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Bella and Jacob are the Hunters of the Narnia woods and their job is to keep it safe from enemies and protect the Narnians. But one day Bella gets kidnapped by the White Queen for revenge and gets starved. Peter, Susan, Lucy, Edmund, Prince Caspian and Jake must get Bella back and save her from the Queen. When they find Bella she is half dead but get her back safely but Prince Caspian and Peter both fall for Bella. Bella is fond of Prince Caspian but has a soft spot for Peter. But there is a catch, which world does she really belong in?

What Will Happen?

Based on this song:

These two lovely banners were made my Claire.J Darling

Chapter 1~Meeting

Chapter 2~Attack

Chapter 3~Kidnapped

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thanks :)

It sounds awesome please post more

will do and keep you posted

Chapter 1~Meeting

Peter's Pov:

It was morning and everything was quite in our house, I sighed and got up from the bed and got changed after I washed up and ran a hand in my hair and looked at my self. I shook my head and walked out of the bathroom and to the Kitchen to find Edmund stuffing his face with food, I just rolled my eyes at him in disgust "God you can be such a pig at times Ed" I said and sat down beside Lucy who was holding a giggle.

Lucy bit her lip and then burst into laughter "Sorry, I couldn't help that" she said and put hands over her mouth as I raised my eyebrow at her slightly but even I had to admit it was kind of funny so I did not blame her laughing at what just happened and what I said to Edmund.

Susan looked at us and just rolled her eyes, ever since we got back from Narnia and she had to leave Caspian behind she has not been the same, it was like she regretted something, was it the kiss she gave him or the feelings she had for him which she knew could not grow as we belong here and not there, well we belong both here and there but just live here and go to Narnia if there's trouble in town.

Edmund looked at Susan "Would you stop being a bitter cow?" he said and Susan shot him a glare, maybe he did take that a bit to far by calling her a bitter cow but to be fair she was acting like one and it was not doing anyone any good seeing her like this as it set everyone in a bad mood as well and I was not in the mood to argue or be down about this.

Lucy looked at us and sighed "Edmund shut up, no one wants to hear you talk about Susan like that or argue about anything, so shut up" she said and got up and took her plate to the sink as she was finished with her food, as she turned on the tap the water came splashing out and it got her wet, she chocked a bit on the water as it went in her mouth "What is with the tap?" she asked 

I got up and handed her a towel and looked at it "I have no idea" I said and turned it on and it made the strangest sounds ever, it was rumbling and growling, the water came out and it kind of attacked me and my siblings and then suddenly we appeared on a heap on the beach of Narnia, it was summer.

I looked around and it took me a while to notice we were in Narnia "Well that was the most weirdest entrance to Narnia yet" I said and saw the cave where we kept our Narnia clothes, I walked over and pushed the rock open, everything was on it, I got out it. After I was changed I smiled to my self, I missed being here and in these clothes, I got my sword and sword holder and put it around my waist and slipped my sword into it and put the knife with me as well. Lucy was changed in the adorable dress she always had and Susan did her hair once she was changed in her dress and Edmund was already changed as well.

"So now what?" Lucy asked as we heard footsteps and I pulled out my sword and squinted my eyes a bit to see in the dark, someone held a flashlight and I dropped the sword in shock, it was a girl a rather pretty one.

"What are you doing here?" she asked as she walked in and looked at all of us and raised her eyebrow, I wanted to answer but I was speechless, great now she'd think I am an idiot for looking at her and not saying one single word as to why we are here.

Lucy elbowed me in the ribs making me wince a little "Ow, sorry we umm well its a long story, have you seen Aslan we need to speak with him" I said looking at the girl, maybe he would know we were here, he always knows everything.

She walked out again and we followed her "He's by Prince Caspian's castle" she said and leaped on her horse in one single motion, she was so swift and gently and I noticed she had a sword and also a bow and arrows, she must be a skilled fighter I told my self.

"Umm what is your name?" I asked, I had to know her name before she left and we would go and see Aslan, I looked at her and waited for an answer

"Bella" she simply said and with that she dispeared into the woods on her horse before I had a chance to say anything else and I kept staring after her, Bella, what a beautiful name it was, just like her.

Susan looked at Me "Ahem! Peter!" she said and waved hand in front of my face "Come on, we got to go and talk to Aslan, you can droll over the girl later" she said and pulled me by my arm and we walked to the castle, it was not that far well it was but it was a nice day and we liked talking walks in Narnia so it turned out well.

