The Twilight Saga

 This imprint story is basically about how one night can change everything. It's funny how your life can seem normal at one point and then it vanishes with your sanity! People get hurt, some find love, some get frustrated, and DAMAGED.....will that person be able to recover after everything that has happened. Will Someone Have The Courage To Save The Unexpected!?





There I was standing in my bedroom doorway for the very last time. Why did we have to leave? Why did my mom get a new job? Why did my dad have to die?* I winced* Why My dad?

* Starts Flashback*


"Hey sweethart we're at the bank you ready?" my dad said


"Yes daddy" i said. My dad got out the car and came around and opened my door. We walked inside the bank and it was crowded, so I tried to stay close to him. It was a long line, but we finally made it to the desk.


"Next" the woman said


"Yes hello I would like to make a deposit" my dad said


"Ok sure whats your box number" the woman said. After that I heard something click.


"Yeah the box number is..." my dad got cut off by some man.


"Everybody put your hands up!" the man said. I got very scared and hide behind my dad. He stood in front of me in a protective way.


"I want everybody to put everything you've got in this bag!" the man said. I hadn't realized he had a gun he pointed it to everyones head telling them to put their stuff in the bag. I started to cry and my dad noticed.

"Listen Cammy, sweetheart I need you to go over there amd hide under the desk when I say 'go; ok" my dad whispered, I nodded. The man started to get closer to us. He was going in a line to take everybody's stuff. He was trying to hurry up so he can escape. He was one person away from my dad and I. So he looked back to the front of the line to make sure he got everybody's things.


"Go" my dad whispered. He said it so low for me to only hear him. So I ran quickly and quietly without him turning around. Finally, he faced my dad.


"Give me everything you've got!" the man said


"No" my dad said firmly.


"Do what I say!" the man said


"No!" my dad said again, but shouted I was so scared for my daddy because the man had the gun pointed to my daddy's head.


"No Daddy!" I whispered, but he couldn't hear me. The man snatched my daddy by his shirt and my dad punched him. He got really mad and SHOT my DAD! My dad dropped the money he had in his hand and fell. The man took the money and ran.


"DAD!" I yelled while crying and running to go see if he was still alive. I took off running I cant believe I saw my dad get shot right before my eyes.


"Ca..." my dad said, but couldn't finish.


"Dad I love you... please dont ...leave me, its not goodbye daddy.... Daddy!" I was choking on my tears and crying. I wanted him to stay with me. All I think I heard was a piercing whisper saying"Bye I love you, tell the rest as well". After that I heard him take his last breath and then.....GONE. MY DAD IS DEAD. I began to soak my shirt up with my tears while the rest of tthe hostages got free with the help of the cops. I wrapped my daddy's arms around me and and sat there until the ambulance came. I started to sing the short lullaby my dad sung for me when I was 1. I cant believe I am only 5 years old and I watched my dad die right before my eyes. I loved my short lullaby my daddy sang for me, it s called *Never Forget*.


*Never Forget*


Never Forget I Love you

Never Forget I held you

I'll stay with you forever

Until my time is up


Never Forget I kissed you

Never Forget I'll miss you

I'll stay with you forever

Until my time is up


Never Forget me

Never Forget me

Never Forget me

Even if my time is up


*End Flashback*


I cried myself to sleep every night for 2 years straight. The police found my dad's killer sneaking out of the back door of the bank. Um... I think his name was John Ssmith. My mom pressed charges against him, he was in jail for a very long time like about 8 years or less; i dont know I forgot.I loved my dad and I hated to see him go. My mom tried to provide for us when my dad died. One day she got a high paying job in Forks,Washington. Sshe said yes to the opportunity and bought a house for her, my sisters, and I. Oh I love my sisters I wouldnt want anything to happen to them. I have 2 sisters, one of my sisters name is Sstephanie, but I call her Steph. She is 14 and acts younger than Michelle and I. My other sister is Michelle, but I also call her Elle. She is 13 just like me and my best friend Brianna.Elle,and I love to hangout while Steph is at parties. Oh I almost forgot me I'm Camille, but everyone calls me Cammy. I'm 13 and currently moving to Forks,Washington. I dont want to move, but I have to.


"Cammy let's go" my mom said. Her name is Nicole Harris. My sisters and I have our mothers last name. She has done alot for us simce my dad died.


"Coming mom, hey Ssteph, Elle come here!" I said


"Hold on were coming" Elle said. A few miinutes later Steph and Elle were standing right behind me when I didn't notice.


