The Twilight Saga


Bella moves to the rainy town of Forks in an escape from her troubles at home in Phoneix. What happens when she meets Edward? Will they fall in love? What will happenwhen her past comes back to haunt her?


Capter 1

Bella’s P.O.V.

Robert was the sweetest guy I could have asked for in a boyfriend. He treated me with respect and I never once doubted that he loved me. One day I thought I could have gone to surprise him for his birthday, he
said the he was sick, but I didn’t care. I walked up to his front door and rang
the door bell 3 times, but no answer. Luckily he told me where to find the
spare key in case I ever needed to pass by. When I unlocked the door and
stepped inside his house I could hear him playing his music from upstairs in
his music room. I ran up the spiral staircase eager to see my beloved. I
finally reached on the third floor and in front of the door. I slowly turned
the door knob hoping to surprise him, not knowing that I was the one who was in
for a surprise. When I was finally able to breathe without having the need to
fall, I gathered what was going on in front of my very eyes. My supposed best
friend Amber Steel was getting humped by my supposed boyfriend. When Rob
finally realized that I was standing there, watching them, he started to yell
at me. He said that I wasn’t even worth the wait anymore, that he finally found
someone who actually knows what a real man deserves. Amber looked at me and had
a look of pure joy on her face, not for the fact that she thought Robbie wanted
her, but for the fact that she had gotten what I had. Ever since we were little
she always took everything that belonged to me. Whether it was my crayons or my
animal crackers. Even now as teens she took my make-up to my clothes, shoe, and
books and now she finally got the very last thing I held dearly. Robert Gregory
Adams, my EX-boyfriend.

But that was a week ago, now I’m moving to my dad’s place. To Forks, Washington, the wettest place in the entire continental U.S.A. My dad had to work today, so he sent my cousin that’s staying with him to pick me up,
Jessica Stanley. Oh, where are my manners, my name’s Bella. Well actually it’s
Isabella Marie Swan, but I prefer Bella.
When the plane landed it wasn’t hard to find my cousin, all you have to do is
look for the girl who is dressed like a prostitute and doesn’t take time off of
her job either. When I found my cousin she was wearing very short baby blue
dress, high blue heels and a big blue and white bow in the middle of her hair.(Jess’
“ Bellsie! “Jessica knew how I completely loathed it when people called me
that, but I also knew a way to piss her off.
“ Jessie drop! “Her smile immediately disappeared.
“ Now listen hear you little witch, I have had Charlie wrapped around my finger
since I got here and if you ruin that for me you’re going to be in for a rude
awakening.” Wow, I guess nobody explained to her how I run things around here,
well I guess she’s going to find out now.
“ You done? Good. Now listen here B****, MY FATHER MY RULES. So from here on
out, whatever I say goes. And if you don’t like it that way, THEN SCRAM. And I
hope you know a good plastic surgeon, because if you plan on disobeying my
rules then YOUR are going to be in for a rude awakening.”

Bella’s outfit (

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When you gonna update?
OMG this is sooooooooooo goood i love it plz keep me updated
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keep me updated
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This is so good please update soon and keep me updated
sorry guys ..... i haven't even open back my docs for this story in months ...... i was sorta distracted with sum heavier stories that i've been working on ........ please don't be mad but i can't prperly update till the end of june ....... although i may be able to give short chaps like i used to ........... so tell me what you want me to do
1) update with short chaps till end of June then give full chaps
2) wait till end of june to update
3) cancel this and start a new story

Option Number 1, I just read it and would live to know what's next till June.


#new reader#

Hey, just got back from my stay at the hospital , glad i'm still breathing on my own, so now i'm gonna try to make a long chappie............. pray for this to actually be good

As Bella and Edward made their way through the hallway they could here the very non-discreet sounds of their friends having some fun of their own.


A few moments later they arrived at Bella's playroom (A/N: it has a large four post Victorian styled bed with drapes on all sides in the middles of the room and the walls hold cabinets with a few of Bella's "toys" that she'd sent over a few days prior to her arrival) and she was carried bridal style to the bed by Edward.

XXXXX 2hrs later XXXXX


After the kids had some time to play the boys voluntered to finish do the cleaning while the girls tried to figure out what they were all eating for dinner. Finally Rosalie simply suggested that they all just go back to Edward's Club to hang out with eveyone in order to let Bella get reaquainted in better conditions. After alot of phone calls and facebook pokes that day they all decided on a day and time for a mega club bash.


Time : 8:30pm Saturday 17th July 2010

Location : The Halo Arena

Created By : Run E.M.C.

More Info : One of THE Biggest Bashes to come out of The Arena. If you miss this then don'e even bother to come to The Halo Arena ever again.



X-X-X-X-X-X- Next Chapter -X-X-X-X-X-X-X



"What the hell are you yelling for Bella? I'm right here."

"Alice, for the love of christ. Tell me, why, out of all the clothes I own, you choose to put me in a black leather mini skirt......."
"Fine then! Since I had a feeling you would get you panties in a twist i had a back up plan." Alice said with an evil sparkle in her eye.

"Alice I don't like that look you have right now. What are you planning?" Bella said with slight fear and confusion lacing her voice.

"Oh dear sister of mine, What do you have against synchronized clothing?" Alice said with more evil in her eye.

"Umm, nothing I guess, just don't make the guys match our clothing. Okay Alice? We don't need the other people thinking the guys are gay just cuz you decided to dress them in mini skirts," Bella said apprehensively.

"Come on Bella," Alice said while dragging Bella out her room and into another much larger one further down the hall ,"the back-up clothes are in here."


As Bella walked into the room she was shocked beyond belief.

"Hey Bella!!!!!!!!!" ..................


A/N: I know, i've already been absent so long that I don't deserve to leave any cliffies ............... but what's a good story without them ;)

love it keep me updated!!!

Really good story!! :)


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