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How do you choose between what you are and who you are? For Kat, that is a question she will have to answer when she falls in love with a wolf, and forms an alliance with a leech.




Double Edged Blade

by: Victoria



Disclaimer: I own nothing, all rights go to Stephanie Meyer


A/N: The following is loosely based on an old fanfiction of mine called Slayers. Although the idea of this new fanfiction is similar to that of the original Slayers, The characters and back stories are very different. I abandoned the old story because I feel my writing style has drastically matured and improved since writing Slayer. The old story also contained chronological mistakes that I was careful to fix in Slayers: Double Edged Blade. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment and friend me, constructive criticism is welcome!





“Mommy! Mommy! Read me one more story! Please mommy! Please!” A small smile graced Kat’s face as she watched the young mother and daughter, both strangers to her, through the big picture window in the little girl’s room. It was bittersweet to watch, for it only reminded her of what she never had.

Unbeknownst to Kat, a tall figure had crept up behind her. “You ready?” The figure, a man in his mid twenty’s, asked suddenly, surprising her. She spun around, drawing her blade, fight or flight instincts kicking in. But she was met with the familiar face of her older brother though, and relaxed, giving him a quick nod.

“Five minutes.” He told her, then walked deeper into the woods, joining two other people in conversation. She watched for a moment as they whispered to each other, repeating the plan over and over again, before looking down at her blade, still drawn in her white knuckled hand. The blade itself was not made of metal, rather a hard black stone. ‘Stronger than metal,’ she thought, ‘Stronger then them.’ The hilt was carved out of a dark wood, with an intricate pattern of silver swirling over top. On the bottom of the hilt, on the right side was a silver and black symbol, signifying that the owner belonged to the Aelymic Clan. It was a famous symbol, at least in her world, for the Aelymic Clan was the most powerful clan of their kind to ever live. It was the mark of the elite. The symbol opposite to it was a griffin, the mark of a Vampire Slayer.

After staring at the blade for a moment, she turned back to the picturesque scene in the window. “… and they al lived happily ever after.” The mother said, smiling at her daughter. “Goodnight sweetheart. I love you.” She said, kissing her daughter. Just as the lights were flicked off in the little girls room, a faint whistle echoed through the woods. Sighing, the girl turned away from the window and made her way over to the group.

Silently, she took her place to the left of her brother. “You know the plan?” Anya, one of the Elders of the Aelymic Clan asked, throwing her platinum hair over her shoulder.

“Yes.” Kat said quickly.

“If all goes well tonight, the ‘Cullens,’” She sneered, “won’t know we were ever there. Remember, we are just here to check up on them. Are you prepared?” Anya looked straight at Katrine when she said this.

“I’m ready for this, Anya.” Little did Kat know that taking on this mission would change her life forever.





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This story is incredinble :)

It is very well written :)

keep me updated :) <3


love it!!!!!!!!!

could u plz keep me updated when u start writing ???

tanx :)          :D

omg i love it it is amazing write more soon
Thanks!!! I'll be sending out an email when I post the next chapter so just add me and you'll know :)
I like it!! keep me posted!!
Fantastic story! It is written wonderfully. Please continue and please keep me posted when u do.


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