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*SEQUEL to Rising Sun* Renesmee and Jacob are finally back from their honeymoon, but just when they think life would be just 'as boring as usual',surprises twist the direction of their lives!

Chapter One

"Jake," I mumbled groggily," Are we there yet?" I asked. I heard him chuckle.

"Just a couple more minutes," he reassured me.

"Couldn't they find any tickets to Port Angeles instead of Seattle?" I asked rhetorically, getting back to sleep when I smelled something…" Jacob?"

"Yeah?" I could hear him eat. I rolled my eyes mentally.

"What are you eating?" I asked; I didn't think I'd smelled this scent before.

"Hot dogs. Why?" I opened my eyes to see him driving our new blue convertible- a gift from Em and Rose- with one hand and stuffing his face with the other.

"They actually smell good," I commented, surprised. He stopped chewing.

"Who are you and what did you do to my wife?" he asked. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

"Give me some," I demanded. He looked at me like I had grown a second head.

"No," he simply answered, getting back to eating. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"I'm hungry, Jacob." My tone was angry. Why wasn't he giving me food?

"They put some eggs for you, too," he said, leaning down and getting the lunch box they'd packed for us, fast enough that he wouldn't bump into another car on the highway.

I opened the lunch box and grabbed a boiled egg. But I just didn't feel like eating eggs. Why wouldn't he understand?

Tears were forming in my eyes," Jacob!" I whined," I want to eat hot dogs! I don't want to eat eggs!"

"Nessie?" His tone was serious," Are you crying because I won't let you have some hot dogs? Which is, by the way, because of your reaction to this kind of food." He was astonished.

"Yes!" I kept crying. He had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

"What's wrong?" he asked, as if cautious.

"I. Want. Some. Hot dogs!" I growled. Did I really growl at Jake? Oh my God… tears got back again."I'm so sorry!" He pressed his palm over my forehead.

"Jeeze, Ness! What the Hell is wrong with you?" he asked, I shrugged," Here," he handed me a sandwich," Don't blame it on me when you throw up," he muttered.

"Thanks!" I grinned and ate it.

It tasted so different than last time…so delicious.

Esme really knew how to cook.

"We're here," he announced. His tone didn't come back to normal.

He got out of the car and opened the door for me, held my hand and led me to the mansion. I'd missed my family so much; I hadn't seen them in a whole month!

They were all waiting at the door, but without Carlisle and Esme or Alice and Rose. I was confused; it was sunny. They were all sparkling under the rays of the sun that very rarely hit Washington.

"Hey!" I greeted them. Momma was the first to pull me in a hug.

"I've missed you so much," she whispered in my ear. I hugged her back just as urgently.

"I've missed you, too." Next was Daddy.

"Hey," he breathed in my ear." What's going on?" he suddenly asked.

Nothing that you should know about.

He shuddered and I chuckled.

"Nessie?" Jasper called, his face unreadable.

Before I could respond, Emmett spoke," I'm hugging her first!" he demanded as he ran towards me and pulled me into a hug. Then, all of a sudden he did a thing that he hadn't done since I was a kid. He lifted me up in his arms and swayed me around. I giggled hard but then felt my stomach protest.

"Em?" I managed to choke." Put me down…" Before I throw up. Please.

"Nope!" He kept swaying me.

"Emmett!" I held my stomach.

"Jeeze, Nessie! Way to kill the fun," he laughed as he put me down. I sighed in relief; that disgusting feeling was gone.

"Yes, Jazz?" I answered. He came and hugged me, too.

"Nothing; I just missed you so much." Hmm…

"Where're Alice and Rose?" I suddenly asked. He pulled away from our hug and shrugged. I looked at Daddy questioningly.

"Surprise shopping trip," he explained, shrugging, too.

"Do you want to see your cottage now or would you like to wait for Carlisle and Esme to come back from their hunting trip?" Momma asked me and Jake.

"I guess we could wait, go to La Push or something, 'Kay, Ness?" Jake suggested. I nodded eagerly; I'd missed everyone there, too.

Momma kissed my cheek," Don't be late," she whispered in my ear. I smiled and waved them all Goodbye.

We decided to run our way there; we haven't run in a while. Plus, Jake hasn't phased in a whole month.

I ran along the huge russet wolf that is, in some weird way, now my husband. But the way there just seemed too long; I was getting tired even before I could see the small houses in the horizon.

That's what I get for not running. I felt a little jealous of Jake; there he was, running like he's just breathing…so normal…so natural.

I snorted; I was a freakin' half-vampire. Vampires don't lose their fitness. It must be my human half. Ugh.

In about half an hour, we were at La Push. Jake phased back and pulled on his pair of designer jeans- Alice threw all his other jeans.

He wrapped an arm around my shoulder," Welcome back, Mrs. Black." He kissed my cheek and I smiled at him.

" Did I tell you that I love you, Mr. Black?" I asked, kissing him.

"I guess you'd have to remind me," he said between kisses.

"You came all the way here to do this?" We heard Seth's amused voice say from behind. I chuckled and turned around.

"Hey, Uncle Seth." Charlie and Sue's wedding was two weeks ago, we missed it.

"Hey, Ness." He turned his head to Jake," Hey, Mr. Alpha. I can see you finally phased," he commented.

"Where's Amy?" I asked. He shrugged.

"Spending quality time with her family." He sighed." A lot has changed." He and Jake exchanged a meaningful look. Wolf stuff.

"I guess we can talk about that while patrolling," Jake broke the silence," Are the rest at Sam's?" he asked. Seth nodded.

"Yeah," he said. We went then to Sam and Emily's small but beautiful house.

"Nessie!" Emily exclaimed as we entered.

"Hey, Emily," I said breathlessly; I was exhausted by then.

"Sit down; you look exhausted," she pushed Paul from the couch.

"Hey!" he objected.

"Food's ready," she said kindly. That was all it took to get him to run to the kitchen. We rolled our eyes. Jake and Sam were busy talking about the whole last month. Apparently, nothing had happened. Good.

"There's no food in there!" We heard Paul from the kitchen, we all laughed.

"Seriously, Paul, when would you stop believing that?" Rachel asked rhetorically then noticed me on the couch.

"Hey, sis." I grinned.

"Hey, Rachel. How've you been?" I asked, shifting my weight on the couch to face her while Emily went to actually prepare the food.

"I'm good," she said," How was your honeymoon?" she asked, her grin getting wider. I chuckled.

"Amazing," I said, winking at her." Malaysia is overwhelming."

"Yeah, I bet."

I must've fallen asleep on the comfy couch because the next thing I felt was Jacob's hand stroking my hair.

"Nessie?" he said, waking me up." Do you want to go home? I can visit Billy alone, you know," he mumbled. I opened my eyes to find it was dark already.

"No, I'm fine. I was just a little tired…"I mumbled," I want to go to Billy!" He chuckled at my eagerness.

"Sure, sure. Come on." He helped me up and we waved Sam and Emily goodbye. Wow. I must've been asleep for a long time because no one else was there.

We walked our way there to Billy's.

"Looks like the old man is awake," Jake commented, glancing at his watch. It was midnight. "And watching TV, too," he said as we got closer to the door, hearing.

"I didn't know Billy watched Desperate Housewives." Jacob snorted.

"Wow," he said, unlocking the door.

But, to both our surprises, it wasn't Billy watching TV. It was Rebecca.

"Rebecca?" Jake called as we entered, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Hey, Jake," she said, looking at us," Hey, Nessie." I nodded in her direction, while Jacob went to her side and hugged her quickly.

"Why are you here? I mean, it's not like I don't like it but-" she cut me off.

"We're getting a divorce." Our eyes widened.

"WHAT?" Jacob exclaimed," W-What happened?" It seemed to shake him for a minute. I got to the living room and sat on the edge of the couch.

"I don't want to talk about it," she whispered, looking at the TV," Not now anyways."

"Did he hurt you?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"No! It's not like that…Look, Jake, now is really not the time." He sighed and kissed her forehead.

"Is Billy asleep?" he asked. She nodded.

"Yeah; about half an hour ago," she said.

"Okay. I'll see you later. Now I have to go home; I need to patrol; I'm already late," he said, getting off the couch.

"Patrol?" we both froze on our way to the door. Damn! She knows nothing about this!

"Uh-" he hesitated. I rolled my eyes.

"He calls checking out the new closets patrolling. Men," I sighed mentally in relief, while Jacob was fighting a laugh. I held his hand.

Don't ruin it!

He kept his face straight, Sam style, and nodded in agreement. She chuckled.

"Tell me about it."

We left right then.

"That was close," I sighed, "'I need to patrol'?" I quoted, raising an eyebrow at him. He smiled apologetically.

"I'm not used to being around people who know nothing. Even Charlie knows!" he whispered as we started walking towards the woods. I groaned.

"We're running our way home?"

"Yeah," it sounded more like a question; I never complained about running.

"I'm tired!"

"Ness, you slept six hours there! You can't be tired!" I sighed.

"Okay," I muttered grudgingly. He held me shoulders.

"Are you sick?" he asked then seemed to remember something," Damn! You haven't hunted in a month! I should've known!"

Weird; I'm not thirsty.

"Maybe…" I mumbled. He sighed.

"We'll hunt first thing in the morning, 'Kay?" I nodded," Let's go home." He held me up bridal style. I giggled.


I loved the feeling of the wind through my curls and the musky scent of the woods and Jacob. I leaned more on his chest and closed my eyes, enjoying my time.

"Here we are," he said gently, helping me on my feet.

We stood in front of the massive cottage that I had seen a month ago, in my wedding. Thank God, the walls weren't cream; I hated that color when I saw it was the color of my room in Volterra. I shuddered at the memory.

"Renesmee!" I heard Esme say. I smiled at her and hugged her, followed by Carlisle.

"Hey," I said, she hugged Jake, too.

"I've missed you two!" she commented. We chuckled.

"Come on, let's show you around the house," Carlisle said, gesturing towards the door.

The first room, the one that held the ceremony, was the living room. The furnishing was modern; there were a couch, a loveseat and a chair, all bright red, contrasting with the off-white walls. In the middle of the room was a huge LCD TV, surrounded by pictures of both my family and Jake's. Our family now.

The second room, the bigger one that held the reception was the master bedroom. The bed was huge and golden-plated. There was a huge photo of both of us in the wedding while eating the cake, right above the bed. Jake found it funny then to paint my cheek with chocolate. It wasn't that much of a deal with me but it was definitely a Kodak moment.

The carpets were purple, going perfectly with the walls. From the master bedroom, you could go to our closet, a massive one indeed, with all the designer clothes you could ever imagine. You could go to the main bathroom, too.

And, and that was Emmett's little touch, there was another floor upstairs with three rooms; one guest room and two empty rooms. I wondered why but let it drop. Plus a kitchen.

"Wow, guys, it's perfect!" I exclaimed, hugging both of them." Thank you!" They chuckled and hugged me back.

"You're welcome sweetie."

"Thanks Esme, Carlisle," Jacob said," This is too much."

"Nothing is too much for Nessie," Carlisle said, rubbing my back. I smiled.

"I think we should go now," Esme said, holding Carlisle's hand and kissing my forehead." Goodnight!" They said as they got out, shutting the door behind them.

