The Twilight Saga

WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!! I think that I should make a good story....but Idon't know what type! Should it be rated g, pg, pg-13, pg-15, or R????

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heck ya rated r i might be funny
u should why not, but it might get deletted:(, i know some ppls stories did and they were great, if u do end up writing a story no matter the rating let me know, i want to read it:)
R yes cause there the best!!!
I would say R but it'll probably get deleted. But you can write on it till then. Let me know what you decide. I'll read it. =D
Intense romantic scenes of Edward and Bella! So R, of course.
yes you should make the story rated r
go ahead and try it it might be deleted but let me know if u write a story
if it raded r it will get delated


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