The Twilight Saga

This is inspired by Taylor Swift's new song Speak Now.

Chapter 1

I was at the airport waiting for my best friend, Edward Cullen. We have been friends since we were little and I've always had a crush on him. Edward had been off in Spain at an exchange program for college. We have been exchanging letters all year and since it was summer, he was finally graduating from college. He had mentioned that he had surprise for me that I would love and I was very excited.
Finally, after hours of waiting, I saw Edwards messy bronze hair.
"Edward!" I said and waved.
He ran up to me through the crowds of people and spun me around. "Look at you! You look so different!" he exclaimed. "You look taller."
"Not really." I said "Maybe a few inches."
"Well, it's good to be back here." Edward smiled.
"So, where's your surprise?" I asked.
Edward turned around and looked towards the crowds. "Um, I'm not sure." He exclaimed. "Oh! There she is!"
She? I thought. He brought a girl home?
"Melissa!" Edward said walking over to her and hugging her. I felt a part of my heart crack. I'd never seen Edward with another girl before. They walked over to ne hand-in-hand with smiles on their faces. "Bella, this is Melissa, my fiancé."
"Fiancé?" I asked.
"Yes." Edward said "We met during the exchange program and dated for a little bit."
"Next thing you know we are engaged!" Melissa exclaimed.
Mellisa had chesnut brown, straight hair with brown eyes. She was wearing a flowered blouse with tan shorts and tan sandals.
"What's with the get up?" I laughed. "Haven't you been to Forks before? Didn't Edward tell you about the weather we get?"
She gave me a snotty look and said "I'm from Florida. It's usually hot and sunny this time of the year. Not rainy and gross."
"Well, get used to it." I said "It's goig to be rainy and gross the whole time you're here. Welcome to Forks." I said.
She raised and eyebrow at me and Edward kissed her forehead. "I'm going to get our bags Melissa. You can stay here with Bella."
"Okay sweetie." She said.
"So, what part of-"
"Shut up. I don't want to be here and I just am because Edward wanted me to meet you. I know you guys are close but, I also know you have a things for him. It's so obvious. While I'm around though, things will change. We're getting married and you're not. So, welcome to paradise you're not marrying him and your fantasy is over." Melissa scowled at me and walked over to the convere belt to where Edward was.
"Nice to meet you too." I said "This will be fun."

I need 5-10 comments to continue!!!!

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Bella is pregnant with Edward and then Jacob is engaged with this Anna girl but Jacob keeps telling Bella that he still loves her.. Jacob will ruin everything!!!!

New reader!

i love this story

keep me updated! :)

I hope the baby is Edward's and I hope Edward kicks Jacob's ass all the way back to Florida. Poor Ann she has no idea who and what she is dealing with. WOW please post more soon.


happy new years eve!!!i love this story.cant wait to see what is the 31st of december n there r excatly 31 pages to this story.what a coincidence.hope you update soon.

okay  I got confused now. Jacob is still married to Bella but he doesnt want to divorce but is engaged with this Ann girl??



And why is Bella mad and afraid of being pregnat with Edwards child?? more ASAP


happy New Year

OMG! No way!

Very good! Please keep going I love it!


ok jacob has some serious problems he needs to move on from bella

I loved the chapter write more soon

This is really good.
Can u plz keep me updated?
Oh wow!

Hey!!! New reader!!! Well, I love your story. It's... It's like SUPER good. ;D You know? While reading, at first, I thought that Jake was a good guy, but then you described that he hurts Bella, I changed my mind. My favorite part in this story of yours was when Bella came back to Edward and kissed him. I think that was sweet. Oh.. and it also reminded me a bit of 'Sweet Home Alabama' movie. You've made me want to watch that movie again!!! Anyways... It's good that Bella is pregnant. Hope the kid is Edward's, that would be a nice christmas present for him, woudn't it? And if speaking about Jake, I hope that he breaks up with Bella and leaves her. I mean, he hurt her, badly. As about Bella, I hope that she will be happy with Edward.

Once again, your story is fantastic. Can't wait to read more.


New Reader! Please update me! I love your story so much!

*NEW Reader*

OMG! I love this story!! & Jacob has problems! Mellisa the she-witch should come back & marry Jacob they r perfict 2gether!

p.s. post more or i will have 2 kidnap u & lock u in a closet untill u do


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