The Twilight Saga

 This imprint story is basically about how one night can change everything. It's funny how your life can seem normal at one point and then it vanishes with your sanity! People get hurt, some find love, some get frustrated, and DAMAGED.....will that person be able to recover after everything that has happened. Will Someone Have The Courage To Save The Unexpected!?





There I was standing in my bedroom doorway for the very last time. Why did we have to leave? Why did my mom get a new job? Why did my dad have to die?* I winced* Why My dad?

* Starts Flashback*


"Hey sweethart we're at the bank you ready?" my dad said


"Yes daddy" i said. My dad got out the car and came around and opened my door. We walked inside the bank and it was crowded, so I tried to stay close to him. It was a long line, but we finally made it to the desk.


"Next" the woman said


"Yes hello I would like to make a deposit" my dad said


"Ok sure whats your box number" the woman said. After that I heard something click.


"Yeah the box number is..." my dad got cut off by some man.


"Everybody put your hands up!" the man said. I got very scared and hide behind my dad. He stood in front of me in a protective way.


"I want everybody to put everything you've got in this bag!" the man said. I hadn't realized he had a gun he pointed it to everyones head telling them to put their stuff in the bag. I started to cry and my dad noticed.

"Listen Cammy, sweetheart I need you to go over there amd hide under the desk when I say 'go; ok" my dad whispered, I nodded. The man started to get closer to us. He was going in a line to take everybody's stuff. He was trying to hurry up so he can escape. He was one person away from my dad and I. So he looked back to the front of the line to make sure he got everybody's things.


"Go" my dad whispered. He said it so low for me to only hear him. So I ran quickly and quietly without him turning around. Finally, he faced my dad.


"Give me everything you've got!" the man said


"No" my dad said firmly.


"Do what I say!" the man said


"No!" my dad said again, but shouted I was so scared for my daddy because the man had the gun pointed to my daddy's head.


"No Daddy!" I whispered, but he couldn't hear me. The man snatched my daddy by his shirt and my dad punched him. He got really mad and SHOT my DAD! My dad dropped the money he had in his hand and fell. The man took the money and ran.


"DAD!" I yelled while crying and running to go see if he was still alive. I took off running I cant believe I saw my dad get shot right before my eyes.


"Ca..." my dad said, but couldn't finish.


"Dad I love you... please dont ...leave me, its not goodbye daddy.... Daddy!" I was choking on my tears and crying. I wanted him to stay with me. All I think I heard was a piercing whisper saying"Bye I love you, tell the rest as well". After that I heard him take his last breath and then.....GONE. MY DAD IS DEAD. I began to soak my shirt up with my tears while the rest of tthe hostages got free with the help of the cops. I wrapped my daddy's arms around me and and sat there until the ambulance came. I started to sing the short lullaby my dad sung for me when I was 1. I cant believe I am only 5 years old and I watched my dad die right before my eyes. I loved my short lullaby my daddy sang for me, it s called *Never Forget*.


*Never Forget*


Never Forget I Love you

Never Forget I held you

I'll stay with you forever

Until my time is up


Never Forget I kissed you

Never Forget I'll miss you

I'll stay with you forever

Until my time is up


Never Forget me

Never Forget me

Never Forget me

Even if my time is up


*End Flashback*


I cried myself to sleep every night for 2 years straight. The police found my dad's killer sneaking out of the back door of the bank. Um... I think his name was John Ssmith. My mom pressed charges against him, he was in jail for a very long time like about 8 years or less; i dont know I forgot.I loved my dad and I hated to see him go. My mom tried to provide for us when my dad died. One day she got a high paying job in Forks,Washington. Sshe said yes to the opportunity and bought a house for her, my sisters, and I. Oh I love my sisters I wouldnt want anything to happen to them. I have 2 sisters, one of my sisters name is Sstephanie, but I call her Steph. She is 14 and acts younger than Michelle and I. My other sister is Michelle, but I also call her Elle. She is 13 just like me and my best friend Brianna.Elle,and I love to hangout while Steph is at parties. Oh I almost forgot me I'm Camille, but everyone calls me Cammy. I'm 13 and currently moving to Forks,Washington. I dont want to move, but I have to.


"Cammy let's go" my mom said. Her name is Nicole Harris. My sisters and I have our mothers last name. She has done alot for us simce my dad died.


"Coming mom, hey Ssteph, Elle come here!" I said


"Hold on were coming" Elle said. A few miinutes later Steph and Elle were standing right behind me when I didn't notice.


