The Twilight Saga

Plot: Bella left forks after Edward left her and she finds her self in a small town, in a house...that is haunted. But one day she meets the One Direction boys...but each of them have a secret. What will happen?

Note: One Direction with a supernatural twist.


These were made by the lovely Nikki :)

These were made by the talented Claire :)

This was made by lovely Rachel :)



Chapter 1~New Home

Chapter 2~Dejavu

Chapter 3~Snowy Day

Chapter 4~Missing

Chapter 5~Graveyard

Chapter 6~Pain

Chapter 7~Zayn's chance for amends?

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Hey I would love to read this story :) so why don't you write it :)

I will :) working on Chapter 1

sounds very interesting, please continue! :-)


Chapter 1~New Home

I sighed as I pulled my self up from my bed, I looked around my room at my father’s house....memories...and more memories popped into my head, since Edward left, I been hurting and could not move on. “I need to get out of here.” I muttered to my self and dragged my self to the bathroom.
I cleaned my self up then I grabbed my bag and packed my things in there. I set my traveling things in there, I then picked up a piece of paper that had the new house I brought on the outskirts of England. I was moving there, to be alone, have a new start, new life.
I tucked it away in my coat pocket and carried my things downstairs, my dad Charlie looked at me “Bells...”
I frowned “Dad, don’t. I need to get away.” I said “I can’t stay here anymore, I won’t. I’ll miss you, but I need to do this for me, I want to start a new and have a new life, I don’t want to carry on with this old life here.” I said truthfully.
He looked down and nodded “I’ll miss you too Bells.” He hugged me “It was great having you back, but I know you need to do this. Good luck.” He kissed my forehead and then we said goodbye. I walked outside and set my things in the truck and got in.
I drove all the way, it took me a few hours, but I had the map, something to drink and some money, so when I got hungry I stopped at a shop and brought something to eat before I carried on with my journey.
Few hours later....I pulled outside my new house..It was larger then I expected it to be. I ran a hand through my hair as I got my bags out and walked in with them. I opened the front door to see a long hall way in front of me. I looked around, there seemed to be few pictures around, from the last owners. I looked at the 5 boys in the picture, all very handsome, they looked somehow familiar but strangers at the same time. I shrugged it off and carried my bags upstairs and walked into the bedroom.
The walls were white and had a double bed. I yawned, I looked at the time. It was 10pm. I flopped on the bed and closed my falling asleep, I’ll unpack later.
I tossed and turned slightly in my was around 1am in the morning when I heard odd banging around me. I buried my face in the pillow letting out a sleepy groan.
Suddenly warmth filled the whole room, and I could feel the kisses off fire on my skin....I heard a few screams and people running down the stairs screaming out for someone. The shattering off the window almost prickled my skin. My heart was beating faster and faster inside my chest, like it wanted to jump out and suffocate me.
“Louis!...........!!” came another scream! It was still the same voice that screamed for him before, this time I could make the name perfectly. The warmth of the fire became more intense..the screams died down slowly, as the sweat ran down my forehead and neck.
I woke up screaming and panting for breath. I clutched the bed sheets around me tightly. I buried my face in my hands “It was just a nightmare.” I said to my self. I looked around and felt like I could see a pair of blue eyes staring at me.
I felt a chill go down my spine. I got up and walked over to the window and closed it. I ran a hand through my hair and then went back to sleep. I woke up at around 6am in the morning and unpacked, I had to clean the closet out as it was bit dirty. Once it was clean I set my clothes in there and set the suitcase on top of it. I then went to the kitchen and looked around, the kitchen was big.
I noticed a few more pictures on the table. I picked one up of a handsome boy, with blue eyes and brown hair. I blinked, there seemed to the blue eyes staring at me when I woke up at 1ish this morning. I looked at the back of the picture.

Louis Tomlinson - Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson at the Studio

Louis William Tomllinson.....October 2012. I blinked...Louis? was he the same boy? I had a dream about? .....The fire.
I pulled up my sleeve and my eyes widened. I saw some burn marks on my arms..what was going on? There was no fire last night. It was just a dream.
I shake my head “I am going crazy...I had a long drive’s not there.” I said to my self. I pulled my sleeve down and frowned. “It’s not real.” I told my self..if I had burn marks on my arms, why didn’t I feel any pain? That was just really odd. I muttered to my self.
I shake it off and then I grabbed my car keys and headed outside, I needed to get some food. I drove to the shop. I brought some food and some other things, then I made my way back. But when I came back. I saw the front door was open...Odd I closed the door.
I closed my car door when I got getting the food bags out and walked inside to find 5 boys in the kitchen. My eyes widened slightly “Umm what are you doing in my house?”
“You’re house?! This is our house!” One of them said, he had an odd vacant stare that was kind of creepy.
“Zayn calm down!” One beside him said setting his hand on his shoulder, he then looked at him and my eyes widened slightly, those blue eyes...that face...the boy in the picture before I left. “I am sorry about my friend, he gets a bit touchy.”
I just nodded “Um....I see that.” I said “And does he mean by your house?” I said
“We live here.” One of the others said, he had blonde hair and Irish accent.
“What? You can’ brought it few days ago.” I said
The one with the blue eyes looked at me “Well then...looks like we’re going have to live together here.” I said and he looked at the bags I was holding my hands. He took then walked over and took the bags from me setting them on the kitchen table. His hand brushed against mine and I felt a shiver go down my spine. I bit down my lip slightly.
The one with the curly hair smiled at me softly “I am Harry, the rude one was Zayn” he said chuckling “The rest are Liam, Louis and Niall.”
I nodded “Nice to meet you. I am Bella.” I said, I smiled at them softly “Excuse me for a moment” I said and they all nodded as I went the bathroom.
I closed the door behind me and decided to take another look at my arms. I lifted my sleeve to see the burn marks gone. I blinked...what was going on? Did I image the burn marks on my arms or something?

Omg it's so good can't wait for more *giggles*

aww thanks :) I know, I almost fell of my seat writing it lol. I think I scared my self slightly with Bella and her burn marks while writing. lol....more mysteries to come.


Aww thanks :)


Update Soon...


I will do :)

great start! very good chapter!  can't wait to read your next update!


Thanks, I'll post soon


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