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I realised a little while ago that there isn't a single fanfiction (as far as I've seen) where anyone has thought to write Rosalie's side of the story. Sure she makes it difficult to want to consider it, but she does have her reasons. :) So heres my fanfiction from Rosalie's point of view. I've made a few little changes but mostly is vaugly inline with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. I know the first chapter is mostly just a repeat of chapter seven in eclipse but I needed to start the story somewhere.  :) I've attached PDF files of the chapters so far if people perfer pdf :D

Chapter 1 + 2: In Original post


Something I lost... Rosalie's story

 Chapter 1- Drunken men


"Goodbye," I call as Vera shuts the door. For a moment I can hear her voice as she coos to Henry. How I wish for a Henry of my own. He seems so adorable, smiles and dimples and the most melancholy laugh. Soon I shall have my own child, more beautiful than Vera's and everyone else's. In only a week I shall be married to the most handsome man in town, not just a lowly carpenter like

Vera. Soon Royce and I shall have our fair haired children playing on the vast luscious lawns of the King's estate. I step out on the street to make my way home, the street’s dark, the only light coming from the nearby gas lamps. I shiver as I walk, it seems so cold for April. I hope it’s warm for the wedding. How awful it would be if it were to rain on the wedding. It would have to be moved inside and that would make for awful pictures. I glanc at my reflection in a window, how perfect. My violet blue eyes contrast my soft blonde hair perfectly, and with my slim figure, I am by far the most beautiful girl in town. Oh, how beautiful my children with Royce will look, fair haired, like Royce and I, with shining blue eyes. 


I stop for a second, hearing the sound of drunken men laughing too loud. I glance at them, there's five of them clustered under a broken streetlamp. Probably lower-class. I wish I'd called my father to escort me home, but it seems so silly given the short distance between our home and Vera's. I try to think of another way home but there isn't one. I continue walking home. "Rose!" I heard a drunken voice yell. I turn my head to the source of the voice. It’s Royce. I hadn't realized the drunken men were so well dressed. With him are sons of other rich men in town, his friends. "Here's my Rose!" Royce shouts, sounding even more stupid than the rest of them as they all laugh. "Your late. We're cold, you've kept us waiting so long." He drunkenly slurs. The "oh so attractive" stench of alcohol lingers all around him. This Royce isn't the Royce I saw a mere 12 hours ago. This Royce is mean and hard, and drunk. I've never seen him drunk until now, in fact, I've never seen him drink other than the odd toast at a party. He's always said he doesn't like champagne. I didn't realise until now he preferred something much stronger. 


I walk towards him, unsure of what to do. He grabs my arm and begins to brag to a new friend of his, "What did I tell you, John, isn't she lovelier than all your Georgia peaches?" The friend he bragged to was dark haired and suntanned, with eyes that looked at me as if I were something to be bought. "It's hard to tell," John drawled slowly, in a voice that gave me the shivers. "She's all covered up." All the drunken men began to laugh, even Royce. Suddenly his arm reaches out to my shoulder and he rips my jacket from my shoulders. He destroys it, his gift to me a mere month ago, scattering the brass buttons across the street as they pop off."Show him what you look like, Rose!" Royce laughs again as he slurs this. Suddenly a pain shoots through my head as he rips my hat from my hair, the pins wrenching my hair from the roots. I cry out in response. They laugh and smile at that, it's as if they enjoy my pain. Royce pushes me into a wall laughing as my face scrapes the wall. Blood trickles down my face and I cry out again. He smiles and pushes me harder. There's no escape."You want this, don't you Rosie?" he whispers loudly into my ear. The other men laugh along with him as I beg him to stop, beg him to let me go, beg for someone to save me. It doesn't work. He starts to pull my dress off inviting the other men to join him. It drops to the ground, and I whimper as I feel his drunken slimy breath on my skin and his clammy hands running over me. The other men join in, I start to sob and realise I can't stop. Their taunting drunken voices surround me, I can't understand them. Their voices blur together. The men take it in turn to force themselves into me, causing me unbearable pain. I try to push them away as I scream for them to stop but they’re too strong. They push their hands over my mouth as I protest, laugh as I sob and whimper. Royces new friend, John, grabs his broken beer bottle and forces it into me, laughing and smiling as I scream in pain. Everything fades, it's as if isn't me feeling it anymore. Royce and his friends go on for what seems like forever, until suddenly it's over.