"BOO!' my sisters said


"Ahhh you scared me" I said


"Well we shouldn't have we've beenhere for about 30 seconds laughing making stupid loud noises." Elle said


"Yeah you've been staring out the window like you saw a ghost". Ssteph said


"Oh I haven't noticed I thought you just came in its been like 2 minutes" I said


"What were you thinking about?" Steph said


"The day I saw dad die rightg before my eyes." * I winced* I said


"Oh" was all my sisters said


"Yeah I still miss him, I mean he died right in front of me and I was the last person to talkt to him." i said. Some tears rolled down my face and 2 or 1 from my sisters. We waited in silence.


 "Hey lets go you guys so we dont miss our plane." mom said


We all snapped out of our thoughts and grabbed our bags and headed out the door. My mom was sad to leave the house because we had alot of memoriesthere. I was born there in my parents bedroom. My parents had their wedding there, birthday parties, celebrations, and etc. I'm not happy because I leaving my old school even though it ended. My friends and my very best friend Brianna. Brianna and I habe been best friends since we were babies. My mom and her mom went to school together. Brianna is 13 andwe love the same things like puppies, jewelry, romance, family, and etc; just like my sisters andI. It's werd that we all like the exact same thing. This was the first time I had to go to a different school for the whole year without Brianna. I love Brianna so much, she like another sister to Steph, Elle, and me. I gave Brianna a nickname that she really loved, Bri- Bri. I'm furious I have to leave without her, nut it will be alright shes coming to stay with us tomorrow until school starts, she didnt come today with us because she has to pack and say her goodbyes. My sisters and I havent seen the house yet, but my mom said it was big and beautiful.


"Come on you guys so we can catch a taxi to our 'new house'". my mom said with excitement.


"Ok" I said


"Oh I almost forgot there are a few surprises in your room." mom said


"What is it?" Elle asked


"I'm not telling you: mom said


"Give us one little hint." Steph said


"Yeah please" i said


"Nope" my mom said popping her 'p'


"Fine" my sisters and I said as I let out a big sigh of defeat


"Come on cabs here!" Steph said


"Put the suitcases and stuff in the trunk" mom said


"Kay" Elle said


"Alright girls are you ready to see your new house?" mom asked


"Yes" Steph said


"Of course" Elle said


"Absolutely Posivtutely" I said


"Ok were here!" mom said



The Pain


The Pain is overwhelming to develop the intensity of fire,

To pressure the ice beneath my wings,

He was half of me and you took him,

I hate you and you caused me my Pain,

Now I have to do the same to you to withdraw my Pain,

He was my heart and the closest thing to me,

To see me cry is a saddening thing to see,

And everyday you wonder whats wrong with me,

How come you wanted me to burn,

To see the enemy in fire while I simmer in ice!

















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Chapter 4

"What Happen To You"


Camille's P.O.V


My body feels like lead, like my soul is disconnected from my body. That I'm in a distant place were I feel serene. Coolness washed over me me as my body felt numb. The only thing that comes to my mind is seeing Seth's face before I fainted. My body seems to be floating on thin air. I feel the need to see Seth, but I can't get my brain to function right. As I slowly regain my memory the images flicker by of Brianna and her injuries. My head throbs and I lift my head my head to rub my temples. As I slowly open my eyes I see a bare chest, with muscled features, my vision slightly blurry. I put a hand on his chest and instantly felt hot flames under my palms. I rubbed my eyes to fix my vision  ans saw Seth's face. I looked into his dark brown eyes and unintentionally rested my hand  on his cheek and smiled at his frown. I looked around the room and saw that I was in a pale blue room with a huge window on one wall, a desk in a corner, a bookstand by the far right next to the light switch, and a pale blue california king bed with a white veil hanging over it. The bed was surrounded with twinkling lights and white decorative pillows. Seth was sitting back against the headboard holding me in his arms. It all felt overwhelming and mystical. He smiled as I looked at the room in awe. The mood was set to romantic and awkward, but I don't know why. He touched my hair and caressed my face as our gaze locked.


"Hi" Seth said.


"Where am I" I asked warly.


"After you fainted your sisters were crying and worrying about you because you already almost drowned tonight and they thought you fainted over an affect of that" Seth said calmly.


"What! Where are they?" I asked frantically.


"Collin & Brady are taking care of them, while I have to take care of you" Seth said with a curve by his mouth. I let that all seep in, but remembered the main reason I was here.


"I have to go see Brianna!" I said. My heart nearly stopped at the thought of her in a damaged condition.


"Calm down, Camille; Brianna needs her rest and so do you" Seth said. He said my name with so much adoration that my knees would have gave in if he wasn't holding me. I felt his heat radiating from his body to mine, he felt like my personal heater. I felt his soft skin under my hand and stroked his arm with a feather light touch. He groaned.


"I have to see about her health first" He said worridely through gritted teeth.


"Not until I see about yours first, now sleep Camille" Seth said.


