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this takes place  in the beginning of breaking dawn when the wedding is being planned bella the vampire is how she was in BD (except for nessie) becasue Stephine did good with it so im not going to change anything about that

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AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im going to be gone to nights so maby the day after that the next hap will be up
u have to write more!!!!! i love this story!!!
plz keep me updated!
thanks i will!
question why did alice change her im a little confused cause i thought she like had a vision or somethin cause alice has better control
got it typed up just need to edit tomorrow def
sorry for the wait and that it is kind of short. not really sure if i liked the way this chapter turned out also sorry about the authors notes anyway here it goes!

Chapter 5

“Bella please?” Rosalie begged she was a good actor, we both had to be. Our family needed to think we were in Paris or else they might try to come after us.
“You know I don't like shopping I have all the cloths I need” I said
“Yes but you need new ones that show off your new vampire self! Besides I thought you always wanted to go to Pairs” she stated calmly
“Ugh fine I’ll go!” I whined
“Great!” she clapped happily. We went down stairs to say go goodbye to the family Edward was, of course was waiting for me.
“Be safe” Edward whispered to me when I reached him
“I always am, but Edward we’re not coming back without them” I replied
“I know I just want you to be safe” he said
“You know I will don't worry about me” I told him calmly
“I will always worry about you Bella it’s not in my nature not to” he told me
“And sometimes it goes wildly out of control” I teased. He chuckled and kissed the top of my head.
“Alright I give you that, come home soon I love you” Edward said to me
“I’ll try, I love you too”. I said and pulled him in for a kiss. When we let go of each other I nodded to Rose and me and her headed out the door to start of search
“To the air port?” I asked
“To the air port” she agreed we decided on using my car because of the black tint in the windows would be helpful if we were going south and we didn’t want to bother Carlisle, besides it was fast. We were at the airport faster then it should be possible due to vampire driving. luckily the ticket person was a man so Rose used her beauty to get him to tell us where they went (A/N I know airport security is much tougher then that but lets just pretend) it seemed that they were going to Philadelphia (our story was that we were missing members of our family that we needed to find which was true). We were on the plane when a thought came to my mind
“Rosalie what are we actually going to do once we get there?” I voiced
“Good point. I guess were going to have a try at tracking” she said. That was the only thing we could do, hope to pick up their sent and follow it.
“Good idea I wish Demetri (sp?) Wasn’t part of the Volturi he could help a lot” I replied
“He could” she nodded. We sat in silence for the rest of the flight deep in out own thoughts. The plane landed and we were headed off, to where I’m not exactly sure.
“Well lets try and find a trail I guess” Rosalie said once we got outside
“Yep that’s a good idea” I said back. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if Alice’s sent wasn’t so familiar to me even Jasper’s a little I knew even when I was human. I kind of knew how they smelt, but of course Edwards sent was much stronger then anything else. I soon lost that train of thought when I caught sent of something by the side of the building I was searching around.
“Rosalie! I think I have something!” I yelled she immediately ran over to me
“Your right Bella it’s them!” she said happily. We ran for awhile following the faint sent that still was there, it was so faint I almost thought I was imaging it. The trial seemed to end at a grouping of house’s each spaced a little father away then normal to each other it seemed like a good house two vampires would use when they wanted some place to stay for a little while. We grinned this was it, they, hopefully were here but the sent was so weak I was doubtful that they were.
“Go in together?” I suggested
“Yeah” she agreed. Rose opened the door and we stepped in looked around quietly it was empty completely empty. I fell into the nearest chair almost the same time rose did
“Well where do we go now?!” she exclaimed dejected
“Well Canada maybe?” I replied working from the mental list we composed before we left.
“Yeah go there and hope that they’re there” Rosalie said
“Lead the way” I groaned at least this time we knew the area where there house is suppose to be
“As much as I loved to keep looking I think we should go tomorrow they wouldn’t pick this place unless there were animals nearby. We should hunt, who knows when we’ll be able to next” she stated. She had a point there.
“True vary true, tomorrow then” I agreed. Besides I know tomorrow would be a better time to go anyway I wasn’t quite ready to leave.

thanks for reading :D
can't wait for more.
write more soon and keep me updated plz!
This is good can you keep me updated?
tnx sure :)


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