The Twilight Saga

 Based on Taylor Swift's new song, Speak Now.

 Edward is getting married to Tanya. Bella and Edward are best friends. But, Bella is in love with Edward. Will she tell Edward her true feelings or will she let him ruin his life and walk away from her by not telling?



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Are you picking up this story from Brianna, if you are please continue. And keep me updated
Definately continue! I would love to read it.

yeah r u picking this up from brianna if so then please update me


plz continue!!!
I didn't know that another person already had the idea. Do you think Brianna would be okay with this?

Brianna had a bunch of stories that couldn't continue. And this was the name/along with the idea of one of her stories and asked for someone else to pick up. I thought you were one of her readers and decided to do that. So, I don't think she'll mind at all.

pls continue :)

Title: Speak Now

Quote: Speak now or forever hold your peace

Picture: Any with Edward and Bella

Author: Kali' Cullen

Special Requests: Can you put more than one pic of E&B?

Thank you for offering to do a banner!!

Thank you all for the comments!

Please update me when you start this. I can't wait to see what happens.

Thanks and BiG EDWARD HUGS



haha it does hahahah. i think this is a great idea i love that song! Can't wait to see how pissed Tanya gets :) keep me updated

Ch. 1


"Hey baby Bells!" Said my best friend Edward. I've had a crush on Edward since I was in seventh grade. He is nineteen and two years older than me. We met when my brother, Emmett got put on the football team. Edward has bronze colored hair, sparkling green eyes, and the most angelic face you have ever seen.


"How many times have I told you to not call me baby Bells, Eddie?" I hated the nickname baby Bells and he hates Eddie as a nickname.


Edward's face grew red in anger, then he came at me, tackling me to the ground. His hands found my sides, tickling me. I squealed.


"MERCY, MERCY!" I yelled out. He stopped at once, and jumped up, handing out a hand for me, I gladly took it.


"How's Tanya?" I asked, with distaste. Edward knew how much I hated Tanya, but he didn't know why. And I'm not going to tell him unless I have to. Tanya is Edward's fiancee.


"She's fine, as far as I know. She's out with her mom in Paris looking for the perfect wedding dress." He winced.


"Why are you marrying her?" I questioned softly. He sighed loudly.


"I don't even know anymore. At first, I thought I loved her, but she getting meaner by the day, it seems." He said. I knew exactly what he meant by that. When I first met Tanya, she was nice, but when Edward left my house one day, she said I better stay away from him; She kicked me in the gut once and left. I didn't care; I had to stay with Edward. I smiled slightly.


Tanya showed up at the door like she owned the place at that moment.


"Hey babe, what are you doing here?" Tanya asked sweetly. I gagged silently. She caught that, she narrowed her eyes at me.


"I was with Bella. I thought you were supposed to be with your mom in Paris." Edward said, using his fake sweet voice.


"We decided to go to Seattle, we found the perfect dress online, we're going to see it next week." She said harshly. I knew what that meant. Don't go see Bella. Edward knew to because he sighed.


"Ok well, I have to go now, and Eddie? Your mom wants to see you."


"Ok, Bye baby Bells."


"Bye Edward." I said solemnly.


Tanya gave me a look that said I better be here tonight. Great another private sesson, and more bruises to hide.


Just like that, they were both gone.


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