The Twilight Saga

I sat alone on my roof in the dark midnight staring at stars; I just got to Forks, my new home town. It was midnight, so everyone was practically asleep, Forks was like a city from where I came from. A tiny town named Hico. It didn't have very many people. I moved here from Ruston. I am ten so I keep a diary. Everyone I knew called me the most Southern Girl out there. I grinned. I loved that!

Chapter 1
 I laughed and went to sleep. I dreamed of my old home. I heard my alarm clock going off. It sung Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson. I love that song. I got up and got dressed. I wore a white dress, it had a black strip of cloth going over the top of my rib cage, under the strip it was ruffles, it stopped a little before my knees, then I put on black socks and my black tennis shoes and giggled. I skipped downstairs, and there sat my family. My very very very over-protective brother, my rockin' older sister, my silly sweet little sister, my cool dad, and my awesome mom.
 Eggs and bacon was breakfast. They were so good, you would've thought you died and went to heaven. My brother's name is Logan Daniel Lee, my older sister's name is Annabelle Marie Lee, my younger sister's name is Brandi Lynn Lee, my mom's name is Sheri Lynn Lee, and my dad's name is Rodgers George Lee. My name is Hannah Renee Lee.
 "Momma, am I walking, or is dad taking me to school in his pick-up?" I asked
 "Pick-up honey," Momma said. I loved my momma and my daddy. I grinned and walked outside and jumped into his pick-up, my brother jumped in and then my sisters. I then moved into my brother's lap.
 "We're close, real close," He said, I grinned. Dad sped to my school, I kissed his cheek, hugged my brother and high-fived my sisters. I jumped out and laughed. I walked into the school and walked into the office.
 "I'm Hannah Renee Lee," I told the lady. She nodded and handed me my schedule. I walked out of the office; a girl my age walked to me.
 "Hiya Hannah. I'm Kaylee Clearwater. I'll be your tour guide!" She smiled.
 "Thanks so much Kaylee. Is it okay if I call you Kay?"
 "Of course Hannah! Can I call you Han?"
 "'Course Kay!" I giggled, and she did, too. She looked at my schedule.
 "We've got every class together!" She squealed, I giggled. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy.
 "Y'all gotta problem here? If ya do, you can take it up with my big brother!" I put my hand on my hip and they all backed away. Kay giggled like crazy. I giggled.

What y'all think? It's my first

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Read please?
AWESOME !!! ...Ima southern Girl and I Luv IT!!!!!!!


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