The Twilight Saga

Plot: Bella left forks after Edward left her and she finds her self in a small town, in a house...that is haunted. But one day she meets the One Direction boys...but each of them have a secret. What will happen?

Note: One Direction with a supernatural twist.


These were made by the lovely Nikki :)

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Chapter 1~New Home

Chapter 2~Dejavu

Chapter 3~Snowy Day

Chapter 4~Missing

Chapter 5~Graveyard

Chapter 6~Pain

Chapter 7~Zayn's chance for amends?

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Absolutely amazing. Great way to as suspense you are an amazing story teller

aww thank you Katie :) that's so sweet of you to say so.

love it, great update!  can't wait to read your next one to see what happens next!


I am glad you like the new chapter Kelley :) I will try and update soon

Chapter 6~Pain


I gasped when I saw what was written on head of the headstones, it was something I did not expect, It spelled out something that seemed to hurt me more than Edward leaving me. Bella you don’t belong here.

I looked back at the house and closed my eyes trying to get my breathing under control, did one of the boys do this? I swallowed. They would not would they? Or was it Zayn? Maybe he was so mad at me for not liking him back, he did this. I felt my heart beating even faster inside of my ribcage and I closed my eyes, tears falling down my cheeks.

I could see my breath in the wind, I buried my face in my hands trying to think around this, but then a cold hand wrapped around my leg and I let out a scream, someone was dragging me off, I had no idea who, my face was down into the snow, so the snow was muffling my screams almost chocking me. My head bumped into a rock as I was being dragged off and I blacked out. I felt the cold wrapping around me.

I tried to move but I could not force my muscles to function, when I managed to open my eyes, I was laying on my back, in the middle of the forest in the cold snow, my jumper was torn and I shivered, the cold was bitter.

My vision was ever so blurry. I tried to speak, cry out for help, but I could not. I saw a large figure in front of me, red eyes, I blinked and tried to move away, but my body was feeling frozen, so I was unable to move. I heard a growl behind me “What have you done to her?” It was Zayn’s voice.

I moved my arm up ever so slowly behind me, but the figure stepped on my arm and I let out a painful scream as I felt my bones break, the pain was unbearable. I clawed at the ground with my hands and I sobbed in pain, shaking beneath the figure’s leg that pinned my shattered arm down to the snow.

Zayn let out a growl “Let her go!” I could hear him take more steps forward, I felt his leg against my shoulder. I wanted to turn and grip onto his leg.

The figure let out a laugh and smirked “Why? What is she to you?” he said, he stepped back and I gasped, feeling my arm throbbing like crazy “She doesn’t belong here, she never did!”

“I....I..I belong here.” I chocked out between pain and tears.

“Who are you kidding dear?” the figure asked me and hissed at Zayn, I could not see Zayn’s expression, but by the sound of his voice, I knew he must have looked very angry..furious.

“She does belong here. She is the only thing that keeps me and my friends together, so you have no right to say she does not belong here!” Zayn growled as he leaped onto the figure tackling him to the ground.

I reached out with my free and good hand “Z...zayn...” my voice was shaky. I took a rather shaky breath as I blacked out and my head fell to the side. I felt rather limp.

Louis’s Pov:

I was pacing up and down...Bella was not in the house...I sighed and looked at the clock, it was almost midnight..where was she. Liam tried to calm me down “I am sure she’s alright” he said

“Alright?” I yelled at him “Are you kidding me? It’s 10 to midnight and the head stones are uncovered. She’s not even there!”

Liam looked at me “I know it looks bad...”

“Bad? She can’t know what we are...Liam..” I said and frowned shaking my head “If she saw the original inscription...”

Liam sighed “She can’t have, the original just appeared back on there, who ever wrote that she doesn’t belong here, must have had a spell under the head stones long enough so she would not see what was written on them before.”

He had a good point, but that did not calm me down “I am going after her.” I said and ran out of the house and into the night.

