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I could feel the adrenaline in my body increase as my movements became more rapid.

I had to hurry, I knew there wasn’t much time left—

She was in danger.

Every second that she spent alone with him, could mean her death, the end of her existence.

He would hurt her, compel her, and suck every inch of life right out of her.

I realized that i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if this would end the way it could.

I tried to come up with a plan as I kept on running.

Running to save her, the girl I loved so much but could never be with.

I could not let her into my World.

The stupid thing was— that I already had. This was my fault.

She was waiting for me, but he showed up.

What would i do to him? I was afraid of this.

I loved her with all my being, but loving her didn’t make me care any less for him, my brother, my other half, my twin…





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Chapter 1; Sono io

Today was a new day. I woke up eager to get out of bed, smelling the fresh aroma’s of mom’s breakfast coming from our kitchen.
We moved recently. Our house was next to my grandparents house.
I am positive that it will form its own family street after the coming generations.
My grandparents house is near to my great grandparents house, they could pass off easily as my parents though, just like my grandparents them self.
The thing is; my family is kind of different from other families, which really is an understatement.
It starts with my great grandparents, Carlisle and Esme Cullen, they adopted kids that came from all different family’s cause they all have the same curse; vampirism. In some cases, my great grandpa gave them the curse. Eternal life, I would hate it.
Then there is my grandparents. My grandpa, Edward Cullen got adopted by my great grandpa back in 1918, he is like 116 and married to my grandma Bella Cullen. She is only 26 though, kind of weird but who cares—
They had a baby girl Renesmee Black and together with my dad Jocob Black, they created me and my brother Ryan.
Ryan is my twin brother. We look quite older then we are, we grow fast.
My brother and I are like day and night, we think differently, we act differently and we dress really differently.
The thing is; I inherited more of my father’s genes and my Ryan more of my mothers.
My father is a shape shifter, he fights the evil vampires that come into our town ever so often because they don’t agree with our existence.
I can shift as well, morph as some people call it. I’ve been able to do it all my life. I used to scare the crap out of my mom when I was a toddler. Every time that I didn’t agree with her, which was a lot! I morphed. She kind of let me decide what to wear on my own after a while, even if I wanted to be dressed like The Little Mermaid to school. What was a little obsession of mine back then. I’m not proud of it, I just loved Ariel so much that I wanted to be like her.

My mother is half vampire and half human, frozen in her teenage body. Many people think she is my big sister. That bugs her.
She behaves like any other mother, she just drinks animal blood for breakfast instead of coffee.
I don’t drink blood, even if I am a quarter vampire like my brother. I prefer the food any other teenage boy likes; the unhealthier the better—
My brother is different though. He struggles because he does have the craving for blood.
Besides that he struggles with the fact that he can’t morph like I can.
He has always kept to himself a lot. He reads, listens to music and studies every second he can, while I am playing soccer with my uncle Emmett, who is insanely cool by the way.
All the schools where we have attended, he has kind of been the outsider.
He could have any girl that he wants, but he doesn’t seem interested. Sometimes it makes me wonder if he is even straight.
In a way it’s better that he doesn’t date. Our family is so different from a everyday family that it wouldn’t be good if girls knew, or be around our family.
My grandpa always tells me that the risk is too great. I find that odd, because he used to date a human before he made her his wife and she changed.
I would love to have a girlfriend. Rachel in particular. She is the most gorgeous, sexy and sweet human walking around this stupid town.
When my parents told my brother and me that we had to switch schools, again, my mind was made up in an instant. I wanted to go to Forks High. As usual, my brother followed. He couldn’t care less where he goes to school, as long as they feed him information its fine with him.
I had seen Rachel in town a few times, always with her two friends Michelle and Tony, the most stereotype gay boy that you would ever get to meet. I heard them talking about their school once, while I was at the diner with uncle Emmett. Okay I eavesdropped, but what’s the harm in that. I knew that Forks High would be my next school.
We have to change schools every two years, because we grow fast. It used to be every two months when we were little, but our growing slowed down when we looked about 18 and my parents were running out of schools in the area.
Nobody knows if my brother and I are mortal or not. I sure hope I am, because my uncle Emmett has attended high school so often that I lost count.

