The Twilight Saga

Sixteen years have passed and Renesmee is turning sixteen. The problem is that she has not stopped aging. She is not allowed to see Charlie or even attend school. She spends most her time with Jacob. She doesn't know that Jacob has imprinted on her. I hope you all love my preface!!

    I will keep writing into it and I hope you all love it :)



   I knew I was winning the race as soon as it started. I could hear my opponent far behind me, trying to catch up. I laughed quietly, but I knew he could still hear me.

   "C'mon Jacob," I called out to him. "You always let me win. Or am I really that fast?"

   I heard Jacob's wolfy chuckle-or at least I hoped it was a chuckle. His paws began to claw at the ground harder, pushing himself faster. His breathing picked up by just a second, and he was practically a rocket. He was now four hundred yards away from me. I began to worry.

   I pushed myself foward, hopping that I could still be in the lead. It wasn't easy being half human and half vampire. I was faster than a human but a bit slower than a vampire. I hated that.

   Jacob was now one hundred yards away from me. I could hear him breathing evenly, as if he was walking instead of running. He past me just seconds later with a huge grin on his face. He jumped into the bushes and disappeared.

   I slowed down a bit, to annoyed to continue. I met Jacob in the backyard of my home. He was in his human form now, still grinning. When I walked to stand next to him, he said, "You didn't really think you faster than me, did you, Nessie?"

   "A little," I admitted.

   Jacob laughed. "Think again."

   I rolled my eyes but smiled. We both walked to the front of the house, hearing the conversation in the living room. I saw mom and dad with auntie Alice and uncle Jasper when I looked through the window. Jasper had a worried look of his face.

   When we both entered the room, a wave of frustraion appeared. Jasper must be in a bad mood. I took three steps when aunt Rosalie walked down the stairs. She smiled at me, and then frowned when she looked at Jacob.

   "I guess Nessie walked the dog today," Rosalie muttured in a dusgusted voice.

   Jacob grinned. "Aw c'mon Rosalie, I know you love me being here. I see you made it down the steps and being able to talk without falling this time. I'm proud of you."

   Rosalie rolled her eyes at him and went to go sit next to Alice while Jacob walked off to the kitchen. I heard the fridge door open.

   I sat next to mom, who was frowning at Rosalie when she said, "That mut needs to stop coming in here like he owns the place."

   "Rose," mom said, "Jacob is welcomed here any time. You know that."

   Dad scoffed. "That can be rearranged."

   Mom glared at him. "You two just have to consider that Jacob is going to be part of the family soon, so you have to learn to like him."

   "You don't even like the idea of it," Jasper noted.

   Mom shrugged.

   "What are you guys talkig about?" I asked, confused.

   Mom looked uneasy. "I'll tell you later."

   Alice coughed, trying to hide laughter. Dad grinned and said, "That is exactly what I am talking about."

   Mom, Jasper, Rosalie, and I were confused now. We waited for an answer.

   Instead Alice shook her head and said, "That's not really what it means. Remember, it can change-which will be soon. I'm sure of it."

   Dad tried not to frown and look at me, but he couldn't help it.

   I knew what they were talking about: my future. Now that Alice was able to see my future, dad has made her keep tabs on me 24/7. I owe it all to grandpa Carlisle.

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   No one was home in the big house when we passed by. That was good. We continued our run until we got to the cottage. I invited Jacob in but he said he had to talk to Sam about some things, and then left without a backward glance. I wanted to see what was wrong, but I was too tired to follow. I walked slowly to my room, getting tired every with every step. Searching for the vampire drained a lot out of me, I guess. It didn't matter anymore, all I wanted to do now was sleep.

   I was in a huge field, and it was covered in snow. I was clinging on to a woman-mom. I looked around us and saw that we were not the only ones here. I recognized dad and the rest of my family. There were also some strangers here, but I knew their names: Zafrina, Kachiri, Tanya, Tia, Benjamin, Makeena, Sibban, Maggie... I remember speaking to them earlier...but I don't remember what.

   Everyone tensed and starred ahead. I followed their stare and saw what made them tense: A large group of strange people dressed in dark cloaks were walking our way. They stopped all of a sudden when something came out from the trees. From the corner of my eye, I saw a huge wolf walk to stand net to me and mom. I recognized the wolf-it was Jacob. What was he doing here?

   Carlisle and a man from the other side of the field began talking. Minutes later dad walked up and held out his hand. This mae mom lean forward a bit. Second later dad said something and mom reached behind to take me into her amrs.We began walking towards the three. Emmett and Jacob followed behind-why?

   The man had red eyes. He asked me to show me my gift. I reached up and touched his face, and showed him a memory.

   I showed all the faces of my family, and the others around us. I also showed them the wolfs. I kept flipping through them all until I got to mom and dad. I spoke to him real soft in my head.

   Don't hurt my family, I murmured.

   He smiled at me.

   "Please?" I said aloud.

   He smiled again and said that he has no desire to hurt my family.

