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Renesmee’s POV

Chapter 1


“Daddy? Aunt Alice wants to take me shopping again.” I asked.


“I’ve never cared before, why are you asking me now?” He answered, a little confused. I was keeping my thoughts very occupied.


“Well, it sort of requires going out of town…We’re taking uncle Jasper, but, I was wondering if maybe, Jake could…come with us…?” I was afraid of his answer. I really wanted to go out of town. I’d never been out of Washington before, but I have never left my Jacob for such a long time either.


“Absolutely not! Where is Alice planning on taking you anyways? How long does she plan on keeping you from me? Your only four years old for god’s sake!”


“Daddy!” I was about to put on my pouting face and beg. “But am as mature as a fourteen year old!” Maybe the truth would be the best thing…for now. “We’re just going to Paris, and its will only be for a week at the most! I’ve never been away from Jake for so long before…I…Oh never mind…”


“Where is your aunt Alice? And your mother?” He was furious now. I swear that I saw his eyes darken at the thought of Jacob being alone with me without more supervision than aunt Alice and uncle Jazz.


“I think they are with Grandma and aunt Rose. I think that they might be working on next years wardrobe. That’s why aunt Alice is going to Paris.” The new information was not really a surprise to him, but he seemed to calm down a little.


“I’ll be right back. Wait. Have you already asked your mother?” He asked, a curious expression crossing his face.


“Um. No…I was hoping…maybe, you could…soften her up for me? He chuckled at that, then disappeared up the stairs to the new wing that had been added on after I was born. Aunt Alice needed more space, and I couldn’t sleep in mom and daddy’s room forever.


I had barely gotten off the couch to pace when he returned. I was still occupying my mind with unimportant things when he laughed.


“Ness, I know that your not going to like my answer, but you asked me for it. Your mother says that, yes, you may go to Paris-” I cut him off.


“Oh. My. Gosh! Are you serious!?!?”


“Let me finish. I still don’t think that it’s the best to let a four year old who looks like she’s fourteen go to France, but, you may go. One more thing though, and your mother agrees with me on this one. No Jacob.”


I gasped suddenly. What was I going to do without my Jacob? What happened if I got hurt? “But…What if…” I was mostly thinking of a good excuse, but for some reason, I couldn’t come up with one.


“Nessie. Baby. My baby.”-He seemed to marvel at that thought-

“Listen to our reasoning. Its good to be away from the people you love every once in a while. Its good for you. You need to make a few friends other than Jake. Every one agrees with me actually.”


“Oh. Um. Yea.” I was dumbstruck. I was allowed to leave town, but, Jake wasn’t allowed to come with me.


“And if you do get hurt, for some odd reason, foreign to me, uncle Emmett and your aunt Rosalie will be along to help as well.” He continued.


“There coming too?” I loved uncle Emmett. He was so strong and protective, yet so playful too. “Why?”


“Because they have decided that they need a vacation. They haven’t been anywhere since you’ve been born.” He sounded so sure. “And on the plus side, your mother and I can finally get some alone time” He let a grin escape.


“Daddy, I may be really young, but I am not stupid. That’s really nasty! You could have refrained from mentioning that to me. I mean really? What I don’t know cant hurt me right? Ugh!”


The internet does wonders for a half-human, half-vampire child who grows at three times the speed of a normal human. Its not like I could attend a public school. People would notice that I was growing rapidly. Too rapidly. And I might bite someone on accident…




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thx i apreciate it :D <3
this is amazing
i have done some editing with previous chapters, but not a lot. soooo. if a few things dont make any sense, dont fret. just ask, and i will explain. this particularstory is coming to an end, so when it is finished, i will repost in a new discussion with all of the small additions. :)

Chapter 16 (Bella’s POV)

“Oh Shakra! Don’t cry, there are no need for tears…” I said as I pulled her into a comforting hug.

Esme came to my side and started to rub Shakra’s back, and Rosalie looked like she didn’t know what to do. “Liam?” I asked.

