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Sixteen years have passed and Renesmee is turning sixteen. The problem is that she has not stopped aging. She is not allowed to see Charlie or even attend school. She spends most her time with Jacob. She doesn't know that Jacob has imprinted on her. I hope you all love my preface!!

    I will keep writing into it and I hope you all love it :)



   I knew I was winning the race as soon as it started. I could hear my opponent far behind me, trying to catch up. I laughed quietly, but I knew he could still hear me.

   "C'mon Jacob," I called out to him. "You always let me win. Or am I really that fast?"

   I heard Jacob's wolfy chuckle-or at least I hoped it was a chuckle. His paws began to claw at the ground harder, pushing himself faster. His breathing picked up by just a second, and he was practically a rocket. He was now four hundred yards away from me. I began to worry.

   I pushed myself foward, hopping that I could still be in the lead. It wasn't easy being half human and half vampire. I was faster than a human but a bit slower than a vampire. I hated that.

   Jacob was now one hundred yards away from me. I could hear him breathing evenly, as if he was walking instead of running. He past me just seconds later with a huge grin on his face. He jumped into the bushes and disappeared.

   I slowed down a bit, to annoyed to continue. I met Jacob in the backyard of my home. He was in his human form now, still grinning. When I walked to stand next to him, he said, "You didn't really think you faster than me, did you, Nessie?"

   "A little," I admitted.

   Jacob laughed. "Think again."

   I rolled my eyes but smiled. We both walked to the front of the house, hearing the conversation in the living room. I saw mom and dad with auntie Alice and uncle Jasper when I looked through the window. Jasper had a worried look of his face.

   When we both entered the room, a wave of frustraion appeared. Jasper must be in a bad mood. I took three steps when aunt Rosalie walked down the stairs. She smiled at me, and then frowned when she looked at Jacob.

   "I guess Nessie walked the dog today," Rosalie muttured in a dusgusted voice.

   Jacob grinned. "Aw c'mon Rosalie, I know you love me being here. I see you made it down the steps and being able to talk without falling this time. I'm proud of you."

   Rosalie rolled her eyes at him and went to go sit next to Alice while Jacob walked off to the kitchen. I heard the fridge door open.

   I sat next to mom, who was frowning at Rosalie when she said, "That mut needs to stop coming in here like he owns the place."

   "Rose," mom said, "Jacob is welcomed here any time. You know that."

   Dad scoffed. "That can be rearranged."

   Mom glared at him. "You two just have to consider that Jacob is going to be part of the family soon, so you have to learn to like him."

   "You don't even like the idea of it," Jasper noted.

   Mom shrugged.

   "What are you guys talkig about?" I asked, confused.

   Mom looked uneasy. "I'll tell you later."

   Alice coughed, trying to hide laughter. Dad grinned and said, "That is exactly what I am talking about."

   Mom, Jasper, Rosalie, and I were confused now. We waited for an answer.

   Instead Alice shook her head and said, "That's not really what it means. Remember, it can change-which will be soon. I'm sure of it."

   Dad tried not to frown and look at me, but he couldn't help it.

   I knew what they were talking about: my future. Now that Alice was able to see my future, dad has made her keep tabs on me 24/7. I owe it all to grandpa Carlisle.

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love it

I still think its cool :D


   Even when the day ended, mom still wouldn't tell me anything. She made an excuse saying a man named, J. Jekens needed to speak with her. Saying it wasn't so late-only ten thirty- she hugged me goodbye and left. I sighed. Dad left to go hunt with uncle Emmett and Jasper, so I couldn't talk to him about it.

   I let it go for a while and headed to the back door. I heard someone run down the stairs and Alice blocked the door before I could even take two steps.

   "Not tonight," she said.

   "Why not?" I asked, trying to get around her. But she was there in a flash. I didn't bother using my full speed, I was too tired.

   "It's late," she answered. "Go upstairs to your room and rest. You can see Jacob tomorrow."

   I was about to ask her how she knew that I was going to see Jacob, but I remembered her gift. I frowned and said, "You act like I have a curfew. It's just Jacob, and mom lets me go out any time I want, just as long it's not too far from Forks."

   Alice rolled her eyes. "La Push is far from here. Jacob is busy with the others, he won't be able to spend time with you tonight. He'll be gone for a while."

   I hated it how she still knew what Jacob was up to even though she couldn't really see. She'd been studying for a while when I was younger, trying to see if growing a bond with him with let her see...It didn't exactly work out in the end. "I can wait until he's done."

   "No," she said in a serious voice.

   I turned and headed for the front door, but knew what was going to happen. So at the last minute I changed my mind and ran upstairs to my parent's room, opened the glass doors, and jumped out and took off. I heard Alice growl.

   I changed my mind about where to go so Alice would have a hard time seeing. It would take her a while unlit she would finally be able to see me with Jacob. I ran to La Push.

   Alice was right-as usual. Jacob wasn't home, but I found Billy there. I stayed talking with Billy for a while, and enjoying it too. I loved Billy, we had such a great relationship ever since I turned twelve. He told me all about the Quiliet stories- I never called them Legends because of Jacob- seeing how I would get so lost in them. But ever since I turned sixteen three months ago, he's been looking at me differently. Like if he was expecting some knews...soon.

   It was twelve when Jacob walked in. His eyes lit up when he saw me in the small of his living room. Billy called it a night, and went to his room. Before he reached the hall, he looked at Jacob with cautious eyes, and I wondered what was going through his head.

