The Twilight Saga

Plot: Bella left forks after Edward left her and she finds her self in a small town, in a house...that is haunted. But one day she meets the One Direction boys...but each of them have a secret. What will happen?

Note: One Direction with a supernatural twist.


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Chapter 1~New Home

Chapter 2~Dejavu

Chapter 3~Snowy Day

Chapter 4~Missing

Chapter 5~Graveyard

Chapter 6~Pain

Chapter 7~Zayn's chance for amends?

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I am glad you liked it :) I will post more soon and yeah, that will be an issue. Louis shouldn't have done it as Zayn is the expert at that, but seeing he had no choice, he sort of messed it up.

Hi! I'm just beginning to read all of this story.

I will comment after each chapter.

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Alright :) I hope you enjoy, it, I am will work on the new chapter :)

And thank you, I will do :) thanks for, I hope that will get me more readers lol.

Chapter 7~Zayn’s chance for amends?
Zayn’s Pov:

I blinked and I felt my heart sink...wait I didn’t even have a heart, but you know what I mean. Bella didn’t know who I was anymore, I closed my eyes and I held back tears that were trying to fight there way out. I opened my eyes again, they were filled with sadness and I felt deflated like a balloon that got popped by a pin or something “I...I am Zayn..”
I could tell she saw my sad expression as her eyes softened as well and I could see, she looked sorry, that she could not remember. “I...I don’t remember, I am sorry.” She said and sighed and she winced and set her hand to her head “My head hurts.” She said softly.
I walked over to her and I placed my hand on her cheek softly “It’s okay, it’s not your fault” I said and shot Louis a secret glare and I picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs so she could rest properly “You tripped and fell down the stairs.” I said and closed my eyes...I hated lying to her, but I could not tell her...that she got attacked by a Vampire in the woods.
“Umm yeah that sounds like me...I am clumsy.” She said and leaned her head against my chest and I laid her down softly on the bed, I looked at her, as she grabbed my hand softly “Stay” she said, weakly her eyes closing again.
I closed my eyes and let out a soft sigh, she wanted me to stay, I sat beside her on the bed and I held her hand softly “I’ll be here, just get some rest.” I said, maybe now her memory is wiped a bit, I can try and make amends with her.
Bella opened her mouth to say something but no words came out. I stroked her cheek softly and tucked some of her hair behind her ear as it fell over her eyes. I heard Louis and I looked at him, he stood in the door way.
“I...” I cut him off before he finished
“Don’t! I am furious with you at the moment! You have no idea, how much damage you could have caused Bella, by erasing her memory, goodness knows what else she doesn’t remember. It’s bad enough she doesn’t know me. Now go, I’ll look after her.” I hissed at him under my breath and my eyes turned black. Louis looked down in shame as he walked off and closed the door behind him.
I looked down at Bella again, she looked so peaceful and even more beautiful as she was sleeping. I felt my eyes closing and I laid beside her gently and set my arm around her and fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later and I blinked, I bit my lip as I released I was beside Bella, her eyes opened and she looked at me, our faces were inches apart and I could feel her sweet, soft breath on my skin.
“You feel asleep?” she said with a soft smile on her face
I let out a soft chuckle “Yeah, I suppose I did” I said as I sat up and I helped her sit up, she knocked her book of the bed side table and the letter she tucked inside it flew onto her lap due to the wind created by the book, I bit my lip again this time bit harder as she looked at me than the letter and she read it.
She looked at me and she had a some what confused look on her face “I...” I started to say but she cut me off
“Why am I supposed to be mad at you?” she said, her voice ever so soft.
Her question threw me off a bit, It was like I forgot that her memory was gone, so she didn’t remember me hurting Louis, that was good “Oh, it’s...never mind, forget it and don’t trouble your head with it.” I said looking at her.
Bella nodded softly “Alright then.” She said and she smiled at me softly “Umm thank you, for the note, I guess. It’s sweet.”
I smiled softly “I meant it Bella, every word of it.” I said and gently cupped her face in my hands “I am in love with you, I know it might feel like you don’t belong here, sometimes. But you do. If you left it would kill me.”
Bella closed her eyes softly and she set her hand softly against mine “Zayn...” she breathed out and I felt her entwine our fingers together.
I looked deeply into her eyes getting lost in them, I leaned my forehead softly against hers “Bella.” I said softly and ran my finger softly over her lips, they felt like silk beneath by finger softly, I let my finger travel down her jaw line and neck softly, it caused Bella to close her eyes and she trembled slightly, as I felt electricity ran through us both.
I started to lean in closer and my lips just barely touched hers, it was a soft brush, like a paint brush against a canvas, not fully touching it, just barely by the tip and the door opened and me and Bella both jolted back.
Liam was at the door “What were you two doing?” he said and raised an eyebrow at me.
“Umm nothing.” I said and closed my eyes and Bella chewed on her lip slightly.
“We...we were just talking.” Bella said and she looked down, Liam kept his eyebrow raised at both of us, but he left what he saw just fly by.
“Well, I brought you some food.” Liam said handing Bella a tray with some food on it and something to drink.
Bella nodded “Thanks.” She said and gave him a soft smile and I got up from the bed. I told Bella I would be back bit later and I walked out closing the door behind my self and I leaned against the door and buried my face in my hands and sighed in frustration at my self.

I love it too.Update soon.

I will do :)

love it cant wait for more


Keep Me Updated!!


great update!  I sure hope she hasn't lost her entire memory...I am glad he is getting the chance to make ammends tho...can't wait to read your next udpate!

She might have some left, but not sure how much yet, we'll see as the story goes on and yeah, he has a chance to make things right

Aww I love the sweet moment between them!!

Haha so funny that people always seem to walk in at the wrong time no matter what's happening!!!

Can't wait for more!!!

post more soon


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