“Yes Bella? What is it”

“What are your thoughts on this?” I asked him. I didn’t want to steal his children away from him, if they didn’t need to be taken.

“If my children need protecting, then protection they will receive!” he stammered.

“We will give them the best protection and care you could ever hope for. I cant imagine why we wouldn’t. We may have just met, but I can feel that our relationship as friends will grow. I trust you.” I said.

“How far along in the pregnancy is your surrogate? Does she know what is going on, what she is carrying?” Rosalie asked anxiously.

“She is due anytime now, going by what happened with the twins. We aren’t quite sure how many there are, since the sac is so protective… But the doctors said that they had fertilized three eggs. but that doesn’t mean anything…” Liam trailed off.

“Did you hear that?” Rosalie finally spoke.

“Hear what?” Alice replied.

“Upstairs, the heartbeat. U thought I heard it stutter. Or maybe its going to fast. Is something wrong?” Rose was beginning to sound frantic.

“I‘ll go check,” Liam answered, as he headed towards the stairs. “Maybe the baby is just repositioning itself again…”

I heard Liam speaking to the surrogate, so I knew that the others would hear as well. “Lay-Lani? Are you all right?”

“I‘m good, the baby just keeps moving.” she responded in an irked tone.

Liam gracefully descended the stairs, per usual, and came to sit next to Alice.

“I assume you heard everything? She is fine.”

“Thank you for checking.” Shakra said as she leaned in to peck her husband on the cheek.

“Incoming,” Said Edward. “Kids are down for a snack.”

Just as he had finished speaking, there was a very loud tumbling sound, followed by very bitter words.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! SN,DT is one year old TODAY !!! She is no longer a Newborn !!! Did anyone bake a cake ?
hahahhaa. thats funny. i didnt even think about it. thats kinda sad though. lol. i shouldnt have dragged this out so longggg.

Good things are worth waiting for !!!
Chapter 16 Part 2 (Renesmee’s POV)

“Jayden? Do you mind if we go downstairs for a bit? It just seems a bit to crowded up hear, I need some air…” I asked.

“No problem. You want something to eat too? Cause we are actually pretty hungry…”

“Oh, umm, yea. A snack sounds fantastic” I replied, as I got up to head down stairs.

When I opened the door though, I heard them speaking. Something about being chased? A few new roommates? What the hell was going on?

I quickly descended the stairs, so I could really understand what they were talking about. Who was having a baby? I’m so confused… just then, a slight push on the shoulder sent me tumbling down the stairs. I hit the floor with an audible thump, and I heard the twins laughing from atop the stairs.

“What the crap was that?! Are you trying to get me to hate you?” Ugh. Aunt Alice had just bought me these jeans, and now they had a very visible spot of dirt on them. Someone had forgotten to wipe their feet on the way in…

“Sorry!” squeaked Grayden.

“No your not! You pushed me down the stairs on purpose! What is wrong with you?” I screeched back.


“SERIOUSLY? Is that really all you can say?!?” There was a light tap on my shoulder, and I whirled around. Oh crap. Id never talked like that to anyone like that around my parents. Usually just the wolves when they decided to play practical jokes on me. They seemed to think it was funny when I lost my temper…

Daddy was standing right there, staring me down, and I had no clue how I was going to get out of this. It’s not the sort of thing where I can just bat my eyelashes, and hope for the best. I hope the punishment wasn’t too bad…

“Excuse me, I thought your mother and I raised you better than to talk to people like that. Especially when we are guests in there home, little miss.” He said, as he stared me in the eyes intently. “Bella, dear, could you come here for a second?”

My mother had been apologizing to our hosts for my language and lack of politeness. Thank god that she would be the one on my side; her temper had never been so great either. “Outside. Now.” She said.

“I….I-I didn’t realize that- I know I shouldn’t have- …I‘m sorry Mom. Dad. Sorry for disappointing you…” the silence after my apology seemed like forever, until dad broke it.

