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Ok, I thank the one person who inspired me to write this. Aurora Rose.  From her Fan Fiction “Till Death Do Us Part”; I got the idea to write something about social issues. I don’t really relate to this but, I know some people do and I hope they learn from this fan
fic. Thank you to the people who read and commented. It’s what keeps me







Sing Me to Sleep.


ChApTeR oNe: The whole truth and nothing but the truth. 






    In the bathroom I stood in front of the mirror. I spend hours watching the razor blade and my flat half-bared stomach. The distance between the two was significant. I had to
wait for the right moment. I never cut.


I never tell the truth either.


I lie. 





    I stood motionless in the centre of my bedroom; in my hand lay a razor blade that I had furiously ripped out of my mom’s Venus. I had waited long enough for this.
Nearly two weeks. The clock showed
7:43. It would not
be long before my parents have arrived from work. Time was ticking and I didn’t
have very much of it. But still enough to do what I came for. I didn’t like to
be rushed through this process. This was the wonderful part.


    I finally lifted my shirt and placed the cold hard blade against my soft pale flesh and sliced through it slowly. A little deeper than last time. Right under the other
four marks. Cold comfort. I let the pain ripple through me. It was a safe pain.
I sighed in relief and watched the blood trickle down staining my jeans.


    Quickly I took the piece paper towel I had ripped and dabbed it onto the sliced skin until the blood no longer flowed. Tucking the razor blade into the napkin I placed it
under my sock drawer. Where hopefully no one would look.


    I examined the small cut that lay 3-4 inches above my liver. A perfect cut I remember Jacob whispering to me once.  He was my brother. Before he died of course. People say it was a gang beat but I thought otherwise; when the police called
our house telling my parents the news. We spent hours in the hospital waiting
but we all knew the out come to this. There was no chance of him surviving so I
gave up home as soon as I felt hope.


    It’s been 5 years, 10 months, 18 days and now 19 hours and 50 minutes. I’ve been counting.  He had died a few months after
I had turned twelve. I could still remember his face on my birthday. It was so
bright and full of joy when he woke me up on that school day. ‘
Happy birthday
little sis!
  He had excitedly
yelled and wrapped me into his arms. He would have been twenty two earlier this
year on January 15th.


    I could feel the lost feeling building up. That’s why I never think of him much. It hurts too much to.


    A long sigh escaped my lips; slowly I lowered my shirt down carefully not to irritate the skin and made my way into the hall. The brightness burned my eyes and I stood
there for a moment while my eyes adjusted then took a step outside.


    The pitter patter of dishes told me they were home. I checked my watch. 8:03 it said in a bright green color. 


    “Bella!”  Some one called for me.


    I did not answer right away. “Yes?”  


    “Come down!”


    I yelled from the railing looking directly under. “Yeah?”


    My mother stood her hands to her hips. Her mouth turned down but from where I saw it she was smiling. Renee’s pale skin glowed under the brightly lit hall way.


    “I said come down. Not yell from the top of the stairs.” Her voice grumpy and clearly stressed.


    With out I word said I made my way down the stairs not even looking at her and into the kitchen where Charlie sat. I could feel her glare as she watched me walk buy and
followed me like a stray dog.


    My body went straight to the fridge and grabbed some milk.


    “What? No hello?” My father whispered.


    I shrugged. “Never knew you wanted one.”


    His yes narrowed. “Now listen to me you little brat. I’m the man of this house and you respect me. You hear me?!”


    I didn’t say anything. Just got a mug from the cupboard and boiled water in the tea pot.


    “Look at me!” He yelled.


    I felt a hard grip on my arm and in seconds I span around with no intention to. I was now staring at my angry fathers face. It was red and I swore a saw a vain throb in
his temples. But I paid no mind to that. My cup dropped and it shattered into a
million pieces. No one went for them.


    My lips were tight. “Let go of me.”


    He didn’t.


“Charlie please, leave her alone.” My mother trembled in the corner of the kitchen but did nothing to help me.


