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Sometimes it seems like you're just destined to not have a relationship with anyone. Like the universe is working against you constantly, keeping the people you love away from you. I don't see why. Isn't our purpose in life to love and be loved?


Well apparently it isn't for me. I guess my purpose in life is just to be taken advantage of and hurt.


I loved her with all my heart. But she cheated on me. She left me without any remorse what-so-ever. And she took a piece of my heart with her.


One good thing happened from this though. A broken heart inspires a lot of songs. I think sining them will help me. But they will also show her how much she hurt me.


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Oh Em Gee!!! lol. it sounds awesome!!!
Awww so cute!!!:)
cool :)
i love justin bieber plzz rite more!!!!

oh and keep me updated!!
wow.. I want to be Lily right now..hahaha LOL... but one question... Why did they walk if he had a car? but still love it!!
Write more please!
Even though I'm not a Justin fan, I like the story so far.
Post more soon!!
OMg, A justin bieber story, REALLY?
wooo dat was gr8 ;)
funny I was listening to it already.
love it !!! more please!!!!!
AAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats soooo sweet!:):):)


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