The Twilight Saga

 This imprint story is basically about how one night can change everything. It's funny how your life can seem normal at one point and then it vanishes with your sanity! People get hurt, some find love, some get frustrated, and DAMAGED.....will that person be able to recover after everything that has happened. Will Someone Have The Courage To Save The Unexpected!?





There I was standing in my bedroom doorway for the very last time. Why did we have to leave? Why did my mom get a new job? Why did my dad have to die?* I winced* Why My dad?

* Starts Flashback*


"Hey sweethart we're at the bank you ready?" my dad said


"Yes daddy" i said. My dad got out the car and came around and opened my door. We walked inside the bank and it was crowded, so I tried to stay close to him. It was a long line, but we finally made it to the desk.


"Next" the woman said


"Yes hello I would like to make a deposit" my dad said


"Ok sure whats your box number" the woman said. After that I heard something click.


"Yeah the box number is..." my dad got cut off by some man.


"Everybody put your hands up!" the man said. I got very scared and hide behind my dad. He stood in front of me in a protective way.


"I want everybody to put everything you've got in this bag!" the man said. I hadn't realized he had a gun he pointed it to everyones head telling them to put their stuff in the bag. I started to cry and my dad noticed.

"Listen Cammy, sweetheart I need you to go over there amd hide under the desk when I say 'go; ok" my dad whispered, I nodded. The man started to get closer to us. He was going in a line to take everybody's stuff. He was trying to hurry up so he can escape. He was one person away from my dad and I. So he looked back to the front of the line to make sure he got everybody's things.


"Go" my dad whispered. He said it so low for me to only hear him. So I ran quickly and quietly without him turning around. Finally, he faced my dad.


"Give me everything you've got!" the man said


"No" my dad said firmly.


"Do what I say!" the man said


"No!" my dad said again, but shouted I was so scared for my daddy because the man had the gun pointed to my daddy's head.


"No Daddy!" I whispered, but he couldn't hear me. The man snatched my daddy by his shirt and my dad punched him. He got really mad and SHOT my DAD! My dad dropped the money he had in his hand and fell. The man took the money and ran.


"DAD!" I yelled while crying and running to go see if he was still alive. I took off running I cant believe I saw my dad get shot right before my eyes.


"Ca..." my dad said, but couldn't finish.


"Dad I love you... please dont ...leave me, its not goodbye daddy.... Daddy!" I was choking on my tears and crying. I wanted him to stay with me. All I think I heard was a piercing whisper saying"Bye I love you, tell the rest as well". After that I heard him take his last breath and then.....GONE. MY DAD IS DEAD. I began to soak my shirt up with my tears while the rest of tthe hostages got free with the help of the cops. I wrapped my daddy's arms around me and and sat there until the ambulance came. I started to sing the short lullaby my dad sung for me when I was 1. I cant believe I am only 5 years old and I watched my dad die right before my eyes. I loved my short lullaby my daddy sang for me, it s called *Never Forget*.


*Never Forget*


Never Forget I Love you

Never Forget I held you

I'll stay with you forever

Until my time is up


Never Forget I kissed you

Never Forget I'll miss you

I'll stay with you forever

Until my time is up


Never Forget me

Never Forget me

Never Forget me

Even if my time is up


*End Flashback*


I cried myself to sleep every night for 2 years straight. The police found my dad's killer sneaking out of the back door of the bank. Um... I think his name was John Ssmith. My mom pressed charges against him, he was in jail for a very long time like about 8 years or less; i dont know I forgot.I loved my dad and I hated to see him go. My mom tried to provide for us when my dad died. One day she got a high paying job in Forks,Washington. Sshe said yes to the opportunity and bought a house for her, my sisters, and I. Oh I love my sisters I wouldnt want anything to happen to them. I have 2 sisters, one of my sisters name is Sstephanie, but I call her Steph. She is 14 and acts younger than Michelle and I. My other sister is Michelle, but I also call her Elle. She is 13 just like me and my best friend Brianna.Elle,and I love to hangout while Steph is at parties. Oh I almost forgot me I'm Camille, but everyone calls me Cammy. I'm 13 and currently moving to Forks,Washington. I dont want to move, but I have to.


"Cammy let's go" my mom said. Her name is Nicole Harris. My sisters and I have our mothers last name. She has done alot for us simce my dad died.


