainly not noticing 2.30 approaching. When they were both finally going to sleep, after a long day of work, their little boy appears under the frame of the door of their room asking for them to let him sleep there too, among the warmness their parents would provide him in a scary night.

Ted was exhausted. His day had been quite heavy, football training days were always hard, especially when the World Cup Championship was so close.

His wife was as or more tired than him.


She caught my heart

she makes me feel

as if to see her I’d dart

all my wounds begin to heal



-What about me telling you a story?- At the sight of the child’s upcoming complains Ted added- whichever you want-

-Whichever I want?- Said the boy, hopeful, and his tiny face lightened up in the moment his father nodded- How did you fall in love with mom?

-That’s easy to answer- Ted sighed in relief when he heard his son’s simple request for a story. The moment Ted remembered the most, his happiest day on earth…so far.

«She has always been beautiful, strong. She was my first love and is still until today. Sometimes, having her by my side, I felt different. I dare to say I still do»

Unconciously, he started to remember every one of their adventures together when they were teenagers.

-Daddy, what were you like before meeting my mommy?-


Today I don’t remember

How was my life

Before I could make her

My wife


-Well…I don’t…remember. I mean, in some way I feel she’s always been with me. I still remember when I asked her to marry me.




«It was raining heavily, more like pouring. A woman’s silhouette was slightly recognized running along the wet road while another silhouette, this one belonging to a man, chased her.

Little by Little the first silhouette began to slow down, victim of fatigue. Despite this, more enthusiastic than before, the second runner increased its speed.

Resistance was perceived, coming from the girl, at the time of sharing a word with the boy.

-Julia, let me explain- the man sobbed, but the female wouldn’t let him finish

-Explain what Teddork? You better go back with Lilah before she feels lonely!- one altered Julia cried

-Come on,  let’s talk…- Depressed Ted requested

-There’s nothing to talk abo- Julia couldn’t finish her phrase, because a pair of lips settled on hers, an action which didn’t last long, because she withdrew from them really quickly

-Do not do that again. Ever- She threatened him.

-I deserve the try of explaining myself!-

- Explain it quickly, go on! Tell me, what was Lilah doing in your apartment, so close to you, and you were both near a neat and beautifully arranged dinner!?-

-Lilah broke in suddenly, I had no idea she would show up so randomly! When I opened the dor, believeing it was you, she entered without even asking for permission. Right after, arrived you.

Julia considered the possibility of Ted’s explanation being sincere, besides, it wouldn’t be something “odd” coming from Lilah.

-What excuse will you invent for the well decored table?-

-It was for you, what esle would be the reason for me to invite you to come over?- Ted was nervous, he had wanted this night to be perfect, but, because of Lilah it was all ruined now.

-What for?- Julia’s glare was lost, a puzzled look replaced it.

- Julia Wells, will you be my wife?- He smilled while looking at her sweetly, he took out of his pocket a tiny black velvet box. When he opened it, blood red fabric covered the inner part of it, having, inlaid, a beautiful ring, with a single blue diamond sparkling against the red cover.

Julia’s eyes went blank, unexpressive. She showed no signs of happiness, not even a tiny smile.

Ted slightly bended down, disappointed. Maybe she didn’t still believed him about Lilah. Maybe she wasn’t that into him. But he had to try, he just had to. He’d never live happily if he had lost his only opportunity.

Feeling alone in the world, wanting to stop breathing, he turned and walked three steps away from Julia. He turned once again to look at the scenery he had just abandoned, leaving his first love crying beneath the rain.

He resumed the walk, leaving Julia behind, but only physically, because Ted knew that he’d never forget her completely.


Six more steps he gave, but, when he was about to make the seventh, two soft arms wrapped around his waist roughly. They strangled him until he couldn’t cope with it anymore. He wouldn’t dare to look at the owner of those arms. They let him go and tenderly caressed his own arms.

-I do- A cold whisper tickled beside his ear, normally, such a soft whisper would have gone with the wind easily, but Ted could hear it as clear as if Julia was shouting beside him.  

She walked around Ted until she got to face him, she grabbed his face with both of her hands and kissed him. They were both crying. Julia was dropping happy tears, while Ted, thankful ones.





I have no reason

The world is empty

in lack of seasons

She’s the dream

of a loser

without means

whom had found her


-So that is how you asked mom to marry you?-

- Yes, that’s it- Self-proud Ted exclaimed- You know, son, you and mommy and the most important and valuable things I’ll ever be around, I don’t know what my life would be filled with if it weren’t for you two- he said while stroking the kid’s hair kindly.