    His reply to my mom was harsh. His deep voice made it sound worse. “Shut up, Renee!”


    “I said let go of me!” And with that I pushed him away only to get a slap across the face.


    Tears streamed down my face fast and hot. This was not the first time my father had hit me and I was sure it wouldn’t be the last. So I slipped through his fingers and ran.
Ran out of the room and out of the house. I couldn’t take it, this family was
messed up. Ever since Jacob died. Of course Charlie blamed me for what had
happened to him. He always does.


I miss him.


But he’s gone.





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Wow, so they were a happy family.

How or why did Charlie turn into such  a monster

I'm getting a bad feeling. How did Jacob died?

Hmm, I'll just keep readding for now.

i agree with marsha! poor bella. . . good story though!!!
she's getting there....
Update please!!!! I am loving your story it's very good!


Sing Me to Sleep.


ChApTeR sEvEn: Truly in love…


I woke up to the dull light in the room. The moon’s light was flowing through the window brightly.


“Evening.” A voice said.


I jumped startled. But then I slumped back into my bed sighing.


“Hey.” I replied. He did not enter my room fully but stayed at the shaded area where the moon did not touch him. How odd. But I did not press upon the fact.


He continued to smile at me as if I was the most precious think in the world. But of course I wasn’t.


“What?” I asked.


He shrugged then laughed. “Your hair’s lovely.” Was his response.


I groaned then slipped out of my sheets and walked towards the bathroom. Quickly I looked at myself in the mirror and groaned once more but louder.


I walked out of the bathroom and found him in the hall way staring outside the hallway window.


“I’ll be done in a moment if you’ll wait.” I told him.


His answer back was, “Hmmm…”


I took that as a yes and ran back into the bathroom and took a quick warm shower. I jumped out with a towel and took the other door that went directly into my room instead of into the hallway.


I then grabbed the bag that Alice had given me yesterday. Oh, how I hated this outfit. But I put it on anyways. It was a baby blue strapless dress that draped down a few inches before my knees. I slipped on the blue open toe shoes and started with the makeup and jewelry. Aquamarine bracelet and some light foundation and lip-gloss. I wasn’t going to bother with the eye stuff. It felt uncomfortable and heavy on my eyes. And not forgetting to carry the blue purse. I extremely hated Alice for this.



Blue Beauty




I trotted into the hall and there he was standing like an angel. I smiled. He turned swiftly and grinned back at me.


“Ready?” He asked.

I nodded and looked down to what I was wearing. “As ready as I will ever be.”


Edward was wearing a black tux that made him look extremely gorgeous. It went well with his pale skin and bronze hair. It made his golden eyes stand out. Which I loved the most.


He helped me down the stairs. A tight grip on my arm so I wouldn’t fall in these extremely high shoes. Thanks, Alice. Thank you a lot. I said in my thoughts with heavy sarcasm.


At the bottom I spotted the rest of the Cullen family. Rosalie was first in her beautiful blood red evening gown. Her blond hair tied up into a bun at the back and her bangs falling onto her bare shoulders. Next was Emmett also in a black tux as Edward and so was Jasper. I looked around for Alice but didn’t spot her anywhere.



master piece




“Where’s Alice?” I asked my question for Jasper.


He shrugged then smiled.


I rose and eyebrow in suspicion. But then sighed. “Let’s get this over and done with.”


“Oh, don’t whine, Bella. You’re going to love this.” Edward said.


I shook my head in disagreement. But we carried on outside.

I spotted her twenty feet away. She wore a teal above the knee dress. Also strapless. Black high heeled boots. Her spiky black hair sticking to every direction. With diamond earrings and necklace. On her arm laid a crow black hand purse. She looked stunning in the dark and her pale skin glowed brightly.



Dark Overcome




I gasped. There standing a few meters from the door was Alice and a red convertible. My jaw dropped.


“Surprise!” She yelled.


I was speechless. My brain could not function to pronounce the right words to facsimile my emotions.