"Coming mom, hey Ssteph, Elle come here!" I said


"Hold on were coming" Elle said. A few miinutes later Steph and Elle were standing right behind me when I didn't notice.


"BOO!' my sisters said


"Ahhh you scared me" I said


"Well we shouldn't have we've beenhere for about 30 seconds laughing making stupid loud noises." Elle said


"Yeah you've been staring out the window like you saw a ghost". Ssteph said


"Oh I haven't noticed I thought you just came in its been like 2 minutes" I said


"What were you thinking about?" Steph said


"The day I saw dad die rightg before my eyes." * I winced* I said


"Oh" was all my sisters said


"Yeah I still miss him, I mean he died right in front of me and I was the last person to talkt to him." i said. Some tears rolled down my face and 2 or 1 from my sisters. We waited in silence.


 "Hey lets go you guys so we dont miss our plane." mom said


We all snapped out of our thoughts and grabbed our bags and headed out the door. My mom was sad to leave the house because we had alot of memoriesthere. I was born there in my parents bedroom. My parents had their wedding there, birthday parties, celebrations, and etc. I'm not happy because I leaving my old school even though it ended. My friends and my very best friend Brianna. Brianna and I habe been best friends since we were babies. My mom and her mom went to school together. Brianna is 13 andwe love the same things like puppies, jewelry, romance, family, and etc; just like my sisters andI. It's werd that we all like the exact same thing. This was the first time I had to go to a different school for the whole year without Brianna. I love Brianna so much, she like another sister to Steph, Elle, and me. I gave Brianna a nickname that she really loved, Bri- Bri. I'm furious I have to leave without her, nut it will be alright shes coming to stay with us tomorrow until school starts, she didnt come today with us because she has to pack and say her goodbyes. My sisters and I havent seen the house yet, but my mom said it was big and beautiful.


"Come on you guys so we can catch a taxi to our 'new house'". my mom said with excitement.


"Ok" I said


"Oh I almost forgot there are a few surprises in your room." mom said


"What is it?" Elle asked


"I'm not telling you: mom said


"Give us one little hint." Steph said


"Yeah please" i said


"Nope" my mom said popping her 'p'


"Fine" my sisters and I said as I let out a big sigh of defeat


"Come on cabs here!" Steph said


"Put the suitcases and stuff in the trunk" mom said


"Kay" Elle said


"Alright girls are you ready to see your new house?" mom asked


"Yes" Steph said


"Of course" Elle said


"Absolutely Posivtutely" I said


"Ok were here!" mom said



The Pain


The Pain is overwhelming to develop the intensity of fire,

To pressure the ice beneath my wings,

He was half of me and you took him,

I hate you and you caused me my Pain,

Now I have to do the same to you to withdraw my Pain,

He was my heart and the closest thing to me,

To see me cry is a saddening thing to see,

And everyday you wonder whats wrong with me,

How come you wanted me to burn,

To see the enemy in fire while I simmer in ice!

















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Chapter 2

Strange Meetings!

Jared’s P.O.V

“Wait…. Do you know her?” I asked Steph and Elle.
“Yeah, she’s our best friend” Michelle said while starting to cry.
“What happened to her, Jared?” Stephanie asked in mid horror.
“I don’t know, all I heard was screaming and I found her getting roughed up by three dudes” I said apologetically. “Steph, where’s  Cammy  she doesn’t know Brianna’s here” Michelle asked.
“I don’t know, I just called her cell and she won’t pick up. Let’s go look for her.” Stephanie said.
“Do you need me to come?” Brady asked.
“Thx, but no just please wait here until we come back” Stephanie pleaded.
“Ok” Brady said trying to hide his frown.
“Brianna” I said trying to wake her up. Brianna. How beautiful thy name is. “Please wake up”. At that moment my heart felt like an open flesh wound getting alcohol poured all over it. The girls ran away looking for their sister while I held Brianna in my arms. Embry left to go after the girls since Collin and Brady couldn’t go. As every minute past tears consumed my face.

