The Twilight Saga

this takes place  in the beginning of breaking dawn when the wedding is being planned bella the vampire is how she was in BD (except for nessie) becasue Stephine did good with it so im not going to change anything about that

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i think you should
haha okkkkkk!!!! this story came about during soical studies ( i dont know boring class :P) oh and this will be during the time bella is engaged
u should totally write it
i would read it non-stop
write soon and plz keep me updated
I think you should write it
write ren write or jacob will get it and i will send emmett to sit on u
eep! i already stared the chapter!! and i shall tell jake to hide!
just to clear thing up I AM STARTING IT!! so allie there will be no need to send in emmett on a side note microsoft dosnt like the name esme... lol
im getting edgey. i will send emmett and then i will push jacob off a cliff if u dont hurry
oh snap
you gotta write soooooooooooooooon
oh noes! ( i tottally just went all cheezburger kitty on u!) i was sleeping over at my friends and i just got back hehe
lol we have a full page of comments and the story's not even up yet


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