"BOO!' my sisters said


"Ahhh you scared me" I said


"Well we shouldn't have we've beenhere for about 30 seconds laughing making stupid loud noises." Elle said


"Yeah you've been staring out the window like you saw a ghost". Ssteph said


"Oh I haven't noticed I thought you just came in its been like 2 minutes" I said


"What were you thinking about?" Steph said


"The day I saw dad die rightg before my eyes." * I winced* I said


"Oh" was all my sisters said


"Yeah I still miss him, I mean he died right in front of me and I was the last person to talkt to him." i said. Some tears rolled down my face and 2 or 1 from my sisters. We waited in silence.


 "Hey lets go you guys so we dont miss our plane." mom said


We all snapped out of our thoughts and grabbed our bags and headed out the door. My mom was sad to leave the house because we had alot of memoriesthere. I was born there in my parents bedroom. My parents had their wedding there, birthday parties, celebrations, and etc. I'm not happy because I leaving my old school even though it ended. My friends and my very best friend Brianna. Brianna and I habe been best friends since we were babies. My mom and her mom went to school together. Brianna is 13 andwe love the same things like puppies, jewelry, romance, family, and etc; just like my sisters andI. It's werd that we all like the exact same thing. This was the first time I had to go to a different school for the whole year without Brianna. I love Brianna so much, she like another sister to Steph, Elle, and me. I gave Brianna a nickname that she really loved, Bri- Bri. I'm furious I have to leave without her, nut it will be alright shes coming to stay with us tomorrow until school starts, she didnt come today with us because she has to pack and say her goodbyes. My sisters and I havent seen the house yet, but my mom said it was big and beautiful.


"Come on you guys so we can catch a taxi to our 'new house'". my mom said with excitement.


"Ok" I said


"Oh I almost forgot there are a few surprises in your room." mom said


"What is it?" Elle asked


"I'm not telling you: mom said


"Give us one little hint." Steph said


"Yeah please" i said


"Nope" my mom said popping her 'p'


"Fine" my sisters and I said as I let out a big sigh of defeat


"Come on cabs here!" Steph said


"Put the suitcases and stuff in the trunk" mom said


"Kay" Elle said


"Alright girls are you ready to see your new house?" mom asked


"Yes" Steph said


"Of course" Elle said


"Absolutely Posivtutely" I said


"Ok were here!" mom said



The Pain


The Pain is overwhelming to develop the intensity of fire,

To pressure the ice beneath my wings,

He was half of me and you took him,

I hate you and you caused me my Pain,

Now I have to do the same to you to withdraw my Pain,

He was my heart and the closest thing to me,

To see me cry is a saddening thing to see,

And everyday you wonder whats wrong with me,

How come you wanted me to burn,

To see the enemy in fire while I simmer in ice!

















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I love imprint stories also. This is good so far. Please keep writing. Woo hoo I'm your first comment.
thx woo hoo for yhu :)
omg i luv it, its so aswome:p
why do yu do storys??
ur kool:)
Thx, I do storys bcuz to mhe it means I have a place to put mhy emotions but in a different world:)
Chapter 1 : A New Life

Camille's P.OV

"This house is amazing mom." I said

"Wait to you see the inside" mom said

"Already on it" Steph said heading for the door

"Come with me Cammy" Elle said

"KK" I said

"The living room is b-b-beautiful" i said

"AAAaaaaaah look at my bedroom" Steph said. Elle and I ran upstairs to Steph's room\

"Wow" Elle said

"It's awsome" I said

"Look my gift and a note" Steph said

"What is it?" I asked

"A beautiful necklace and a note from mom. Dear Stephanie, I loveyou very much and yuor other gift is in your closet!" Steph said

"That looks utterly beautiful and breathtaking!" I said

"Yeah what she said" Ellr sqaid

"I know my other gift is in the closet!" Steph said

" Go see what it is silly" I said laughing. Steph went and opened the closet door to see what her second gift was. She fainted and I went to go catch her before she fell to the floor. If I wasnt there she would have hit the floor. Elle wouldnt have caught her because she was to busy going GaGA over Steph's necklace after she got off Steph's new laptop on her bed.

:"Steph! StepH! Elle get over here and help me" I said. But Elle was still in GaGA Land.

"Elle" I shouted. Oh that caught her attention.

"Huh! What ,Who, Huh?" Elle said. She is always clueless everytime she goes in GaGa Land she does it all the time when she watches t.v. It's always looks like she's in love, its very weird.

"Get over here now!" I shouted

"Ok ok" Elle said

"Get her to the bed" I said. Elle helped get her to the bed and fan her down. We were going to dump water on her, but we didnt want to mess up her new bed. So I dipped my hands in the water and sprinkled water droplets on her face. Finally, I had to slap her to get her back; she's crazy

"M-m-m-my c-closet, n-new clothes" Steph said

"Say what?" Elle asked

"Elle look at the cute clothes" I said answering her question. Steph was trying to remember what happened, she was just like Elle in GaGa Land, but she was staring at her brand new designer clothes.