I drifted away again, but assured that Seth was staying with me. Somehow I can't help feel that I'm betraying Derek, but I couldn't help it...he was mezmerizing in all his features. I hum myself to sleep as I waver from reality to dream world. Seth grew silently to hear me humming and with my sleepy eyes I saw him smile shyly.


"It's......Cammy" I said. Those were the last words I spoke that night as I felt him kiss my cheek. A small smile tugged at the corner of my mouth and I snuggled even closer to his warmth. Everything that happened tonight is slowly fading away into a inscrutable haze.


Brianna's P.O.V


He held my hand with tenderness and care. I don't even know him, but I accepted his gentle touch. The only thing I know about him is his name. Jared. My mouth was scorching dry as I parted my lips to spek, but instead I just mouthed the words, water. He quickly got my glass from the cart by the bed and gave it to me. I tried to give him a thank you smile, but my lips cracked of their dryness. How long have I been here? Jared stared at me with a gut-wrenching expression. I looked at our hands together and rubbed the back of his hand with my thumb. Without breaking our gaze he gracefully picked me up and laid beside me in the bed. He moved my hair out of my face and kissed my hand. The kiss lingered on my hand as he wrapped his arms around my waist and we both fell silently asleep looking in each others eyes.


Collin's P.O.V


After Seth took Camille to the bedroom Elle got so overwhelmed at what was all happening so she ran out the door never looking back. Stephanie was barely hanging by a thread when she screamed for Elle to come back. I ran after her at normal speed to let her release everything she needed to let out, but it took forever.


Stephanie's P.O.V


What else could possibly happen? Why is this all happening? I couldn't bear if something else happened. As Collin jumped the balcony to run after Elle I punched the wall in sheer frustration. It left a dent in the wall and I wasn't satisfied until I saw a gaping hole. Brady caught my next strike and pulled my fist to his chest so I can feel his heart beat. He lifted my chin to make me look him in the eyes and I was lost in his gaze. Streaming lines of blood trickled down my fringers and he licked the blood of my hands. I stared at him in shock and horror. I couldn't help myself so I cried as if I was a waterfall. I laid my head on his chest and continued to cry. He took my hand and led me to the corner of the other room behind the stairs. He wiped my tears, but it didn't help because I was still crying.


"Steph...please stop crying" Brady said.


"I can't" I said truthfully.


"Yes you can... Just breath." Brady said.


"Bray, I'm telling you I can't, all this is to much" I said.


"I need you to just calm d......wait did you just call me Bray" Brady asked. I had to think for a minute, I just thought the name suited him.


"Uh.... it just suits you" I said truthfully. "Your own little short nickname" I said while trying to stop crying. He wiped away the remains of my tears and pushed the hair out of my face. I felt his breath brush my cheek and I intoxicated by him. The emotions I feel for him are slightly mutual, but it grows every moment I'm with him. I like him as my brother, but I think it's more than that now, but I don't think he like me that way. So I guess there is no chance, might as well let the thought leave me.


"Stop crying,...please" Brady said.


"Fine" I said sighing.


Michelle's P.O.V


I was running with no destination. Letting my tears consume my face, what is wrong with this day? Why are all these things happening? My legs are hurting and my heart is laboring very fast. I wish the world would just get left behind as I run to the end of the world without never looking back.


"Elle" Collin said.


"Leave me alone" I said trying to run even faster.


"Elle stop, please" Collin said.


"No!" I yelled. I couldn't control myself, I don't know what is wrong with me. Every running step I took the more my heart sanked in my chest. I wanted to stop, I wanted to be with him, but I don't want to deal with all the emotions and what has happened tonight.


"Come to me" Collin said calmly. I looked behind me and saw him far away running behind me, how can I hear him from so far away? I stared at his face as I continueed to run. "Elle watch out!" Collin screamed. I turned around and all I saw were headlights. I gasped and the car had hit me, the breath got knocked out of my lungs as I went flying into the air. The car had stopped and Collin was screaming my name. As soon as I was about to hit the ground Collin caught me. "Elle, are you okay" Collin said scared.


"Owww" I said, that was all that could come out.


"Why didn't you listen to me Elle,...why?" Collin said with a lump in his throat. "You would be safe right now with me, not injured."


"I'm sorry" Elle said crying. "My side hurts, Collin".


"I'm gonna get you taken care of, don't you worry. I'm so sorry Elle, I should have been there before the accident." Collin said.


"Collin" I said with agoniaztion in my voice.It really hurt. I writhed under his arms as I felt something inside my side. Collin examined me and found a huge piece of glass. He touched me and burned with the intensity of fire. "Ahhh" I screamed, tears pouring down my face. He withdrew his hand from my side and all you saw on his hand was blood.


What do you think?

Likee always I love it :)

it was a really bad day for them :/

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Yeah, at first after I finished reading.. I was shocked about everything that happened in one night! I will update the next chapter this  friday.

