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I look on from the woods, hidden behind a tree. Only my eyes were visible if someone bothered to look, but as usual no one had noticed my absence. There was a “meeting” going on. These “meetings” go on often. Everyone meets up in the woods by La Push border and the Cullen’s house to talk about problems and share memories. I hated them, because just everyone was so friendly now after everything we’ve been through. They all had each other. But who did I have? Carlisle and Esme were sitting next to each other on a log and holding hands, happily. Rosalie and Emmett were against trees talking. The blonde vampire was flipping her hair and her mate teasing her. It made me sick, and I forced myself not to roll my eyes. Everyone always told me, especially my mom that rolling your eyes was so unlady like. I didn’t care until recently until I noticed I had no one. Jasper and Alice were sauntering around one another playfully. Jacob was playing with Nessie and bouncing her on his knee, as she reached for his hair. Bella and Edward were whispering together and Edward smiles at something she says. Everyone had someone to lean on. Right then I realized I was alone. Everyone had mates or imprints. Right then I knew I needed someone to lean on. But who?

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Awewome! Love the two animals take! Very nice!
Thanks! :)
thanks and glad you're reading! :)
2 animals will she imprint once she finds her other animal

YAY!!!!!!!1...AN UPDATE..LOL....i am so gald and very very interesting...hmm....want more!!


take care and post more soon ok?..this is great! always...


its a great story!!!!!!! keep writting!. and keep me updated
awesome story!!!
Cool story ! Can u keep me updated ? :)


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