The Twilight Saga

If so, please contact me or leave a comment below. This could be fun. A winner every two weeks. I will only be choosing the winners. I will not be a candidate.

Correction: Above I said that I will be (choosing) the winners. That is incorrect. I meant that I will be counting the votes and announcing the winners. :) D


Although I had high hopes of having a few more author's involved, it simply doesn't seem likely. So, If the three of you that wanted to participate are still willing, let me know.

Rules are as follows; Only Twilight characters allowed. At some point I will be choosing story ideas that are only Bella/Edward or Bella/Jacob and so on, but for our very first one It can be either. This way we may be able to catch the interest of other author's and readers alike.

Also, this is for short stories only, so there is a limit on word count. Before sending your story to me, please make sure that the story does not exceed no more than 10,000 words.

Also, if you have no beta, before sending in your story, please be advised that the basic grammar has been thoroughly sifted through. This will help you garner more votes for your story if the reader doesn't feel like it's such a chore to get through to the end. 

Author's: Do not post your stories on this thread when complete. Make sure you send it to me at Please make sure you add the name you use on this site so I know which story belongs to whom. I want no one voting for a story solely based on simply knowing that person. These stories will posted by me to keep the author's names anonymous. After the votes have been counted only then will I let the readers know which story belonged to which author. 

All author's will have exactly two weeks to finish their short story and have it sent in to be posted. When I have all of them, I will post and the reading and voting can begin. Please be advised, your stories are to be posted anonymously. So to be fair to the other author's, please do not let your friends know which is your story.

Any questions? If you feel the word count isn't enough or not short enough, I would like to hear from all author's and we can discuss that.


Short story idea #1: I am hoping for more author's to join in and more readers voting so your story idea is all up to you. As long as it contains only Twilight characters. It can be A/U, A/H or whatever you choose.

Author's, you have until April 18th to have your submissions sent in. April 19th they will be posted.

Readers, once all stories have been posted, you will have a week to vote for your favorite. Please help the authors out by voting. Enjoy reading and wait to see if any of your favorite author's might be the winner.


Update to winners: Please note that if you win, you can make a banner of your story and list it on your personal page. Post that you won 1st place for the short story contest and what month of what year. Show your winnings proudly! Once you have your banner complete and ready to show off, I will post the banner on the short story thread for all to view.

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D! :)

Yes, yes... I know. I rose from the dead. Haha

I might even give this a go. It's been a while since I've written.

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren!!! So happy to see you back as I am Michelle. I really hope you both want to join in on the fun. Wow, I managed to reel in two of my favorite people. Love you both. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. No more leaving :)


Aw, I just stumbled across the link again. This site used to be one of my favourite places and I'm hoping that by being active on here, it will become a favourite again. :)

I'll try it out and see if I meet the deadline.

I'll just have to join the next one if I don't make this one :)

Is it too late to be a part of this?

Oh no Romance, you have until April 18th to have them sent in. Just be sure to read the rules above. We would love to have you join in. Write away my friend, write away! Welcome.


What to write? What to write?

One day left author's! Please make sure you send your story to my email. Also, please don't forget to leave your site name along with it so I know who the stories belong too.


Hi everyone,

Okay, so it appears that no entries  were sent to me on time. I'm not sure if anyone wrote anything or if they still are, but if any of you are and simply ran out of time to send it in, please let me know. If no one contacts me for the rest of the day, I see no reason to move forward with this. It's a sad day when no one wants to do something like this. I've been trying to get others to come back to the site with no avail. I guess I could try this another time, but I'm hard - pressed to do so. It just makes me sad...


Hey I was busy so I didnt had started yet on my one shot so I ran out of my time...Im once again deeply sorry :(((

Hi D,

I'm actually almost finished mine but have had a hard time finishing due to my best friends mum passing and trying to be there for her. Will do my best to complete it asap in case others are in the same boat and you go ahead with this. Sorry

Sent mine through :-)


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