"Can you believe it? It's our house! Just you and me…" I mumbled as I got into the main bedroom and threw myself on the bed, taking off my shoes.

"It's still hard to believe," he agreed as he got beside me and kissed my cheek. I hopped on my knees and held his face between my hands.

"I love you, Jake," I whispered," Now, go patrol because I wanna sleep!" He chuckled.

"Kicking me out already?" I laughed and pushed him.

"Come on! The sooner you go the sooner you come!"

I woke up the next day at several calls.

"Nessie!" I heard Alice's high-pitched voice call from outside. I groaned but remembered that I'd missed her, too. So I reluctantly sat up, noticing a snoring but peaceful Jacob beside me, not bothering to pull the covers in the first place. I walked on my tiptoes to my closet, careful not to wake him up and grabbed a white skirt and a red tank top; no one was going to see me here, being in winter didn't matter anymore. Except that I felt cold. For the first time in her life, Renesmee Carlie Black felt cold. Weird.

I grabbed a white jacket anyways and slid into a pair of flats, going to the living room, where Alice was waiting patiently, flipping through a magazine that she closed as soon as she heard me coming. What was that about?

"Good morning," she said, turning around and pulling me into a very tight hug," I missed you," she said in a child-like voice. I sighed.

"I missed you, too! Now you know how I feel when Jasper takes you on long honeymoons." She chuckled and nodded.

That was when I heard Jacob mumble something angrily. I could hear him get dressed and he came out, his face wet.

"'Mornin', Ness. 'Mornin', Shorty," he said, going towards the door." Gonna be back at 4! Work!" he explained before he rushed outside. I blinked twice before I smiled; Jacob would always be Jacob.

Today was his first day at his garage. He was supposed to work from 10 to 3:30 and then someone else would take the night shift. I wanted to go with him but he'd told me that the first day would be all arrangements and boring stuff and that he would take me tomorrow to watch him work; I hadn't seen him work on cars for a lot of time.

Before I could even get back to Alice, I heard my phone vibrate on the nightstand. I went and grabbed it. Text message.

Sorry we didn't go hunting today. Just don't go alone. Love You.

"Nessie!" Alice demanded my attention," Where're the clothes I got you for the honeymoon?" she asked.

"Um-Uh- Well, most of them were kinda destroyed anyways so I just left them there." Her eyes widened.

"How could you? They're French!" she paused a second," Jacob Black is a dead man," she sneered. I chuckled.

"What were you shopping for yesterday anyway?" I asked casually, heading towards the kitchen as she followed.

"Stuff," she simply replied. I rolled my eyes as I opened the fridge, grabbing a bar of chocolate.

"Oh, I didn't know! Of course they're stuff, Alice! Aren't we done with the surprises anyways?" I asked. She smiled angelically.

"You'll know soon enough," she said. I sighed.

"Who else knows?" I asked, eating the chocolate. Ugh; what was that? I glanced at its name. Galaxy. Weird; I'd always loved that.


I really need to hunt.

I left the chocolate at the table and saw Alice roll her eyes.

"Only Rose." I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Daddy doesn't know?" That would be weirder than ever.

"Nope; I want to see the look on his face when he knows!" She was beaming like a child with candy," For real, I mean." I smiled." Come on, let's get to the mansion!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the woods." Can you walk your way there?" she asked. I looked at her like she was speaking Chinese.

"Duh!" She smiled.

"Okay, then, let's get moving."

We were walking exceptionally slow today; like a running human. I didn't object though.

We were there in 10 minutes.

"Nessie!" Rosalie said, running towards me." I missed you!"

"I missed you, too, Rose." She pulled away. "Rose?" I called, whispering.


"What's the thing that Alice wouldn't let me know about?" I asked, giving her the best puppy eyes I could muster. She beamed.

"I can't tell you," she said, still smiling." But you'll know in-" Alice cut her off.

"ROSALIE!" she yelled. I sighed.

"Okay, okay. I won't ask," I glanced around me," Now where're the rest?" I asked, watching the empty house. Well, I couldn't hear them either.

"Hunting. And Esme is gardening in the garden," Rose answered. I shrugged.

"When are they coming back?"

"Just in time," Alice answered, rolling her eyes. Just in time for what? I huffed; they wouldn't tell me.

"Let's get inside," Rose suggested, exchanging a meaningful glance with Alice. I rolled my eyes and got to the living room, flipping through the channels on TV when I suddenly felt a lump in my throat. Uh-oh.

I thought I heard some voices nearby but I couldn't stop and listen; I rushed to the bathroom, which door was open. Jeeze! Couldn't they warn me?

I threw up in the toilet and I felt a cold hand hold my hair. I looked up and found out it was Daddy, the fastest of them all.

I finished after I got everything that I'd eaten yesterday and this morning. I got up, panting and washed my mouth. Wow; they had my toothbrush, too. I'm gonna kill you, Mary Alice Brandon!

I brushed my teeth and sat down on the floor, exhausted.

"Alice!" Daddy called, sitting down beside me," Did you know this would happen?" he asked, not taking his eyes off my face, concerned. "Stop singing in your head!" he yelled at her. Momma was there in a second, handing me a glass of water. I drank it as Daddy continued glaring at Alice.

What was wrong with me? I didn't throw up yesterday, though I'd eaten hot dogs.

"Impossible," Daddy breathed. What? What's impossible?

"Not impossible, Edward," Rosalie replied. I looked at Daddy's face. He was frozen, concentrating really hard on something. Then his face cracked into a half-smile and he looked at me. I was giving him one of the 'What the Hell' looks.

"Someone care explain what the Hell is going on here?" Momma's patience was up.

"I thought I was the only one here! What's wrong?" Emmett asked, irritated.

"Nothing's wrong," Daddy answered," Renesmee's-" Alice cut him off.

"Pregnant!" Alice announced. I froze along with the others, except Daddy, Alice and Rose.

I was what?



Oh my God.

I'm pregnant!

"Don't mess with me, Alice. Really?" I asked, trying to wrap my mind around it.

"Yes!" she confirmed, hopping.

"Oh my God, Renesmee!" Momma exclaimed." This is great!" Her face was the happiest that I'd ever seen, even happier than my wedding day.

Emmett whimpered," I'm too young to be a great-uncle!" he complained. I chuckled.

"Seth would be, too," I replied. Pregnant? Wow." I have to call Jacob!" I decided, trying my best not to…squeal.

"Sure," Daddy said, kissing my forehead. I could tell he was happy.

But I so had to see the look on Jacob's face!

"Momma!"I called and grabbed her hand," We're going to Port Angeles!" She smiled at my enthusiasm. I was going to tell her to get the camera but decided against it; my gift was better than any video camera ever invented.

We took my new blue Porsche and I drove. Momma rolled her eyes at my speed.

"Can you believe it?" I said, focusing on the road as the wind flew through my hair," I mean, I knew this was going to happen but now it's real it's just…wow." I whispered the last part, smiling.

I was going to have a baby!

It doesn't even sound real.

"It is real. Oh God," she paused," I look too young to be a grandmother." Then she laughed a bell-like laugh," Renee is going to be a great-grandmother and she thinks you're six!" I rolled my eyes but I grimaced.

Grandma Renee was the one person of my family that I don't know at all. She knows she has a granddaughter but she thinks we're in Canada. We haven't seen her, not while I'm alive. I really wanted to meet her and get to know her. But Daddy and Carlisle said it would be best if she sees me when I'm actually the age I look. I sighed; still about 10 years to go. Maybe even 11.

"This way?" I asked Momma as we entered Port Angeles. She nodded.

"Keep going then turn to the left," she instructed. I did as she said." Here it is," she pointed at the only garage there. I parked the car in the nearest spot and got out, along with Momma.

I was getting more nervous and excited with every step I took.

I was going to tell Jacob.

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I Have To Go But I Will Post Tomorrow everything untill Chapter 7 !!!

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what happend to her? is she fine?

why did she stopped?

update me soon please...

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Can't wait for the update! XD


Thanks Sarah :) Tell her my best wishes.

Oh I am going on holiday tomorow till tuesday so I'll catch up from Chapter 7 when I get back

Thank you for posting this again!  I wondered what happened to Safae and her stories.

You are great friend!!

I panicked when the chapter link didn't work!!

Chapter 2

I waited in front of the entrance of the small garage, taking in a couple of deep breaths. Momma laughed at my 'stupidity'; she told me that Jake would be more than excited.

Well, I knew that, too. I mean, just the look on his face when I showed him my dream a couple of months ago was enough to prove that. But I was afraid he might think we're not ready yet.

"Nessie?" I heard him come from inside, his face and hands were actually black from God-knows-what and he was trying in vain to remove it from his hands. He was confused," What are you doing here?" he asked. Then he noticed Momma." Hey, Bells. What's going on?" he asked suspiciously, eying Momma's grin and my nervous face.

"Um, Jake, I have something really important to tell you," I said, getting calmer by the second. If I didn't have my super-senses, I would've sworn it was Jasper.

He came closer and was about to put a hand on my cheek when he noticed it was pitch-black so he dropped it to his side. I chuckled," Is something wrong?" he asked, still confused.

"Nothing's wrong," I reassured him," Well, here it is," I paused for dramatic effects, he gave me one of the 'Don't-mess-with-me' looks," I'm pregnant!" I said in one breath, smiling.

He stared at me for a second, his face blank. What's wrong?

"Jacob?" I called, worried. He was happy, right? He's just surprised. I kept chanting that in my head, praying it would be what's going on.

"Really?" he asked, his face still so blank that it scared me. I didn't know what I would do if he wasn't happy about this; I was flying.

"Yes," it sounded more like a question.

He grabbed a chair and sat down, looking at the floor. I wanted to know what he was thinking about; it was driving me insane.

He wasn't happy, was he? Didn't he think we were ready? What was wrong with him?

"This is," he finally spoke, running his hand through his silky black hair. That would need a while to clean up." Good," he continued. Good? We were having a baby and all he could think about was 'Good'? Seriously!

He kept his position. He looked like he was solving a Math problem not comprehending the fact that he was going to be a father.

I felt tears form in my eyes. I took in a couple of breaths and spoke.

"Good?" I quoted, confusion obvious in my voice. I looked at Momma who looked like she was about to throw something at him. Well, it's good to know it weren't my hormones talking.


He was still not moving. I couldn't take this anymore.

"Jacob?" I called, my voice breaking. If he doesn't speak, and soon, then I'll- he cut my thoughts off by speaking.

"You're pregnant," he announced, if I couldn't see his flashing grin I would've sensed it in his tone anyways. I rolled my eyes.

"Jake, for an Alpha, you sure take surprises real bad," I commented, letting out the tears I'd been holding. Well, they had to go somewhere!

He got up and pulled me into a tight hug, knocking my breath out.

"She can't breathe, you idiot!" Momma practically pulled him off me. He rolled his eyes at her but then frowned, a worried look on his face.

"You okay?" he asked. It was my turn to roll my eyes.

"Yes, Jacob, I'm fine. You won't be doing this for the next God-knows-how-many months, will you?" I whined. I wouldn't take another minute with people treating me like some sort of…Well, human. It was humiliating enough I was weaker than all of them.

He chuckled. God, I love that chuckle.

"Can't promise you I won't." I whimpered.