"Oh My Gosh!" Elle said. Steph finally gained her conscious back and ran to her closet to examine her clothes. She started crying and it was very funny. She immediately took out her cellphone and camera and took tons of pics.

"Oh come on come on come on lets go check out my room!" Elle said. I swear she was jumping up and down. She took my arm and Steph's and literally pulled us out of Step's room. I almost tripped over my heels. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only sane person or normal person.

"Calm down Elle" I said

"Yeah dont be in such a rush" Steph said. Was she serious, she must dont remember what she did. I was laughing the whole time in my head while they were talking.
i like thisa you should keep writing ! its good
its really good!!!
Continued Chapter 1
A New Life!

"I know you are not talking you rushed to your room first then fainted" Elle said. I giggled, Steph gave Elle and I a glare and we both silently laughed.

"You 2 would've done the same thing and I bet you will" Steph said defending herself while she gave us a wink.

"I wouldn't" Elle said. She stuck her tongue at Steph and dropped our arms. We reached a door with Elle's name on it. It was pretty decorated with pink and it sayed" Michelle". Steph had one too, but hers was blue and says "Stephanie".

"T-This is my new room!" Elle squealed

"Spanking room Elee" I said. It was very pretty very girly. Everytime I think of girly I think pink, so yeah.

"Cool room Elle" Steph said. Steph was trying to upload her room pics on the internet.

"Ugh! Oh no Elle" i yelled. Well I guess you can never stop GaGa Land from coming for you.

"Ooops sorry! Was I worse than Steph" Elle asked

"No, but if your about to look for your gift I think you will" I said

"Better watch out GaGa Land is coming to get you!" Steph said in a scary voice while laughing. I giggled.

"HA ha HEhe sooo funny! Looks like GaGA Land still has you. Still uploading the pics from your room I see, seems like GaGa Land is still haunting your spirit" Elle said
Sorry I had and have to make a few tweaks and ill post and soon as I can
Ok when I do you'll be the first one to know lol :)
"Whatever" Steph said

"You guys chill out or do I have to put your gifts in front of you to make you drift off to GaGa Land " I yelled trying to hold back my laughter. "Gosh I swaer I think I'm the only normal kid in this bunch" I said laughing

"Ha Ha maybe if Elle dont stay in GaGa Land" Steph said

"Just drop it everybody; everybody has their moments okay" Elle said laughing. My sisters and I are very close we'd do anything for each other.

"Ok go look at your gift girly girl" I said

"Ya go so we can see if Miss Perfect Camille can stay away from GaGa Land " Steph said laughing with sarcasm

"Uh-huh" Elle said. Elle went to her bed and saw a matching bracelet to Steph's necklace, it was beautiful. She also found a note which I'm guessing is from mom. Her room was pretty cool. Steph's theme color was baby blue, baby pink for Elle, and I wonder what's mine.

"Hey this bracelet matches Ssteph's necklace! Elle said

"Ya it really does" I said

"Oooo were matching sistas" Steph said laughing

"Yay I guess we are sista" Elle said

5 minutes l8t3r

" Ok read the note already" I yelled

"Oooo pushy and jumpy, ready to go to GaGa Land over your room" Ealle asked

"No its just youve been staring at the bracelet for 5 minutes" I said

"You really are GooGoo GaGa" Steph said

"1. Oh I hadnt noticed 2. I've been told " Elle said

"Ya by who?' Steph asked

:By you silly, you just told me" Elle retorted

"Oh, well you are" Steph retorted back laughing

"Ok ok lets check the note lemme see it" I said

" Here its from mom of course" Elle said

" Dear Michelle, I love you and I hope youlove your matching bracelet to the necklace, you guys can match; youre other gift is in the closet" I read

"Another closet gift hmmm" Steph said mysterious

"Ya I guess sooo" I said

" I wonder what it is " Elle said. Elle walked to her closet and to my not surprise she was in GaGa Land the moment she laed eyes on the clothes. Ya she got new clothes too. So I guess I am the normal kid, but normal is boringso I have to do something exciting very soon. I knw, we can go to the beach party to night at something called " La Push beach'.

"Guys, you guys hey snap out of it " I said. No figures Elle's GooGaa and Steph is texting. Ugh! I'm getting sick of this!