"Do you Like her?" Lucy asked looking at me 

"Huh Come again"? I asked looking confused at Lucy

"I said do you like her?" Lucy repeated again as she looked at me and raised an eyebrow at me waiting for my answer

"Who? Bella?" I asked

"No, Pepperage Farm, of course Bella" Lucy said, a hint of sarcasm when she said pepparage farm in her voice.

Edmund and Susan burst into laughter and just shook their heads at me and Lucy and this argument that was about to start due to me staring at the girl.

"I am not answering that" I said and kept on walking and walked ahead of them and rolled my eyes, why was she peppering me with that question.

"I'll take that as a yes then" Lucy called after me, and her words sank into my head and twirled around in it like in a whish pool

Awwww cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please more soon!!! I like it so far.... =P

thanks :) I will post soon and thanks

Chapter 2~Attack 

Peter's Pov:

I kept on walking as Lucy called that after me and rolled my eyes to my self, Edmund and Susan with Lucy ran and caught up with me and then I heard a rustle in the woods "Hello?" I asked and my hand went to my sword.

Lucy looked around and her hand gripped my free one slightly, I looked at her to reasure everything would be fine as Susan pulled out her bow and arrow and got ready to fire if anything was going to happen.

Someone was hiding in the bushes and fire a shot from a bow and arrow, Lucy fell back as it grazed her arm and Susan fired her arrow as the person came out and he fell back with the arrow in his arm at the same moment Bella appeared and fire arrows at the other people who came out.

She leaped of her horse and got out her sword, well two swords, one in each hand as she fought the 5 people at the same time, she was skilled, I helped her out as she was only one person and the were like 5 who attacked so it would not be fair fight.

Lucy managed to get up and someone grabbed her from behind and she screamed as Bella span around and looked at Lucy "When I tell you to do Duck, do so" she said and got ready to fire from her bow. Lucy just nodded and at the same time Bella fired her arrow

"Duck" Bella said and Lucy tore from Person ducking, the Arrow somehow caught Fire and hit the person bang in the middle of the chest and made him tumble of the cliff that was behind him.

Lucy was in shock and I ran over to her and pulled her back up so she was standing "You alright?" I asked her then looked at Bella "Thank you" I said and smiled to her.

"No Problem, its my job" she said as she leaped back on the horse as all the guys who attacked were dead or either ran off like chickens scared of Bella and what she might do to them. She was about to go again but I stopped her.

"Wait, will I see you again?" I asked as I had my hand on the horse stopping it from moving.

"Maybe" she said with a smile "What should I call you the next time it happens?" she asked and looked at me with a warm smile.

"Peter" I said and put my hand back and dropped her a warm smile.

"Well I'll see you around.....Peter" she said softly and rode off again, her hair flew back, it was dark black and long, it smelled like lemons or limes with some mint or something on the lines of that. I smiled as I watched her go, and then I realised what we had to so I snapped out of it 

"Come on" I said and walked beside Lucy until we saw a guy with dark black short hair "Yes? may we help you?" I asked looking at him

"Have you seen a girl, tall, dark hair, in a dress, on a horse?" He asked looking at us "Her name's Bella" he said

"She went that way" Lucy said and pointed backwards in the way which Bella left, he nodded and ran off in that direction just as we neared Caspian's castle. Caspian was outside talking to Aslan, he looked up when he saw us and his smile lit up with a smile.

"Well this is a suprise" he said as he walked over and hugged Lucy and Edmund first before hugging me and then Susan.

Susan bit her lip slightly and nodded "Yeah, it is" she said and kept her self back from him a little, I looked at her and then back at Caspian, I could sense the tension in the air.

Aslan walked over to us and smiled "Its good to see you" he said as Lucy patted his head and stroked his fur

I nodded "Yes and thanks for the strange entrence, you could have not been a little gentler but to send us throught a water tap?" I asked and raised my eyebrow

Aslan chuckled "Sorry"

"He send you through a water Tap"? Caspian asked and we just all nodded

"Yes he did" I said and looked at Aslan "Why did you send for us"? I asked him wondering, what he would say to that question as it has been puzzling me since we got here.

"Bella the Huntress.....she's in danger" Was all Aslan said.

OMG!!! Awesome!!! I love Narnia!!! Love it!!! Please update soon!!!

Aww thanks :) So Do I, I love Peter and Caspian lol :)  so it will make it hard as to who Bella picks lol 


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