Camille’s P.O.V

Water. Blue. Silence. No air. Slipping into the brink of death, water clogging my lungs, saltwater burning my eyes. What a night this has been! I don’t even have the strength nor energy to fight the water anymore. As soon as I was about to let go something saved me. As it takes me to safety I blank out.
Leah’s  P.0.V

The night sky was very romantic. With the shore, the fire, and him; made it amazing. We were at a separate campfire in the back made out of peach bricks. He tenderly caressed my face, arms, legs, and lips with care. It seemed as nobody was even in our minds beside each other. I kissed him hungrily with passion and he returned it back. He always made me feel serene and close. As soon as we were about to get even closer I felt something and I stood up.

“Leah, what’s wrong” He said worriedly.
“Something is wrong, I can feel it……” I said worried. Then I let out a gasp. “Seth”…… I took off running to the pack while he ran after me shouting my name.


Stephanie’s P.O.V
“Where the hell could she be, we checked: every campfire, every food table, and bathroom and she’s nowhere.” I said upset. “She better not be drunk anywhere or I’m going to kill her” I said furious because of my fear.
“What if we don’t find her” Michelle said crying. She made me want to cry now.
“We’ll find her munchkin, don’t worry.” I said comfortly.
“Hey guys, wait up” Embry yelled behind us.
“What are you doing here” I asked curiously.
“I wanted to come see if you guys needed any help finding your sister” Embry said truthfully.
“That’s nice, thank you” Michelle said wiping her tears.
“Yea, thx” I said nicely. We walked up the shore and the little coast searching for her, walking up the tide line we saw Cammy’s clothes on the ground wet. We gasped.
“Cammy!” I said looking at the clothes.
“Did she go into the water” Embry said about to jump in.
“I don’t know” I said in terror.  Embry and I were trying to see her out in the ocean, but we saw nothing at all. At my right, Elle was peering at two people coming on the shore and even in the night sky Elle saw the zebra suit clearly.
“Cammy!” Michelle screamed running to the people. I was relieved, angry, scared, and uneasy. I needed to be comforted, I always do. Why did I tell Brady to stay? Stupid mee. Brady. 

Jared’s P.O.V
Brianna. Brianna. My beautiful Brianna. Please wake up darling, I can’t lose you after I just found out you where mine.
“Quil, Paul can you help me get her to the Cullens” I asked staring at Brianna’s face.
“Sure, man” Quil said. Paul just nodded his head. As soon as they were about to leave she came running.“Where is he? Where’s Seth” Leah said agitated.
“Leah slow down, what’s wrong” Jacob said.
“Something’s wrong, I can feel it and its coming from Seth…where is he?” Leah said as fast as lightning. Leah’s imprint came then right behind her, he touched her shoulder to calm her down.
“Well let’s go find him. Jared take the rest of the girls, Paul, and Quil with you to the Cullens;  we’ll be there shortly” Jacob said before taking orders. I scooped up Brianna and we all left.

Seth’s P.O.V
“Hello?” I said dripping wet as did she. She didn’t move an inch. Who was the mystical breathtaking creature. I was being pulled by her very own essence. I gently moved all her hair out the way of her face so he can see her clearly. She really was amazingly pretty. As soon as he finished taking in her beautiful existence. Something struck him right in the heart sending him in agony.