"Seriously!" I threw my hands in the air which made Momma and Jake laugh. I glared at both of them then they immediately stopped.

"I would never, ever, get used to those mood swings," I heard him whisper to Momma and she was trying her best not to smile.

"Being pregnant doesn't require being deaf! I can hear you!" I pouted, my mood getting better, rather amused. He leaned closer and kissed my bottom lip.

I was relieved as all the nervousness subsided. I sighed heavily and grabbed the chair he was sitting on, throwing myself at it. He looked alarmed.

"Ar-" Momma cut him off.

"Jacob!" she, well, scolded. He smirked at her.

"Yes, Mom," he teased; he knew she doesn't like him calling her that. Even though she's his mother-in-law, technically, she just wasn't used to that.

She stuck her tongue out at him. Which was…weird. But, anyways, she turned her head to me.

"Alice sent a message," she gulped," We're shopping," she announced. I shot her a horrified look.

"Ple-" she cut me off.

"Just me, her and Rose," she smiled kindly and I let out a sigh of relief. "I'm gonna go now, do you need anything?" she asked. I shook my head.

"You can take the car if you want," I offered; I didn't want to go home again then anyways. She nodded and walked away, waving Jake goodbye.

I began to see the place around me.

The small place we were talking in now was merely a reception, then, if you walk past the desk you could see the now-empty "working area". There were a couple of guys there, re-arranging some stuff in their places, I guessed. I felt self conscious as I realized that they were here the whole time but brushed it off when I remembered that our conversation wasn't loud enough for them to hear. They were obviously not wolves.

Jacob turned and came by my side, kneeling on the ground. I leaned my elbow on my thigh and rested my head on my palm that our faces were in the same level. The chair was pretty high. And to think about it now, pretty heavy, too. Probably to endure Jacob sitting on it. I chuckled at the thought.

"This is real," he whispered, as if to himself. I smiled at him.

"Yeah, I know. You scared me for a second there, y'know," I commented, pointing out the time I thought he wasn't exactly thrilled about our baby.


It sounds so good.

His eyebrows knit in sheer confusion.

"Why?" he asked, honestly clueless. I sighed.

"You said it was 'good'," I made quotation marks in the air, earning a small smile that slowly faded.

"And…?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"You seriously don't know?" He shook his head, confusion never leaving his face." Well, when your wife tells you she's pregnant, she kinda expects a little more than 'good'," I answered truthfully. He kissed my forehead.

"Well, then, this is awesome…perfect," he whispered," I love you." I kissed his cheek.

"I love you, too," I whispered that was when someone called from behind.

"Mr. Black?" a female voice asked. I didn't feel comfortable at her voice. I peeked over his shoulder as he stood up and turned around.

About an inch thick of make-up, and it was only 11:30 I guess. Her hair was black, maybe too black, but whatever. She held it up in a messy pony tail. She had bright green eyes, the only thing I was sure wasn't fake about the way she looked. She was wearing a tight-fitting white rain jacket that was so short that I could see all her red belt, and tips of her red shirt, too.

Although I didn't like her, well, not her looks anyway, I chuckled at the comments I'd hear from Alice if she saw her shoes.

Stuff like "I definitely need to give more to the homeless." Or just "Ugh."

"Yes?" Jacob answered. She smiled.

"I saw the ad outside," she gestured towards the door," You said you need an assistant?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said professionally, using his Alpha-voice. I loved it," Do you know anything about cars?" he asked.

"Just the very basics," she answered, biting her lip.

"You don't need to anyways; you'd do the paper work. I was just askin'," he said, shrugging." I just need a copy of your ID…" he waited for a name.

"Morgan, Morgan Dean," she informed, stretching out her hand. He shook hers quickly and turned away to the desk grabbing a paper.

"Here," he handed her the paper," I need your ID number, full name, address, numbers…everything." She turned to the desk and started writing. He turned to me again with a brand-new flashing grin but he raised his eyebrow and stretched his finger to straighten a frown I wasn't aware of.

"Is that it?" I asked, referring to the whole he-employed-this-Morgan-pretty-instantly thing.

He shrugged," Yeah, I guess. You should've seen the other one that applied for it this morning. I could swear she'd burry me here if she wants to." I rolled my eyes.

"Are you aware of your inhuman strength? And that's only in your human form," I whispered. He smiled.

"She was just too scary," he said and leaned in front of me," Do you want to go out, celebrate or something? Embry is coming here in a few minutes anyways," he offered. I knew; Embry would work here with Jake 'cause of some situation with Mr. Anderson, Mary's father.

I shrugged," Maybe," I mumbled," I'm hungry anyways. And I think I can handle human food now," I said.

"Didn't you hunt?" I shook my head. His mouth was a straight line.

"Nessie," he breathed," You can't-" I cut him off.

"I'm just not thirsty," I said," Probably 'cause of the whole pregnancy thing?" I said sarcastically. He playfully glared at me.

"You know I'm still not used to that," he said. Then little miss Morgan nudged his shoulder. I didn't know her at all but I suppressed a growl; I didn't like her touching him. Ugh; here were my hormones again. It was just normal. It shouldn't bother me.

Besides, he was my Jacob. And I was his Nessie.


"I'm done," she announced and looked at me. She smiled, but I would need Daddy to confirm its sincerity. Why did I feel like that towards her? I shrugged it off; she might be a nice person so I smiled back. Jacob noticed this quick interaction so he started talking…

"Morgan this is Nessie, my girlfriend," I snorted mentally; Yeah, right. We just couldn't say that I was his wife because everybody here knew that I was 16. They just blamed the whole dropping-out-of-high-school thing on the Peterson situation. I'd bet Brad, Stacey and Matt wouldn't believe any of this crap. Mary already knew the truth. I guessed I would have to deal with them later. But, right now, the rest are keeping the façade; we'd need to stay living here, wouldn't we?

I shook her hand quickly and we both mumbled a 'hi'. Just normal, Ness. Don't overreact.

Jacob Black

She was right; for an Alpha, I pretty suck at surprises of this type.


I couldn't believe this was real. She's- We're- Uh! It's too much. I mean, we just got back from our honeymoon yesterday and today, she finds out she's pregnant with a baby that happens to be a combination of both human, vampire and wolf. Oh God.

Will her pregnancy be like Bella's? If the baby is stronger than her then…


I froze on our way to the Rabbit and Ness, being Ness, noticed.

"What's wrong?" she asked, concerned. I relaxed my now-shocked expression and smiled at her. I just hoped it didn't look forced.

"Nothing; just thinking." Please don't read my mind. Please don't read my mind.

She shrugged and I let out a sigh of relief, which exposed me. Smooth, Jacob!

She turned to me and took my face in her tiny hands, that were now cold for some reason…

Your hands are cold. I thought immediately, honestly concerned.

She dropped them and looked like she's a little…ashamed. Why?

"It's cold out here," she said, walking towards the Rabbit. Frankly, I was relieved she didn't read my mind and know about what I was really thinking about; I didn't want her to get worried or scared, not until I'm sure. But…

"Since when does it matter to you?" I asked, raising my eyebrows and opening the door for her. She slid in and shrugged. I got to the other side and got in, starting the engine.

"I guess today?" she said, flexing her fingers. "I don't like it," she stated truthfully," It makes me feel more…human." She didn't like feeling weak. I stroked her cheek with my hand and leaned down to kiss her icy lips. Wow; she was freezing. I guess it is cold out there; it is raining. And I guess that all she was wearing under that cotton jacket was merely a tank top. The short skirt didn't help either.

"It's okay; you have a personal heater here," I said, pointing at myself. She chuckled and leaned on my shoulder. I wrapped an arm around her while the other was on the steering wheel. She relaxed immediately.

"Where to?" she asked as I drove.

"I don't know. Where do you want to go?" Then I remembered she didn't eat." There's this Mexican restaurant here," I suggested. She seemed to think about it for a moment.

"Okay, I guess. It's not like I'd know the difference," she said. I laughed.

"I guess you wouldn't." I played with her beautiful bronze curls. I couldn't believe she was mine forever. Really forever.

If I'd known that during that rough time with Bella, I would've pleasantly endured it, way better than I did.

"Are we going to tell the guys tonight?" she suddenly asked, her tone wasn't as casual as it should've been. *edited by mod*

I hoped she hadn't heard me. She winced.

I guess she did.

"Yeah; maybe they'd come at our place," I said, shrugging.

"Okay," she whispered."Listen, Jake, it's just that I don't like what you had to go through with…Momma." It was still hard for her, though she'd forgiven us," You were…hurt-" she winced."- too much," she finished. I kissed her forehead.

"I'm still wondering what I did to deserve you, Ness," I whispered as I parked in front of the restaurant. She smiled angelically and kissed me. Damn, this was Heaven.

By the time we pulled away, we were both panting, she more than me though. She grinned, showing her pearl white teeth. No fangs. I chuckled at the thought.

"Let's get inside," I said as I got out and opened the door for her. I kept her as close as possible. Well, in public I mean. I didn't want her to be cold.

The place was slightly warmer in there. The hostess showed us our table, earning a few glares from Nessie which I couldn't pinpoint their reason. Aw, was she jealous? Why, though?

I shrugged it off.

"So, what will you order?" I asked, eying the menu. She gave me a 'Are-You-Stupid' glare.

"Anything; it's not like I ate any of this before," she answered in a 'duh' tone. I smiled.

"Fajita?" I suggested. She nodded.

The waiter came then with a notebook in his hand.

"What would you like to drink?" he asked, only looking at Renesmee. I wanted to punch him in the face. What stopped me was Nessie's hand on mine. He ignored that though.

"I'll just take a cup of water. Jake?" she turned her head to me.

"Coke," I said, my tone was deadly. She was doing her best not to chuckle.

Your face is hilarious. She thought and I smiled.

The waiter didn't flinch. I relaxed as soon as he left and she broke into musical laughter. I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Look," she whispered and stood up to put her hand on my cheek. She showed me an image of myself glaring at the waiter. I laughed but got serious.

"Next time I'm really punching him," I threatened. She rolled her eyes.

"What's my name?" she asked. I stared at her." Just answer," she said softly. I shrugged.

"Renesmee Carlie-" she cut me off.

"Black," she finished, rolling her eyes. "Come on, Jake. It's been a month," she said. I smiled.

"I know," I said, playing with her ring," I can't help it." I shrugged, putting on an innocent face.

"So," she started, changing the subject as the coke and the water arrived and he took our order," Did you talk to Rebecca?" she asked. I sighed.

"Yeah..." I remembered exactly what happened.


I went to talk to Rebecca before phasing; I needed to know what was wrong with this Chase. I couldn't help but feel he had hurt her. He'd pay for that.

She was still watching TV when I went. I sat beside her and demanded to know what happened. She sighed.

"Look, Jake," she started," It's just that he- Oh, God," she whined.

"What happened?" I asked for the third time tonight. She took in a sharp breath and explained.

"I don't want to be with someone who doesn't like my family," she stated simply, avoiding eye-contact. My eyes widened.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"It's not important!" she half-yelled, crying now. I held her close.

"Shh...It's okay. I'll bite his head off if you want," I offered, trying to laugh but it didn't come out right. She chuckled breathlessly though.

"Naw; I think the vase did a good job," she said. The vase?

"What vase?"

