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I could feel the adrenaline in my body increase as my movements became more rapid.

I had to hurry, I knew there wasn’t much time left—

She was in danger.

Every second that she spent alone with him, could mean her death, the end of her existence.

He would hurt her, compel her, and suck every inch of life right out of her.

I realized that i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if this would end the way it could.

I tried to come up with a plan as I kept on running.

Running to save her, the girl I loved so much but could never be with.

I could not let her into my World.

The stupid thing was— that I already had. This was my fault.

She was waiting for me, but he showed up.

What would i do to him? I was afraid of this.

I loved her with all my being, but loving her didn’t make me care any less for him, my brother, my other half, my twin…





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I finally read your story honey.

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hey girl!

I had to focus on my exams first :( sorry
I wrote a big chunk yesterday and I'm going to finish it up tomorrow.
Its 1am here and i just got home from 11 hours of working so I can't finish it now :(


Chapter 7. Dinner

I had had reached my house within 20 minutes. Hailey chattered cheerfully the whole way there”. I heard only half of it as my mind was wandering off in its stress. I had given my parents a heads up right before we had gotten into the car. “—I’m sure I’ll like your family,” I heard Hailey say.
We were expected at my grandparent’s house. This would be disastrous, I was sure of it. At least there would be a sense of normality at my parental house. There was simply no sense of that at my grandparents’.
I held the car door open for Hailey to step out. She seemed to appreciate that, judging by the smile on her face. She slid her hand in mine as we began our way up the porch. It seemed to be taking ages, although it couldn’t last long enough for me. My grandpa opened the door before I could reach its handle. I assumed he must have read my thoughts and Hailey’s, apparent opposite thoughts, because he winked at me. “Well hello, Hailey,” he introduced himself to her with a nod. “I’m Edward. Welcome to our home, I’ve heard so much about you.”
“Oh! Goody!,” Aunt Alice cheered, running as human-like as possible while clapping her hands almost doing a little happy dance. “You must be Hailey. I’m Alice.” It had been ages since a human stranger had entered our house. The last person who had in the past was Great-Grandpa Charlie, but he had passed last year of acute heart failure. I felt a twinge of grief thinking about him. I had loved him so much and I had visited him almost every day. He was great. I sighed and my grandpa smiled understandingly.

My great grandpa Carlisle was there and my uncle Emmett. My parents were there as well. I spotted Ryan sitting by the chess table, playing with Uncle Jasper while Aunt Rosalie was hovering over the game. Everybody introduced themselves. They didn’t really use terms as Uncle, Aunt, Grandpa, Great Grandpa or anything, thank God. That would have been weird considering everyone except my great grandfather looked as though they were born in the same generation as I had.
They all excused themselves from dinner, claiming they had already eaten, which I was fairly positive was the truth, just not in the human sense. They did sit down with us though. Only my mom, dad and Ryan were going to eat the Tortilla’s that were on the menu this evening. My great grandfather had cooked. He loved cooking. The smell was awful for him but he loved doing the ‘human’ things. Ryan wasn’t too fond of eating the human food, I knew that and it was showing. He looked grumpy as he slid as little as possible on his plate.

Dinner started off quietly and calm. That was great but I knew that luck would wear off sooner or later.
My family asked Hailey all sorts of questions; drilling her to the bone. She didn’t seem to mind though. She was beaming from all of the attention. Every so often she would caress my hand whenever she spoke of something that made her think of me. It gave me tingles all over my body. I couldn’t feel stressed out anymore even if I wanted to, my uncle was having a strong hold on my emotions tonight. He had noticed my tense mood as soon as I entered and I had been feeling the cover of serenity ever since then.
The only person who wasn’t asking Hailey anything was my aunt Rose, she just sat at the end of the table, combing out her hair with her fingers, as she always did when humans were around. She looked uninterested in any of this and had probably been forced to join us at the table. She didn’t like having humans over.
In a way this dinner was so odd, with all those different kinds of species joined at this table; vampire— vampire-human— wolf-human— vampire-wolf-human and of course— Hailey herself, the human. I grinned to myself.