They stumble away, leaving a path of drunken laughs echoing behind them. I can hear them talking, they think I'm dead. I wish I was, the pain is back and it's unbearable. Despite this I can still feel the freezing cold. The cold air whips across my face and all around me. The pain stings worse as the wind whips around me. Soon I'll be dead, I can feel it. I wait. And wait. And wait. Why aren't I dead yet? I want to die. I need this pain to end. Suddenly the face of an angel leans over me, golden eyes with golden hair and ice white skin to match. It’s Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I know him from town, I see him occasionally with his wife Esme and her brother Edward. They’re all so beautiful. I don't particularly like them, how is it that they are all prettier than I am, even the boys. He works over me, trying to save my life. I want to beg him to stop, to let me die but I can't get the words out. Suddenly he pulls me from the ground and I began to fly. I must have died at last, but the pain. The pain is still here, worse than ever. Then everything goes black.


I open my eyes. I'm surrounded by light, in a bright room. It's well furnished and large, a study of some sort. Beautiful and yet out of period. The pain slowly dulls as I lay here. Suddenly I can feel sharp pains in my wrists and ankles and worst of all my throat, I scream in shock. He's brought me here to hurt me more. I beg for him to kill me. He doesn’t. Fire rages through my blood burning me. Every second the pain gets worse, it’s unbearable. I began to count seconds. 20000, 80000, 14000, it seems as if the pain will never end. When Esme and Edward come into the room, I beg them to kill me. Each time I see Carlisle I beg him to kill me, but still he does not. He tells me I am becoming like him, and that he, Esme and Edward are vampires. He tells me lots but he must be lying. There is no such thing as vampires. He must be mad. But why else would I be burning. I can hear him talking about me with Edward and Esme. They talk lots. It’s clear Edward doesn’t like me, it’s as if there was something wrong with me, when he talks about me. "What were you thinking,

Carlisle? He asks. "I couldn't let her die," Carlisle responds, so quiet I almost can’t hear him, "It was too much - too horrible, too much waste." Edward responds to this in what is quite possibly the most dismissive voice I’ve ever heard, "I know." How dare he? He has no right. He didn't see me. Carlisle speaks again, so softly I can only just catch the words, "It was too much waste. I couldn't leave her." "Of course you couldn't" a female voice, presumably Esme, agrees. Suddenly Edward's hard voice fills the room again, "People die all the time, Don't you think she's just a little recognizable, though? The Kings will have to put up a huge search - not that anyone suspects the fiend" This distracts me from the burning. Edward knows it was Royce. How? At least they know. What little happiness I felt towards Edward is gone in a second, "What are we going to do with her?" he says disgustedly. A heavy sigh comes from Carlisle, "That's up to her, of course. She may want to go her own way. " How can I do that? My life's over. It was took from me. I'm alone, I have no-one.


The pain begins to fade from my body almost as suddenly as it came and soon it’s gone. I open my eyes and look around.


Chapter Two - Rejection


The burning is still here. Raging in my throat, reminding me of itself every second. But it’s different. Stronger and yet weaker. A mere echo of the burning before but concentrated in one place. It seems so much clearer. Before the pain was blurred together bewildering my every thought. Now everything is clear, sharp, defined. I can see everything. It’s staggering, astonishing and unbelievable. I can see the way the light falls on every surface, illuminating everything. I can see the flecks of dust as they dance in the air, swirling and flickering in the light.  It’s beautiful. I breathe in at the wonder. The air’s different. It’s as if every scent in the room can be tasted on my tongue in this millisecond. I can taste chocolate, and vanilla, and honey all rolled into one. Blended in with the delicious scents are floral scents. Hyacinth, lavender, lily, lemongrass, magnolia, even lotus blossom. The burning in my throat increases. I’m so thirsty. I can’t take it.  Suddenly Carlisle speaks, “Rosalie?” His cautious voice is so musical, it’s shocking. How is it I have never noticed this? My head turns instantly to the source of his voice, and I stare at the overwhelming sight before me. Carlisle is like a God. His face shines like a flame. I try to respond, my throat burning as I do. What has he done to me? What am I? “What have you done to me?” I snap at him. I can hear the violent animal tone in my voice. My voice. It sounds like Carlisle’s. It’s as if every syllable is in perfect harmony. What is he? What has he done to me? I can’t be human. I look around, seeing Edward and Esme leaning by a large ceiling high window cautiously. Carlisle speaks slowly, “You were dying Rosalie, so I saved you. I turned you into a vampire” I lunge at him. He calls turning me into a vampire saving me. How dare he? In less than a second I’m thrown back into a wall. I can feel the hard grip of Edward’s hand around my throat. How? How could he have moved that fast? How could I have moved that fast? How did he know what I was trying to do? Could Carlisle be telling the truth? No, there’s no such thing as vampires. But what else can I be?