"The one that used to be in the kitchen," she shifted her weight," To think about it it's still there, just scattered into tiny little pieces and in a plastic bag. But still there," she said. I chuckled.

"Why did you throw a vase at him?" I suddenly asked.

"He-" she took in another sharp breath,"It doesn't matter." Her tone rang with finality." What are you doing here?" she asked, frowning," Impressive; you leave your wife to sleep alone on the first night after your honeymoon. Boy, you're dumb." I stuck my tongue out at my big sis.

"I'm going now anyways. Tell me if you guys need anything," I said, already getting out.

"Will do."

End Flashback

"Oh," Nessie said after she watched my flashback; we were still holding hands. Was her gift getting stronger or was I imagining stuff?

"I hated Chase anyways," I said, taking a sip of my coke. She glared at me.

" She must've loved him, y'know," she said. I rolled my eyes.

"Sure, sure," I said, drinking the rest of the cup. "Not as much as I love you." She smiled.

"I love you more," she said, rather playfully.

"Nope," I shook my head defiantly. She pouted.

"You really think so?" she asked in whisper, leaning on the table and giving me her oh-so-famous puppy eyes.

Food saved me from answering her. The waiter started talking again...

"Do you need anything else?" he asked her. For the first time in my life, I felt invisible.

"No, thanks," I answered, suppressing a growl. He left without a second glance." Eat," I said. She looked at her plate and gulped. Maybe she was afraid it wouldn't work out for her as well as the hot dogs did.

She unrolled her set and got out the fork. She put the first fork full in her mouth. I encouraged her to go further. By the third time she dropped her fork and winced.

"I'm pushing my luck," she said, getting up and heading towards the restroom. I followed her there, leaving enough money on the table for the order in case we needed to leave and grabbing her bag.

I didn't care if there were any girls in there, honestly, I just needed to make sure she was alright.

Good thing there weren't any.

She threw up the little she had eaten as I pushed her hair away from her face and whined.

"," she panted, washing her mouth. I patted her back.

"It's okay; you won't eat anything like this again," I promised. She smiled.

"Thanks," she breathed and we got out, directly to the car." Did you-" I cut her off.

"I paid." She sighed.

"Sorry. You didn't eat anything, did you?" she asked. I shook my head.

"Maybe at home," I suggested as we got in the Rabbit. She grimaced.

"Sorry," she said. I sighed.

"Don't be; it's not your fault," I reassured her gently, kissing her cheek. She looked at her feet and smiled. A couple of seconds later, she got out of her jacket. I looked at her questioningly.

"Your heat can warm up the whole country, Jake." She rolled her eyes. I smiled proudly then before I put the key in the ignition I noticed something.

I touched the small bump that appeared from under her tight tank top.

"Look," I said. She looked at it and her eyes widened so much that if we were a cartoon, it would explode. I'm sure mine looked just the same.

"Oh...My...God," she whispered and then smiled brilliantly and looked up at me." See? This is our baby!" she exclaimed, her smile plastered on her face.

Our baby. Wow.

"I know," I whispered, nudging the bump gently. She giggled." I love you, both of you," I kissed her forehead.

"We love you, too."


Chapter Three

I couldn't believe I was showing already. I mean, I knew this wouldn't be the most normal pregnancy ever but, still, the maximum duration I could've possibly been pregnant was a month, one single month.

Did that mean I'd give birth in, what, a couple of months? Is that even possible?

I sighed, knowing that I'd have to wait until I could ask Carlisle later, or Alice; she knew I was pregnant, maybe she saw the date or something.

"We're home," Jake announced, parking the car. I got back into my jacket and got out, still lost in thought. We'd agreed that we'd go back home so he could eat then go to the main house; I still hadn't spent enough time with my family. Then, later, the Pack and the imprints would come at our house so we could tell them the news. I was extremely excited.

Jake rushed to the kitchen as soon as we were inside and I rolled my eyes at him; he'd still be the same old Jacob. I followed him there as he started eating cereals. I felt awful; I was the reason he didn't eat the Fajita earlier.

"I could make you some hot dogs," I offered but he kept eating, either concentrating on the food or thinking deeply about something. "Hot dogs? Jake?" he still didn't respond so I took the plate from him.

"Hey!" he objected, a second late. He was thinking, apparently. I rolled my eyes.

"Can you wait a couple of minutes and I'll make you some hot dogs? I know they're your favorite," I offered again, giving him the most angelic smile I could muster.

He smiled, but it was forced, like the one he had when we were getting out of the garage. I remembered then that he didn't tell me what was wrong.

"What's going on?" I asked as I got the hot dogs out of the freezer and put the water on the stove to boil. He shifted his weight on the seat.

"Nothing, really." I hated it when he lied to me; it hurt more than anything to feel like he couldn't trust me enough to tell me what he was thinking. I mean, I can read his mind but I didn't. I just shut off the stove and put the hot dogs back in the freezer, getting out. He groaned."Nessie!" I didn't look back; afraid my expression would betray me. I felt like I could cry.

It's not like I could use the bathroom excuse now.

"I'm going home." It was when I said it that I realized how wrong it sounded. But I didn't take it back.

He stood in front of me, blocking my way. His face was hurt, too.

"This is home, Ness," he whispered. I sighed.

"I mean the main house. I want to see Carlisle," I said, truthfully; I did want to see him. It was his turn to sigh.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, stroking my cheek." I just had a lot in my mind." I smiled triumphantly and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Which are?" I demanded, though I wasn't that annoyed anymore. Sometimes I really hated the fact that I couldn't get mad at him. He smiled.

"I'll tell you later, 'Kay?" I sighed and nodded as he hugged me."Do you still want to go to the main house? Carlisle wouldn't be there now."

"Yeah; I want to spend some time with Daddy," I said," When will the guys come?" I asked.

"Around seven," he informed me and my stomach growled. I grimaced; I hadn't eaten anything."Aw," he groaned," You didn't eat anything today, did you?"

"No." I felt like a little kid again.

"Do you want to hunt?" he asked. I thought about it for a second.

"Okay, I guess." I still wasn't thirsty but the idea wasn't bad at all. He took my hand and led me outside. We ran our way to the middle of the forest. He phased and I began taking in the scents and scenery around me.

I couldn't believe how much I missed the woods here, the birds and the little squirrels. But, most of all, the mountain lions and elks.

My muscles tensed as I felt the vampire in me kick in and I smelled a lion nearby. I sprinted, full speed towards it but the huge russet wolf, AKA my husband, stepped in my way and whined. I rolled my eyes at Jacob.

"I know how to take care of myself." He nudged my stomach ever-so-gently and I continued," And Sarah." I didn't realize that I said that until he howled. I put my hand on the fur of his head and heard him think.

'Sarah'? What makes you so sure?

I don't know- I thought- I just said it. I didn't know I did until you howled, by the way. But I have that feeling that it's a girl.

Do you want a girl?

I smiled playfully, enjoying the thought about my little girl, a girl that had Jake's eyes, silky black hair and skin tone, too, to think about it.

Jake, the wolf, licked my face with his huge tongue. I faked a grossed-out expression as he did.

"Jake!" I whined. He just gave me his super-cute wolfy grin.

I put my hand back to his cheek; I took it away when he started licking my face.

Come on, let's hunt. I thought.

A deer, okay? And I'll hunt it down first.

I huffed.

"Seriously, Jake!"

"No, he's right," Daddy said from behind. I gasped; I didn't sense him there.

"I can still take care of…" I paused," us, you know," I mumbled, crossing my arms over my chest.

He chuckled," I know you can, sweetie," he said, playing with my curls. I smiled." But you could always eat, right?" he said softly." Bella made some eggs." I glared at both of them.

"Thanks for your trust," I muttered angrily, walking my way to my old home. I could feel them following me. Jacob was a second late though; he changed back to his human form.

Daddy got by my side," We're only worrying about you," he said. I would've answered him in my head but I wanted Jacob to hear, too.

"I have hunted my first deer when I was three months old and looked like a four-year-old." And now, I'm nearly seven and I look like a 17-year-old and married and you don't want me to hunt.

"You forgot one important thing," Daddy said. "You're pregnant."

"Why are you two making a huge deal out of this?" I yelled, stopping and turning to face them." It doesn't mean I can't perform my normal tasks! I can still hunt. I can still walk. I can still do whatever I want to do!" I objected," It's true I get tired more quickly but I'm still the same!" I couldn't believe I was yelling at them but I was truly mad.

They both stayed silent, grimacing. I kept waiting for any of them to speak.

"You got cold this morning," Jake pointed out.

"It doesn't mean I'm weaker than before," I mumbled but I wasn't that convinced. What did that mean anyways?

"Let's get to Carlisle," Daddy said, taking my hand," He's at home now." I could feel Jake's warm hand on my back now. I felt like a little kid, unable to take care of herself and now her father is- Uh. This is just so frustrating.

I walked silently, my mouth in a hard line, still like a little kid. Both of them were taking this to an extreme.

I couldn't think of a reason why they were acting so weird…so protective. I mean, I know they were both ridiculously over-protective but this was over the usual 'limits'.

"Why?" I suddenly asked," Why are you two acting like that?" Women get pregnant all the time and they're not so fragile.

They didn't answer. Oh great.

We got 'home' in ten awfully long minutes, partly because of the way we were all in uncomfortable silence, and partly because we were walking in human pace. Human pace!

Daddy pushed the glass door and I stormed inside, ignoring the way we were walking just a second ago. It felt so good to be able to move normally.

I threw myself on the couch in the living room.

"What's wrong?" Jasper asked, muting the TV. I just shrugged and pointed at Jake and Daddy, who were standing in front of the door. Daddy and Jasper exchanged a long look and Daddy nodded. I huffed in even more frustration; apparently, everyone was in on what was going on except me.

"Nessie!" Emmett yelled from upstairs, I could see him sprint down the stairs to the living room. I immediately grinned and ran into him, hugging him. "Hey, kid," he greeted me. I chuckled; Emmett could boost up your mood any minute.

"Hey, Em-" he let me down," Where're the others?" I asked. He was about to answer when Jake called me. I sighed and went to where he was standing.

"Nessie," he breathed," We need to talk about this." You think?

"Sure," I said," Shoot." He grimaced.

"Come," he said and took my hand, leading me to the backyard. It's not like they wouldn't be listening. Besides, they know anyway. I decided to go with him anyways.

"Tell me," I demanded," Tell me what's wrong." My voice was getting softer. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

"It's just that-" he paused only to curse under his breath," Just promise me you wouldn't freak out." I frowned and nodded." Promise?" he pushed. I rolled my eyes.

"Promise, Jake; I won't freak out. Just tell me what it is," I said, slightly afraid it would be some new danger or something; it hadn't been a couple of months since the Volturi thing.

He put his hand on my cheek and looked in my eyes. I was about to forget what I was expecting him to say but I managed.

"We're afraid that your…pregnancy would be...hard." He choked the word," Sorta like Bella's." It just took me a second to comprehend.

Like Momma's?


As I remember, that involved broken ribs, sickness and...well, a hard delivery. So hard that Daddy had to turn her into a vampire right then. But venom's effect on me is like its effect on Jacob. So that wouldn't work...

What were they thinking about? To do about this, if it is true, I mean.

