The Twilight Saga


Bella and Jacob are the Hunters of the Narnia woods and their job is to keep it safe from enemies and protect the Narnians. But one day Bella gets kidnapped by the White Queen for revenge and gets starved. Peter, Susan, Lucy, Edmund, Prince Caspian and Jake must get Bella back and save her from the Queen. When they find Bella she is half dead but get her back safely but Prince Caspian and Peter both fall for Bella. Bella is fond of Prince Caspian but has a soft spot for Peter. But there is a catch, which world does she really belong in?

What Will Happen?

Based on this song:

These two lovely banners were made my Claire.J Darling

Chapter 1~Meeting

Chapter 2~Attack

Chapter 3~Kidnapped

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Even more interesting.... I love it...but you need to post more like........................................................................................................................................NOW!!!!...


oh lol

Chapter 3~Kidnapped

Prince Caspian's Pov:

I looked at Aslan confused "What do you mean she's danger?" I asked him wondering what danger could be ahead of her and who the girl was, I knew we had some hunters who protected Narnia I just didn't realise one of them would happen to be a girl.

Aslan looked at him "I have some bad news about the danger is she in" he said and looked at all of us, it was silent for a few moments but it seemed like forever

"Well....?" Lucy prompted Aslan as she was getting a bit tired of the never ending silence that seemed to carry on for more then 5 minutes

"The White Witch is Back" Was all Aslan said

Peter frowned "Again? I thought we saw the last of her already" he said as he leaned back against a tree so he would not likely to do something he would regret with the way he was standing at the moment.

Aslan just nodded "Yes, she is back and she seeks revenge" He said "It's your job to protect her" he said looking at Us "And if she gets hurt, its your job to make sure the White Witch will be dead"

I nodded along with the siblings "Of course" I said "We will protect her and get her back if needed" I meant what I said, as A Prince I always kept a promise, I didn't turn back on my people.

Peter nodded and he seemed worried, like something more was bothering him about this but I didn't want to bother him about it and ask what what was wrong, as I didnt want to risk him getting mad at me for wondering what was up.

Bella's Pov:

I rode on my horse and images of him filled my mind.

His warm smile, his blondish hair and his British accent which I found adorable about him, his kind eyes that seemed to stare into my soul and make my heart melt with how he looked at me.

I knew I only met him twice for like more then 1 minute but he was so nice and he seemed nice person, like his family. I got off my horse to let it feed and heard a rustle in the bushes "Hello"? I asked as my hand automatically went to my sword, a weird smell was in the air and it made me dizzy, I passed out and layed there on the forest grass.

When I woke up again, I was on a cold floor somewhere and someone was staring at me with a wicked grin on their face

Oh no!!! She's been caught!!! Please update soon!!!

I totally agree!!! I love both Peter and Caspian!!! I don't know if I could pick between the two of them either!!! lol

I will, sorry I wanted to keep this chapter bit shorter, as she's been caught so lol

But the next chapter you'll see what will happen :) Yeah lol I agree there with you aswell they're both oh so yummy

I feel happy :) Spread the Narnia Love :))


jesus those kids fell alot! but funnyness

yeah lol, it was fun :) good to see pros goofing about having fun

I like and poor Bella!!! she's already captured :( hahahah please more soon!!!!! I love Prince Caspian!!!!!!!


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