"Hey you guys you wanna hit the beach party tonight at La Push?" I asked. Hoping that a party would snap them out of it

"Ssister you had me at beach party!"Steph said excited

"You had me at La Push!" Elle said excited

"What" Ssteph asked

"Yeah, why would I have you at La Push" I asked

"Oh yeah, I did some research before we came here. They have a nice private school here and the nature is awsome.People are very nice. Oh and the beach it is simply beautiful, it changes colors through morning, evening, sunset, and at night in the sky. Alot of websites say its great for romance. I also think the beach party is like a campfire with a lot of friends and people. It has hanging lanterns, music , Hot Guys, and the water of course" Elle explained

"It sounds beautiful ,now we really have to go" I said excited

"Yeah it sounds good especially the HOT GUYS part but how couldnt you snapped out of it at beach party, HELLO PARTY" Steph asked

"Well I like nature and I dont really go to those alot" Elle said. It reallywas true because when Steph is always at parties Elle and I would explorenature, have a picnic, hike, and camp in the woods for a few days.

"Ok lets just finish these rooms shall we?" I asked hopefully

"Ok sure" Elle said

"Yeah lets see if your as strong as you say you are" Steph said. Well this is it, I'm finally goging to see If I can survive GaGa LAND like I think I can and what I've told. While we walked to my room I saw an old family portrait on the wall. I saw dad and I froze. My sisters caught on what I was looking at and just stared at dad like I did. Elle started to cry and Steph just tried to comfort her.

"Hey lets just get back to the moment of fun ok" I said with a fake laugh and smile

"Your right" Elle sniffed. All of our stuff was already in the house except the stuff we brought today. We had a pretty chandeler in our hall it describes us crazy,exciting, adventureous,energetic, kind, and caring. OK were HERE.

"Pretty sign" I said breaking the silence. Mine was my favorite texture or pattern zebra with pink, of course it sayed" CAMILLE".

"Mmm-hmm" My sisters said in unison. They think I will fall for GaGa Land, but no way.... I dont think. I opened the door and to my surprise my mouth and my sisters dropped. I think it took 7 seconds to recover before my sisters noticed, but they wouldnt care because there in GaGa Land. I never really got the concept of GaGa Land I mean whats the point its timeless to just sit there and stare for a very long time. I dont think that was GaGa Land. 1. it was only 7 seconds2. I snapped out of it by myself. Huh. That wasnt GaGa Land. Phew! That was close. I loved my room my favorite thing zebra style. Everything was almost zebra. Then I looked at my bed I saw a shiny thing and a note; mom. I went to my bed and I saw RING! It was matched to Steph's necklace and Elle's bracelet.

"You guys look at this amazing ring, it matches both of your gifts; I guess mom wanted all of us to match!" I said ecstatic.

"Yeah I guess" Elle said

" Yeah, we are" Steph said

"Ok let me read the note" Elle said. "Dear Camille, I love you and I hope you enjoy your gift. I guess you all can match now.Your other gift is in the closet of course!" Elle read. I skipped to my closet in excitement then BAM!
My brand new clothes, they were beautiful. Everything screamed ME!

"Oh I LOVE ITTT!" I screamed with joy

" WOW there really pretty they look like they suit you" Steph said

"Yeah, like its screaming you" Elle said "Oh I'm perfect for CAMILLE, ooo pic me, no me, back off its me she wants" Elle said laughing making a high squeaky pitch impression. I giggled.

"I know right" I said. "The room is crazy twisted"

"I totally like it" Elle said

" Me too" Steph said

"So how about we finish packing the things we brought and get ready for the party, leets say in 30 minutes. I said

"OK" Elle yelled running to her room

" Alright" Steph said running as well. I guess she really wants to go to that party. I walked downstairs and saw mom in the living room watching t.v.

"Hey mom the girls and I want to thank you so much for everything you've done and we love you too" I said

"Aww you girls make me so happy I love each and everyone of you. So what are yall up tp tonight?" Mom asked

"We're just going to a beach party at La Push" I said

"Oh have fun, if your hungry theres food in the fridge when you guys get back, I'm tired it was a long trip today. I'm surprised you girls arent tired" mom said

"Oh mom Steph= party= alnight so yeah" I said laughing.

"I heard that" Steph said from upstairs. Me and mom laughed.

"And Elle and I go hiking and exploring alll the time and never get tired when we come home, we all are energetic".

"Yeah, I forget energetic" mom said laughing

"Night mom I love you" I said kissing her cheek.

"Night sweetheart "mom said

30 minutes later

"You guys ready" I asked

"Ya,but shouldnt we tell mom were leaving first?" Steph asked

:I already told her she in the bed, hey Elle call a taxi" I said

"KK" Elle said

" Steph ready to party, like I have to ask" I said

"You know it" Steph said

10 minues l8t3r
"Hey you guys taxi is out front" Steph yelled excited.

"Girls we look awsome" I said

"Yeah we reallly do" Elle said

"Ok lets go" I said joyfully


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