“Bella, now is not the time for comforting. Its time we set bigger boundaries. She‘s been spoiled for too long!”

Mom and Dad spoke in quick and silent whispers. I was on edge. What was wrong with me?

After a few moments of very urgent whispers, my parents turned back to me. “Go get in the car. Your father will be accompanying you back home, and you will stay there. No Jacob, no wolf pack. No fun. You will not disgrace our family this way.” My mom said.

“But that’s not fair! Its not like I meant it or anything…” I pouted.

“GO!” She was furious.

I ran upstairs to grab my purse from Jayden’s room, then slowly descended the stairs because I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave. As I came into the view of my beast of a father, I looked down towards my feet. I didn’t want him to see the gilt on my face, or read my thoughts for that matter. Thank god I had inherited something useful from my mother.

I swiftly got in the car, and in that instant we were speeding down the highway. We were to the airport in no time, and now I had to endure the extraordinarily long flight. Ignoring my father. Ugh.
Chapter 17 (Edward‘s POV)

Before dashing out to the car, I quickly, and passionately kissed Bella, like I would never see her again. I hated being parted from her for any short amount of time, just as she did me…

I unwillingly let my lips move from hers, as I held her face in my hands. “I will see you soon, my love. Keep me updated.” I said as I smiled, kissed her forehead, then turned, and swiftly left the house.

The ride to the airport was just as quiet as I thought it would be. My daughter detested the idea of going home now, when she hadn’t even had the opportunity to be let loose with Alice. And I was also pretty sure that she had no idea what our association with the Belloughve coven was.

Renesmee silently boarded the plane, and took her seat next to me. “Sorry…”

“For what…?”

“For having to agree with your mother on this one… I mean, I agree in some aspects. I do think you deserve to be punished, just not as harshly.”

Oh my gosh daddy. It really doesn’t matter. Ugh. I was foolish, and stupid. Blah, blah, blah. I get it.

She cut me off. She’d never done that before either. What the hell was wrong with her? Oh. Wait. Crap. Its been just under a month since…. Oooohhhhh. That explains a lot…

I rubbed her shoulder as I finally understood what was going on. Classic case of PMS. Ugh. Women.

The flight passed pleasantly, because Renesmee was ignoring me, and the other people on the plane were mostly sleeping, or thinking of nonchalant things. Just as the sun was setting, I looked over towards Renesmee, who was leaning against the window, snoring lightly. Just a few moments later, we landed in Seattle, and I shook her awake.

“Hmm… Where are we?” She said as she looked around in a confused fashion.

“We landed honey, its time to get off of the plane, love.” I replied, sympathetic.

“Oh. Ok…” She said as she got up out of her seat to grab her carry-ons.

We both quickly exited the plane, and descended the stairs onto the tarmac.

On the way back to the house, made a stop at a simple twenty-four hour grocery store.

“Is there a reason why we stopped? I think the house is fully stocked with food daddy…”

“Hadn’t you noticed that you are PMS’ing? ” I asked ruefully.

Oh. CRAP. God. Who could I have been so stupid… ugh. This is gonna be a *edited by moderator*. Whoopies. Sorry. didn’t mean to sa-think that… she looked at me sheepishly with the last part, and I just laughed and shook my head.

“Its quite alright darling. Just don’t ever speak that way in front of your mother. She will throw a conniption…” I silently exited the car, and opened her door for her.

“Wha- I don’t really know what to get… Mom came last time, and I wasn’t with her…” she said as I handed her a twenty dollar bill.

“I suppose I will go in with you then?” I asked unwillingly.

“Dad, that’s just embarrassing…” she said as blood rushed into her face, causing her to blush, like her mother once had.

“Come on. The sooner we get this done, the less awkward it will be…” I responded as a pulled her from the car. I made her walk in first, and the I followed just minutes later, using the second door, to make it less noticeable that we were together.

I met her in the feminine isle, feeling very out of place. “Uhm. What about that little blue box there…?”

