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Sixteen years have passed and Renesmee is turning sixteen. The problem is that she has not stopped aging. She is not allowed to see Charlie or even attend school. She spends most her time with Jacob. She doesn't know that Jacob has imprinted on her. I hope you all love my preface!!

    I will keep writing into it and I hope you all love it :)



   I knew I was winning the race as soon as it started. I could hear my opponent far behind me, trying to catch up. I laughed quietly, but I knew he could still hear me.

   "C'mon Jacob," I called out to him. "You always let me win. Or am I really that fast?"

   I heard Jacob's wolfy chuckle-or at least I hoped it was a chuckle. His paws began to claw at the ground harder, pushing himself faster. His breathing picked up by just a second, and he was practically a rocket. He was now four hundred yards away from me. I began to worry.

   I pushed myself foward, hopping that I could still be in the lead. It wasn't easy being half human and half vampire. I was faster than a human but a bit slower than a vampire. I hated that.

   Jacob was now one hundred yards away from me. I could hear him breathing evenly, as if he was walking instead of running. He past me just seconds later with a huge grin on his face. He jumped into the bushes and disappeared.

   I slowed down a bit, to annoyed to continue. I met Jacob in the backyard of my home. He was in his human form now, still grinning. When I walked to stand next to him, he said, "You didn't really think you faster than me, did you, Nessie?"

   "A little," I admitted.

   Jacob laughed. "Think again."

   I rolled my eyes but smiled. We both walked to the front of the house, hearing the conversation in the living room. I saw mom and dad with auntie Alice and uncle Jasper when I looked through the window. Jasper had a worried look of his face.

   When we both entered the room, a wave of frustraion appeared. Jasper must be in a bad mood. I took three steps when aunt Rosalie walked down the stairs. She smiled at me, and then frowned when she looked at Jacob.

   "I guess Nessie walked the dog today," Rosalie muttured in a dusgusted voice.

   Jacob grinned. "Aw c'mon Rosalie, I know you love me being here. I see you made it down the steps and being able to talk without falling this time. I'm proud of you."

   Rosalie rolled her eyes at him and went to go sit next to Alice while Jacob walked off to the kitchen. I heard the fridge door open.

   I sat next to mom, who was frowning at Rosalie when she said, "That mut needs to stop coming in here like he owns the place."

   "Rose," mom said, "Jacob is welcomed here any time. You know that."

   Dad scoffed. "That can be rearranged."

   Mom glared at him. "You two just have to consider that Jacob is going to be part of the family soon, so you have to learn to like him."

   "You don't even like the idea of it," Jasper noted.

   Mom shrugged.

   "What are you guys talkig about?" I asked, confused.

   Mom looked uneasy. "I'll tell you later."

   Alice coughed, trying to hide laughter. Dad grinned and said, "That is exactly what I am talking about."

   Mom, Jasper, Rosalie, and I were confused now. We waited for an answer.

   Instead Alice shook her head and said, "That's not really what it means. Remember, it can change-which will be soon. I'm sure of it."

   Dad tried not to frown and look at me, but he couldn't help it.

   I knew what they were talking about: my future. Now that Alice was able to see my future, dad has made her keep tabs on me 24/7. I owe it all to grandpa Carlisle.

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   Jacob was waiting for me in front of his house when I arrived. Instead of his usual shirtless and cut-off jeans I would always see him in, he was wearing black jeans and a dark blue shirt. His hair was combed for once. I smiled at him when he came up to me and gave me a huge bare hug.

   "I missed you Nessie," he said in my hair.

   "I missed you too, Jacob," I said with my last breath.

   Jacob laughed and set me on my feet again. "I was really glad you called."

   I waited to speak until I was able to breath right again. "Me too. I would have called sooner, but things were still tense back home."

   He nodded. "I wanted to talk to you about that. I really am sorry that I made things worse with you and your family. I know that telling them about--"

   I interrupted him by hugging him again. "I get that you were just trying to look out for me, and I appreciate that. All I did was ignore why you would it. I thought it was just so you could bug me."

   Jacob laughed.

   "The truth was, you really cared, didn't you?" I asked.

   Jacob nodded. "I'd do anything for you, Renesmee, you know that."

   "I know."

   We were standing so close to each other our chests were nearly touching. Jacob's head was resting on my forehead. His brown eyes got me thinking about things. I saw that our lips were very close to each other. Just one move and we could...

