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Lots of fanfictions start out with what if. Well, this is how this one is as well. Bella has been diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. With only 6 months left she decides to go live with he dad Charlie since she has mostly pushed him away never visiting him more tham 2 weeks. She always has to be close to a doctor in case anything happens. So she is told to visit Carlisle at least once every week. How will Edward feel about changing her when she is dieying anyway or will he even decide to love her?





Should I write???

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This is good please write more. I think that is a great can also try "Forever yours until my last breath"? Only if you want to use it.
love it
You should write it.

I'm not very creative but I'll try to get my friends to the idea to see if they can help me ok?
Bella PoV

I was leaving the hospital with Charlie on one side and Renee on the other. As soon as we told Charlie about the cancer and that I decided to come live with him he got on a plane and flew straight here in Phoenix. Since the plane ride was going to be long Charlie was going to have a doctor that would be checking on me when we got there and bring us to his house for a quick check up then drive us home. Charlie said his name is Carlisle Cullen, and that he is an amazing doctor. The only reason he is in a small town is because it'd what his wife and adopted children wanted. Charlie said they were all about my age and that we might be friends since I would be spending a good amount of time with there father, being my doctor.
We had arrived at the airport now and it was almost time for us to get on the plane.
"Bella I promise I will visit soon in a month maybe if I can!" Renee was saying.
"Okay mom. I love you see you soon!" I told her as I gave her a hug about to walk away and get on the plane with Charlie. We got on the plane and i went to sleep. Charlie would every once in a while wake me up to be sure I was okay though I told him I was fine he said he just wanted to be safe. I didnt worry about it much. I only had 6 months and I didnt want to worry about it. I finally woke up about 20 minutes before the plane was supposed to labd and just got a coke and drank it slowly waiting to get there.
We waited until everyone was off the plane until we got off, and of course me being me had to trip on the last stair, but was caught my two strong cold arms.
"You must be Bella," A man with bright gold eyes and honey colored hair said. He was perfect in almost every way it seemed.
"I'm Carlisle, I will be the your doctor while your staying with your dad." He said to me in a smooth voice then I could hear Charlie shaking hands with him.
" Yes, I'm Bella. It'd good to meet you," I told him. He showed us where he parked and lead me to the car while Charlie got the luggage. His car was a black Merceades and I got in the back seat just as Charlie put the luggage on the other side and climbed in the front.
"Thank you so much Dr. Cullen for doing this for us." Charlie was saying to him.
"Please call me Carlisle. It's my pleasure, I love any chancwe I get to help someone." H e said soon we pulled up to a beatiful 2 story house. The lawn was beatiful covered in flowers and the house was desingned beatifuly.
"While we go up to my office I would also likle you to meet my family, you will also see them at school," He told me opening the door for me.
love it
cant wait to read the next chapter
post more soon please
love it please update ASAP please
aww this looks like its going to be really good :)
This is awesome. I love it :)
it was good!!
please write more!
that was so good
write more soon update me
love it!


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