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Renesmee’s POV

Chapter 1


“Daddy? Aunt Alice wants to take me shopping again.” I asked.


“I’ve never cared before, why are you asking me now?” He answered, a little confused. I was keeping my thoughts very occupied.


“Well, it sort of requires going out of town…We’re taking uncle Jasper, but, I was wondering if maybe, Jake could…come with us…?” I was afraid of his answer. I really wanted to go out of town. I’d never been out of Washington before, but I have never left my Jacob for such a long time either.


“Absolutely not! Where is Alice planning on taking you anyways? How long does she plan on keeping you from me? Your only four years old for god’s sake!”


“Daddy!” I was about to put on my pouting face and beg. “But am as mature as a fourteen year old!” Maybe the truth would be the best thing…for now. “We’re just going to Paris, and its will only be for a week at the most! I’ve never been away from Jake for so long before…I…Oh never mind…”


“Where is your aunt Alice? And your mother?” He was furious now. I swear that I saw his eyes darken at the thought of Jacob being alone with me without more supervision than aunt Alice and uncle Jazz.


“I think they are with Grandma and aunt Rose. I think that they might be working on next years wardrobe. That’s why aunt Alice is going to Paris.” The new information was not really a surprise to him, but he seemed to calm down a little.


“I’ll be right back. Wait. Have you already asked your mother?” He asked, a curious expression crossing his face.


“Um. No…I was hoping…maybe, you could…soften her up for me? He chuckled at that, then disappeared up the stairs to the new wing that had been added on after I was born. Aunt Alice needed more space, and I couldn’t sleep in mom and daddy’s room forever.


I had barely gotten off the couch to pace when he returned. I was still occupying my mind with unimportant things when he laughed.


“Ness, I know that your not going to like my answer, but you asked me for it. Your mother says that, yes, you may go to Paris-” I cut him off.


“Oh. My. Gosh! Are you serious!?!?”


“Let me finish. I still don’t think that it’s the best to let a four year old who looks like she’s fourteen go to France, but, you may go. One more thing though, and your mother agrees with me on this one. No Jacob.”


I gasped suddenly. What was I going to do without my Jacob? What happened if I got hurt? “But…What if…” I was mostly thinking of a good excuse, but for some reason, I couldn’t come up with one.


“Nessie. Baby. My baby.”-He seemed to marvel at that thought-

“Listen to our reasoning. Its good to be away from the people you love every once in a while. Its good for you. You need to make a few friends other than Jake. Every one agrees with me actually.”


“Oh. Um. Yea.” I was dumbstruck. I was allowed to leave town, but, Jake wasn’t allowed to come with me.


“And if you do get hurt, for some odd reason, foreign to me, uncle Emmett and your aunt Rosalie will be along to help as well.” He continued.


“There coming too?” I loved uncle Emmett. He was so strong and protective, yet so playful too. “Why?”


“Because they have decided that they need a vacation. They haven’t been anywhere since you’ve been born.” He sounded so sure. “And on the plus side, your mother and I can finally get some alone time” He let a grin escape.


“Daddy, I may be really young, but I am not stupid. That’s really nasty! You could have refrained from mentioning that to me. I mean really? What I don’t know cant hurt me right? Ugh!”


The internet does wonders for a half-human, half-vampire child who grows at three times the speed of a normal human. Its not like I could attend a public school. People would notice that I was growing rapidly. Too rapidly. And I might bite someone on accident…




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