The Twilight Saga

What if Bella left Forks after the Cullen's leave in New Moon realizing that sinking into depression is not the right thing to do, she devises a plan and puts it into action right away. The day after graduation she bords a plane heading straight to the Volturi Coven in Italy, in hopes to join them. Will they accept her?


Chapter One

Bella's POV


It had been a month since the Cullen's left Forks, I snapped out of my depression after Charlie threatened to send me back to Jacksonville to live with my hairbrained mother, Renee. I decided that it was time to move on with my life so what if Edward didn't love me, he told me of one coven of vampires in Italy named the Volturi, I knew that there were three Lords. Lord Aro, Lord Marcus and Lord Caius, they wrote the rules, the one was that no human should know about a vampire's exsistance. Edward and the Cullen's broke that rule, they showed me that they were vampires, I was even hunted by a vampire tracker named James.


Now I lay in bed listening to my dad, Charlie make breakfast in the kitchen. I got up and dressing quickly to go see him before he went to work. That was his family, sure he had me but he spent so much time at work that it was unhealthy.

"Morning Dad!" I said as I pranced into the kitchen. He looked up from the frying pan which held very dark bacon.

"Morning Bells, you're in a good mood." I walked over to him flipped the bacon and gave him a hug.

"Well why wouldn't I? Tomorrow I graduate, and I get to start my travelling idea that we talked about." Dad nodded

"You sure do Bells, anything to keep you happy and free from depression." I smiled meakly at him. He gave up on trying to cook the bacon so I took over and tried to revive the already blackened meat.

"I already asked Sue Clearwater if she would cook for you while I'm gone and she said that you could go over anytime you would like, since your such close friends with Harry." Dad nodded then I gave him his breakfast.

 "Thanks Bella, I'm going to miss you." I choked on my glass of water, it almost sounded like he knew I wasn't ever coming back to Forks. That I would actually be in one way or another staying in Italy forevermore.

"You okay Bella?" Dad had lept up and was patting my back as I spat the water out into the sink. I nodded and wiped my mouth off on the back of my hand.

"Thanks dad, I'll miss you too." We just stood there looking a little awkward. I looked at the clock, "You better get going dad or you'll be on time." I said teasingly. He looked up at the clock and smiled,

"Only you Bella only you." He gave me a quick hug and went outside to his cop car. 


It was Sunday afternoon I finished packing when I stepped on a floor board by my bed that squeeked. Dad had just done the flooring not long ago, I crouched and peeled the floor board up with my nails. Under the board was everything that reminded me of Edward and his family. I let the floor board snap back into place, it was a good place for all that stuff so I was going to leave it there hoping that when I was long gone and in Italy and Charlie had past away the house would either burn to the ground or the Cullen's would come back and Edward would check that, that stuff was still there. It would be but there would be one thing that wouldn't be there when he left. I would write letter to them hoping that they would actually find it.

I went to my desk pulled out a pen and a pad of paper, I wrote:


Dear Cullen Family;

It has been exactly one month since you left Forks. I was left here in a total state, but now I snapped out of that depression. Charlie and I have been talking more and I decied to travel the world, of course my trip only consists of one destination, Italy. I'm sure that will you miss me but by the time you will have read this I will be long gone. So much for a happy ending huh? Well it was nice knowing you;

With lots of Love

Isabella Marie Swan.

P.S. When you all left, my heart got shattered into many pieces. I'm not letting that slow me down, I'm moving on picking up the pieces as I go so I hope your happy.


I grabbed an envelope folded the letter and wrote: Cullen Family, on the front. I tucked it on top of everything else and stepped on the floor board making sure that it didn't stick up any. I went to my computer, checked my email I had one from my mom, I emailed her back then looked at the clock. Charlie would be getting home soon so I went down stairs and started to cook supper. I grabbed steaks, potatoes and vegetables, I was in the middle of peeling potatoes when Charlie came in.

"Hey Bells I'm home." He came to the kitchen, "What're you cooking?" I looked up and smiled at him.

"Sirlion steaks, potatoes, brocolie and cauliflower. I'll be making a salade too." Dad nodded took of his gun belt hung it up and washed up. He came back to the kitchen grabbed the lettuce, tomatoe, and dressing.

"This will probably be the only thing you'll let me do because it can't get burnt." I laughed and punched his shoulder playfully.

"Well that's because you don't cook salade, dad." He chuckled and we worked in silence. We didn't need words to talk, we just knew that when I was gone there was no turning back. Lots of people said I was very much like my dad. They were right, we didn't talk very much, it didn't bother us to be alone and we knew how the other one was feeling with out really asking. Dad also set table and I brought out the broiled steak, mashed potatoes and veggie mix.

"My little girl's all grown up." Charlie whispered as we sat down to eat.

