The Twilight Saga

This is my first competition, I want to see how it will go.


Write a song or poem about characters, scenes, or a relationship in a book, whether it be twilight or something else entirely. Once ten(IF ten people will enter) people have entered and submitted their song or poem, the voting will begin. It's so simple, the person with the most votes wins.


And they have the title

Song&Poetry Competition 1 Winner

Not much, but it's catchy. And you get to say you won something.


A banner will eventually go to everyone who enters(Once my computer is working right.) and the winner will get a video.


And there will be 5 competitions. The winner of each one will be put on the 6th competition, and the winner of the sixth will get their song or poem sang/said along with a video and possibly lyrics. The video will be put up on my page.


The deadline is April 28th, you have to have your song/poem on here. Voting will begin after that. :3 But, if everyone's poems are in, we'll start the voting early.


The deadline, as you know, has passed. VOTE!



1. Date_With_Destiny™ -

2. Drama Baby I WAFFLE TAYLER! -

3.  Hannah~Masquerade~ -

4. ♥♫♪Nicole♪♫♥(*HDTT*) -

5. Music Saves my soul -

6. mUsIc=LiFe -

7. Ɔαяσℓʏи Ɯιиƨтσи ™





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Wow, anyone wanna enter?
May I enter?
You can both enter.
Uh...I'll put one up.
Alright! :D

I might enter this... I knew there was a reason I was feeling poetic today.


Anyways, sorry this came kinda late, I was grounded for a while and I had so many messages, I stopper trying to read them all, but now I'm going back through my inbox.

Alright. :D

I can never write anything that isn't in some way, shape, or form depressing. O well. Here it is. I wrote it on an impulse, so it's not that good. I don't really have a title for it.


Hurt comes first.

The Anger stage is the worst.

Then Depression is beckoned.

Malice for a few split seconds.

You take their advice and let go of them all.

Only to be washed in a wave of Sadness and Humiliation and be unable to stand tall.

And with each of these new comings, only one comes and stays: Tears.

May your story of sorrow help others live through their fears.



Wow, that was really good, Nicole. :D


So what story, character, ect. is that based off of??

Oh right I forgot to add it's Katniss from the Hunger Games. Her emotions throughout the series. Idk 
if I got it quite right, but I still like it.
I think it fits well for her emotions. I just finished the series.


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