   I know that I couldn't think of Jacob in any other way than a friend. That's all we were. He didn't think of me as anything more.

   My heart began to race when I thought things through.

   Jacob took my hand and said, "C'mon. I want to show you something."

   Jacob took me into the woods far from were we usually go so I was beginning to get curious. I would ask him where he was taking me, but he just kept smiling and walked with me by his side, hands still holding.

   I began to hear water running as we kept walking. It sounded like a waterfall. I also smelled tulips.

   There were just a couple of trees and bushes in the way from what I could see. Jacob stopped when he saw that we were almost there. He turned to me and smiled again. "I found this place two weeks ago, and remembered how you were always looking for a place where no one can find you."

   The look on my face had Jacob's smile grow even wider and walked with me the rest of the way.

   Once we broke out from the trees, I understood what he meant.

   We were standing at a field where there were purple tulips everywhere--and I didn't even know tulips grew here in Forks-- with a waterfall just to the right connecting with a wide river. There was a tree close to the edge of the river, with a natural grown tree trunk sticking out of the ground like a bench. It looked too good to be true.

   "It's beautiful,"I finally managed to say. The sun was out for once, so it made everything glow just perfectly.

   Jacob squeezed my hand. "I'm glad you love it."

   "It's perfect," I said to him. "You, Jacob, are the most amazing guy I ever knew!" I hugged him again.

   Jacob laughed again and held me close to his chest. It wasn't his usual bear hugs; it was a different hug. One of those types of hugs where you felt safe, and didn't want to leave that person's arms. In this case, Jacob's.

   "I love you Jacob," I told him. I was surprised how different my voice sounded when I said that. It sounded so sure.

   Jacob must have noticed too. He looked down at me, his eyes searching for something. "Nessie..."

   I saw that his face was close again to mine. I leaned in, wanting to brush my lips with his. I know we were just friends, but I couldn't handle it anymore. Being away from him for weeks made that pulling stronger when I saw him again. I couldn't hold back anymore.

   Our lips were just touching when I backed off all of a sudden, shocked to see what I had just seen in my head.

Chapter 4

   Jacob was on red alert. "Nessie? What is it? Are you okay?"

   I was having trouble breathing. My head still hadn't yet wrapped around on what just happened. I sat on the tree truck bench and took a deep breath.

   Jacob was on his knees in front of me now. He took my hands in his, but I snatched them away in fear. "Renesmee, tell me what;s wrong. The suspense is killing me. Please!"

   I shook my head and took another deep breath. "I heard you."

   He was confused but calmed down a bit. "What do you mean? Are you okay?"

   "I..." I was finally able to look at him. "I think so."

   Jacob sat next to me. "What happened to you?"

   "I..." What was I suppose to tell him? I couldn't find the right words to tell him what I had seen.

   "Renesmee, you can tell me," he said in a soft voice.

   "I heard you," I finally said to him. "I heard what you were thinking."

   This time Jacob was quiet. I counted to thirty two when he finally said, "How?"

   "I don't know," I admitted. "I just heard you.It was like you said it aloud, but I knew you didn't. It's like I had opened your mind or something. It scared me."

   "What did you hear?"

   "I didn't hear anything specific," I lied. "You were thinking so many things at the same time, I couldn't understand you. That's the part that scared me."

   He sighed. "I'm so sorry."

   I rested my head on his shoulder. "It's not your fault. This is probably another version of my father's gift mixed with my mother's. It just startled me."

   Jacob wrapped one arm around me. "Are you sure you're okay? Your heart is racing."

   I nodded. The truth was that my heart was only beating fast because I had almost kissed Jacob. I was barely able to get the taste of his lips when all those thoughts of his interrupted me and filled my head.

   "C'mon," he said. "I'll take you home."

   Jacob walked me to the front door when we arrived. I could tell something was on his mind, but he didn't say anything in the end. He said his goodbyes and jogged off into the woods before shifting form. I could still hear what he was thinking in his head. It sent a shiver down my spine. I walked in and found everyone in the living room, talking to one another. They all turned to me as I closed the door.

   "Good," I said. "You are all here. I need to talk to you about something."

   Of course my dad was already one step ahead of everyone. He starred at me in shock as he read my mind. "How is that possible?"

   "What is it?" mom asked.