I felt blood drain from my face as I realized what they wanted to do.

"NO!" I whispered in horror.

"You promised," Jake reminded me, his eyes full of concern. I shook my head; I wasn't worried because of that.

"It's not what you think," I whispered, avoiding eye-contact. He frowned in concentration," You're not- Even if it turns out like that...You- No!" I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. His expression suggested that he knew what I was talking about. They weren't going to take my baby away from me.

"Ness," he began," You can't do that- You can't- if it is-" I cut him off.

"What part of 'NO' don't you understand, Jake?" I asked," You can speak as much as you want but I'm not getting an abortion."

"Only if this is going to hurt you; you know I want that as much as you do." It was obvious in his tone how much it hurt him to talk about that. I frowned and took his hands away from my face.

"It doesn't look like you do," I muttered, my voice hoarse; tears were begging to be let free. I walked away, towards my home.

Chapter Four

It actually hurt to hear those words from Collin; he hated my kids, my unborn kids. I could see Jacob wasn't so thrilled about it either so I decided to work on distracting us so it wouldn't hurt that bad. Jake had left a moment ago with Rebecca and Billy to get them home, I was left with Sam and Emily. Everyone else left earlier, too.

"So," Emily started," The cookies were really good. Esme really knows how to cook." I chuckled.

"Nothing tops your cookies, Emily," I commented and Sam laughed.

"You got that right," he commented. She rolled her eyes and looked at me.

"They tend to be, I don't know, biased?" she said, referring to all imprints. I smiled.

"Tell me about it," I said, "You know, when I was little, I made Jacob coffee with salt instead of sugar and he drank it, telling me it was the best turkish coffee he had ever tasted." We all laughed. I wanted to tease him that day but apparently, he's "unteasable".

"Did you name him yet?" I asked after a moment of silence, obviously referring to their baby. She nodded, a proud smile on her face.

"After a lot of discussions," she said, "And, I really mean 'a lot'," she pushed," We decided to name him Randall or Randy, which means 'protector wolf'," she said. I grinned.

"Awesome choice," I commented.

"Thanks," they both said in one breath. That was when Jake entered. I wondered how we would choose our babies' names. Oh God, now we'd have to choose 2 boy names and one girl name other than Sarah Rose Black.

I loved that.

"Hey," he said then leaned to kiss my cheek," Hey, Ness." I just mumbled a 'Hey', too busy thinking about the names issue.

"So, I guess we should excuse ourselves now," Sam said, patting Emily's back. She sighed and stood up.

"Okay, then," she said," I guess I'll see you later." We nodded.

I glanced at Jacob whose expression was a mixture of worried and stressed. I decided to speak right after Sam and Emily left.

"What's wrong?" I asked. Please don't be the Collin issue, please don't be the Collin issue. He shook his head and sat on the couch, sighing.

"Becca," he said. I frowned in confusion; what could have happened to her? I sat beside him on the couch, crossing my legs over it, facing him.

"What's wrong with Rebecca?" I asked, he grimaced.

"She never knew any of this," he explained," She shouldn't know any of this." Huh?

"What do you mean 'this'?" All I could think about was the whole pregnancy issue. And she should know. So what was the problem?

He put his hands over his face and I leaned closer to him and put mine on his.

"She-" he said," I had to tell her about the whole us-being-wolves issue after what Collin had said," he spat his name," He knew she didn't know!" He exclaimed. My eyes widened; this was the last thing I expected. I could only imagine how she took the 'news' if Jake's reaction was like that.

"How did she react?" I pushed, praying it wouldn't be bad. He shook his head again.

"For someone who'd knew about the legends," he started," Not so well, not well at all."

"What happened?" I asked, he just put my hand on his cheek and recalled what happened...

Flashback (Jacob's POV)

Collin's a dead dog. Those were the only words I could describe anything about it in; not only did he insult my wife, my soul mate, my imprint for Heaven's sake! He also insulted my children, and that was inexcusable.

"Hey, Jake?" My sister, Rebecca, called from the backseat of my Rabbit. I snapped myself out of my thoughts immediately, glancing at Billy who was sound asleep right beside me.

"Yeah?" I answered, whispering, careful enough not to wake my father, we still had a couple of minutes until we reached home.

"What did Collin mean when he said that your kids might be wolves in a few years?" she asked and my hands tensed on the steering wheel. She was there. She knew nothing. And she caught that.


I was too focused on Nessie right then that I forgot Becca knew nothing about this.

Double crap.

"Um-" I tried to think and get a logical explanation and get away with this. But there wasn't any. "Wolves". You're way more than dead now, Collin.

"What is it, Jake?" she asked and I could swear I heard her voice tremble ever-so-gently." What did he mean?" she asked. I concentrated to be able to choose the right words.

"Well, sis, do you remember the ol' legends?" I asked her, trying to sound casual but failed miserably," The ones about our great grandparents and such?"

"Yeah." It sounded more like a question.

"Well, they-uh-" I paused," They're all true. All the guys you saw today, including me- Yeah, we can transform into horse-sized wolves."

"Jacob Kind Black you'd better NOT be kidding me," she said, her voice far from angry; she was terrified. We were home by then. I stopped the car and glanced at her face.

There wasn't any blood there, that was for sure. I could hear her heart beat super-fast as she threw her back on the back of the seat.

"Hey, hey," I whispered, "Don't freak out, 'Kay?" I said, trying to calm her down." We're the same us, you know. I won't go all wolf on you," I tried to joke but it just made her more scared.

She crossed her arms over her chest and seemed to concentrate on breathing; her breaths were forced. I didn't know what to do now, it wasn't like I could call her imprint or something...or that lame excuse for a husband who she's getting a divorce from in a matter of weeks or something.

I decided to get beside her, try to comfort her.

"Becca?" I called when she gazed into nothing in particular, her body shaking ever-so-slightly. Not our type of shaking though.

"N-No," she whispered, still not looking my way. Her breath wasn't that good.

I thought about what to do or what to say until I finally decided to call Rachel and wake up Dad. And I did. The last thing I wanted is that Becca would have a panic attack. Not so pretty.

"What happened?" Rachel exclaimed, looking at Becca who was now on the couch in our house, Billy trying to talk to her but failed as much as we did.

Paul walked behind her, rubbing his eyes, looking like he would've preferred to stay at home, sleeping then. Well, that's important, caveman!

"I told her about, you know, the wolf thing," I explained. Paul's eyes shot open and Rachel looked at me like some sort of a moron.

"What. The. Hell, Jacob!" Rachel yelled. Billy snapped his eyes from Rebecca to his other daughter.

"She heard what Collin had said today," he defended.

"Stupid kid," Paul muttered. I nodded in agreement. Rachel sat next to her on the couch and did as we did; tried to talk to her.

"Hey, sis," she whispered, running her hands on her face," S'Okay," she said." Nothing happened, right?" she asked. Again, no response. But her heart beat was getting more even. They've always been so close."You're going to be an aunt, isn't that awesome?" she said, grinning,"Although I really did want to have kids before that huge kid over there." Yeah, she pointed at me."Come on," she urged," I'll make you hot chocolate," she persuaded," You used to like that when we were little."

That was when we had the first response out of her; she chuckled, or so we thought she wanted to, it came out weird.

"'Kay," she whispered and we all let out a sigh of relief. I glanced at my clock, 12 am, I should go home now.

End Flashback (And back to Renesmee's POV)

I gasped as I removed my hand from his cheek. He nodded, the grimace stuck on his face.

"Even Mary took it much better than that," he pointed out. I sighed.

"But she had Embry," I reasoned. He snorted.

"And Becca has her family. Big deal," he said. I shrugged.

"Maybe it's sort of an imprint thing? I mean, even the little ones handled it well," I defended. He sighed and sank deeper into the comfy couch.

"Maybe." Silence.


Still freakin' silent.

"Are you hungry?" I suddenly asked; I knew I was. He shook his head.

"Don't feel like I could eat anything now," he replied," What about you? Aren't you, like, supposed to be eating for three people and all that?" I rolled my eyes.

"I'm hungry but I'm not eating triple the normal just because of that. It's insane," I said and managed to get a smile from him.

"Sure, sure," he said, smirking,"I'll make you something. Want some hotdogs?" he asked and I smiled.

"Sure, I'll help you," I said but he shook his head.

"Just watch some TV or something; I won't take long," he reasoned.

"But-" he cut me off.

"No buts, Nessie, just get some rest." I huffed and opened the TV to find it on ESPN.

"Emmett's been here," I commented, knowing perfectly well that he could hear me. He laughed.

"Why?" he asked. I just raised the TV volume. I knew he could hear it but I wanted to emphasize on my point. He let out another long laugh.

I rested my head on the couch and drifted to peaceful sleep.

It was so peaceful that I didn't feel anything until Jake's worm hand stroked my cheek. I opened my eyes and stretched, letting out a yawn.

"'Mornin', sunshine," he greeted. I frowned as I recognized the oh-so-familiar clouded sun from the window.

"'Mornin'," I said," What happened? Last things I remember were ESPN and smelling some hot dogs," I commented. He laughed, now playing with my hair with one hand, the other hand was thrown casually around my waist.

"You slept," he explained and I rolled my eyes so he continued," I did try to wake you up, but World War III could have been going on and you wouldn't even blink." I chuckled," It was getting weird but I decided not to call Carlisle when you were breathing and beating evenly." I smiled at my oh-so-caring husband.

"So, I guess there are some hot dogs for me?" I teased, knowing that there wouldn't be a way on Earth there was any cooked food "left over" when Jake's around. He half-smiled.

"Naw," he answered, knowing I was teasing. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand. 9:45am.

"Do you really have to go to work?" I asked and he laughed.

"Yeah, sure," he said," In fact, I should get going now; Morgan and the guys would be there in 15 minutes." Morgan. Why, again, wasn't I comfortable? Whatever; it didn't matter.

"Okay," I muttered, standing up."We're so not starting this crap now!" I yelled. He got by my side, his shirt already in his hand.

"What?" he asked, worried. I groaned.

"Morning sickness."

Jacob Black

"You were on full speed, the car flipped on the right side, obviously, and crashed into a tree?" I asked, not really believing what I just heard. The kid nodded,"And you're standing here to tell?" I pushed. He rolled his eyes.

"Can you, or can't you fix it?" he asked, impatient. I looked again at the half-destroyed, over-expensive Jaguar. Interesting way to start.

"Sure, sure," I said," But that one's not gonna be easy," I added.

"I don't really care how much I'd have to pay; S'Not my money anyways, but you gotta get it done before the 20th," he said."Natalie would kill me if she knew I'd done that to her car," he mumbled, most probably to himself. I chuckled; he was about 17, so excessively rich, apparently, and the car wasn't even his.

"Sure," I said, again. He got out his card. It said 'Nathanael Leblanc' and had his numbers. First 17-year-old with a business card. And got out about 500 dollars.

"Underpayment," he explained and put his wallet back into the back-pocket of his jeans. I smiled to myself and handed Morgan the stuff to get the paper work done. And, with that, he left.

"500 dollars and a Jaguar on the second day of work. Dude, I love you," Embry commented. I faked a grossed-out expression.

"Weird, Embry. No, thanks." He laughed.

"Uh, Mary would be thrilled," he commented sarcastically.