   "Your dad is starting to scare me," I admitted to Jacob. We were walking along the beach, Jacob being to hiper to stay inside.

   Jacob looked at me funny. "why?" he asked.

   "He's looking at me like something big is going to happen. Like something is going to change everything." I shrugged.

   "Billy is just getting old," Jacob assured me, though he didn't sound convinced. "Stuff is just getting to him."

   "What stuff?" I asked, curious.

   He shrugged. "He found out that Quil is his soon last year so..." he still didn't cound sure.

   I decided to go along with it. "Speaking of Quil, how is he?"

   Jaocob smiled. "He's real happy Claire is finally old enough. He's trying to stop changing but it's getting hard for him. There are no words to describe what he thinks after he leaves her to meet us." He shook his head in disgust.

   I laughed and poked him in the rib. "Your just jelouse 'cause he has Claire. You would be the same if you had someone like that with you."

   Jacob looked up at the moon. "Right."

   Jacob said it was time for me to get back home after the sun came out. I was pretty tired, but I didn't want to leave Jacob. He always made me feel better, but I didn't know why. I guess it was because I could tell Jacob everything, unlike with my family, who wouldn't tell me everything that goes on. I could trust Jacob.

   It was around six when Jacob and I arrived. No one was making a sound, probably hoping that I wouldn't notice.

   "I would invite you in, but..." I stopped at the bottem steps.

   Jacob grinned. "Seth and the others would want to know where I'm at. Leah..." He looked up at the house and shook his head. "I'll see you when I can."

   "Hurry," I teased.

   He smiled again and hugged me close to his chest. He took off into the woods, shrugging out of his cut-off jeans.

make more its so good !!!
this is really good.  =]

   No one but dad was home, and I probably knew why. He was sitting at his piano, he looked up when I came in the room. I wasn't surprized when he frowned at me.

   "Is there a reason why you've decided to arrive home this late?" he asked harshly.

   I walked over to the piano, ignoring his attitiude. I rested my hand on the piano. "Too much on my mind. I needed to clear it." I didn't think about everything Jacob and I talked about; I didn't want dad to know. Instead I thought about the keys dad has taught me two days ago. He was teaching me mom's lullaby he had created her when they met. I loved it so much-but not as much as the one he made me. I stroke the keys.

   Dad scooted over so that there was room for me on the seat. I sat down and began playing the keys I knew. Suddenly the room was filled with mom's lullaby. When I finished playing what I knew, dad took over and began playing the rest. Minutes later the song shifted until he was playing my lullaby.

   I waited until the song closed to an end. "Why do you do it?" I asked him.

   "Do what?"

   I looked out the window as I spoke. "You're the only one in this house who lets me do what I want. You give me the freedom I want. Mom and the rest don't. I hear them talk about the future-my future." I frowned at the memory. "Why doesn't anyone want to tell me what's going to happen?"

   Five minutes passed when dad finally sighed and said, "I'll tell you why."

Im intrigued! :) More please :):)
AGGHH!!!!  Cliff-hanger in March!!   Did this story end??  Please say it isn't so!!!  I need MORE!!!

   I was afraid that someone would walk through the door, making dad pospone his explination. I didn't want that.

   Dad smiled. "Everyone went out to plan your party. Your mom knew you didn't want a party this year, but you know Alice. She's making everyone help out."

   "Why aren't you helping them?" I hoped he couldn't hear the irritation in my voice. Alice was going to pay for this later.

   "She knew you were going to arrive at this hour, so I stayed behind. Your mother offered, but..."

   I frowned. "She's trying to avoid the subject, isn't she?"

   He didn't answer. He changed the subject instead. Like usual. "I'm guessing you will be inviting the dogs to your party?"

   "You guessed right."

   Dad rolled his eyes. "Rosalie will be thrilled."

   I laughed. "They're all going."

   Dad was quiet. "Even Leah."

   I nodded once. "She's a great friend to me. I don't want to leave her out of it."

   "The things she's said to your mother," he murmured.

   "That was a long time ago. And she's apologized," I explained.  "Mom has forgiven her, so why can't you?"

   "You shouldve heard the other things she was thinking-wait, never mind. She hurt your mother that day, and I won't stand for it."

   I shrugged. "It's been tough for her too you know. She's been trying to make things easier for you and herself. She rarely gets to visits because of you, and she hates being at La Push. "

   "She brought that on herself," dad said.

   I glowered at him until he said, "sorry."

   "Could we get back to the subject now?" I asked. "What is everyone hiding? Why won't mom tell me?"

   Dad explained everything to me-well not everything. The only thing he wouldn't tell me was the subject mom kept trying to avoid. I wanted to know.

   Everyone was concerned about my future because there was going to be a huge offer that not even Alice knew my answer to. It was going to happen in four months-the month of my birthday. Mom thought that if I knew about it, I would choose the wrong path. Alice has tried to see if the vision would change, but something wouldn't let her. She didn't know what it was.

   "Why is Jacob a part of this?" I asked. Dad said that Alice saw Jacob by my side when I would make my decision.

   "Alice thinks that Jacob will help you decide. He's going to help you choose the best path," he answered.

   What was going to be the decision? I couldn't wait four months. What path was everyone talking about?

   Dad wrapped one arm around my shoulders. "If I knew, I would tell you."

   "You will tell me anything new that happens about my future?" I asked him. "I want to know everything."

   He nodded. "I will."

good ; )


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