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tThx, and I will.

Chapter 5

"I'm So Sorry"


Collin's P.O.V

I picked up Elle carefully and placed her in my arms. My tears mixed with her blood as it dropped on her shirt. Elle was crying in agony as every move made the glass go deeper in her side. I ran with inhuman speed to the Cullen's house and saw Carlisle. I looked at Elle and she went unconscious.


"Carlisle you have to help her."I said quietly.

"What happened?" Carlisle asked. I tried to say it but no words came out. The lump in my throat was rising and my heart was aching.

"Carlisle there was an accident, but the reason for it was no accident, somebody purposely did this......I can't tell who it is. She has glass that is getting close to her internal organs, she needs medical attention now." Edward said staring into space.

"Ok, Alice you take Jasper out of here....and Emment go check on the wolves in the room, while Rosalie you go check on the sisters." Carlisle said taking Elle to his medical room. I walked and sat on the couch while I saw Stephanie and Brady coming out of the room to see what was going on. Stephanie looked at Elle and covered her eyes, her knuckles were bruised and hurt. I got up ad walked over to her.

"Steph, I'm sorry...I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough. I could have......." I tried to finish but she cut me off.

"DON'T OKAY!.......just don't." Steph yelled and tears covered her face. She walked towards back to the room and looked back at me. "It's not your fault." She whispered and shut the door behind her. I really don't know how I'm going to get over this.


Brady's P.O.V

Every single one of them. Everybody except......Stephanie. She is the only one who has not gotten hurt tonight.....or yet. I looked at Collin and put a comforting hand in his shoulder as I went to go check on Steph. She had locked the door and wouldn't let me in. I asked and begged for her to let me in but her only reply was a muffled cry against the pillow. Hearing her sorrow tore at my heart like a steel blade and I only wanted for her pain to go away. I went to the back of the house and climbed up the window. She turned around and gasped.

"How did you get in here?" Steph wiped her tears and hugged the pillow.

"Steph, don't worry about it. I'm only here to help you." I reached for her and she shrugged away.

"Not me.....not me...I don't wanna be next." Steph said scared.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused.

" guys we met tonight." She looked out the window and back at me. "You are the reason for all of this...everything that has happened...all because we all met you people." She put her face in the pillow and soobed deeply.

"Steph that is not true and you know it." I tried to be firm, but her crying was making me fall apart.

"Why, why why, why?" She said looking up at the ceiling. "All of this wouldn't be difficult if I didn't like you." Steph threw the pillow at me and ran out the door. I heard her run in the room with her sister Elle. I sat there on the bed shocked at what she said. She blames me and the guys for the things that are happening. If this wasn't an accident,....all of this, somebody is going to pay hell. But my more attention was on how she said it. The look in her eyes when she said she liked me and the tortured sadness made me feel weak with the need for her. I sat there pondering over what I was going to do....but I couldn't think of anything.


Seth's P.OV.

I looked at Cammy sleeping peacefully. She made me feel calm and happy by just holding her. I heard the commotion downstairs and I shook my head of the idea of somebody doing all these things on purpose. Who would do such a old enemy...a traitor of their family, but who in their right mind would be mad at these girls. My anger rose of the thought of a person harming Camille. I caressed her face and touch her beautiful brown hair, I took it out of her ponytail and let it all hang loose. The length came down to the side of her waist and it took my breath away. Her skin was soft and smooth and the feel of her was a silky bliss of happiness. I looked down at her intently and got closer. I listened to the steady beat of her heart and it instantly made me elated. I would forever listened to her heartbeat. I pulled her clsoer to me as my gaze wondered to her lips. They looked soft and full with an addicting taste. I think I could get use to kissing them. Cammy tossed and turned on her back. I was about to kiss her and then her arm tightened around my shoulder. I smiled and kissed her softly, to savour the feel of her. The kiss was gentle, but only because I made it that way. I pulled away and she smiled


"Derek......." She whispered his name...and turned on her side. My smiled went away instantly and I felt betrayed and regretful. I looked at the girl I imprinted on and was shocked as to hear the word out her mouth. Who is this Derek? Why is she saying his name? Why did she think I was him? Has she kissed him before? All these emotions and questions came uopn me as my heart felt like it was dying of sadness. Was she already taken?

"Cammy?........" I whispered her name as I felt the lump come up my throat and the tears bur behind my eyes. I put her gently on the bed and walked out. I went downstairs and out the door.


"Seth?" Jacob called me, but I didn't care. I phased and ran in the woods..never looking back...


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I Like it!!!!

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If i was Seth i would be hurt.but come on she just met Derek and Saeth..

Oh and i dont think its any of these guys Fault its just  timing.


OMG!! AWESOME STORY!! write more soon please!!

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