"Totally," I played along.

"No, seriously, this is great," he said. I just nodded.

The rest of the day passed by pretty fast; I was eager to go home to Nessie. But I had to stop by Billy's first; I had to check on Rebecca; I haven't heard from them since yesterday. I tried to convince myself that 'No News Is Good News' but 'No News' had always been terrible news to me. Like when Nessie disappeared, when Embry first phased, when Bella got back from the honeymoon and didn't call, etc, etc.

I got there in no time at all, parking in front if my old, small, red house. Well, not really mine but you know what I mean.

Of course, me being just me, I got inside without knocking on the door. I found Rachel mid-way to the couch, nibbling on a sandwich. Her being here was enough reason to get me more worried.

"Hey, Jay." It just sounded like that because she was still eating," Bored already?" she asked as if nothing was going on. I wasn't buying any of this.

"Where's she?" I asked. She rolled her eyes.

"In your room, taking a lil' nap," she said," Seriously, bro, she's fine. She talks, walks, eats, drinks and breathes," she explained," Really, she's just almost over it." She was sounding like Paul already. One word caught my attention though and I followed her to the couch as she sat on it.

"Almost?" I asked. I somehow felt responsible for this. She sighed.

"She's not facing it," she explained," She just keeps saying that it ain't true," she added," And, frankly, it ain't that good; she needs to face it some day, you know? Who knows what would happen next time if anyone slipped again? Maybe it'd be worse." I nodded.

"We should get this over with," I mumbled but loud enough for her to hear. She frowned.

"How so?"

"I'll phase." Her eyes widened.

"WHAT?" she whisper-yelled." No, not now," she rushed," Give her some time then do what you want."

"But-" she cut me off.

"No buts, lil' bro." Paul was definitely rubbing off on her.

Renesmee Cullen

"Leave the fridge alone!" Emmett groaned for the millionth time. I rolled my eyes at him, eating some bread, which I discovered didn't encourage the nasty nauseous feeling.

"It's not like any of you would eat any of this," I reasoned. Daddy chuckled.

"True," he said, getting beside me." What do you have on your mind?" he asked. I just stared at him; Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, my father, the only man who can know whatever you're thinking right then without being so close to you, was asking me what I had on my mind. And I thought I heard it all. Especially that I hadn't asked Momma to do that for me. She wasn't even there in the first place.

"Huh?" He looked even more confused than I was. What was wrong?

"Nothing's wrong. I just think..." He mumbled the last part," I couldn't hear you for a second." I frowned then shrugged.

"Pregnant," Jasper and I said in one voice. He smiled.

"Maybe," he said," So, what did you have on your mind before? You seemed to really concentrate on it." I smiled playfully.

"I was thinking about names, actually," I said," Boy names first, then I'll have to look for an extra girl name, you know? Too bad my skin is too thick for the ultrasound." He chuckled again.

"Yes," he said," And what have you thought of?" he asked. I put the bread away for a second and grinned proudly.

"Well, I've researched this morning a little and came out with some," I started," I thought maybe Colby, Jason, Ryan, Ethan, James-" The three of them cut me off. No, wait, they were four. Jacob got back!

"NO!" they all said," Not James," Daddy added. I frowned and hugged Jacob who had just entered the kitchen.

"Why?" I pushed. They all tensed.

"Uh- Ness," Jake started," Maybe we should tell you this later." I crossed my arms over my chest and raised an eyebrow at them.

"Okay, here it is, 'James' was the name of a sadistic vampire who used to chase your mother while she was human and Edward killed him. He caused some problems later, too." Emmett was saying the words so fast that there was actually a chance I couldn't make them out. I just stared, my mouth wide-open, at them.

"Not so cute," Jacob said as he nudged my chin. I closed my mouth.

I ignored his statement," And why on Earth am I only aware of this now? What else haven't you told me?" I was practically, uh, yelling. Jacob flinched at my tone.

"Nessie," Jasper whispered as he sent a wave of calmness through me. I sighed," We didn't feel like you needed to know that." I couldn't be mad at them. I couldn't do anything so I just raised my hands as if in surrender.

"Fine!" I said. Jacob just wrapped an arm around me, holding me closer." Do you want to hear the rest of the names?"

"How many have you got?" Emmett asked, the expression on his face was funny.

"A lot," I answered," There're also Caleb, Kevin, Evan, Owen, Alex, Tristan, Richard, Dakota, Julio-" Emmett snorted.

"That's the combination of Romeo and Juliet? Julio?" he asked and I threw a box at him, he caught it reflexively.

"Shut up; I like it," I said. Jake was suppressing a laugh; I could feel it. I continued anyways." And Melvin. Each has a certain meaning that I like," I finished explaining then looked up at Jake," And I thought maybe Thomas as a middle name, which means twin. I still have a lot to think about." Jake smiled and I honestly felt like we were the only two in the room." Well?" I asked.

"I love you," he just said. "And you still have to explain all that to me."

Chapter Five

"So," Jake said, glancing at the paper in his hand," Colby means dark or dark haired?" he said and I nodded. He shook his head." We don't know that for sure. Next," he said and I smiled at his seriousness as we sat on our comfy red couch. I nibbled on the hot dogs with tomato sauce I finally got to taste. He had chosen his favorites out of the names I picked and now we're trying to take it down to only two names.

"Next is Ethan, which means strong," I said, remembering the name without really any trouble at all. He took a bite of his hot dogs and nodded.

"Okay, it's good. I mean, if we're having a boy he's gotta be strong, right?" he flexed his biceps and I rolled my eyes but agreed; boys would be werewolves/shape-shifters for sure, and strong comes in that package. Besides, they'd have some vampire in them.

"Then there's Kevin which means gentle," I said. He rested on the couch and looked at the ceiling for a moment, thinking.

"Gentle?" he repeated." Naw." I chuckled.

"Why not? Can't guys be gentle?" I leaned on his lap and looked up at his face. He looked down at me with a half-smile and kissed me, slow and gentle.

"Just skip it," he urged and I sighed. He looked at the list."Both Evan and Owen mean young fighter?" he asked and I nodded, my head still on his lap."Then they're both on the safe list." I groaned.

"Why does it have to be related to fighting? They'd have a life outside patrolling, you know." He chuckled.

"I just like them." He shrugged. I rolled my eyes once again.

"Then there's Alex, which means defender, Dakota-" He cut me off.

"Wait a sec, isn't that a girl's name?" he asked. I shook my head.

"Works for both and means friend or ally," I said, "And finally Melvin which means leader." He nodded, frowning in concentration.

"So, to sum it up, we have Ethan, Evan, Owen, Alex and Melvin," he concluded and I nodded.

"Now all we have to do is-" He cut me off.

"Sleep," he said, yawning," I'm really tired and I need to patrol tonight," he reasoned I got up and kissed him chastely.

"Sure," I said, getting up." When do you want to get up?" I asked, not feeling sleepy at all. He shrugged.

"I don't know, an hour, maybe?" he said and kissed my cheek."You don't wanna sleep?" he asked. I shook my head."Okay then, I'll-" he was cut off by the phone ringing. I picked it up and answered.

"Hello?" I said.

"Nessie?" Seth answered," Give me Jake please," he said, his tone urgent. I frowned but gave the phone to Jacob anyways and listened to what Seth had to say.

"WHAT?" he exclaimed," I'm on my way."He snapped the phone shut. I looked at him questioningly."It's Amy," he explained and didn't wait to explain more before he stormed his way outside.

Jacob Black

The whole thing with Amy was unbelievable. Seth really ruined it this time.

God, I hate the girl gossip thing. Can't they juts keep everything to themselves?

The deal is, Amy told Yoki she has. and I quote," The biggest crush" on Seth. Of course, Yoki being the girl she is, she told Brady who couldn't help but think it on patrol.


Anyways, Amy didn't know much about imprinting, just the very basics, which we all agreed to do while they're still kids. She knew nothing about the whole stages thing. And Seth, being the very smart being he is, confronted her. The problem is, obviously, she didn't need him that way just yet; she wasn't ready for this kind of stuff. Therefore, Seth didn't feel that way about her.

Yeah, I know. Major drama.

The rest includes a running wolf outside her house, a teenager shutting the door on herself, a furious mother who knows about the legends,...etc. The normal come outs.

Well, the news flash is, Amy called her cousin who, very stupidly if you ask me, gave her a ride to God-knows-where. And she left a letter behind.

Since when did 13-year-olds "need time for themselves"? Gee. That only happens in La Push I'd guess.

I sighed, knowing that whatever I think wouldn't matter right now. In fact, it might make it worse. I was in La Push in exactly ten minutes. Seth was waiting at the treaty line, eaning on a tree and crossing an arm over his chest impatiently.

"Didn't call?" I asked. He shook his head and I noticed how his hands were in tight fists.

"And she doesn't answer her phone," he finished." I tried following her scent but she was in a car, I couldn't." I got by his side and sighed.

"Where does her cousin live?" He cursed under his breath.

"Somewhere in Port Angeles. But her mother called his mother and she said she didn't know where he was; he didn't bring her home," he explained."She left, Jacob. She left and it's my entire fault. If it wasn't for me telling her-" I cut him off.

"Hey! No time for regret now. Try calling her again, she might pick it up this time. Did you call her, Seth?" I asked.

"No," he admitted and I rolled my eyes and gave him my BlackBerry. He dialed her number and bit his bottom lip as he waited for her to answer. A few seconds later, she did." Amy!" He exclaimed and I could hear her crying on the other end." Where are you?" he asked and put her on speaker phone.

"Seattle," she blurted out and his mouth hung open.

"WHAT?" he exclaimed then tried to calm himself down as he began to shake."But why, Amy? Why did you leave? Don't you know-" she cut him off.

"Why do you even care?" She asked," It doesn't matter. Just tell Mom I'm okay before our batteries die from all those phone calls, we don't have any chargers." He growled.

"Why do I care?" He retorted," Because you matter to me-" I mouthed to him not to talk about the wolf issue because she might be putting him on speaker phone, too-" Because, Amy-" she cut him off.

"I know you imprinted on me, I know you can't be away from me. But I'm not yours, Seth- And you-" she sobbed-" You're not mine." And with that, we heard the familiar beep.

Unlike what I expected, Seth didn't shake any harder, he just slid into a sitting position and kept gazing. I bent down to his level and shook him...hard.

"Don't start this [vulgarity removed]," I practically ordered him," Go to her Mom and tell her what just happened. Maybe she knows something. How old is her cousin anyways?" I asked.

"17," he said and growled again."He took her," he concluded. "And she's not coming back," he said, his voice merely a whisper.

"SETH!" I yelled. Sorry, buddy, but you're gonna lose it if I don't snap you out of it." Just come on, let's go to her Mom and see what we can do." A 17-year-old and a 13-year-old in a car, in Seattle...Those just didn't make a good combination.

Oh God.

Renesmee Cullen

Poor Seth. Amy hadn't answered anybody's phone since that phone call he made it when Jacob was around. The only reason he didn't go running to Seattle is that, as Jake told me, he received an Alpha order not to follow her anywhere since this ordeal began.

Leah was very...compassionate with her brother after this began, which is yesterday. I didn't expect that, honestly. But, apparently, the tie she has with her brother is stronger than anything. Jacob said it may have been because Seth was kind of the only one who was 100% supporting his sister after Sam's imprinting on their cousin, Emily. I wished my kids would have that kind of unbreakable bond.

