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Would anyone like a banner? Please tell me the name of your story and a short description about your story. I'm sorry but i usually don't have enough time to read your fanfic so you must put a summary. You can give me a picture if you want but you don't have to.

Quote (Optional)
Picture (Optional.) (Please Don't sent me on a hunt on the internet to try to find a picture of a character that you made up. Put a picture on your request or suggest a celebrity that I can use for your character. (This does not apply to Characters in the Twilight Saga))

Hi everyone! while you wait for your banner please read my fanfic!
When and incident causes Edward to loose his memory and leave Forks, everyone treats Edward’s absence as if he had died. It is now a year since the incident. Everyone thinks that Bella is okay, when in fact Bella is far from okay. How does she go on when his spirit still haunts her? Can she ever find the meaning of happiness without him?

“I knelt down in front of him and placed the flowers over his grave; Edward’s grave. I looked at the grave before me. Edward’s body wasn’t buried below it. But Edward Cullen (it hurt to think his name) was dead, or I guess the better word would be gone. Sure there was someone out there that looked like him, but it wasn’t him. It only seemed right that he had a grave. It was Alice’s idea. She knew I’d like it. It was funny that this was a sign saying he was gone, but I felt his presence most right here. He was gone, but somehow I could feel that he was still here, still with me. It was the only reason why I hadn’t died on the inside. It still felt like he was here.”

-Gone, By Shellym127

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Here are some examples of my Banners.

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Author:I ♥ Forks,Washington
I have a story called Confessions of A Shopiholic
Here is a link:
and I am writting a new fanfiction called All You Need Is Love its an Bella and Edward story!
The next one is Popular Love
here is a link:
Thank you so much
Can I please have one??
Title- Logan's Life

Author- MandaCullen


Summary- Logan's friend Natalie hooks her up with Cameron, and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Cameron and Logan have a middle school romance, and it continues on and off through high school. They face many family struggles, and rumors. Morgan, Logans sister, is part of the drama with her own boyfriend, and so is Logans brother, Bryan. How will things end up?

Quote (Optional)- It's my life... the way I see it!

Picture (Optional.)- AnnaSophia Robb (Logan) Debby Ryan (Natalie) Cameron Bright (Cameron) Megan Park (Morgan) Max Theiriot (Bryan) <--Please no facial hair on him, its okay though, I guess. And the background can be like a park or something
I need two banners Please.
Author: DAWN L
Summary: Bella wakes up startle by a flight attendant and she finds out that she has just arrived to Seattle...but she was just in the middle of a battle with the Volturi to spare her daughter's, family and friends' lives. But the truth could be that this was just a dream and the mythical world she once lived could be nothing....but ANOTHER PAGE OF A HORROR BOOK.
Just add any pic that looks appropiate. Thank you
no thank you, i dnt wnt my Logans Life banner. But thank you for asking(: have a good day(:
Yes I would appreciate it if you could make a banner for The Dark Angel...thank you!
Title Forgotten

Author Secret~Fragile~Blossom (me)


Summary: Izzy have a past you don't know, not have forgotten. She says she is just a normal girl, but is she? What will happen if two perfect mysterious boys comes into her life. They looked familiar and sounded familiar. Is she just thinking weirdly or does she really knew them?

Quote (Optional) When will you awaken....again
Picture (Optional.) (Please Don't sent me on a hunt on the internet to try to find a picture of a character that you made up. Put a picture on your request or suggest a celebrity that I can use for your character. (This does not apply to Characters in the Twilight Saga))

(he have golden eyes in my story)

(he have green eyes in my story)
Title: Running Escape
Author:Isabella Marie Cullen
Summary: Bella is changed by the Volturi in the 1800's, she stays with them for around 200 years and is the head of the guard, but what happens when she gets sick of all the killing? Will she stay or run?
Hey.I was wondering if I could get a new banner?
Title:Animal inside
URL:Sorry.Story's not written yet:(
Summary:Jacob cannot control his anger around anyone.He needs a way to find out how.(That's all I got so far)
Quote:So what if you can see the darkest side of me.No one will ever change this animal I have become.
Picture:Jacob Black/werewolf side,background forest
Thanks so much!!


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