   My father explained everything because I didn't understand everything myself either. I sat next to mom, letting her comb her hair with her fingers. It always soothed me when I was a little kid, and it still does. I waited until father finished. I was glad he left out the part where Jacob and I almost kissed and changed it to where we hugged. I know he didn't want anything else to complicate our family.

   "This is very interesting," Carlisle said when dad finished. "I never thought your powers of mind reading could be recreated into something different. The way you are able to read someone's mind with just a touch..."

   "Maybe it's a one time thing," I said. "I can't read Jasper's mind while his hand is on my shoulder." I know Jasper was just trying to calm me, but his touch made me nervous. I was glad when I couldn't read what he was thinking."

   "Perhaps. The new gift would probably need time to be able to be controlled. Maybe practicing would help you get a better understanding."

   I nodded. I wanted to learn just as much as everyone else did. I was starting to enjoy the thought of being able to read someone's thoughts. Especially Jacob's. He would be quiet at some times when we were together, it made me curious to what he would be thinking. I would finally be able to know. Just like I know what he was thinking when I was about to kiss him.

   This is finally happening, he thought. Does she really want this? I can't let this happen if she isn't sure about this. She's leaning in! She has to want this!

   I came back in time from my revere when Alice Gasped all of a sudden. We all snapped our heads toward her. Jasper had left my side and was by hers in less than half a second. His hands on either side of her face. "What is it?"

   "The Vulturi," she whispered, her eyes still far away."

   "What about them?" Esme asked her.

   "They are talking to Renesmee, trying make her an offer. I can't make out the words exactly. Something, and..." She blinked. "The vision faded."

   Dad was on his feet. "Why was Jacob there? The Vulturi do not have some type of agreement with them. He will be murdered!"

   "I didn't see them threatening his life. They must have some type of agreement to leave Jacob alone," Alice assured him. "He isn't in any danger."

   "How are you sure?" I asked her.

   She didn't answer.

   I was hiding in a tree, outside of grandpa Charlie's house. It was just around five, the time he would be arriving home. I knew it was a bad idea to be here, but I couldn't help it. It has been almost seven years since I've seen him, and it was just a dim memory of him. My family didn't want him to see me until years passed until I finally looked of aged. It would be strange if I were to show up at his doorstep with the body of a sixteen year old and the mind of a genius. No one wanted to take anymore chances.

   Twelve minutes passed when I finally heard his car turning down the street. My heart began to beat faster as his car pulled up the driveway. He got out of his car.

   Charlie looked just as I remembered in my memories, but older. Grey hairs were beginning to show in his hair and mustache. Wrinkles were forming just next to his eyes. I smelled his scent from all the way up the tree. It was sweet, yet it made my troat burn. It wasn't as painful as full vampires, just irritating.

   I watched as he unlocked his front door and walk inside his home. The same home mom lived in for years until she married dad.

   I wish I could walked right up to him and give him a huge hug. But I would either scare the hell out of him or crush him. Maybe both. I knew I had to listen to my parents.

   So I sighed and ran back home.

   It was only a matter of time when everyone in my family found out where I had been for the past couple of hours. Dad was furious and began to yell as soon as I walked through the door. It took mom a while to finally calm him down, though she wasn't so happy either. Alice told me what I did was wrong and could have exposed us if he saw me. I nodded and didn't object to my punishment:

   I wasn't allowed to leave the house without someone to watch over me.

   "Think twice before you go to Charlie's next time," dad told me before leaving the living room and going to his. Mom sighed and patted my hand before leaving and following him. She was probably going to convince him into letting it slide.

   "It's not like she wanted him to see her. You know what happened," I heard her say to him upstairs. I didn't continue to listen to their conversation.

   "What did you do now, Nessie?" Jacob asked as soon as he walked in. He must have heard my fater's punishment while on his way over here.

   "I'll explain later," I told him. I realized something and turned to the stairs again. Dad, does Jacob include as the watcher? I thought. You know he'll be responsible.

   There was silence for a moment, and then I finally heard my dad said yes quietly.

   I smiled and thought, thank you, before heading towards the kitchen to where Jacob was. He was holding  a strawberry in his hand when he turned to face me.

   I laughed. "You never stop eating, don't you?" I asked.

   He smiled. "Only when I phase back into human."

   "No wonder. Billy told me that he always complains to you about your eating habits. He has to eat too, you know," I said.

   Now he laughed. "I just can't stop phasing. I have a job to do."

