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I could feel the adrenaline in my body increase as my movements became more rapid.

I had to hurry, I knew there wasn’t much time left—

She was in danger.

Every second that she spent alone with him, could mean her death, the end of her existence.

He would hurt her, compel her, and suck every inch of life right out of her.

I realized that i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if this would end the way it could.

I tried to come up with a plan as I kept on running.

Running to save her, the girl I loved so much but could never be with.

I could not let her into my World.

The stupid thing was— that I already had. This was my fault.

She was waiting for me, but he showed up.

What would i do to him? I was afraid of this.

I loved her with all my being, but loving her didn’t make me care any less for him, my brother, my other half, my twin…





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I'm so glad you had the chance to update!! I LOVED the chapter--can't wait for more!
great chap!! keep up the good work!! :)

Chapter 8. The continuation

I woke up in the morning in a complete daze. I couldn’t believe what my girlfriend could do as much as I couldn’t believe that she had known about my family, but hadn’t shared that with me. And most importantly; that she was okay with it all. I sighed as I felt the now familiar feeling of relief all over me. She was still sleeping. My sheet was draped over her, only revealing her beautifully shaped, small shoulders which moved softly because of her breathing. I kissed her shoulder as gently as possible, trying not to wake her. Her scent was wonderful; sweet but also fresh. I found myself stunned that she could smell so nice in the morning. Last night had been heaven although I doubted if I was any good. To my surprise, my body was still showing bits of all the excitement and passion of the previous night. The only things that I had known to do came from the television or my uncle Emmett. I hoped she was pleased, although she had looked more than that when I eventually watched her fall asleep.
I felt truly happy. I don’t think I had ever felt so full with satisfaction about my life. Things were perfect the way they were right now.
When I stroked her hair softly, she sighed deeply, exhaling a deep gush of air.
I decided to take a shower and prepare a nice breakfast for the two of us. As I walked through the hallway, I realized that the rest of house was empty. That was perfect. I grinned.

The flowing hot water felt good on my body. I washed and shaved myself as quick as I could; using the David Beckham stuff my mom had gotten for me for Christmas last year. I only used it on special occasions. I felt like today was surely counted as one. This was the first day of the beginning of my true manhood. No more of not being able to intervene in sex talks between my uncles. No more fantasizing. This had been the real deal. And I could honestly say that it had been way better then in my fantasies.
I quickly turned the water off and dried myself as I noticed my body’s reaction to my remembrance of Hailey’s warm body so intensely close to mine.

I went into the kitchen to make some toast, scrambled eggs and fresh orange juice right after I had brushed my teeth as thoroughly as I could and had put a pair of jeans on. I also made some tea, in case she didn’t like orange juice. I had never met a human woman that didn’t like tea, since it was calorie free so I guessed that it would be a good idea. Then I realized the strawberry plants that got planted outside by Ryan for some school science project a few years ago. I was lucky; it carried some ripe ones.
I took the prepared tray of food inside the room, after I had cleaned the strawberries and had sprinkled some sugar over them.
The scent of the food must have woken Hailey up because her eyes opened slowly. “Hmm,” she moaned. “That smells so delicious.”
I kissed her lips and smiled. “Good morning.”
She sat up to allow me to put the tray down on the bed and I sat next to her, crossing my legs.
She ate like she hadn’t eaten in three days, I was totally amazed. “Last night was wonderful,” she said, her mouth half full.
“Really?” I beamed.
“Yeah. I have nothing to compare it to but…”
“What?” I asked in shock. I hadn’t expected this. “Last night was your first time?”
“Yep,” she smiled. “And it was awesome!”
Okay this wasn’t bad to hear. “Well, I wouldn’t say that last night was your first time.”
“You kind of helped me.”
I kept myself quiet, wondering what she meant. She saw that. Or heard it.
“Whenever I doubted something that I wanted to do or was already doing, I just took a little peek into your mind and you just showed me what you wanted through there.”
I laughed. “You cheated.”
“So? You can’t say you didn’t like it,” she smiled as well, but with a naughty edge to her voice.
After she said that— I found myself on top of her again in no time. The leftover food had landed on the ground, but I couldn’t have cared less. It was very convenient that she didn’t have a piece of clothing on her body. I’m sure that it wouldn’t have survived otherwise. The only thing in the way had been my sheet, but she wiggled herself out from under it before I could take it away. Her wiggling aroused me even more.

She took a shower after that, and I could have never imagined that a sheet could curve itself so marvelously around a woman’s figure.
While she showered, I dressed myself and cleaned up the mess that had appeared on the floor due to our spontaneous actions.
“So what are we going to do today?” She’d asked when she came back into the bedroom and put on her clothes.
“We could go up to the Cullen house, if you want to,” I offered. “My uncle Emmett will probably be there.”
She nodded and smiled approvingly.

It took uncle Jasper only a few seconds to pick up my recently discovered mood. He was there as well, playing ball with Uncle Emmet. “Oh,” he spoke provokingly as soon as he had figured it out.
As I had expected, my uncle Emmett turned around straight away, to watch Hailey and I walking up, her arm resting in mine. “You had sex!” he almost shouted and immediately let out a roar of laughter. “Was it any good?” He lifted his eyebrows up and down a few times.
I beamed and blushed slightly, not daring to look at Hailey, who I knew would be totally flushed.
“That’s private,” I said teasingly.
Uncle Jasper laughed. “No worries, we already know.”
Uncle Emmett ran up to me with his inhuman speed, making Hailey stiffen in shock.
“Oh, sorry,” he grinned at her and threw an arm around my shoulders. “So you’re finally a man now! We should celebrate. Too bad you don’t like mountain lions, or anything that contains blood. I could be up to a struggle today.”
I just smiled. This piece of information didn’t need a respond and I was sure his tiny speech had grossed Hailey out enough. She had let go of my arm and stood silently now. “Sorry, babe,” I apologized.
She shrugged and showed me a half hearted smile. “I could have expected this much.”
“Want to join in?” Uncle Jasper asked me.
I shot a glance at Hailey she nodded, understanding that I was in the mood for a game of ball. After that, she set herself down against a tree and watched us with great intensity.

We played and played. This was my time to show off, so I jumped as high as I could every time I had the chance to score. I even climbed in the tree at one point, but my uncles were right behind me, as usual.
Sometimes I had a quick second to watch Hailey. Her eyes seemed locked on us.
Uncle Jasper had the ball now, but he disappeared into the woods with it. I couldn’t have that now could I? So I told Hailey that I was going to be right back and sprinted after him, leaving Uncle Emmett behind with her.
After a few seconds I realized that I wasn’t going to catch up on him in my human form, so I leaped myself into the air and allowed the change to happen, forgetting all about my clothes. I was going to regret that.
I had the ball quickly now, tossing uncle Jasper on the ground. “Okay, you win he laughed as I roared playfully.
We ran back together but I had to change back before reaching the clearing of the house. So I did, knowing that I was going to be naked.
Hailey stared at my body with wide eyes as I walked out of the woods with the ball in my hands.
“What happened to your clothes?” she asked in shock.
“Oh, I forgot to take them off,” I shrugged. “That happens sometimes.”
“You changed?” she asked, stunned. “That quickly? You don’t need a moon for that or anything?”
“Nope,” I smiled proudly. “I can do it whenever I want.”
“Oh,” was her only response and she seemed to go deep into her own thoughts.
i'm sure she will make him change more often...^-^
I'm sorry about the details too LMAO!
awww their a cute couple,emm nd jazz r fuNNy! smh l0lsz
loved the new chapter!!
i love your story but you take centuries to write more!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoa. Whats happned to this story? You havent updated for months!


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