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Sixteen years have passed and Renesmee is turning sixteen. The problem is that she has not stopped aging. She is not allowed to see Charlie or even attend school. She spends most her time with Jacob. She doesn't know that Jacob has imprinted on her. I hope you all love my preface!!

    I will keep writing into it and I hope you all love it :)



   I knew I was winning the race as soon as it started. I could hear my opponent far behind me, trying to catch up. I laughed quietly, but I knew he could still hear me.

   "C'mon Jacob," I called out to him. "You always let me win. Or am I really that fast?"

   I heard Jacob's wolfy chuckle-or at least I hoped it was a chuckle. His paws began to claw at the ground harder, pushing himself faster. His breathing picked up by just a second, and he was practically a rocket. He was now four hundred yards away from me. I began to worry.

   I pushed myself foward, hopping that I could still be in the lead. It wasn't easy being half human and half vampire. I was faster than a human but a bit slower than a vampire. I hated that.

   Jacob was now one hundred yards away from me. I could hear him breathing evenly, as if he was walking instead of running. He past me just seconds later with a huge grin on his face. He jumped into the bushes and disappeared.

   I slowed down a bit, to annoyed to continue. I met Jacob in the backyard of my home. He was in his human form now, still grinning. When I walked to stand next to him, he said, "You didn't really think you faster than me, did you, Nessie?"

   "A little," I admitted.

   Jacob laughed. "Think again."

   I rolled my eyes but smiled. We both walked to the front of the house, hearing the conversation in the living room. I saw mom and dad with auntie Alice and uncle Jasper when I looked through the window. Jasper had a worried look of his face.

   When we both entered the room, a wave of frustraion appeared. Jasper must be in a bad mood. I took three steps when aunt Rosalie walked down the stairs. She smiled at me, and then frowned when she looked at Jacob.

   "I guess Nessie walked the dog today," Rosalie muttured in a dusgusted voice.

   Jacob grinned. "Aw c'mon Rosalie, I know you love me being here. I see you made it down the steps and being able to talk without falling this time. I'm proud of you."

   Rosalie rolled her eyes at him and went to go sit next to Alice while Jacob walked off to the kitchen. I heard the fridge door open.

   I sat next to mom, who was frowning at Rosalie when she said, "That mut needs to stop coming in here like he owns the place."

   "Rose," mom said, "Jacob is welcomed here any time. You know that."

   Dad scoffed. "That can be rearranged."

   Mom glared at him. "You two just have to consider that Jacob is going to be part of the family soon, so you have to learn to like him."

   "You don't even like the idea of it," Jasper noted.

   Mom shrugged.

   "What are you guys talkig about?" I asked, confused.

   Mom looked uneasy. "I'll tell you later."

   Alice coughed, trying to hide laughter. Dad grinned and said, "That is exactly what I am talking about."

   Mom, Jasper, Rosalie, and I were confused now. We waited for an answer.

   Instead Alice shook her head and said, "That's not really what it means. Remember, it can change-which will be soon. I'm sure of it."

   Dad tried not to frown and look at me, but he couldn't help it.

   I knew what they were talking about: my future. Now that Alice was able to see my future, dad has made her keep tabs on me 24/7. I owe it all to grandpa Carlisle.

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im soo confused whats happening why is he there when will jake tell her he imprinted...sorry i just cant wait to read more lol loved it :)

don't worry. you'll c why he's there later in the story :)

*New Reader*

Love the story :) Keep me updated please.

awesome chapter!

love itttttt........write more soon plzzzzzzzz

I promise I will write more as soon as I can. I'm glad you all like it. Thank you for leaving your comments. :)

   More days passed and I was starting to really miss Jacob. I know that staying mad at him was a good idea at first, but I really needed him. I missed talking to him and rexieving his warm bear hugs. I knew that I had to see him soon.

   Fred decided to leave in the end. He told me he didn;t like staying in one place for so long. Dciding to travel again, he left with a promise to write to us when he can. The truth was, he looked afraid on the day he left. I could see that he was trying to act normal, but I saw the fear in his eyes. I didn't get a chance to ask.

   Alice and the rest of my family would conitinue to plan  the party I hopped would be canceled. I kept wishing they were done with their planning; but then again, it would give me a chance to get out of the house.

   I was in my parents' room, reading whatever book I haven't read out of all the hundreads my dad has. I would have rad them all long ago, but spending time with Jacob was much more fun. Now that I wasn;t talking to him, I had much time to read.

   Mom walked in the room hours after my fith book. I knew what she was going to say even before she said it. I know the usual thing a human would do was try to avoid the conversation; but I did want to talk about it this time I did.

   "You miss Jacob." It wasn't a question.

   I nodded. "More and more every day."

   "Talk to him."

   "What will I say? I don't want to fight about any stupid thing anymore, and deal with him trying to protect me over everything," I told her.

   Mom sat next to me and brushed my hair back from my face. "He's just trying to make sure you're safe. There are some things you just don't understand yet."

   "I don't understand because no one tells me anyhting to understand."

   She sighed. "It's Jacob's job to tell you, not me. Give it time and he'll finally open up about things. All you have to do is be patient, and just ask." Kissing me in the forehead, she left quietly.

   I decided to take my mother's advice and try to fix things with Jacob. I grabbed my phone and dialed Jacob's number.

yay! Jacob!

ahh cant wait for the next update!!!

loves itttt

wow iz sooo cutie the stoy

thanks to all of you :) I will write soon :)


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