Seconds ticked by and I still did not answer. A worry look began to cross Alice’s face. Then a frown. “What, you don’t like it?”


I shook my head then swallowed hard. “No, I don’t like it.” I responded.


Alice’s face grew grave but she hadn’t let me finished. “I love it.”


Alice then began to jump for joy. “Since I didn’t buy you a present last year for your birthday I made it up to you.” She smiled sweetly.


“But Alice I didn’t expect this. A necklace would have been fine. But this. This is beyond words.”


Alice’s eyes flashed to Edward and she grinned. But then looked I me. I was confused with the silent communication. Nevertheless I let it pass.


“Ok, so are we going to get out of here or no?” I asked them.


“You’re right let’s go.” Edward answered.


 He then pulled me away from the red car and into the garage where his Volvo was. I slipped into the passenger seat and he turned the engine on. In a matter of seconds we were down the road exiting onto the highway.


I really didn’t know why I was going to this event. The only reason I know is Edward asked me to. But otherwise the thought would have never crossed my mind. I was kind of happy about it though. Edward asked me to the dance. That thought made me blush and my skin crawl in a good way. 


We reached the school in less than fifteen minutes. It was ugly to tell the truth. With the banners up and Christmas lights up. This is going to be a long night.


Edward parked his car farthest from the school. Then he got out and made his was to the passage side and opened the door for me. I thanked him politely as he helped me get out.  


We walked silently towards the school and into the gym. I gasped. It was dreadful. He couldn’t expect me to stay the whole night here, could he?


“Oh, Bella please give a chance. Please.” He pleaded looking down at me.


I nodded and we continued on to the dance floor. Wordlessly I thanked my mother for making me go to dance lessons when I was twelve. With he arms at my waist and my fingers at his shoulders we began to sway to the music. One of my favorite songs played. It was kind of odd that they would play it but I enjoyed it while I could. It was “Kiss the Rain” By: “Yiruma”.



When the song ended I looked up at him and smiled. It was an awkward moment. Our eyes darted away from each other at opposite direction.


“Come.” He whispered and pulled me outside through the back door of the gym.


I almost cried when I saw where he was taking me. It was beautiful. He guided me along the narrow pathway and up the stairs. It was a beautiful porch. Lighten up brightly and white roses everywhere. Tears started streaming down my eyes suddenly.


 Edward turned to me and wiped them away. “I wasn’t expecting you to react this way.” He chuckled.


“I’m sorry.” I whispered.


“Don’t be.” We then began to dance.


“This is stupid. There’s no music.” I laughed.


He rose and eyebrow. “Is there?” He then snapped his finger and people with violins, saxophones (tenor and alto), flutes, clarinets, cello and one with a piano.


I shut my eyes. Refusing to let more tears of joy escape. I’m sure now. I’m in love with his no seeds of doubt planted. Edward then rook out a black rectangular box.


“Open it.” He said.


I did and inside lay a gold butterfly necklace. I began to sob. In a good way. “Oh my goodness. You did so much I can’t accept this.”


“Yes you can.” He replied then took out the fragile jewelry and put it on for me.


“There, you look breathtaking.” He smiled then leaned down and kissed me.


It was a soft kiss. With the lightest of pressure. His cold lips against mine made me shiver with delight. I felt whole. For once in my life I wasn’t hurting or in pain. I wasn’t crying for help and wondering how the next day will turn out. Will Charlie strike me again and this time will it be the end? For once I felt at home and out of harm's way.



I was already in too deep… Because when I thought of his voice, his hypnotic eyes… I wanted nothing more than to be with him…


ThE sAd TrUtH ‘bOuT lIfE, ~Luvme2day~Vannessa, Chpt 3

the chapter is amazing,i love it!!!!!


Lovely. Just plain lovely...

omg i love it its so awesome update soon plz

thank you...

Okay it was worth the wait. But do I have to wait so long. So not fare at all.

thats so good!!! cute!!


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