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I look on from the woods, hidden behind a tree. Only my eyes were visible if someone bothered to look, but as usual no one had noticed my absence. There was a “meeting” going on. These “meetings” go on often. Everyone meets up in the woods by La Push border and the Cullen’s house to talk about problems and share memories. I hated them, because just everyone was so friendly now after everything we’ve been through. They all had each other. But who did I have? Carlisle and Esme were sitting next to each other on a log and holding hands, happily. Rosalie and Emmett were against trees talking. The blonde vampire was flipping her hair and her mate teasing her. It made me sick, and I forced myself not to roll my eyes. Everyone always told me, especially my mom that rolling your eyes was so unlady like. I didn’t care until recently until I noticed I had no one. Jasper and Alice were sauntering around one another playfully. Jacob was playing with Nessie and bouncing her on his knee, as she reached for his hair. Bella and Edward were whispering together and Edward smiles at something she says. Everyone had someone to lean on. Right then I realized I was alone. Everyone had mates or imprints. Right then I knew I needed someone to lean on. But who?

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thank you!
luv it!
thank you!

Can't wait to read more!

Keep me posted!

thank you and I will!
Great start! I can't wait to see where this goes. Please write more.

Chapter One

“I am going out for the weekend,” I tell Jacob, the alpha of our pack.

Currently we are in human form, out in the woods hanging but the Cullen’s house. Jacob was waiting for Nessie to wake up from one of her naps. He raised an eye, glancing at her for a second, nods his head, and returns his gaze back to the house as if to guard it.

I let out a frustrated sigh. Why did the one who imprinted always turn so dumb? They only cared about their imprints and nothing else. That’s what happened to Sam and now even Jacob. How long could a male werewolf go without imprinting? It didn’t seem too long, but I the only female werewolf have more sense than all of their brains combined. I chuckle slightly at my own thoughts and wake away from Jacob heading towards the highway. I told him I was leaving and he heard, he could deal with the rest. This weekend I planned to travel and see something new. I’m sick of La Push and Forks and the packs and the Cullens. It’s time we saw other surroundings, or at least I wanted to. I shifted into wolf form and shook my shaggy gray wolf form head. I felt so powerful and strong and more secure in wolf form. I felt I could take on the world, and destroy anything in my path, even the bloodsuckers if I wanted to.

I heard that, a voice says interrupting my thoughts.

I let out a growl of annoyance. I have learned to block out Seth’s thoughts why couldn’t he leave me in peace?

Because I’m your brother, Seth replied mentally.

I hear him running and the next thing I know he jumps out in front of me. He lands in front of me and growls playfully, his tail wagging. I roll my eyes, unfazed by his childish behavior.

Where are you going? He questions while gazing at me.
Wherever I want, Seth. I am second and have more power. I may do as I please, I reply and jump over him, walking out of pack land.

I hear him whimper but do not turn around to comfort him. He really did need to grow up. I wonder if he heard that, well if he did I hope he takes that advice. I plan to head towards Seattle maybe. Somewhere where I can just watch the world go by and not have to worry about bloodsuckers or a pack war or anything. With a growl of excitement, I push my nails into the ground and take off sprinting. Dirt kicks up behind me as I run and I am running against the wind, but am up for the challenge. The wind blows my fur around and makes my eyes water, but I will not give up and push on harder to overcome the force of the wind pushing me back. I shake my head and push on. I run for what feels like days. But judging by the sun has only been a few hours, because when I left it was around two and now the sun was setting. My muscles ache from the running and I could already smell the Seattle air. Soon I even see the buildings; if I keep it up I could make it in another half hour I thought to myself. With the goal set, I managed to make it exactly as I had planned. The sun has set now and the night creatures have come out to play. But am I ready to play their game?

i loved it can't wait for more(:
i loove this


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