"Dad I'll always be your little girl, nothing will change that." I said, he could hear the tears in my voice. The crystline tears betrayed me and slid down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry Bells I didn't mean to make you cry." I shook my head,

"No it's okay dad. I love you, and I'll miss you." We finished supper and Dad went to go shower embarressed that he actually broke down and started crying with me. I washed dishes and went to watch the game with dad. It was like a fairwell party just between the two of us and I actually really like it. I went to be that night and slept peacefully, there was no nightmares of the Cullens and for once I was glad that I didn't see Edward's face.


Chapter Two

Bella's POV


Dad actually stayed home from work saying that his little girl was graduating and he wasn't missing it for the world. That got me crying again and the make-up artist aka Angela had to cool me down before finishing my make-up.

"Bella really you have to stop crying!" She cried. I wiped my eyes and put in one headphone. "Good idea. No listening to sappy music!" I smiled and showed her the song, it was Body Body by Massari. She smiled and continued to finish.


Soon we were all standing tall and strong on the stage to recive our deploma, Jessica was in front of me and when she was called I wiped my hands on my gown I was so nervous.

"Isabella Marie Swan, please come forth and take you deploma." I walked forward and from the crowd I heard,

"That's my little girl WOOHOO!" Everyone laughed as I blushed. I blew a kiss out to the crowd since I couldn't see my dad due to the blinding lights. I recieved my deploma waited with the other graduates and threw my cap into the air whooping and halloring with the other.

"Bella you actually made it!" Mom came running over to me.

"MOM!" I hugged her, "Oh I haven't seen you in so long. How are you?" She smiled,

"Phil and I are awesome. Oh honey you look so gorgeous!" I laughed and we talked, dad came over and joined us. Something moved in the corner, I couldn't see because the lights were still too bright, at first I thought it was Edward, You idiot! It's not Edward or any of the other Cullen's they said they would never interfer with your life again, My mind screamed at me. I shook my head,

"What's wrong dear?" Mom asked I looked back and smiled.

"Nothing I thought I saw something that doesn't matter anymore." I whistfully walked with my mom and dad out the door of the hall. Phil joined us and together we went out for supper.

Mom and Phil left after supper saying that they had to get going. Dad and I on the other hand went out to the movies, we watched an action/comedy film then went home. I showered and realized that dad had fallen asleep on the couch again! I woke him and sent him to bed, I hopped into bed too and fell into a peaceful sleep.


In the morning I woke, grabbed my bags, and headed downstairs. I headed into the kitchen, I had to leave soon.

"Dad I was wondering will you do the honours of driving me to the air port in you cop car?" he smiled.

"Of course Bella." We had breakfast together, sometimes talking a little. Then it was time for me to go, dad drove me to the airport and I hugged him, squeezing hard so that he wold never forget me.

"Bye Bells." He whispered in my ear. I borded the plane and waited for it to take off.

"Please fasten you're seatbelts for we are about to take off." I buckled my seatbelt and popped in a piece of gum so that my ears wouldn't pop when we were at a high enough altitude.

"Ma'am can I get a drink?" I asked the stewardess. She went and got me a bottle of water, "Thank-you" She nodded and went to go tend to another person. I looked out the window to see beautiful green patches and blue water. I couldn't wait to get to Italy, where either I would be ended or accepted. I smiled and nodded off into a slight doze.


"Bella," Edward stood so still that for a moment I thought he was a statue. "I don't want you to do anything reckless, for Charlie's sake." I nodded tears sliding down my cheeks. I blinked and he was gone.


I woke immediately, no I wasn't heading down that road again. The reason for me going to Italy was that Edward lied to me, saying that he had loved me when in reality he never did. Well if the Volturi decided that I would make a formidable member it sure shock the Cullen's when I showed up with them. It was his choice to leave, it's only right that you choose what you want to do...or be my mind crooned softly. I smiled pulled out my Ipod Touch and listened to my music while the day faded into night. What I didn't see two rows back from my seat was the dark hooded figure watching me.

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Oh thank you so much for the comments you don't know how much they mean to me! :) I'll have to post later this week because I have a lot of homework and projects to do. So I'll post by Friday and this time I won't be late! :) PLEASE: Tell me if you want the next chapter to be the Cullen's talking otherwise the surprise I'm going to throw in won't be as dramatic. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! Thanks again!
i love it soo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey it may not be Friday yet but I don't think you guys will mind!