Speaking of which, we had settled, only this morning, on the boys names if we do have them.

First, Colby Thomas Black. It had a ring of its own. Plus, I convinced Jacob; I liked the name. And, second, if we're having two boys, Melvin. We didn't settle on his middle name yet.

Today, for a change, I was spending my day with the girls at the Rez, then I was going shopping for my own "pregnancy clothes" as Alice had put them, but after Lunch; Carlisle said I needed my food. On the up side, I was going hunting tomorrow! God, I missed the taste of blood on my tongue...down my throat- Jacob snapped me out of my reverie with a kiss.

"I'm going to work," he informed," Do you need anything?" He asked and I shook my head. He smiled and grabbed his phone and keys, heading towards the door."I'm gonna take my Rabbit!" he said," Don't run your way to the Rez!" He said in a slightly warning tone before he got out. I chuckled at his seriousness.

Rachel was bringing Becca to this whole Girls-Only-Beach-Party thing. She said it might help but told us all, very strictly, not to talk about anything wolf-related. Or vampire-related for that matter. She was getting better so she decided to postpone Jacob's phasing until further notice. Which is if she stays in denial for long. Rachel seemed to know what to do.

I took my keys and headed to the Blue convertible, comfortable in my green ballerina flats and my light-woolen jacket on the regular pair of skinny jeans that I had on. I wanted to put make-up on but was cut off by that awful sickness so I decided against it.

It wasn't sunny today, but not rainy either. Just the normal clouds. I was on my way to the Reservation, but still nowhere near the treaty line when I saw the familiar figure approach. I noticed that he wasn't in his dark cloak. He was wearing a casual sweatshirt on a pair of faded jeans. His dark brown hair arranged in perfect spikes, too perfect for a human to make; I could tell. His abnormally pale skin not contrasting with crimson red eyes anymore. His eyes were a shade of dark brown. Something that confused me even further.

I stopped the car after I got near him and made sure it wasn't in the middle of the highway. My heart pounded hard in my chest, my instincts telling me to run away from him or call Daddy or even Jacob or whatever. But I didn't. Something in me told me that it was okay, just the changed color of his eyes made me relax a little bit. I ignored my protesting heartbeat as I got out. He smiled, leaning down and kissing my hand in a gentlemanly style.

"Madame Renesmee now, I assume?" he commented as he checked my ring. I smiled back politely at him as he got up.

"Yes, Frederick. Mme Black to be more accurate," I answered and he nodded in understanding. But, what was he doing in the States? Okay, and more importantly, why here? What did he want from me? Because, obviously, if he wanted something from us as a coven, he wouldn't be speaking to me, the youngest hybrid.

"I'm terribly sorry for my rudeness; cutting your way and not coming to your...residence formally. But I know about your spouse, Monsieur Black, and I thought I would be misunderstood if I came straightly to you," he explained," Moreover, I could not bring myself to go straightly to Monsieur Cullen-" I think he meant Grandpa-" after the little incident in Volterra a couple of months ago," he finished, his eyes apologetic. It was only then that I noticed the slight accent in his speech. Plus the whole 'Monsieur' and 'Madame' thing.

"It's okay, Mr-" I paused, searching for his last name in my head but remembered I didn't know. He smiled.

"Je m'appelle Frederick Hansel," he introduced," I'm sorry I could not introduce myself properly earlier," he apologized," I assume you speak French?" he said," When you were...there, I could see it in your face that you perfectly understood what those...tourists were saying," he said and I nodded."I'm half-French, half-English and I have lived most of my life in my father's country, France, so it is easier for me to speak French," he explained and I nodded again.

"Of course." That explains his accent and formality," Monsieur Hansel." So, what do you want now? "What did you want from me, exactly?" I asked bluntly, feeling the urge to sit down and relax.

"Can we, perhaps, take this to more suitable setting?" he suggested," I would like to speak to you and the Autoroute (Highway) is not the place to discuss such topic." I nodded and motioned for him to get into the car. I wondered where the best place to talk privately would be.

Not the Rez, of course, not with a vampire, a non-Cullen, with me anyways.

Not anywhere public, not discussing something myth-related.

Not the Cullen mansion; I know a couple of people who wouldn't really like to meet him again. Not after "Italy".

So, the only thing I had left was home. Of course, I forgot about one little very important thing. My pixie aunt.

And, of course, my mind-reading father. Oh, wait, Alice took Momma to get some "stuff" as she put them. She wouldn't tell me. So, I only had her to deal with. I decided to text her quickly before I began driving, and before I even got into the car so "Monsieur Hansel" wouldn't see what I wrote.

Don't tell anyone unless it's an e-m-e-r-g-a-n-c-y. Okay? You know what I mean. ~Ness.

I slid into the car and turned the key in the ignition again, heading back towards the house using the first U-Turn I saw. He stayed silent all the way. A few seconds later, Alice texted me back.

Sure. But you can't keep it for long. Your future disappears after an hour anyway so watch out.~ Alice.

My future disappears in an hour? Hmm. Oh, Jacob! I had to tell him, even though he wouldn't be thrilled about it. Well, I was about to call him when the phone died. Not my fault.

I decided to call him as soon as I was home. Of course, I wouldn't have to worry about food when it came to vampire visitors. It's not like I could offer him a human- Oh, wait...

"Have you changed" I suddenly asked, my eyes fixed on the road as I parked and we got out.

"Yes, actually. That was what I was willing to speak to you about," he said as I opened the door and got inside, along with him, leaving it open," I have been able to stay on that certain...vegetarian diet for about a month now but I'm afraid it is getting much harder by the second," he explained, not really bothering to sit down as we were in the living room but I did; I was tired, and he had to, naturally,"I would assume you do not even know what human blood tastes like, am I correct?" he said and I shook my head.

"No; I have drank human blood before." Much to his shock; his eyes widened." But it was all donated. I've never hunted down a human, and neither did most of my family," I said. With the exceptions of Daddy, Jasper, and Emmett I think.

"But it is harder to be around humans, living a slightly normal life, when you taste this...donated blood, right?" he said and I shrugged.

"I wouldn't know that much," I answered. God, I missed the casual talk with Jacob; all this formality reminded me of how Daddy speaks. It's not like I don't love Daddy but sometimes the formality is a little bit too much."I guess you would have to speak to Carlisle about that," I said. I was about to ask him how he knew where I was, as it suddenly popped into my head but I was cut off by Daddy. Wait, Daddy? When did he get here?

"I believe Carlisle is available in his office, in the mansion," Daddy said firmly, shooting me a glare for a second as Frederick stood up and nodded. I noticed that Jasper and Emmett followed him, just half a second late due to, what I assumed was, speed difference.

"Of course," Frederick said, nodding towards Jazz and Em in recognition. They kept their expressions straight but I could see that this wasn't just going to pass easily.

Well, when it comes to the Cullens, it doesn't matter if I'm nearly-fully-mature or if I'm married and pregnant with twins or if I don't live with them in the same house anymore.

My father and uncles would still act with the same old over-protectiveness around me. Especially Daddy.

"Exactly," he whispered in my ear and waited until Jasper and Emmett took, or rather "accompanied", Frederick to the mansion, out of hearing distance before he turned to me."Would you mind to explain why was he here? With you? Alone?" he asked," When you know for sure that we're just a couple of miles away," he continued," And he hadn't been vegetarian for long, what with all the three heartbeats now. Are you trying to make me lose the last inches of my sanity? Because I think I already did when your husband called saying that his sister was waiting for you and you didn't show up and your cell phone is dead." His tone made me flinch."You made us all extremely worried that I called Alice-" he sneered her name," Who told me, very casually, that Frederick, Caius' psychic is with you at your house!" He continued," What was I supposed to think? When she couldn't see your future anymore?" I sighed.

"Daddy, she can't see my future most of the time because of Jacob," I tried to reason," And I'm sorry I did that, I just thought you wouldn't be very welcoming if I brought him to the mansion," I said," And nothing happened. Alice most probably can't see my future now because Jacob-" Oh my God. Jacob. I had to call him. Daddy sighed and leaned to kiss my forehead.

"I swear you and your mother are going to prove that vampires could have heart attacks after all," he whispered as I hugged him. He pulled away just to get out his phone and give it to me." Call him before he comes here, too," he said and I took it and dialed Jacob's number. He answered immediately.

"Did you find her?" he asked, his tone frantic, obviously expecting Daddy.

"I'm fine, Jake," I answered. He sighed into the phone.

"What happened?" he asked, concerned but a little bit relaxed.

"Um- We had some-" I paused," unexpected visitor who met me on my way to the Rez and my cell died before I could call you," I said.

"Unexpected visitor?" he said," What kind of unexpected visitor?" he asked. Daddy motioned for me to give him the phone and I did.

"Do not come here right now, Jacob," he warned before he explained," It's Frederick Hansel, Caius' own 'fortune-teller'." He used Jake's words. I could hear Jacob's "WHAT" from my place." He is with Carlisle now, in the main house, and Renesmee is at home," he said," And she would be going to the Reservation in a few so you wouldn't have to worry." He paused." We will discuss that when you come this afternoon." Another pause," Alright." He handed me the phone.

"You owe me a very long, very detailed explanation, Ness. You know that?" I sighed.

"I do, Jake."

This shouldn't be a problem, right?

Chapter Six

I tried my best to distract my half-vampire head from thinking about the whole Frederick thing, well, not Frederick himself but the consequences of getting him home, while I was alone and pregnant with twins...etc etc. This is getting boring; they're taking this over-protectiveness thing to an extreme.

I parked my car in front of Billy's red house, sighing and getting out of it but not before I locked it and made sure it was locked; last time I brought my car around here it wasn't that good. I flinched at Aro's gift's memory but managed to recover my expression before I joined the girls at the beach.

They were sitting in a loose, half-circle. I noticed that Leah wasn't there, probably with her brother. However, Rachel, Rebecca, Mary, Nina, Yoki, Claire and Kim were already there. Rachel got up when she saw me with a half-glare on her face.

"Where have you been?" She asked and I debated in my head whether or not I should tell her; Becca was a safe distance away anyways. I decided to save it for later; I'd have to tell her all about the 'trip' to Volturi to be able to explain the situation thoroughly to her, even the things my family and Jacob didn't know about.

"I was late and my cell died," I explained, smiling," Sorry." She smiled back and hugged me quickly.

"S'Okay," she reassured," Now come join us! Emily went to get the snacks," she said and pulled me to sit right beside her, next to Mary who was chatting animatedly with Becca. I greeted them all and they greeted me back.

We spent the next hour talking about several, random, totally-human topics; like TV, music, fashion and even 'boys'. Though we were careful that Claire was with us, Quil was absolutely strict when it came to Claire and boys. Emily had told him to loosen up a bit; the girl's nine! We just kept it to a minimum.

"Boys s*ck," Claire muttered, crossing her arms over her chest as if to confirm it. We all glanced at each other, I could see we all had no clue where this came from. Emily, her aunt, decided to speak first.

"Why are you saying that?" she asked seriously," Your cousin is gonna be a boy, you know," she laughed and Claire laughed along.