Embry’s P.O.V
When we got closer to the two people I finally knew who the dude was.
“Seth?” I asked. He didn’t speak, move, or even notice my existence. He just sat there staring at the girl on the ground. Her hair was sprawled all over the sand, her bathing suit revealing her creamy skin, and she was not moving. Seth’s face looked like he had just lost the most important thing to him in his life…….Oh no! He imprinted on her too! How is that even remotely impossible for all of them to imprint on the same night. I’m happy but confused as hell.
“Cammy” Stephanie said as she landed on the ground right beside Michelle who was sobbing in Camille’s hand. Steph checked Cammy for any marks and to see if she has a pulse. Elle couldn’t help but cry at the sight. Seth, out of nowhere, snapped back into reality and did everything in his power to save the girl’s life.
“Come on” Seth whispered. He brought her back after 15 pumps. She coughed up so much water that I thought she would never finish. Steph and  Elle immediately hugged Cammy and stopped their crying.
Camille’s P.O.V
Black. Night. Darkness. I feel cold, wet, hands, and breath. As I awake back to life the first thing I open my eyes to see is a boy. Who is he? Why is he hovering over me? Why is he wet? Why am I wet on the ground? And then I turned over and started coughing up water. Had I drowned? Steph and Elle hugged me tightly and I felt their tears on my back. What would they do without me? What would I do without them? Elle and Steph let me go so I can  breathe.
“If you EVER scare me….us like that again, I will strangle you understood?” Michelle said. I nodded and she kissed my forehead. As soon as I was about to ask questions people came running at us.
“Seth!” A girl came running with 4 dudes running after her. Who is Seth? She passed me and made sure the boy behind me was okay. So he’s Seth?
“Seth, are you okay” She asked scared.
“Yes, Leah I’m fine” Seth said. Leah? So Seth and Leah.
“What’s wrong with you, Leah” Another boy asked.
“Seth, I felt something was wrong with you, you felt happy then you felt pain and agony” Leah said ruefully.
“We can talk about that later” Seth said with a sideway glance.  
“Elle help me get her up” Steph said helping me up.
‘What’s going on here” I asked dazed.
“Well your friend Brianna came here to surprise you, but she got caught by some boys and now she’s been taken to a doctor. We tried to call you but you wouldn’t answer, but we see Seth just save you” A husky male gestured to Seth saying it.
“Brianna! What happened to her” I said frantically.
“I’ll explain questions later, but for now we need you in warm clothes and everybody headed to the Cullen’s house” The husky male said.
“And who are you” I asked drastically. He smiled and apologized.
“I’m sorry Ms. Camille we haven’t been formally introduced my name’s Jacob” Jacob said.
“I’m Embry” Embry said with one wave.
“Leah” Leah said with a small smile and went to go stand by here imprint.
“Seth” Seth said with an adoring look on his face.
“You already know us” Brady and Collin said laughing, trying to ease the mood. It brought a smile to my face.
“Ok… can we go now because we have to see about Brianna” The sisters said in unison.
“Freaky” Leah’s imprint said and they all laughed.  They all got into the car ready to go. Jacob, Brady, Stephanie, Collin, and Michelle were in one car while Leah, her imprint, Seth, and Camille in the other. Cammy felt uncomfortable being in a car with people she doesn’t know, she would rather be in the car with her sisters. Seth was relieved that Camille was safe now, but now he was being tortured because she was sitting right by him in her wet drenching bathing suit, showing skin. Cammy shivered and Seth took off his shirt to give to Cammy so she could be warm.  She accepted it without thought because she was freezing, the whole ride she couldn’t take her eyes off of Seth’s body. Seth smiled in his head  because he was aware of it. He wrapped an arm around her to heaten her up and let him out of pure curiosity. The whole ride was quiet and serene and Cammy fell asleep on Seth’s chest making him ache with passion.
End of Chapter 2

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Chapter 3


Sudden Happenings!


Seth's P.O.V


As Camille laid on my bare chest, I felt the water dropped from her pretty silk light-brown hair, her face, her arms, and some of it rested on her lips which tempted me to kiss it off. I had to struggle with my self control, it had felt like my body was being tossed into flames. My body ached for Camille, but she doesn't even know me. What am I going to do?


Brady's P.O.V


"Are you okay" I asked Stephanie while rubbing her arm. I tried to comfort her every way I could.


"Yeah I'm fine for now...but next time when I tell you to stay please go with me" Steph said with tears in her eyes.


"I promise" I said with seriousness. I would never leave her by herself, it nearly tore me apart to see her walk away from me like she did before.


"You too" Michelle said to Collin. "Promise me that too".


"I double promise" Collin said with a smile on his face. At least he knows how Michelle feels about him, but I don't know how Steph feels about me.


"Aww look at all the im....couples" Jacob said stumbling over th imprint part. He gave a big sigh of relief. I moved a piece of hair out of Steph's face so I can see her beautiful structure. I wrapped my arms around her and she laid her head on my shoulder while Collin and Elle were cuddling. They got together quick, as if they couldn't help being apart for another moment. This moment felt right.


Camille's P.O.V


When we arrived at the house Seth woke me up and helped me out the car. The house was huge and color coded perfectly. When Steph and Elle got out of the car they gasped like I did. Before, I walked into the house I noticed that Collin had an arm around Elle's waist and Brady's arm around Steph. What was going on here? As soon as I take the first step I stumble backwards and Seth caught me in his arms. He saved me again. I just gave him a small smile and let him carry me into the house. When he got in the house has a homely feeling to it, like it was waiting for us. When we passed the hallway we came into view with other magnificent people in the living room. There was a girl who looked like a pixie, a man who looked like he had trouble breathing, a handsome man by the glass window with a pale skinned woman with chocolate brown eyes, a big huge dude who looked like a bear with a fair headed blond by his side; who looked so small compared to him, and last a woman who standing right in front of us with gold eyes and reddish brunette hair. She greeted us kindly.