   Right after he said that, a hiss began to come out of the mouths of many vampires behind us, even dad, and I wondered why.


   I woke up all of a sudden. I sat up slowly and burried my face in my hands. Not again. This was the thirteenth time in a row that I've had this dream, and I hate it. I never understoddwhy I would have a dream like that, bnut some part inside of me tells me that it's something else.

   The door opens, I look up, and my parents walk into the room. Mom comes to sit next to me.

    "What is it, Nessie?" she asks.

   "Just a dream," I tell her.

   She waits.

   I don't have the energy to tell her so I just take her hand and show it to her. Once I finished, I went back to the part where Jacob appears. I play it for her again.

   I don't get it. It feels like I've seen it all before, I tell her in my thoughts.

   "I don't think it is a dream," she agrees, looking at the floor. "It could be a memory." She looks up at dad.

   Dad nods and looks at me. "Maybe your mother is right, it may be just a memory you've forgoten."

   I nod. I ask them what time it is andthey answer that it's 3 a.m.. I don't want to go back to sleep so I just tell my parents that I need fresh air. I leave the cottage and go to where I would usualy go if I had something on my mind. I ran up the mountain all the way to the top until I reached to where there was a cliff on the side. I sat there and look down at where the small town is.

   I hear a breathing comming from behind, but I don't turn to look. I was surprized to see Jacob in human from when he came to sit next to me. Usually, he would be in wolf form at this time.

   "Hey, Nessie, something bothering you?" he asked.

   I shrugged. "Just a dream." I take his hand and show him the same thing I showed mom. He stiffens for a second when I get to the part where he's there. He relaxes when the picture is finished.

   "Interesting dream," he comments.

   I shake my head and say. "It isn't a dream. Well, at least that's what my parents said. They say it's a memory I forgot."

   "Oh," is all he says.

   "Do you know what it's about?" I ask. "You're in it so you must remember that day too."

   He frowns. "I can't say. There are too many things I don't remember the year you were born. I guess it does look familiar. I think I remember being there."

   "it just makes me worried that I don't remember a day like that. And then there's the fact that I know most of the people there!" I sighed. "I want to know."

   Jacob squeezes my hand that he is still holding. "You'll remember," he promised.

   I look down at our hands. I could havelet go right after I finished showing him my memory, but I don't know why I didn't. I didn't want to let go now either, his hand is warm. There is also this wamr feeling inside of me, and I can;t name it. My hand fits perfectly inside Jacob's hand. I don't want to let go of his hand.

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   When I woke up, I scenced something familiar happeninng outside. I quickly got up and changed in some clean clothes. After almost falling from putting my left shoe on, I opened the front door and found everything covered in snow. Snow. I laughed and lifted my hand up to catch a few specks falling. The snow melted in the same second.

   I couldn't believe it was finally snowing after months of just rain. The only thing I loved about Forks was the snow, I loved how beautiful it made everything and how clean it left everything once it melted away. I wondered if Jacob was with the rest of the wolves, I want to spend my day with him today. I know we would have a lot of fun in the snow.

   I heard noises coming from the house a couple miles away, and rushed to get there. When I arrived, everyone was there. Even Jacob. I thought he would be happy about the snow just as I was but he looked worried. Same as all the others in the room.

   "Hello, Nessie," Carlisle greeted when I entered the room.

   "Hi," I said in a low voice.

   Jasper, Alice, and Emmet continued their conversation like nothing happened. Mom and dad looked at Carlisle and Esme, who returned the glance. I heard Rosalie in the kitchen, She must be making my breakfast. I walked towards the kitchen, trying to ignore the eyes following me.

   Rosalie noticed the tension in the other room. She patted my shooulder and handed me the plate of food. Eggs, Bacon, and a glace of orange juice. I only took a sip of the orange juice. I was too afraid to make even the slightest noise just in case it would bother the conversations going on. I could hear what they were all saying, I just didn't want to pay attention to any of it.

   A minute later I heard the door open and footsteps leaving the house. Only one person stayed behind, and I knew something was up when Jacob joined me in th kitchen.

   "Hey, Nessie," Jacob said.

   I didn't answer. I took a piece of bacon and began tearing it apart.

   Jacob stood next to me. "You know we have to talk about this sooner or later," he said.

   "I choose later," I finally said.

   Jacob chuckled. "Now might be the best time. Your family knows what's going on and they wanted me to talk to you-"

   "You told them?" I asked.

   He nodded.

   "You promised you wouldn't tell them!"

   "I know I did, and I didn't, I swear. You dad read my mind," he admitted.

   "What were you doing thinking about it?" I was furious and he knew it. He knows how my parents get about things like this-and he complains most of the time about it. I couldn't believe he was telling me this.

   "I don't know." He looked at the floor. "I get it if you're mad at me. But your parents are right, this is too dangerous for you to get involved with."

   "You talked to them about it?"

   He nodded again.

   I shoved away from the counter and walked over to the living room. I walked to the windows and looked outside.

   "Nessie, please don't be mad," Jacob begged when he followed behind.