“Damian, get up will you?” I hear my mom say while I see her eyes around the corner of my bedroom door. “Breakfast is getting cold.”
This snaps me back to reality. “I’m coming—“
I yawn while I drag myself out of bed, get dressed; putting on my Capri shorts and gray sweater to get ready for my first day at my new High School and slowly walk to the kitchen, where my mom and brother are already waiting. She, drinking her ‘coffee’ and my brother reading the morning paper while taking sips out of his cup, which smells like— O positive to me.
I sigh as I sit down and grab some of the French Toast my mom has made for me.
My father is probably still in bed, he got called away last night. We know not to disturb him when he is sleeping, although he wouldn’t wake up if you shouted at him.
“Are you nearly ready for your first day?” my mother asks us.
My brother doesn’t even look up, he just murmurs something I’m sure only my mother understood.
“Sure,” I say sarcastically. “Can’t wait—“ the rest of my breakfast is already halfway in my mouth.
I actually really can’t wait. This is probably the first time ever that I rather be early in school then later.
I get up and pick up my bag. “Bye” I kiss my mom’s cheek. “I won’t be late”
“Hey won’t you wait for your brother?” my mother demands.
“It’s alright,” he chuckles. “He wants a chance to see Rachel before school.”
I roll my eyes.
“Rachel. You know Rachel Fayden. The girl his heart aches for,” he laughs.
“Oh, right,” my mother says a little suspiciously, as if she is not quite sure what he means. “Well, be careful, and don’t break any trees again after school.
I chuckle. “Promise” and race out of the door to my car.
Hey I love your story...Keep me updated!!! Please?
thanks :)
i will xx
thiss is soo good!
you need to write moree<3
keep me updated pleasee...
Hahahah thank you!! :)
I am dutch and until a few years back i never knew, but i found out that even kids in New York don't learn about the Dutch either so i wanted to intertwine it in the story.
I will try to give it other information as well hahah you've got me on the roll lol


Chapter 2; First day

I arrived at the school parking lot just as other teenagers started arriving. The rain had slowed down to a soft drizzle. The music from my car blew through my speakers, playing a song I had heard for so many times before, that it made me doubt if I still liked it or not.
Even though the weather wasn’t all that great, I decided to wait outside my car just in case I would miss Rachel arriving if I wouldn’t. So I plugged in my IPod and turned it on, on a random playlist I probably created once when I was bored. I didn’t turn up my volume as I usually would; I didn’t want to get distracted.
Seeing how the people around me were dressed, it was probably cold out. That wouldn’t bother me though. I rarely got cold.

I leaned calmly against my car and pretended to wait for someone, trying to be as conspicuous as possible.
People passed by quickly, eager to get inside the building, where it would be warm and dry.
“Hey man!” I suddenly heard behind me. I realized that he probably wasn’t talking to me but I turned my head anyway.
A boy came walking towards me. I didn’t recognize him at first but as he came closer my memory got back to me. “Kevin— Kevin Whitlock? Is that you?” I laughed.
I hadn’t seen him in ages! I used to run into him all the time at the diner.
“It sure is!” he grinned. “What the hell are you doing here?”
“I changed schools.”
“Oh I get it—kicked out of the other school.”
“Sort of—“ I said, knowing I couldn’t say more. “But my brother is coming as well.”
“Oh I didn’t know you had a brother,” he replied a little confused.
“Yep. A twin.”
“Right,” he chuckled as if he thought I was messing with him. “Well, I’ve got to go. Class will start soon and my girlfriend is waiting for me. Come see me at lunch will ya?”
I nodded a quick nod in acceptance. Well at least I had one friend here. This wasn’t a bad start at all.