"Welcome to our home" The woman said. "My name is Esme please make yourself at home." As soon as she passed me the pixie headed barbie stood right in front me.


"Here" She said. She handed me some clothes to change in and I looked at her curiously.


"They said you might need a change of clothes, I'm Alice and this is Jasper" Alice said standing by his side. "There is a bathroom down the hall on the left".


"Thank you" I said. My mind was not with me at the moment, it felt as if it was distant from my body. As soon as I collected it, I turned around and nearly fell again. "Where's Brianna" I said wide-eyed.


"Carlisle is taking care of her, please don't worry...Jasper" The woman by the glass window said. "I'm Bella" She said smiling. "And this man right here is Edward" She said turning him around to face everybody. He smiled with a slight twitch of his mouth, it seemed as though he was concentrating on something.


"Welcome,..if you just go change into something dry then you can see Brianna" Edward said calmly. I ran into the bathroom and change quickly as possible.


Michelle's P.O.V


"Well hi everybody my names Michelle but you can call me Elle and this is my other sister Stephanie but call her Steph" I said happily mixed with sadness. I tried to lighten the mood to a terrible scene. I pointed at Steph and smiled, I don't know why but I have a baby's smile so I can make anybody laugh. Collin rubbed the small of my back and sent a tingle through my spine.


"I see you bring the enjoyment" The huge man said. "My name's Emmett and this is Rosalie, Rose for short" He said nudging her.


"Hello" Rose said unpleasantly.


"Jacob, can I speak to you for a moment" Edward said.


"Sure" Jacob said. Everybody loosened up a little bit, but didn't fully let the tension go. The boy so called Seth was sitting by the wall staring out into the forest, he looked depressed. I wonder what's wrong with him?


Seth's P.O.V


Why? Why does it hurt to be away from her? I can't bear it, she's alone by herself and I know she's hurting inside, but I can't get in to help her. Oh God help me.


Camille's P.O.V


I changed very quickly to go see what was wrong with my best friend. I didn't notice what I had on until I was staring at myself wide-eyed in the mirror. All it was was a short dress that barely looked like a dress. This had to be a mistake, it almost didn't even past my waist. In my mind, I pushed past the way I looked and walk back down the hallway to go see Brianna.


"Where's the doctor" I said demanding. I heard my sisters gasp, people staring, and the males turning around. I'm guessing at the short blue dress, out the corner of my eye I saw Seth turn around to look at what everybody was staring at and immediately turned back around to face the window, his muscle tensed up and I saw it through his silk shirt. I cleard my throat to get everybody's attention and nearly growled. "Doctor!" I snarled. What was wrong with these people did they not understand the urgency I was in. As soon as I was about to run around the huge house looking for Brianna a man came out a door with a white coat on. He had golden hair to match his golden eyes and his voice was soft and nice.


"Hi everyone, I'm Doctor Cullen" He greeted nicely. I nearly jumped across the room to face him in his face.


"Where's Brianna" I said.


"She's in the back,but........" Dr. Cullen said but I left before he could finish. I could hear Steph and Elle running after me and calling my name, but I didn't care I had to find her. When I reached a small room in the back there she was in a hospital bed with hospital equipment hooked up to her. There was a boy sitting on the bed beside her, he had tears in his eyes. I walked slowly to Brianna to see what damage she had been in. She had scars on her leg, her forehead, and her arms. I covered my mouth as the tears burned in my throat. What kind of monster what do such a thing!?


"Brianna" I said barely a whispered, the tears was clogging my voice. Brianna tried to raise her eyes but couldn't so she kept them closed.


" that you? It's so good to hear your voice" Brianna said.


"Bri Bri" I cried in sorrow and it echoed through the house.


"Cam.....c..Cammy don't cry I'm fine" Bri Bri said but her words were slurred. Steph and Elle came into the room at the knick of time because as soon as they came in I got dizzly drunk and passed out in their arms. The last thing I saw was Seth holding me in his arms and then darkness.


End of Chapter 3

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