   How could I not? He broke a promise. "Why shouldn't I?"

   He was next to me now. He lowered his voice so that it sounded soft and innocent. " 'Cause we're best friends. We don't stay mad at each other for very long because we need each other."

   "That doesn't count," I said.

   Jacob tugged at my sweater sleave. "You know it does."

   I fought the urge to smile-and almost succeeded if I haden't turned to see Jacob with his big brown eyes. He had a small smile on his face and pouted his lip out a bit. His puppy-dog face. "Oh, fine! I forgive you."

   His smile grew wider. "Thanks, Nessie." He pulled me into one of his bear hugs, which quickly turned into a comforting hug. He didn't let go for a minute, and I was glad. He was warm after my time out in the cold.

   "I love you Jacob," I blurted out all of a sudden, still hugging him. "I'm glad your my best friend. "

   Jacob sighed. "I love you too, Nessie."

Chapter 3!!

   A month has passed and we were now getting close to my party and my major decision everyone is worried about.  I didn't really care about the party anymore, everyone was finally making me curious on how it was going to turn out.

   The only thing I hated about the days passing was watching the humans go to school on the days that I hunted. The woods are right where the school my family went to so I was able to see it. I listnened to the voices, and how they talked about the tests being too hard or too easy. I saw a groupe of friends laughing together about what movie they saw at the theaters. I sighed in envy whenever the bell rang and saw them heading to class.

   I wish I was one of them. I wish I could go to school and learn like them and have friends and get into trouble some times. I hate how I can never age again once it stops. I could never grow up like they will.

   It was around three when I went back home. I wasn't so hungry anymore after that.

   "Nessie!" Emmet greeted with a grin when I walked through the door.

   "Hi Emmet," I managed to say before he snatched me up into a bear hug.

   "I havent seen you n a month, you look different," he said.

   "Yea, well, that's what happens whn you're half human." He smelled like dirt. That's what happens when you go to Egypt for a month and a half visiting old friends.

   He laughed. "Someone is here to see you," he said, plugging his nose and walking past me to the door.

   I knew what that meant: One of the wolves were here.

   I walked to the kitchen and was stunned at who was there.

   "Embry! Quil!" I gasped.

   They both grinned.

Keep Going!!!
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This looks very interesting! Well written & a totally different angle -- Please add me to your updates - I want to follow this!!!

   "What are you guys doing here?" I asked them after giving them a hug.

   Embry was the one to answer. "We have the day off from scouting. Sam's pack took over for the day so we thought about visiting you. Jacob told us you haven't been going out into town much and told us where you would be."

   I smiled. "That's great!"

   Quil spoke next. "We are going to take you to your favorite place first, and then Embry is thinking about going downtown to check out the-"

   "Why don't you ask your mom and dad if you can go?" Embry interrupted him.

   Quil laughed.

   "Sure." I ran upstairs and went into my parent's room. Sure enough mom was at the computer while dad was laying on the bed with some notes. I saw blank misic sheets next to him so I knew what he was doing.

   Dad smiled and looked up at me. He winked and went back to his notes.

   I walked over to stand next to mom. "So can I go?" I asked. I knew I didn't have to tell them what the plan was because I knew they were listening. Like always.

   Dad coughed to hide his laughter.

   Mom turned from the computer to me. "Of course. Just make sure not to-"

   "Not to make myself oblivious," I said, finishing her sentence.

   Mom smiled. She kissed my forehead.

   "Thank you mom!"  said while hugging her. I went over and kissed dad on the cheek beofre I left the room. Embry and Quil were already waiting by the door.

   Since Embry and Quil ran here in wolf form, we took my car instead. It was a birthday present last year  from Alice and Rosaline, and my parents got me my driverse liscence two months earlier as their present. I guess that's what happens when your last name is Cullen.

   We all climbed into my  Black 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse and drove off. When leaveing the freeway, I noticed something wasn't right. "Hey Quil," I said. "How's everything going with Claire?"

   "Being eighteen has it's perks." He sighed. "She's still with her boyfriend so nothing new has really happened."

   "She turned sixteen two years and you stopped shifting so that you would be the same age as her. You told her everything. All you need to do is tell her the truth," I told him. "You know she's meant to be with you. Everyone knows that."

   Embry was the one to speak. "It's not that easy, Nessie. Yeah, she knows everythng, but she doesn't know about imprinting. She just knows about wolfs and vampires. Pretty much the basics. Quil is too scared to tell her anyways," he said with a laugh.

   I expected Quil to punch Embry but he instead laughed with him.

   "Quil, you should tell her. You've waited for her ever since they told you about imprinting. Don't you think it's time?" I asked.

   Quil shrugged.

   Embry smacked the back of his head. "You don't know," he said sarcastically. "She's right you know."

   I smiled. "Thanks Embry. Wouldn't you do the same?" I asked Embry.

   He nodded.

   "I know I would," I murmured.

   I managed to see Quil and Embry exchange looks and I wondered what that meant.

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