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Ok this story is about Edward finding Bella in the woods when she is a baby (I know every body writes about this!) Edward takes her home to the Cullen’s and they all bond with her, and Edward falls in love with her (not like he’s making out with a baby or anything, but like he knows they’ll be together someday). But then her mom finds her and she takes her away and moves to phoenix. Edward is absolutely crushed. But 17 years later Bella moves back to Forks. Will Edward remember Bella? Will Bella remember Edward?


Chapter 1

I found her



I was running through Portland Oregon looking for something to feed on, because it gets really boring hunting in Forks.


I was going through the woods when I heard some voices. Of curiosity I ran towards them, and what I say was a man holding a baby talking on his phone to a woman crying hysterically.


“I told ya René, you gimme the 100g’s and you’d your precious Bella back, and if you don’t the ba-bay might not be here much longer” the man said


“But I told you I don’t have that kind of money!” The women cried


“Ha!” he laughed evilly “Well then say goodbye to Bella” he said with a horrible smile on his face.


“NO! DON’T PLEA-!” is what she said before he closed the phone and threw it on the ground crushing it.


“Well Bella looks like you’re momma doesn’t care about you” he said as the baby started to cry. “SHUT UP!” the man yelled, but that made her cry louder

“I know how to shut ya up!” and was about to through the child to the ground, but that when I grabbed her out of his hands and pushed him away, making him hit a tree. Killing him instantly.


I looked down at the baby and she was still crying “Shh, shh, Bella. You’re safe now” I cooed to her over and over again. She eventually stopped and looked at me. That when I realized how irresistible she smelled to me, but it didn’t bother me that much. When I was looking into her big brown eyes, all I wanted to do was protect her and keep her safe.


“Hi Bella” I said to her “I’m Edward” I introduced my self to her, and she giggled. Then that’s when I realized I couldn’t hear her thoughts, but I sensed she liked me.


“Ok Bella I’m going to take you to my house ok” I said to her, and she just smiled.


Chapter 2- Taking her home


I lightly pressed her face against my chest, and took off running. I got back to Forks in about an hour and I assumed Bella fell asleep, because she didn’t cry at all, but as I passed the ‘Welcome to Forks’ sign I looked down at her to see that she was looking up at me smiling, and I smiled back, making her giggle again.


I made it to my house several seconds later.


“I’m home” I called into the house.


“Well it’s about time” My sister Alice said “I was waiting impatiently to see the little thing” Alice said as she ran down the stairs


“You saw her?” I asked


“Yeah, good job kicking kidnapper ass” I just rolled my eyes at her. “OMG she’s so pretty” Alice squealed


“What’s so pretty?” my mother Esme asked walking up to us, and looking down at Bella “Oh god” Esme gasped covering her mouth. “Carlisle” she called to my father


“What’s going on” My other sister Rosalie asked followed by Emmett. “Oh god that’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, can I hold…?”


“Her name is Bella, and yes you can hold her” I said as I carefully handed the baby to Rosalie. But when I did it felt like Bella took a tiny piece of me with her.


“Oh hi Bella” Rosalie said “I’m Rosalie” Bella giggled again, and stared to play with Rosalie’s hair.


“Seems she like you” I told Rosalie. Rosalie always wanted to have a baby. And even though she could be self centered, I know she would be a wonderful mother.


“Can I hold her?” Emmett asked


“No!” We all said at once


“Why not?” Emmett whined


“Remember what happened to Pepper, the gerbil?” I told him


“Oh yeah” and said nothing further


“Ok what’s going on here?” Carlisle asked walking down the stairs


“Edward brought a baby home” Emmett said


“Oh….um Edward explain” Carlisle asked. So I told them how I found Bella and how she was about to be killed by her kidnapper because her mother couldn’t afford the ransom.


“Edward that was a noble thing to do, but what are we going to do with her. She can’t stay here. Jasper is still getting used to our life style.” Carlisle said


“What about Jasper” Jasper asked as she walked through the front door.


Rosalie growled and held Bella close to her, just in case Jasper would try to pounce. But Rosalie’s growl made Bella cry.


“Is that a baby?” Jasper asked


“Yes” I answered him


“Shh Bella shh” Rosalie said trying to calm her down but with no avail.


“Let me try” Jasper asked, but I just stared at him like he was crazy.


“Let him” Alice said “He won’t hurt her” Alice reassured me


“Fine” I said, and Rosalie gave Bella to him. But if I had a heart I know it would be beating 500 billion miles an hour.


“Hey Bella” Jasper said soothingly. Suddenly I felt a rush of calm wash through me, and everybody around me. Then I noticed that Bella was sound asleep. ‘I guess I’m good with kids’ Jasper said in his thoughts. I smiled at him.