 I snarl and snap trying to get Edward’s hard hand off my throat. He tightens his grip, reminding me of the burning scorching agony in my throat. I’m so thirsty. Why? I choke out my question to Carlisle, “Why am I so...?” He looks at me sympathetically before finishing my sentence, “Thirsty?” I nod, pausing from my attempts to free myself of Edward. “Let her go Edward, she isn’t going to attack again is she?” Carlisle says. Edward shakes his head before slowly releasing me. I pull myself into a defensive crouch before he can grab me again.  Edward steps back to stand by Esme again but holds a defensive stance, refusing to take his eyes off me. “Rosalie, Your craving blood, that’s why your throat is burning. For the last two days you have been changing,” Carlisle says, then pauses for a moment before continuing, “into a vampire. I bit you when I found you in the streets after Royce and his friends had left you. You were dying from internal trauma. So I changed you into a vampire to save you. Your body now craves blood instead of food to survive. Esme, Edward and I are all vegetarian vampires, we choose to feed only on the blood of animals. If you wish you can join our family and be a vegetarian vampire or if you wish you can go your own way.” Fury fills me as he speaks of Royce and his friends. They deserve death. No! They deserve worse than death. They deserve torture. I’ll kill every last one of them.  I’ll rip them to pieces. I snarl at the memories of what they did. I’ll kill them.  I’ll drink every last drop of their blood and satisfy this burning.  Carlisle continues, “If you’ll let us Rosalie, we’d like to show you a vegetarian vampire life.”  I consider this, I don’t want to kill innocent people. But if it’s the only way to end this burning...  I nod deciding to trust Carlisle. 


He looks to Edward asking a silent question, he nods, then looks back to me and asks “The thing is, as a vampire, you look a little different. Would you like to see?”  “Different how?” I respond. “Well, it might be easiest if you just see.” He steps out of the room gesturing me to follow, so I do. He leads me along a hallway and into a bedroom of sorts. A huge oak poster bed with soft beige sheets centers the far wall, surrounded by matching furniture: two small end tables, a closet, a vanity table and chair and a beautiful floor length mirror.  To the side is huge sliding doors and a balcony that opens into a forest I remember. I went there as a child. Carlisle walks over to stand by the mirror slowly, and once stood at the side of the mirror pauses waiting for me to follow. I look behind hearing a sound, Esme and Edward have followed too. I walk over to Carlisle and look in the mirror. My clothes are disheveled and bloody, my hair is tangled and limp, but my eyes are the most shocking. I stare. Is this me? It can’t be. My eyes Blood red. Sparkling blood red. Despite this I am stunning. I am far more beautiful than I ever was as a human. My once beautiful features are now stunning. How irresistible I must be and yet it does not seem as if either of the men are attracted to me. How can this be? I suppose Carlisle being with Esme feels no attraction to other women but Edward? Why does he hate me so? Why is he not attracted to me? It seems so impossible. 


“Shall we hunt?” Carlisle asks as he sees my grimace, assuming it must be at the unbearable burning in my throat. Although the burning is most unbearable, the lack of attention from Edward is more disconcerting. How can he not want me? I nod to Carlisle, realizing that the burning is worsening with every second. He leads me out of the room onto the balcony. From there he jumps off the balcony and lands feet down onto the forest floor. “Rosalie? You can jump too, it’s not hard.” He says. So I jump. The power I can feel is unbelievable. It’s as if I’m a thousand times more powerful than I was as a human. Carlisle begins to run into the forest. He runs faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. He should be a blur and yet he’s not. I follow. The trees whip past me as I run faster and faster. Suddenly I’m ahead of Carlisle and I can’t see him. I stop and wait. “Rosalie?” I hear him call from behind. I follow the sound of his voice and a few seconds later or a few hundred metres later I’m standing beside him. “Can you smell that?” I breathe in deeply. The burning in my throat intensifies, I can barely concentrate on what Carlisle’s asked of me. I can smell something. It’s a rich and tangy smell. But not particularly mouthwatering. I could hear the dull heartbeats of maybe three or four creatures. “What are they?” I ask Carlisle. “Deer, Can you hear them?” I nod, “There's three or four?”  “That’s right” Carlisle smiled. Suddenly I can’t control the burning anymore. I leap forward and sink my teeth into the largest deer’s neck. The blood feels so good as it pours down my throat. I drain it and chase after another. I barley give the deer time to think before I’ve drained it of it’s blood. The burning lessens to a mere echo of what it was before. I feel full, I can feel the blood sloshing around inside of me. I look down and realise I am even more of a mess than I was before. Not only am I stained with my own blood but I have a trail of deer blood pouring from the corner of my mouth. I look around for Carlisle. I can’t see him. I breathe in and soon I know where he is. I run to join up with him as he finishes a deer.  Suddenly I realise what I have done. I’ve killed two deer, drained them of their blood. I’m a monster. 