   "I know," I said. "That's what you get for being leader of the pack. Chief Jacob," I say before snatching the strawberry from his hand and taking a bite.

   "Hey!" Jacob protested. I laughed again and handed him the rest of the strawberry. He gladly took it and finished it. I noticed that he had a shirt and shoes on. "Your day off today?" I asked.

   "Yep. Want to do something?"

   "Yes!" I was glad to be leaving the house again. Everyone still talked about going to school, witch made me sad. Anything to distract me would be great.

   Jacob explained to me that Leah and the rest were helping out Sam's pack protect their land. A vampire has been going back and killing people there.

   "Do you miss having a life there?" I asked him as soon as we reached the beach. We walked along the shore, glancing down at our feet when the water splashed us with cold water. Well, I think it was cold by the way people screamed when the water touched them. I couldn't really tell.

   He looked out into the ocean, not meeting my gaze. "Sometimes. I miss seeing my dad most of the time, and going to school. Ha, that's a first."

   I smiled. "Why don;t you go back?"

   "And be the only twenty-two year old who's going to high school? That's normal," he said.

   I shook my head when Jacob turned to face me. "You're mot really considered twenty-two. You stay sixteen if you keep phasing right?"

   Jacob thought for a moment. "I guess."

   "My family can help you if you want to go back to school," I told him. "They create new documents saying you're sixteen, even if you aren't."

   Jacob shrugged. "What's the point of going back to school if that means less time being part of the pack? And less time I get to spend with you? It's not very good."

   Now I shrugged. "I want to go to school to. But the whole seven years thing is making this complicated."

   Jacob nudged me gently. "Can't your family create fake documents that say you're sixteen?"

   I laughed. "They can, but they just don't want to."

   He took my hand and squeezed it gently.

EEE!! Update soon, please Kippy? I LOVE this.

And I really feel like I'm reading the fifth book, if there were one.

   I starred out into the sea, trying not to look at Jacob's face when I said, "I can hear what you're thinking."

   Jacob was quiet for a moment. "You sound like your dad. Just add the throwing items and you'll be a mini him."

   I laughed. "He only does that when you talk bad about my family. Mostly to Rose, right?"


   "I finally understood it, the second time it happened. The first time I just thought I was going crazy," I explained.

   "That was when you were with me," he said. It wasn't a question.

   I nodded.

   "Nessie, I would like it better if you looked at me."

   I sighed and turned my head. His brown eyes made me feel warm inside.My heart began to beat faster. I tried to make sure Jacob wouldn't hear so I began walking, still looking at him. "I'm sorry I freaked out that day. It just really scared me. I finally understand how my dad felt the first time he heard voices in his head."

   "Is your gift the same as his? Can you read everyone's mind at the same time?"

   I shook my head. "I practiced it a bit for the last few days. I found out that I can hear what you are thinking only if I want to. I could either hear everyone's thoughts at the same time or only one person's. If I don't want to hear anyone, I can turn it off like a light switch."

   Jacob grinned. "That's awesome!" Then he was serious again. "Wait, so what did you hear just now?"

   "What do you think? You plan on taking me up to the cliffs and try to get me to jump. And if I wouldn't, you'd just pick me up and jump down."

   Jacob's cheeks darkened. "You never liked the water. I just wanted you to loosen up a bit."

   I laughed. "I would have probably said yes just for the fun of it."

   That brought some light into his eyes. He took my hand and said, "Let's go!"

   "You're crazy," I said.

   We were both standing at the edge of the cliffs where Jacob and the rest of the wolves would come to clif dive just for the rush. I tried not to panic when I looked down at the ocean at the bottom.

   "You afraid of heights?" Jacob teased.


   "You've climbed trees higher than this!"

   "I know how I'm going to land. I could get hurt if I do this. I am still part human," I told him.

   "Your mom survived this when she was human," he told me.

   I glared at him. "Nice try. She already told me the while story. She hit her head on the rocks because the tides were too strong for her."

   "Yes, but you are part vampire. You can handle it. Plus," he said, standing so close to me I could feel the heat of his body warming mine. "I'll be with you. If something goes wrong, I'll take care of it."

   I thought for a moment. Finally I shook my head and said, "no."

   Jacob sighed. "I didn't want to have to do this."

   I was quicker than Jacob. Before he could wrap his arms around me, I turned and danced my way out of them. I pushed him away from me. He was about to fall off the edge, but managed to grab my hand and pull me with him.