Then Jasper placed Bella back in my arms, and I felt absolutely complete. “So can she say with us?” I asked Carlisle.


“Why not. But we have to find her mother and give Bella back to her.”


“Ok” I said not really paying attention; I was just staring at Bella as she slept.


“Well I’m going to the supermarket, we actually need some food for once” Esme said heading towards the garage.


“Um I’m going to take Bella to bed” I said walking up to my room.


“Hey Edward” Alice called


“Yeah?” I said half way up the stairs


“You guy’s are going to be together some day” she said


“What?” I said in pure shock


“She’s your soul mate” she said smiling “But we’ll talk about this later” and with that she skipped away.


“Odd girl” I whispered to myself, and walked up to my room.


I laid on my bed with Bella lying on my chest, thinking about how on earth Bella could be my soul mate. But then Bella started to stir. So I put her in-between my arm and my side, and started to hum a lullaby I just made up till she feel into a deep restful sleep.


Then I kissed the top of her head, but I felt a spark of electricity through my whole body. That’s when I realized she was my soul mate.


Chapter 3

She was gone.


Bella has been staying with us for a couple of months now, and she has grown to be a big part of our family. She was my world and I would do anything for her.


Right now I had Bella on my lap feeding her a bottle when Alice came up to us.


“Come on let me play dress up wit Bella” Alice whined. Bella is like Alice’s Barbie doll, but I had to admit she did look adorable in her dresses.


“Nope” I said popping my ‘P”


“Mom!” Alice called


“What?” Esme answered


“Edward won’t let play with Bella!” Alice whined


“Well you played with Bella all yesterday” she said “Edward has her for today”


“But I have all new clothes for her” Alice whined again


Esme just gave her a stern look


“Fine” Alice pouted and went to find jasper.


“Come on Bella” I said as I picked her up and walked to my music room. We went in and we sat down at my piano. “Want to hear a song Bella?” I asked and she giggled and clapped her hands. “Ok, I take that yes” and then I started to play the lullaby I hummed for her a while ago, and when I was done she clapped for me.


“Thank you” I said and kissed the top of her head.


Then she started to bang her hands on the piano.


“Oh you like the piano don’t you” I said “Well let’s let you play something” I said grabbing her tiny hand lightly so not to crush them. Then I let her play the keys I was playing during her lullaby. “You’re very talented” I told her and she giggled. Then I smelled something awful.


“Wow” I said as I looked down at Bella. “Who knew something so cute, could make something that smells so bad. Come on” I said picking her up and bringing her to the changing table.


I quickly changed her dipper, and she just laid on the changing table laughing.


“What are you laughing at” I asked playfully, but it only made her laugh more. “Well Ill give you something to laugh about” So I picked her up and started to kiss the tummy, which made her laugh louder.


“Bella!” I heard a stranger yell from behind me. She had short reddish hair, but with the same brown eyes as Bella. So I assumed it was her mother. Her mom grabbed Bella grabbed Bella out of my hands, and held her close to her and stroked Bella’s small head.


“Oh my god Bella, I thought I lost you” She said half crying. This might be wrong but I wanted to say get away from her she’s mine, when she took Bella out of my hands. But the truth was she wasn’t mine to keep, she was hers.  


Then I noticed Carlisle and Esme standing in the door way.


“Edward this is Bella’s mom” he said like he just told me someone died.


“I know I choked out” and ran my hand through my hair


“Um well I’ll guess ill be going now” Bella’s mom said “Thank you so much for finding Bella, and taking care for her. I don’t think I could ever repay you.” Then she headed to walk down the stairs.


“Um you think I could say goodbye to Bella” I choked out again.


“Um yeah sure, just bring her down when you’re done” Then she carefully handed Bella to me and walked towards the door.


I carefully cradled Bella in my arms “Hey Bella” I said dry sobbing “You get to go home with your mom today” I said and managed to do a small smile for her “Now you be a good girl ok? And I just want you to know that I will always love you” and then I kissed her light on the for head and felt that same electric current that I felt the first day I met her, that I would probably never feel again.


Then I walked with her down stair and out to her moms car. “I’ll miss you” I whispered in her ear as I handed her off to her mother. But before Bella and her mother drove off I heard Bella cry out “Edward!” her first word.


I stood out side until I could no longer see or hear the car any more. Then I walked into the house and fell on the floor sobbing.


It must have been hours I lied there until Alice ran in.


“Oh god Edward I saw it all happen I’m so sorry” she said hugging me.


But all I manage to get out was “She’s gone Alice. She’s gone!”

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