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SHOULD I WRITE THIS FANFIC? after Breaking Dawn... Bella was never pregnant... (keep reading)

Hey everyone!
So i'm the author of Breaking Sunset: s story about Edward & Bella. But i had this idea since i read Breaking Dawn but never think that could turn to a fanfic..
tell me if u think i could start a story about this:
What would happen if Bella was never pregnant and Renesmee never existed?
What would happen with their lifes? When and how would Edward keep his promise and turn Bella into a vampire? Would they have gone to Dartmouth? What would have happened with the Volturi, would they have come? What would've happened with Jake and his love for Bella? Would he imprint on someone else?, Would he love her for ever?

PLEASE REPLY IF I SHOULD START A STORY ABOUT IT.. and i don't mind if anyone want to help me I WOULD REALLY LIKE THAT! Like a co-writer or an editor...
cuz well i really speak spanish so i make some mistakes:S


link to my other fanfic if u want to read about it! (i just posted a new chap):

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that sounds kind of interesting! I would tottaly read it!
good idea, bad idea, interesting, not at all?
I think it is a very good idea. I would read it
Wow! i think you should proceed with that brilliant idea of yours! i would support you! come on! write on it!
tks a lot!!
yeah im going to!
i think i'll be starting today.. i have a co-writer and an editor so we'll work together :D
i like the idea mmmm yea i do
Tell me when u put it up!!
it sounds like it would be good! i would read it!!
sounds pretty good. will you write it :)


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