As Carlisle runs back to the house, I follow. We go in through the front door. The living room is breathtaking. It seems so spacious. Filling a corner of the room is a large piano. It looks so beautiful. How I long to play it. Also in the room is an assortment of furniture. It all seems so beautiful. Far nicer than that I had at home. Will I ever see my family again? What would they think of me now I’m a... Vampire? Far nicer than that of Royce’s estate. I hate Royce. I want to kill him. I will kill him. Soon. He deserves to suffer as much as I did. More than I did. I’ll plan it, Every last second. I’ll kill all of his friends then him. Save him till last, so he know’s I’m coming. I want him to be as scared as I was, in as much pain as I was. Suddenly a concerned voice pulled me out of my thoughts, “Rosalie, are you okay?” Esme asks. “Yes, thank you, it’s just overwhelming.” “Its okay. We understand, honey” she says. She gives me the kindest look I’d ever seen. Her heart shaped face radiates with light as she smiles comfortingly at me. I search the room for Edward. He’s nowhere to be seen, “Where’s Edward?” I ask. “He’s gone to hunt,” Esme answers. “He’ll be back momentarily I believe,” Carlisle adds in.  As if he’d been listening to our conversation, Edward walks through the door. He looks as Carlisle did after hunting. Not even a drop of blood visible. How is it they manage to be so clean? What must they think of my disgusting disheveled state? “Would you like to see your bedroom if you choose to stay?” Esme asks. “That would be nice, thank you” I respond not wanting to seem rude. How can I leave though? I have nobody. I’m alone. These people...vampires are the only people I have. She starts to travel up the stairs and I follow. Why is it that they all walk at human speed when they can? She leads me into a room that’s equally spacious to the room I was in earlier. The walls are a soft blue. The bed is another four poster only in this case the wood is rosewood. I smile at that. The rest of the room is all furnished with complimentary colours and woods. It’s nice. “Is it okay?” Esme asks hesitantly. “Thank You. It’s more than okay. It’s beautifully furnished. Your being so generous.”


I try to think of how to ask if they have any clean clothes I can borrow and a shower.  “Um, Esme, is there any chance I can use your bathroom?” I ask. “Of course dear, whatever you need that we have is yours. There is a bathroom through that door,” she says as she gestures to a door to our right, leading out of the bedroom. “I have bought some clothes for you that I think should suit you. They are in this closet,” she says as she points to the closet below the beautiful wall length mirror. “I hope they are to your liking. I chose them on what I’ve seen you wear.” “Thank you ever so much.” I respond unsure of how to ask for some privacy. “We’ll leave you alone, so you can clean up,” Esme says and before I can respond I’m alone in the room. I spend over an hour cleaning myself up, and deciding on clothes. Esme has good taste.  I decide on a simple but sophisticated dress. Once I’m ready, I go down and see where Carlisle, Esme, and Edward are. They are all sitting in the living room. Carlisle is reading, Edward is playing the beautiful piano and Esme is sitting at a desk drawing. I feel as if I shouldn’t disturb them. As I go down Esme greets me at the foot of the stairs. “How are you?” she asks, “I’m fine thank you?” I respond.  She sits on the sofa and I copy her. We begin talking. We talk of everything, fashion, love, vampirism. I begin to wonder, why as she seems so maternal, does she have no children. It seems so bizarre. I bring up the courage to ask. “Esme, Why is it that you have no children?” She goes quiet and instantly I feel guilty. “As a human I used to have a son, but he died a few days after birth of a lung affection. And well. Vampires cannot be impregnated. They are forever frozen.” Her face sinks as she says this but I barley notice. I can’t ever have children. I’m going to kill Carlisle. How dare he? He has stolen everything from me. My humanity and all the possibilities that went with it. He should die. I lunge at him, leaping across the room in a second. Within 7 and a half seconds I have him pinned against the wall by the throat. “WHY?” I snarl. 


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Good job! It's very interesting hearing things from her point of view! Like KC said, just a few conventional errors, but besides that, nice work!! Keep me posted!
That's really Awesome! I love the picture you've chose. :D
I love it =) please keep me updated


I love it if you cant tell Charli

PLEASE POST MORE!!!!!!!!!! =)


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