Liam and Harry ran after me and Niall was soon after us as well, I heard Zayn yelling something, he sounded furious. I followed the yelling and stopped when I saw Bella on the ground, her jumper torn, she was out cold and her left arm looked broken. I scooped her up careful, she was limp and she looked almost purple from the cold

Liam looked at me and Bella “Oh my god...her arm..” he said

I nodded “I know, we have to get her back to the house....Harry help Zayn.” I said, Harry nodded. Me and Liam and Niall took Bella back to the house.

When we got back to the house. I laid Bella down on the couch and Liam set pillows behind her head propping it up. Niall got out something to fix her arm. I gently popped the broken bones back into place and Liam held out his hand over her arm, his hand started to glow as he had a healing power, it would help her bones to heal more naturally and faster, when it will heal on it’s own.

Liam looked at me “She should be okay...”

Niall sighed “I think I should.....” I cut him off

“Are you crazy Niall?” I said looking at him “She will heal naturally, leave your ideas to your self, would you Nialler, if Zayn was here...”

“He’s not here...he’s fighting that thing with Harry.” Niall said “You don’t have to take charge!”

“I am the oldest and Zayn’s not the only one who loves Bella!”

“Louis!” Liam sighed looking at me “Be rational!”

“I know what I am Liam, no need to remind me, but Bella can’t wake up and then remember what happened, we should erase her memory, make her forget this ever happened, that she forgot the head stones, so she won’t go and snoop around again.”

Niall looked at me “Now are you being Rational Louis? We can’t just erase her memory, we might erase her memory completely and she won’t know who she is, where she is or who you are. Do you want that?”

Louis looked at him “I don’t what that, Niall, I never would, but this is safer for her. Harry and Zayn know how to do this the best.” I said, as I finished they both walked in

“We know how to do what the best?” Zayn asked as he raised his eyebrow at me

Liam looked at him “Erasing people’s memories, Louis wants to erase Bella’s memory, so she does not remember what happened today, with the headstones and in the woods.”

Zayn looked at me “Have you totally lost your mind Louis?!” he said, his voice sounded so harsh and dominant over mine

I sighed looking at him “Don’t think you’re the only one here, who loves Bella Zayn.” I said looking at him “I only want this, so she can be more safe and that she won’t go looking for answers, we all know that she can’t know what we are.”

“Maybe she deserves to know the truth!” Harry said looking at me

“She would hate us, if she did.” I said and sighed

Zayn looked at me and he sighed “Maybe Harry’s right, Lou” he said

Liam looked at me with Zayn, they had the same look in their eyes, it was like Liam was channelling Zayn’s feelings at the moment, he was good at that. “I know you are concerned about Bella’s well being Louis, but if she finds out that we erased her memory, she’d hate us for that, so what is better her hating us for what we are, or for messing with her mind?”

I looked at them and frowned “I am doing this, with our without your help.” I said, they all watched me silent. I guessed they would not help me. I walked over to the book shelf and pulled out the book I needed and found the erasing memory spell.

I set my hand on Bella’s forehead gently and spoke


Bless  her mind and bless  her heart,

Let these painful thoughts depart.

This memory has run its course,

Now cast it out with Witches force.

On her psyche it has fed,

And with these words

I deem it dead!

With Harm to None, So Mote It Be!



As the lads watched me, they glared at me, Zayn frowned and he just shakes his head “Bella’s waking up.” He said as Bella out a moan from pain and we all looked at her as her eyes flickered open, her vision must have been hazy as she blinked a few times. I hoped the spell worked, how it meant to, but with my less experience with the spell, it didn’t work so good.

“Bella, are you okay?” Zayn asked looking at her, as he walked over and he kneeled by the couch beside her.

Bella fixed her eyes on Zayn and she blinked slightly, she had a confused expression on her face “Who are you”? she asked Zayn, I swallowed...oh boy...the spell worked, but with me doing it, it worked how we didn’t want it to.

OMG!  So not what I was expecting.

I know :) more surprises are on the way

Love It!!

Hopefully They Didn't Completely Wipe Her Memory.


You'll have to see as the story progresses.

oh man i hope her memory isn't completely wiped out!


Yeah, just wait and see :)

OMG!!! Awesome!!! Love it so far!!

Hope Bella's memory isn't to badly damaged!!!

Can't wait for more!!


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