The Twilight Saga

Lots of fanfictions start out with what if. Well, this is how this one is as well. Bella has been diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. With only 6 months left she decides to go live with he dad Charlie since she has mostly pushed him away never visiting him more tham 2 weeks. She always has to be close to a doctor in case anything happens. So she is told to visit Carlisle at least once every week. How will Edward feel about changing her when she is dieying anyway or will he even decide to love her?





Should I write???

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love the idea
cant wait to read more
sounds great... i think if you maybe had a preface or and more detailed preface we could help you name your fan fict
Interesting. Write more !!
So,its vampire story,isn't it??
Keep it going it really sounds good. I would love to know what happens
please write it!!!
Get your butt typing!
I can't wait to read this!
OMG I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!You should call it: Why?
I dont know why you should call it this but I think it'd be a cool name.
Can't wait to see you post more!!!!!!!!!!
It sounds amazing. I would love to read. Yes you should definitely write it :)
oman yess! you should write it!
oh i love this idea write it pleazzzz and update me if you can!!!!!!
sure okay and i think i got a name for it i'm thinking about Shouldn't Love Be Before Death?
What ya think?


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