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I look on from the woods, hidden behind a tree. Only my eyes were visible if someone bothered to look, but as usual no one had noticed my absence. There was a “meeting” going on. These “meetings” go on often. Everyone meets up in the woods by La Push border and the Cullen’s house to talk about problems and share memories. I hated them, because just everyone was so friendly now after everything we’ve been through. They all had each other. But who did I have? Carlisle and Esme were sitting next to each other on a log and holding hands, happily. Rosalie and Emmett were against trees talking. The blonde vampire was flipping her hair and her mate teasing her. It made me sick, and I forced myself not to roll my eyes. Everyone always told me, especially my mom that rolling your eyes was so unlady like. I didn’t care until recently until I noticed I had no one. Jasper and Alice were sauntering around one another playfully. Jacob was playing with Nessie and bouncing her on his knee, as she reached for his hair. Bella and Edward were whispering together and Edward smiles at something she says. Everyone had someone to lean on. Right then I realized I was alone. Everyone had mates or imprints. Right then I knew I needed someone to lean on. But who?

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Chapter two

As I wander the streets of Seattle aimlessly I still keep my alert up, but let my thoughts wonder. I think back to the time of my life-when Sam was mine. Then Emily came, and ruined everything. I could never look at her again without feelings of hatred. I feel tears prick at my eyes and I shake my head trying to clear my heads from thoughts. Suddenly a man jumps out of the alley and blocks my path, in his right hand he carries a knife with a sharp blade. The man was tall and built with large bones and muscles. He could probably take me down, if I was just human. But then again I am not just human. I am quick and fast because I am a werewolf. I know how to fight. I can fight good only in wolf form. The downside is I can’t shift right now in the middle of Seattle. The man steps closer, his knife gripped tightly still watching me.

“Hey beautiful,” he murmurs. “Gonna come with me tonight, right?”

I bite my tongue, holding back my sarcastic comment. I quickly scan the area, trying to weigh my options but no matter what I know it will come to a fight. A part werewolf girl defenseless in human form versus the mad man with a knife. Wonder how that story goes? Well let’s see boys and girls...

I decide I must take the first move and I back up quickly, as he steps forward.

“Is that how you are going to play?” he asks. “I love them when they put up a fight.”

“Hope you’re ready for this then,” I practically growl at him and run at him full force.

I grab his arm with the knife in it and twist it. The force of my body makes him fall but he grabs onto me and makes me fall with him. He raises his arm with the knife and thrusts it at my arm, but I roll out of the way in time. I kick him in the stomach and I hear him gasp for breath. That second advantage gives me time to spring to my feet and face him on the ground and I face him waiting for his next move, hoping he would realize I was not worth this hassle and he would leave. Like usual, though I was wrong and he got up. He charged at me and I jerked right, but he prepared for that and slammed the knife into my right forearm and I howled in pain as I felt the sharp knife cut into my skin. The pain was there for now but later it would vanish.

Suddenly I hear footsteps behind me, but I am in too much pain to turn around and my vision begins to blur. I notice my arm is bleeding badly, the knife still in it.

“Get out of here. NOW!” someone shouts.

Following the shouts, I hear footsteps running off into the distance. I hear someone move closer to me and I feel hot breath on my exposed neck, I jerk away but large hands grasp mine.

“You are safe now,” a voice says and I look up at a man.

The man had the most unique gray eyes and brown messy hair which he slicked back with gel and a warm smile as he grasped me carefully. My vision begins to blur and the last thing I remember is him lifting me up with ease and hoping he would take care of me and that I was free from danger…for now at least.
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