I checked my watch. He was right, I had ten minutes left to pick up my schedule and get my ass to class. Where was Ryan though? He probably arrived and snuck in already. Had I missed Rachel as well?
I looked around, seeing if I could spot his Ford, but I couldn’t.
Well, I couldn’t wait for Rachel anymore. It wouldn’t be good if I were late on my first day.Anyway, I would see her at lunch.
Turned out, that I was late already. The woman at the students’ administration had the speed of a Turtle. I had to rush to my first class, American History, where I arrived late anyway.
I knocked on the door and quietly opened it.
“Excuse me,” I started, “is this the History class?”
“It is. I am Mr. Gregor, and who are you? Being as late as you are,” an old-style looking, gray haired man in a cheap suit asked me.
“Damian Black, sir. This is my first day.”
“Well, alright then Mr. Black. You can take a seat over there,” he pointed to a vacant table next to a quite cute looking girl who started to blush instantly.
‘Not a bad start at all,’ I smirked to myself.
“I do appreciate it if you are on time in the future. I do not tolerate late comers.”
“Alright, sir.”
I sat down next to the girl. She looked away in an attempt to hide her red cheeks. She had long, wavy blonde hair, which hung slender over shoulders. She was dressed alright. Casually.
“—were we?” I could hear the teacher. “Right, New York.”
He rolled down a map of the city over the blackboard. “New York has a brilliant history. Has any of you been there?”
“I have sir,” a smart looking kid in the front raised his hand.
“And did you notice anything about it?” the teacher asked him.
“That it has so many skyscrapers??”
Right, this was boring. I plugged in one of my IPod’s ear pieces and turned my music back on.
“No. It has many street names that don’t make a lot of sense to most people. It also has parts of the city named with that language.”
“What language is it?” A girl asked.
Wow, I knew that one and quickly raised my hand.
“Mr. Black, do you know the answer?” the teacher looked at me questionably.
“I do. It’s Dutch.”
“Do you know why?”
“A bit—New York used to be New Amsterdam many years ago. Thank you grandpa. But the Dutch sold it for the Republic of Suriname.”
“Very well answered,” he complimented.
Some kids were staring at me with eyes that seemed to be popping out of their sockets soon. Even the girl next to me, stared at me. I looked right into her eyes. They were blue as the Cuban ocean and so deep that I could drown in them. They seemed to be peering right into my soul.
My heart skipped a beat and I shuddered lightly. ‘Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. You are in love with Rachel remember?’ I told myself. ‘But she is so hot!’
I shook it off. I was here for Rachel, not for others. But it wasn’t wrong to look right?
The teacher went on and all the faces turned back to him, except for my right neighbor, who seemed sound asleep, head down on his table.
I shot a glance back to the girl. Her hair— it looked so soft. I wondered what it would feel like to stroke it. Her neck— so smooth while a tiny necklace subtly decorated it. My eyes darted down to her shirt. A tiny bit of her breast was showing. I could feel my body temperature increase as my heart raced.
“Erm,” the girl scrapped her throat. I looked up and there were those eyes again.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” I felt so embarrassed while I tried to come up with an excuse “That wasn’t what it looked like. I—I like your necklace.”
She smiled kindly at me. That eased the tension a bit so I smiled back.
“Hi, I’m Damian” I wrote on her notepad.
“Nice to meet you Hailey”

I didn’t know why but I felt like I was being drawn to her. She was so absolutely stunning. A gush of wind blew from the window onto her body, which blew some of her perfume towards me. I inhaled deeply. I couldn’t describe it. What was wrong with me? Who was she that she had such a power over me?”
The teachers’ voice faded to the background and all I could see was her. A giant sensation of warmth washed over me.
“Can I take you out some time?” I wrote instinctively.
She chuckled a small chuckle. “We only just met, Romeo. You act fast.”
I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not. “that is not an answer….”
I couldn’t help then to feel excited for her answer. “Sure. Under one condition…”
“Anything” I felt confused. What could she already want from me?
“Leave your car at home.”
What’s wrong with my car? It was the coolest thing ever!
“It stands out too much” she giggled now, slapping her hand over her mouth to keep it down.
“It’s a Mustang GT!!!!”
“That’s reason enough.”

I sighed deeply. I loved my car and actually didn’t go anywhere without it but for her I seemed to be able to do anything.
“Done. Friday 9pm?”
“Sure I’ll be there.”

We looked into each other’s eyes one more time before the bell rang. I felt so confused. What was happening to me? How could I feel so smitten at first sight? I already knew that I would be able to die for her, even without knowing what kind of girl she is. In the past half hour; Rachel disappeared from my heart. She was forgotten. The crush I had had for over three years had absolutely evaporated—
Awwww....I love how you describe Hailey's eyes...that was really great your a really good writer...keep it up!!!! I loved this chapter =D
awwww...i really like it!!!
i will add you so you can keep me updated!!
i think i know what happened!!!!
ekkk im excited.. cant wait until you update again :D
post the next chappie <3
Amazing!!!! I absolutely love it keep up the writting you have my attention
luv ihtsz so far plsz post mORE #-^


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