The Twilight Saga

 Based on Taylor Swift's new song, Speak Now.

 Edward is getting married to Tanya. Bella and Edward are best friends. But, Bella is in love with Edward. Will she tell Edward her true feelings or will she let him ruin his life and walk away from her by not telling?



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Yay! It's snowing! :)

I love it!!!!!!!

Keep going!!!

Why does Bella let Tanya hit her????

plzzzzzzz post more of this story plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

new reader here!!

WOW!!!! that was goodand I want more!!

This is like a really good story.........even though its 1 chapter, still!!

you have 2 update me!!



I have a story, no the same or similar,if you'd like, you should read it!! ~ "Why Me?" Edward/Bella story

I'll try update tomorrow guys! Sorry for the long wait!
plz post more soon. im going to die if you dont update soon


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