“Dad?!?! Oh my gosh. Can you just like, go into the next isle or something…? I will just call Mom, or aunt Alice…” She shooed me away at the same time she pulled the small phone from her pocket.

The conversation was short and to the point, and before I had even walked the length of the next isle once, she was ready to go. She went to the register and paid the cashier, then exited the store. I swiftly grabbed a carton of Ben and Jerry’s, and a handful of Snickers bars, knowing that Ness might need them within the next week; also, to make it look like I wasn’t just loitering in the store.

The ride home was short, and silent. Too soon for my daughters satisfaction, we pulled onto the curvy three mile drive that would take us to our home. I drove slowly on purpose, though by the time we reached the house, she was snoring again. I balanced her in my arms, while carrying the two small bags from the store, and headed inside to lay her in her bed.

I laid her gently in her bed, and removed her shoes, covered her with her favorite blanket, then kissed her forehead. No matter how mad at me or her mother she was, there was no way that her bedtime ritual could be forgotten. I glided into her bathroom, and left the bag with her supplies in it on the counter, and headed down the stairs to put the ice cream and chocolate away where the wolves wouldn’t eat them.

Once the goodies had been put away, I figured I should find something to pass the time. As I passed the front door, a knock sounded, and the door opened silently, followed by a stench that wasn’t vampire, and wasn’t wolf. I stood rigid where I was. What made matters worse was the fact that this persons mind was unreadable, just like my Bella’s.
Chapter 17 part 2 (Bella‘s POV)

I couldn’t believe it. What was wrong with her? As Renesmee headed up the stairs to say goodbye, and grab her bag, Edward came up to me and gently grabbed my face in his hands. He kissed me hard, and passionately, almost like he would never see me again. I hated leaving him. I still couldn’t stand to be apart from him. Even though it had been just over five years since that stupid birthday party, and I was tied to him in as many ways as I could possibly imagine, I still felt like there was some reason why he still wouldn’t want me. Like I wasn’t good enough for him. Even if I was extremely beautiful, and graceful, and smart now, I still felt like an insignificant human when compared to him…

Too soon as always, he pulled away from me, and dashed out the door. Just after I heard the soft hum of the engine running, Renesmee came down the stairs sullenly, and left without a glance in my direction. Now I felt terrible.


Several hours passed with nonchalant conversation about favorite things, places we had been, how we came to find our lovers, why we were the way we were, and so on. The conversation had slowed, and Alice had the sudden idea to play checkers. Out with the checkerboard, and Alice won the first three matches, and then Liam outsmarted her. There’s a first for everything right? He had discovered the snap decision, like I had when I was forbidden to visit my best friend at the time, Jacob; only because I was a fragile human, whom was susceptible to very harmful injury by tripping.

The twins were fast asleep, and Lay-Lani was trying to deal with the pain. Poor baby had no room. Soon though, he or she would be free, and on the run.

By the time Alice had beaten every single one of us several times, the conversation was pretty much non-existent. that’s when we realized the groaning, which then turned into screams of agonizing pain. The baby must be trying to free itself.

Everyone jumped at the same time, though they all knew that they wouldn’t be able to handle the scent of the fresh blood pouring from the surrogates body, as the baby ripped itself free. Just another reason they had brought me here. Because of my phenomenal ‘self-control.’

I ran upstairs, and there lay the surrogate, broken and bleeding, but no baby. Her stomach wasn’t ripped either, like I thought the baby would have done.

“What happened? Are you and the baby alright?” Another ear piercing scream filled the house. The baby was stuck. I finally realized. But how was that possible? I that these vampire hybrid babies were supposed to have a full set of teeth, built for ripping there way from the womb? “Sorry, honey” I said, as I leaned down to rip her stomach open.

I wasn’t blood crazed, but I could tell that everyone downstairs was on edge. When I looked into Lay-Lani’s stomach, what I saw was terrifying, and adorable at the same time. Who knew something like that could start so early…?
Anyone wanna comment on the last four chapters? Anyone? That would be cool...


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