The boy began to yawn and his eyes began to close, but he wouldn’t let them. He wanted to keep hearing.

-And who’s Lilah, daddy?- He asked while tilting his head in an expression that made him look like a puppy.

- Just a woman I met in my youth, she wasn’t like your mom. She was mean and a bit crazy.

-She was crazy!?- The kid became more curious and even worried for the ‘crazy lady’.

-Like uncle Otto?- He asked, amused

-Noone is as crazy as uncle Otto-

Both of them laughed. Ted’s laugher lasted longer, once again, remembering good old adventures he had lived beside his brother.

When he looked at his kid, he was deeply sleeping already, yet, with a smile attached to his face.

Ted carefully got up and walked straight to the door, slowly he opened it and left the room, but not before muttering a love-filled -Good night- to his already asleep baby boy.

When he got to his room and saw his wife sleeping quietly, breathing heavily, facing to the closed window with an angel face.


Now he can exist.

What would he prefer?

He’s going to exist

For her


Sometimes he would wonder what might have been that made her choose him, the man that, on his time, had considered himself a loser, who wasn’t the best at football, or at studying, he wasn’t good with music or computers, he surely didn’t have a defined future.

The only thing he knew was that he loved her with his entire self and that he would never quit this feeling.

He laid beside her as he watched her sleep, breathe…live. A thousand of memories and thoughts overwhelmed him, happiness.

How happy he had been since he met Julia. He had a wonderful wife and an incredible child, loyal friends, what else would he want?

Everything he did was for her, for them. Everything he had, everything he was, everything.

He was nothing without them, his life would be empty, although now Ted thought of it, and the more and more he did, the more and more he would want more kids; a big family, more people to share his love with, and his story. Their story.

He caressed her once short hair, and hugged her from the waist, like she  had done ten years ago, under the rain, agreening to make him the happiest man in the world. Her nightgown reached somewhere above her knees.

-She’s so beautiful, and certainly attractive. Really sexy- Ted thought as a warm feeling splashed inside his chest.


We can just walk

We can just wait

Our hearts unlock

And find our fate


That’s so good tomorrow it’s Saturday, if it weren’t…  Ted wouldn’t know what to do.

*I don’t know if fate does exist, but if it does, it has been really generous with me* Ted though.

Suddenly he felt as she moved and hugged him back.

-Still awake?- She tiredly inquired

-Yes, I doubt I will be able to sleep for tonight- Ted kissed his wife- What about you?

-Well, now I’m awakened I don’t think I can sleep either. At least I have your company-

She couldn’t see her face among the darkness, but he was certain she smiled. He just knew her too much to be wrong.

-Julia, what would your answer be if I asked you to have another kid?- He, playfully, asked.

That definitely made her tire go away, not long ago she had suggested another child, but, in sight of his denial, she left the topic alone for peace.

-You know…-

-Would you like to try out or not?-

- Of course I do-

-Then I suggest we start at once- He implied a seductive tone.

Her laughter caused Ted to smile and he couldn’t help but kissing her. It all began as a game, but it ended serious, passionate.

-Thanks god it’s Saturday

She’s the wind

She’s the sea

She’s the kisses

She’s a part of me

She’s my life


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Awwe, i loved it! please keep writing :DD
I'm so glad you liked it, but unfortuantelly it's a one-shot, this means it consists in one chapter alone, although I am working on another story [full, not a one-shot] it's a love story too, so I guess you might like it :)
thanks for reading :D
awwwwwe, it so sweet and romantic. it sound so real and vital. I loved it! your amazing
so sweet
Aw thank you! That's something rally nice to hear read!
it was really good, i wish u would write more
I have no more to write about this story, but be sure I have plenty of other stories with these two/three characters. [Ted&Julia, and in some of them, their son is included]
I will be posting a lot more, but I just have to get more readers (:
wow its nyc a sweet story
You are all really sweet :)
Awww. I liked it!
That was really great! So sweet.
It's the only one shot I've read that didn't make me cry.
It wasn't sad.
It was pure sweetness.
And now I'm going 'Awwwwwww!'
Thanks!! Well, It was my first tearless one shot too, you see.. I ALWAYS happen to cry with this little stories, so I wanted to make something new. Im really glad you liked it! :D
ur adorable!


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