"Randy's gonna be a good boy," she said, innocently, which confused us even further.

"Did something happen, Claire?" Emily asked while we all stayed silent. Claire just looked at the ocean, her black hair flowing as she removed her bangs from her eyes."Did Quil do something?" Emily pushed which caught Claire's attention immediately, she looked at her aunt.

"What does Quil have to do with any of this?" She said, annoyed. Emily sighed and shrugged.

"Nothing, nothing," she said," So, are you gonna tell what happened?"

"Nope," Claire said and shook her head defiantly." And don't tell Quil about any of this," she demanded.

"Oh, yeah?" Emily said," Why?" she tried to know what was wrong with Claire but she gave her an "I'm-not-that-stupid" look. She rolled her eyes after a while.

"Because I don't want him to know," she said.

"You don't want me to know what?" Quil appeared, literally, out of nowhere along with the rest of the guys, sans Embry, Seth and Jake, of course.

I could hear her heart lose its pace and I was sure he could hear it, too.

"I think I said this was a girls-only thing," Rachel made sure her voice was heard, glancing at Paul who nodded.

"Yeah, sorry," he said," We're going now," he announced and Sam agreed. Quil sighed and just ruffled her hair before he left with them towards Billy's.

"Thanks Rach," she whispered in her ear and fixed her hair.

Then everyone got into small talks, eating what was left of Emily's burgers, which I discovered were really delicious.

A while after, Nina said she wanted to talk to me. I nodded and got up to join her a couple of feet away to be out of hearing distance.

"Um- Ness, I'm sorry for what happened the other day with Collin," she apologized," Really, he didn-" I cut her off.

"No, no, it's okay," I reassured," I excuse him." She grimaced. Then I recalled what Jake had said about Amy...

"Nina, does your sister know where Amy is now?" I suddenly asked," Seth is really messed up and Jake wouldn't stop him if he wants to follow her to Seattle." Her eyes widened.

"Follow her there?" she repeated," Really?" I nodded."Yoki promised not to tell."

"So she does know?" I said, she bit her lip but nodded. I assumed she didn't tell Brady she knew; he would've thought about it and Jake or Seth would've known. I didn't know what to do then but I had to tell Jacob. We got back to the girls after a while.

"Nessie!" Mary called, I looked at her questioningly. "Did you guys know the genders yet?" she asked. She was excited about this whole thing.

"No," I answered," Not yet." I just added the last part for Becca's sake.

"Let's get inside now, shall we?" Rachel said after a while," It's getting cold here." It was. They all nodded.

"Definitely," she said," Wouldn't want to catch a cold," she murmured.

Jacob Black

I was going crazier by the second, wondering what this psychic wanted from Nessie and worrying about her. Did something happen? Does the Volturi want something from her again? I shuddered at the thought.

I knew for sure Renesmee was now with my sisters and the other imprints at the beach but I couldn't help but keep thinking about that issuem not expecting what I'm going home to now.

"Just drop it, Jake," Embry said, closing the hood of the Jaguar I had opened and just stood staring at," You can't work like that." I shook my head in an attempt to shake away the thoughts but they were still there.

"I'm just-" I was cut off by the vibration in my back pocket. I snatched the BlackBerry out immediately and opened the text message I had received. It was from Rachel's phone.

Hey. We're at Billy's. Yoki knows where Amy is, exactly. I'm heading home in a while.~Nessie.

I just stared at the phone until Embry took it from my hand.

So Yoki knew where Amy was and didn't tell anybody? What kind of messed up logic is that?

The girl had been wandering around the state for two days now. And she was thirteen! While her imprint/best friend/soul mate just kept losing every inch of sanity he had left, destroying his room and causing Sue to lose her mind as well; her son didn't tell her what was wrong with him, she had to know from Billy.

This was just insane.

"You think we should tell Brady to just ask her?" Embry suggested and I nodded in agreement, we needed to end this whole thing and fast; it was affecting everyone."I'll call him," he said.

"Mr. Black?" Morgan called from behind her counter. I went to her.


"Mr. Leblanc called and told us he had until only the 10th for his Jaguar," she informed and I just nodded; I would be able to finish it by then.

"Sure, sure," I said and glanced at my clock, finally 4pm. I was going home.

I glanced at Embry who was just finishing his call with Brady and came towards me, we went to talk by my Rabbit.

"He's going to ask her," he said," We'll tell Seth afterward," he said and I nodded again in agreement.

"You going directly to La Push now?" I asked.

"Yeah; Mary's still there, I'm supposed to pick her up."

"I want you to tell Sam to keep an eye on things," I said," We don't know if that leech came alone," I added, referring to Frederick.

"Will do," he promised." I'll call if I know anything," he said and headed towards his motorcycle. I slid in my baby, well, third baby now as it came after my soon-to-come kids. Just the thought made me smile.

Four months.

This just seemed too fast but I liked it this way. I loved how Nessie kept thinking of names and stuff about the babies. It made it seem more real.

Well, now we're having twins I just wished at least one of them would be a boy. I think this kinda runs in the family because Billy told me he also wished for a boy before I came.

But who said I wouldn't want a girl? A girl who just looked like Nessie, with her delicious chocolate-brown eyes and bronze-colored hair. Another girl to look after and play dress-me-up with. It's not like I minded it that much when Nessie used to do that with me. Hell, I didn't mind being her own personal Barbie-doll.

I just wished that, if we had a girl, Fortune-teller and Blondie would leave her alone.

God, who said it was too fast? I wanted to have the kids now.

I laughed at my stupidity but sighed after, knowing that I was really getting impatient. I realized, as I smelled the too-sweet scent that burned my nostrils, that I had other things to worry about now. The scent was old, not too fresh, just from this morning. I also smelled Nessie in the house and I went inside. I wanted to take a shower and such before going to the mansion.

"Ness?" I called as I wen inside. I found her sleeping on the couch. She slept too much these days. I went to the bedroom and grabbed a blanket to cover her but she woke up before I could.

"Jake?" she whispered then yawned. I went to her.

"Hey." I smiled and kissed her forehead," How are you doing?" I asked.

"Well," she answered and sat up." Look about that Frederick thing-" she paused and I waited; I wanted her to explain it to me," I met him on my way to the Rez and he said he wanted to talk to me about him turning vegetarian I think and I knew they wouldn't be very welcoming at the mansion so I took him here to talk," she rushed through the words and looked down." I swear I didn't know there was-" she cried so I cut her off with a hug.

"Shh," I said," Don't cry, please." Even if it's just your hormones, baby. Please don't.

"Okay," she whispered," But I really didn't know that our babies' heartbeats would be tempting for him." She said that and I froze.

"What?" I said," Did something happen?" I asked," Did he try to-" I started shaking but she cut me off.

"No!" she said," No, nothing happened, nothing like that," she reassured,"Daddy didn't give us time alone anyways." I sighed and made a mental note to thank Edward.

"Just- Just don't do this again, okay?" I said gently," You scared us all." Really...


"This one's gonna take a lot of time." I looked at Embry incredoulesly.

"It's not like we have ten other cars waiting to be fixed," I answered and he rolled his eyes. I heard my phone ring. Rachel. I answered her immediately, a little worried about Rebecca; she had been doing well lately but she still needed time to sink this all in before the whole "show" we decided to pull.

"Hey, Rach," I said, cautious.

"Hey, Jake." Her tone made me relax; I didn't sense something wrong. Apparently, I have to check my senses better," Where's your wife, Mr.?" She asked and it took me a second to understand; Nessie was going to the Reservation today.

"Uh- with you?" I said," She's not with you?" I realized.

"No," she answered.

"Okay, I'll call her and get back to you," I said and pressed the red button before dialing Nessie's cell number. I wondered as it called her why Rachel didn't just call her, I think she has her number.

But her phone was closed. That was when I began imagining different awful scenarios in my head. I was extremely worried.

And that's an under-estimation.

I called Edward, maybe he knew where she was. He answered after two rings.

"Jacob," he said, acknowledging me.

"Edward, do you know where Ness is? Rachel just called and said she isn't there, and her cell is switched off."

"What?" he said." Alice, I'll call Alice," he said and hung up on me.

Last time Nessie disappeared like that she went to Italy. I couldn't help but remember that and I felt a knot in my stomach. Oh God.

End Flashback

"I'm sorry," she apologized in a small voice," I didn't mean to." I knew then that she saw my flashback. I ran my hands through her curls.

"It's okay," I said, pulling away from out hug and my stomach growled.

"Are you hungry? I made some-" She paused and her hand went reflexively to the bump in her stomach, which got a little bit, the smallest bit bigger, her eyes widening."Oh my God," she breathed.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked immediately. She smiled brilliantly.

"One of them just moved," she said and a tear ran down her rosy cheek."Really!" She said and put a hand on my cheek, showing me what she just felt and I could swear my eyes were bigger than hers. I kissed her.

"This just gets more unbelievable by the second," I said and grinned so wide that I forgot about my growling stomach.

"Yeah," she whispered," Now I made some macaroni with tomato sauce, do you want some?" she offered. I nodded.

"Sure, sure," I answered," I should make you some with our family's oh-so-famous-" she continued with me," Secret Spaghetti Recipe." We both laughed.

"Sure, sure," she mimcked my catchphrase, which just made me smile every time. She stood up and went to the kitchen, coming back with two plates, one super-sized and one much smaller. I knew which was whose immeduately but I didn't like her eating so...little. Carlisle said she needed her food.

Yesterday, when we went to Carlisle so he could check up on her thoroughly, see what her skin would allow, I heard what he told her.

No excessive activites; running too fast, carrying something too heavy, etc. And she definitely needed to follow a balanced diet of both food and blood.

No one was going to mess with that. And, tomorrow, when we go hunting, she wouldn't be really hunting. Sorry, sweetheart.

I took the smaller plate and began eating right away, leaving her no space to protest. And when I say smaller I don't mean small, it was just normal. Good.

She just glared at me.

We ate in silence but she still hadn't finished the whole plate when she stopped eating.

"Nessie," I said, stretching her name. She just grabbed my empty plate and headed back towards the kitchen.

"Want some orange juice?" she asked, ignoring me. I got up and held the fridge door before she closed it.

"You heard what your grandfather said," I told her. She groaned.

"Please don't remind me that my own grandfather is the one following my pregnancy and would be the one helping me give birth to your kids. It's just weird enough to think about it," she said, changing the subject. I chuckled a little but got back to seriousness.

"You should eat a little better than that," I stated, getting back to the subject. She sighed.

"I'm full, Jake," she reasoned," I don't have any more place to add more food," she said," Really." She pushed the fridge door harder and I let go of it, she poured the juice into one cup, probably mine. Maybe she still couldn't tolerate it. I drank it anyways. "Hey!" She protested, grabbing the now-empty cup from my hands.

"What?" I said.

"You just drank my juice!" She said," Mr-You-Heard-What-Your-Grandfather-Said," she added, frowning at me. I knew she wasn't really mad, she was just teasing me.

"I thought it was mine!" I reasoned. She rolled her eyes.

"You didn't even answer me when I asked you if you wanted any," she said and we both laughed at her 'mad tone'. We both knew she wasn't serious.

"Come on, we need to get to the mansion," I said after she drank "her juice" and she sighed.

All I could do is just hope everything's well.


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