   We both screamed as we fell into the ocean.

   The water wasn't as cold as it should have been for me. I would sometimes forget that I couldn't get cold.

   Jacob had already broken surface, but I stayed underwater a bit longer than a human could. I watched as the surface sparkled like diamonds as the sun shined its light against it. I wanted to stay there forever. But of course Jacob had other plans. As soon as I broke surface I splashed water in his face. "I cannot believe you did that!'

   He laughed. "Admit it, you thought it was fun.'

   "No," I lied. "You are stupid to think this is fun.'

   Jacob swam closer to me. "Nessie, I did it so you could see what it's like to have fun once in a while. You're always thinking about that vision Alice had or your big birthday party everyone is throwing."

   I frowned. "That is not true. I know how to have fun."

   "Prove it," he said with a grin.

   This time I was the one who swam closer. We were so close that our chests were touching. I rested my hands on his shoulders. Jacob leaned in, and just as we were about to kiss I pushed him underwater and jumped on his head, I flew into the air and cannon-balled back into the water a few feet away from him.

   I looked back at Jacob; he had just broken surface again and looked around for me. Once he spotted me he smiled and shook his head.

   "You coming or what?" I asked him. I began to swim back to the beach, and waited for Jacob to reach me.

   We walked to his house and he changed into something dry. Then we ran back to my house so I could changed. Only mom was home when we got there. Jacob and I ate there and then watched television in the living room. I rested my head on his shoulder while he picked through channel, until he found a football game. We argued over who would win until mom came in the room to tell us she had to run an errand.

   How are you holding up with the party planning?" Jacob asked me when it was half time.

   I shrugged. "It's getting easier to handle every day now. I'm beginning to realize how much fun it could be."

   "You are actually liking the idea of having a party?" he asked, shocked.

   I smiled. "Not really."


   "You are going, right?" I asked him.

   Jacob hesitated on his answer. "Maybe it would be best if I didn't go. There are a ton of vampires going and we didn't get along the first time. I don't want to crash you party."

   "If you don't go then I won't have any real fun," I told him. "I need you there, Jake."

   He smiled. "I'll think about it."

   I starred at him.

   Finally he sighed and said, "Fine. I'll go."

   I squealed and gave him a big hug. I kissed him on the cheek and said, "I'm glad. This will be the first time I'm going to see you in a tux."

   "Wait, I have to wear a tux?"

   I nodded.

   "Oh now. Forget it. I am not going to wear a tux. I'm not going."

   "Jake, please."

   He shook his head. "I don't think so, Nessie. It's bad enough I have to be in a room filled with vampires again, but I'm not going to dress up like a doll. Everyone will laugh."

   "I don't care what everyone will think. You are the only important person who I want to next to me the whole night."

   He sighed again. "You make this so difficult."

   I took Jacob's hand in mine and said very softly, "Please, Jacob?"

   I knew Jacob's answer before he said it. I was glad to be able to read his mind to know the truth and how he really felt. "Okay."

   I hugged him again.

Chapter 5

   I dreamed that I was in my family's living room, but I wasn't alone. There were dozens of other vampires sitting on the couch, standing around, and outside in the back as I walked around. It was strange because I knew all of them, their names, their voices, and their powers. They all ignored me though; they all talked among themselves, but I heard what they were all saying:

   Who knows what will happen to her--to us?

   Her kind is so new to us, I wonder what we will learn from her.

   I don't care what she is just as long as we get to fight the Volturi.

   I found my parents in the backyard with a few familiar strangers. The strangest part was that I was on my mom's back, as a toddler. I clung to my mother's neck and watched as one of the vampires took slow steps towards us. My mom warned her to back off, but she wouldn't listen.

   The next thing I knew I felt something strange form around both my mom and the younger version of me. I knew instantly that it was her shield.

   I woke up sweaty and gasping for air. I looked around to find myself in my room. I took a deep breath to calm myself. Someone must have brought me here while I fell asleep in the living room last night.

   As I got ready for the day I thought about the dream. How was it possible that I was able to see myself from another point of view? And why were there so many vampires there? There were so many questions spinning in my head, and I knew I had to get the answers from my parents.

so sorry guys I've been really busy lately and havent had time to write my story. I will write as soon as possible! thank you all for reading! xoxoxo


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