Chapter Seven
Alice's POV
I sat in our new living room staring off into space, I wouldn't talk to Edward he made us leave Forks, he made us leave Bella. She was my sister but he pulled that all away from me,
"Alice will you come help me?" Esme asked from the kitchen. I saw what she needed, I hopped up leaving Jasper to sit alone for a while.
"Sure Esme. I'd be glad to help you." I picked up the paint brush and started to work without her even telling me what to do.
"Thank you Alice." Esme said softly,
"No problem Esme I love redecorating with you." I said starting on the velvet red background. We worked in silence barely saying anything at all, I stopped for a moment to wipe the paint that dripped onto my nose.
Black cloaks everywhere surrounding one cloaked figure holding a black clad baby. I shook my head the vision didn't make any sense to me so I ignored it and continued to work again.
"Alice, hunny what did you see?" Jasper asked feeling my confusion and zipping to my side,
"It didn't make much sense Jaz, there were cloaked figures everywhere, they where surrounding one who held a baby dressed in black. I saw no faces, no dates, nothing but the cloaks and baby. I don't know what it means." His face said it all he was as confused as I was. Esme looked up from where she was,
"Dear it'll be alright for now, can you do the ceiling?" I nodded grabbed a bucket of white paint and a new paint brush and zipped up the wall holding onto the small cracks in the wall. I finished painting and dropped down to the floor again.
"Thank you Alice, will you help me with the design that will go on the wall?" She asked dusting off her clothes.
"Of course I even know somethings that you'll absolutely love." I said smiling at her. She nodded and left the room to go change. I went ans sat with Jasper again, I grabbed a book and started to read.
"I understand why Bella likes this book. It's the perfect tale of betrayal, romance and everything!" I said looking up at Jasper. He nodded reading over my shoulder, Rosalie came in loaded down with shopping bags. Then I smiled, if I thought she was loaded then I didn't know what to call Emmett. She looked up and smiled at me and Jasper reading on the couch together.
"Alice you should have came it was so much fun there were deals everywhere!" I smiled,
"Oh I knew that Rose, I just didn't feel like it today. There's going to be more deals tomorrow so I'll go then." I turned back to my book reading again. Edward was going to come see us tomorrow, I would have to keep my thoughts clear, it stung that Bella thought that I was Edward at her graduation, but I couldn't just bomb her parade! I'd have to go see her sometime soon when Edward left again to track Victoria. I couldn't wait to see her, she was my sister and Edward well he lied to protect her. I sighed and finished the book,
"Well we'll read that again in about a week or so." Jasper said happily. I sat with Jasper until Carlisle got home, then Jasper got up and went to talk to him. I sat alone, I thought of Bella again she didn't deserve to be left alone. I wanted to go back so badly, but in my dead heart I knew that she was gone and I didn't know why.

Hoped you all liked it! :)
Loved it!!!!!!
This is awesome!!!


The baby is Bella's and Alec's the father Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved the new chapter! Can't wait for more! :) This story is AMAZING!
luv it!!!! post more soon plzzzzzzzzzzz =)

Hey I'm glad you liked the chapter... So here's the next one!

Chapter Eight (Part One)

Bella's POV

I couldn't find anyone as I walked around the castle, it was darker in some of the corridors so I couldn't see as well which was going to be a problem due to my lack of balance. As I passed a real dark corridor I tripped over my feet landing on the hard cobble stone floor with a nasty thud. I blinked and Alec was at my side in a second,

"Mia Bella are you alright?" He asked picking me up gently.

"I'm fine..." My voice trailed off, my heartbeat picking up, I took a deep breath trying to calm the fluttering little thing but it didn't work. Alec smiled down at me,

"Are you nervous again?" He purred gently in my ear. I looked up at him shaking my head,

"I-I... ... ... ..." I didn't have anything to say, I was lost in his eyes. He leaned in but stopped and pulled away sighing softly.

"Alec is Bella alright son?" Lord Marcus came gliding perfectly into the corridor.

"Yes my Lord she is." He set me on my feet almost reluctantly. Lord Marcus smiled at me and Alec then continued on down the darkened corridor. "Bella you look tired you may sleep in my chamber tonight since you actually do sleep." I swallowed,

"Are you sure Alec, I don't want to cause you any trouble at all!" He covered my mouth with his hand.

"I mean it mia Bella." I nodded and he led me down to his room. "Here change into this, most girls do sleep in guys oversized tee shirts right?" I smiled as he tossed me one of his shirts.

"Yeah some do, like me..." He left while I changed and when I was done he came back in. He went to the couch and took the cushions off extending it into a bed. I was impressed, although not really surprised, Alec probably had many girlfriends before he even met me. I looked down at the floor, I was NOT going to think about that, not now at least.

"Bella you can get in now." Alec said, I looked up and was surprised that the bed was fully made and everything! I climbed under the blankets and was surrounded by Alec's scent. He went to the door and I was suddenly afraid to be alone.

"Alec!" He looked up when I called his name, "Can you stay in here with me? I mean you don't have to but, I'd feel so much better and I have these nightmares at night that wake me up screaming." I was rambling, Alec walked back over to me.

"I will stay mia Bella if it makes you feel better." He sat in a chair over by his desk. I kept my eyes open fighting the fatigue that was trying to overwhelm me. "Yes Bella?" Alec asked looking up at me. I didn't say anything I didn't know how to ask him. He sighed softly looking at me with soft eyes,

"Move over a little bit." I did and he climbed in with me laying beside me with his book beside him, I lay on my side facing him. "That better?" I nodded and smiled sleepily, I wiggled over to him and lay my head on his chest. I couldn't hear his heart beat and I knew that I never would but it didn't matter, I smiled softly as I drifted to sleep laying there with Alec who was already reading his book.

I love it. Please keep me updated. You can also add me as a friend.

awwwwww this is awsome :)


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