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I look on from the woods, hidden behind a tree. Only my eyes were visible if someone bothered to look, but as usual no one had noticed my absence. There was a “meeting” going on. These “meetings” go on often. Everyone meets up in the woods by La Push border and the Cullen’s house to talk about problems and share memories. I hated them, because just everyone was so friendly now after everything we’ve been through. They all had each other. But who did I have? Carlisle and Esme were sitting next to each other on a log and holding hands, happily. Rosalie and Emmett were against trees talking. The blonde vampire was flipping her hair and her mate teasing her. It made me sick, and I forced myself not to roll my eyes. Everyone always told me, especially my mom that rolling your eyes was so unlady like. I didn’t care until recently until I noticed I had no one. Jasper and Alice were sauntering around one another playfully. Jacob was playing with Nessie and bouncing her on his knee, as she reached for his hair. Bella and Edward were whispering together and Edward smiles at something she says. Everyone had someone to lean on. Right then I realized I was alone. Everyone had mates or imprints. Right then I knew I needed someone to lean on. But who?

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i like this plz update me!!
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good story.


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Chapter Three

“Is it true?” asks an unfamiliar voice.

“Indeed. It’s exactly what we need,” a more familiar voice replies.

“But is she willing?” asks the first voice.

“She will be,” answers the other.

I open my eyes and blink from the stunning light that is blinding. I let out a moan and look around confused, where was I? It hits me suddenly. The man. The fight. The other man. The blackness.

“Nice to see you awake,” says the man that rescued me stepping into view.

“What do you want?” I snap back.

“Nothing. I just saved you though,” he replies, his gray eyes twinkling with amusement.

“Yeah thanks. But I could have been fine on my own,” I reply, getting up from the bed.

“Rest, you need your strength!” he says and steps forward closer to me.

I move away from him and narrow my eyes, not trusting him. I realize there is another man here too. He had brown hair and brown eyes, nothing unique. Nothing like the other guy. I look for the door, just in case. I also note that the window is open, if need be.

“Who are you anyway?” I ask, trying to be nice which took a lot of effort.

“I am Justin Rich,” he replies and mock bows to me. “And you are my lady?” he asks reaching for my hand.

I slip my hand away from him and narrow my eyes, any closer and he would get a nice hit. I push away my anger at him not wanting to shift right now. I was getting a lot better at it, even during the fight I did not shift. How proud Sam would be, too bad he’s not my alpha.

“I’m Leah. Leah Clearwater,” I reply back.

“We know what you are,” he says in his silky voice.

“What are you talking about?” I snap standing up from the bed, facing him with my back to the wall.

“You are a shifter,” he says and takes in a bi sniff of air. “By the smell of it, wolf. What other animal?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about!” I say, my eyes unfathomable not giving away the secret.

“Admit we know,” he says grabbing my wrists.

His grip is tight on my wrists, and his touch is so firm and strong. I meet his eyes. I know not to fight back, two against one. I would lose and I’m in his territory.

“What do you mean other animal? We are only wolves,” I say, admitting the truth.

He tilts his head confused and looks at his friend. His friend meets his eyes and shrugs. He-Justin- looks back at me.

“Don’t you know? Each pack or tribe whatever you want to call it has two animals. One the females shift into. The other the males. From your pack females are wolf I assume and the males?” Justin says.

I blink confused, nobody ever said that. I doubt even the originals knew this. They were all stunned when I shifted.
“All the males are wolves. I am the only female to shift and I am a wolf,” I say.

“How interesting,” he says and pauses to think. “I can teach you to find the other animal within. But first tell me about yourself.”

“Like what?”

“What pack are you from?” Justin asks. “I am a part of the Vigueur Pack. It is French for strength. I am also the alpha male,” he says and smiles at her.

“I’m from the Quileute Pack. We reside in La Push,” I reply.

“Interesting. We never heard of your pack before, or saw them. You guys must really hide your secret,” he says and chuckles.

I watch him carefully at the corner of my eye as I observe the room. It was pretty big with a bed and desk. The window and door too. But where was I? How did Justin know so much about us? Even more than Sam. Am I in danger? Who do I trust? Two animals. That means I should be different from the guys. But what animal am I protector of? Is Jacob wondering where I am? Does anyone know how lost and what danger I may be in? As if they would care… My face hardens at the thought and then I snap my attention back to the alpha male-Justin Rich.
OMG 2 animals(: I cant wait to see what happens(:
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