As I laughed silently everyone at the table fell quiet. My uncle Jasper stood up while taking in all the tension that had suddenly appeared.
My grandfather’s eyes were wide. “You know,” he said slowly, pronouncing every letter.
I looked to my side to see Hailey. She was smiling. “Know about you? Yeah,” she answered not really seeming to understand what the problem was.
“How long have you known?” he demanded.
“Since day one,” she muttered. “Why?”
“Why?” Uncle Emmett joined in, evenly irritated. “We’ll have to move now, that’s why”
“I don’t see a reason why you would, nothing has changed hasn’t it?” she exclaimed.
The tension eased a bit. My uncle didn’t sit down though. My great grandfather decided to speak. “Edward, this is a fact. If she has known from the day she met Damian, then she probably hasn’t revealed us and hasn’t got intentions to do so.”
“Is that true?” my grandpa nearly hissed, never have taken his eyes off Hailey.
“Well, no I haven’t. Obviously.” She rolled her eyes slightly while all I could do was sit there in utter shock. She had known from the beginning. Wow. Why didn’t she ever tell me? It would have saved me a lot of anxiety over nothing. “This isn’t nothing, Damian,” my grandfather shot me a warn full glance. I hated when he did this. Get so overprotective—Jeez. She hadn’t told anyone, and she wasn’t going to. She wouldn’t hurt me like that.
My father sighed, drawing the attention to him. “I’m sorry, Hailey. The Cullens can get a little dramatic sometimes,” he smiled, referring to my grandfather. “I think they are wondering though. How do they know that they can trust you?”
“Well,” she glanced at my grandfather. “Obviously you read my thought—why don’t you tell everyone what I’m thinking right now.”
I snickered involuntary but managed to keep it to a minimum.
It was quiet for a few seconds; you could hear a pin drop if there was one. My grandfather was staring into her eyes so intensely that it seemed like he was looking right through her.
“So?” Uncle Emmett asked my grandpa after a while. “Come on, Edward let us have some fun.”
“This is not fun,” a shiver, caused by his agitation, went down my spine.
It fell silent again. “I’m not telling anyone about you,” Hailey said, sounding positive. “Tell them why.”
She was peering at him provokingly, tilting her head slightly to the side. She didn’t seem sixteen anymore. She didn’t even seem like my girl.
“She loves you,” my grandfather muttered, finally taking his eyes off her and into mine. I didn’t know what to say. I was simply speechless.
“She loves Damian?” my brother said, finally joining in. He was roaring of laughter. “That’s just priceless.”
“What if your relationship doesn’t work out?” my aunt Rosalie questioned. She always had something to say if it considered a human threatening our family.
“Oh, it won’t,” my other aunt beamed. Another awful silence fell over the table.

How did she know? I thought, still wrapped in my own cloud of questions. “How did you know?” I asked, looking at our intertwined hands on the table, before looking up at her. I found myself scared for her answer.
“Good question,” Uncle Jasper spoke finally.
She smiled brightly at me, making my heartbeat speed up. “I can read minds like your uncle. I’m a telepath”
“Grandfather—“ Uncle Emmett corrected cheerfully. He enjoyed this piece of the conversation.
“Really?” Hailey looked truly stunned while giving my grandfather a full body screening with her eyes. “Wow! Amazing!”
“You are like me?” my grandfather asked as amazed as she seemed to be.
“Not exactly—“ she admitted. “I can’t read y’all, only the ones that have a heartbeat.”
Everyone seemed interested in this and looked at her intensively in order to continue. “You see, when you have no heartbeat, your brain isn’t really active and when it’s not active then it doesn’t send out any brainwaves. That’s what I can read. At least I think that’s what it is.”
“Sounds logical,” Ryan commented.
Hailey turned her head to me, squeezing my hand gently. “I knew you were different when you sat down next to me in class that very first day. I loved it, I loved how you thought, I loved the way you love your family and I loved the way you looked of course.”
I smiled at her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. I felt relieved. Now that she knew, it would all be simpler. I could be honest and true to her, be myself. I don’t know if I could have been myself with any other girl. I knew I hadn’t in the past. I would always visit girls that I liked at their house; I would never take them to mine.

After dinner we went back to my house. We had closed off the whole dinner thing positively. I’m not sure if my grandfather still liked her, but at least he had been polite. There hadn’t been any hostility anymore. After the heated discussion, my uncle Emmett had simply changed the subject by talking nonsense as he usually would.
We laid on our bed now, her head on my chest, my hands behind my head. I was deep in my thoughts. Evaluating the evening.
“I love how warm you are,” Hailey whispered. I realized she could hear every thought in my head.
“How often do you read my mind?” I asked, my voice sincere.
She sighed and pushed herself up, now sitting on her knees beside my chest. I looked at her as she looked at me. “Not often,” she admitted. “I’m pretty good in blocking out thoughts that people have. Yours are different though.”
I knew I must have looked confused.
“You’re not entirely human,” she started explaining. “I don’t get lines of thought from you, as I get from others. You send me like images of things that you’re thinking about.”
I understood now and it even excited me a little. It could be really cool to have a telepath for a girlfriend. “What am I thinking off now?” I asked a little provokingly. I smiled as I saw her beam.
She kissed me then, but it wasn’t like previous times. This was going somewhere. She was making my thoughts happen. And very soon, my long held virginity left my body as my thoughts went blank.
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