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Starlight: A Jacob and Nessie Story (PG-13) *Chapter 4 is up*

This story is all about on how Jacob and Renesmee's relationship grows. I got bored and wanted to do this so I hope you guys enjoy this.


*These characters don't belong to me, they belong to the brilliant mind of Stephanie Meyer. Enjoy!*


Why in the hell am I walking outside when it’s so cold out? I thought as the wind was whipping at my face. Of all days it had to be this one. I stopped so I could put my hoodie on and continued to walk.
I soon made my way to the beach just as the note told me. I wonder what this was for. Even when I so obviously knew who wrote the note and it sent my heart in flutters. But at the same time, I just hoped he liked me back.
As I made my way to the rocks, I could see something right near them. When I got closer, I saw a little picnic that you only see in romance movies. Then, I sensed a presence behind me and I turned around. When I saw who the person was, I smiled.

Chapter 1: Birthday

Today was my 6th birthday (but I really look more like a 16 year old) so my family is throwing a birthday party. I invited some of my human friends that I met at school so were having them think that this was my sweet sixteen.
Mom and Dad were helping Uncles Jasper and Emmett, Aunt Rosalie, and Grandma and Grandpa with the decorations downstairs. Aunt Alice was in my room with me helping me get ready. But right now, she was doing my hair…for the past 20 minutes now.
“It takes you that long to do hair Aunt Alice?” I asked.
“You know I can’t help that. I can’t decide.” She said with a laugh.
“With what?”
“If either I should put your hair in a French braid or in a nice bun.”
“Oh.” I said with a laugh.
But I could feel my hair being pulled up into a bun. So, I just let her do it without me complaining.
“Wow. You’re a lot better then your mother used to be.” She said.
“Um…thanks. I guess.” I said.
She smiled.
Soon enough, she was finished with my hair when she placed a small tiara on it.
“Now wait right here while I get your dress.” Aunt Alice said while she gracefully walked out the door.
I turned my head while I was facing the mirror.
I just hoped that Jacob would be able to come. If he did, that would make my whole night a lot better. He was my best friend and I didn’t know what I would do without him. He was my Jacob and no one else’s.
I soon heard the door open and Aunt Alice came back in with the dress in her hand. And it looks like she got matching shoes to it as well.
“Go put this on. I’ll wait out here.” She said as she handed me the dress and shoes.
I smiled as I walked to my walk-in closet to get dressed. I hung the bag on my closet door so I could open it. I unzipped the bag to get the dress out and my mouth just dropped. The dress was a light pink color with an off the shoulder straps on both arms, the top of the dress had rhinestones all on it, and the bottom of the dress was layered with ruffles. It was so pretty. I couldn’t even think on how much it cost. I carefully took the dress off the hanger and slipped it on.
I walked back out to show her.
“Oh my god, Nessie!” Aunt Alice exclaimed happily. “You look like a princess.
I blushed from the comment before I turned around to face my full body mirror and looked at myself.
“Yeah…I guess I do. Thanks.” I said.
She went over and helped me put the necklace on.
“Is there a lot of people here?” I asked. I only invited a few…but Aunt Alice on the other hand, invited more I supposedly heard.
“Well, from the looks of it, yes.” She said.
“Did you see Jake at all?” I asked.
“He wasn’t here when I went down there but I’m sure he’s here now.” She said.
After a while, it was time for the party and I had to make my entrance.
I gulped before I walked out my bedroom door.
As I walked down the hallway, I could see my family looking at me and taking pictures. And as I walked down the stairs, I saw Jake waiting for me.
I smiled as he took my hand.
“I’m so happy you came.” I whispered as she helped me walk down.
“Of course I would come.” He whispered back as he smiled. “You look beautiful by the way.”
Once he said that, I giggled and blushed. I soon noticed that Daddy was glaring at Jake. He probably heard what he was thinking
“Thank you.” I whispered.
We walked downstairs before we went outside to the party.

You know what? After getting an iPhone from my parents, and a lot of more gifts from everyone else, the party was pretty fun…until it was over anyway.
Everyone started leaving by 10:00 p.m. we had to clean up the backyard.
“Did you have fun, sweetie?” Mom asked me as we cleaned up the table.
“Yeah I did.” I said. “It was pretty fun.”
She smiled. “Well, I’m glad you did.”
She came over and hugged me.
“Happy Birthday,” She said.
I hugged her back.
“Thanks, Mom.” I whispered.
When I finished helping out with the backyard, I went to go find Jacob. I looked around the house until I found him in the living room. I walked over to him.
“Hey.” I said sitting next to him on the couch.
“Hey,” he replied smiling.
“So, did you have a good time?” I asked.
“Yeah I did.” He said looking down at me. He was so tall and made me feel like a little kid. “How about you, Birthday Girl.” He said.
“Yeah I did.” I said smiling. “Everyone liked dancing on the dance floor.”
“They sure did.” He chuckled.
We talked for a while before I realized something.
“I didn’t see your gift.” I said as we walked outside.
“I wanted to wait after everyone left to give it to you.” He said.
“Why?” I asked wondering.
He shrugged.
“I thought it would be better to give it to you after the party.” He simply said.
“Oh okay. Well, can I see it?”
“Of course.”
Jake took out a velvet box out of his pocket and handed it to me. It looked like something for jewelry.
“Happy Birthday, Nessie.” He said.
I smiled.
When I opened the box and I gasped. It was a silver bracelet with heart charms going all around it. But this one heart on the bracelet had small diamonds all around it.
“Jake it’s so pretty.” I whispered taking my eyes away from the bracelet and looked up at him.
“When I saw it, it reminded me of you.” He said with a smile.
That was the sweetest thing I ever heard him say and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“Help me put it on please.” I said and handed him the bracelet.
I held out my right arm as he soon clasped the bracelet around my wrist.
I looked at it more carefully when he let his hand go from my wrist. I saw the diamonds sparkle underneath the porch light.
I hugged him.
“Thank you, Jake.” I said. “This was the best present I got today.”
I could feel his arms wrap around me. They were so warm and comfortable that I felt relaxed.
“Anytime.” He whispered.
This day was the best day of my life…at least…I think it was.

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Chapter 2 will be coming up soon!
okay and thanks! :D
Chapter 2: Feelings

At school the next day, everyone was talking about my party. People would come up to me and say that they had a great time. I would say that my family tried our hardest to host a good party.
In Spanish, one of my school friends, Lacey Williams kept talking about on how Bryan Green (another friend of mine.) asked her out after the party.
“That’s great Lacey.” I said smiling at her.
“I know right? I first I thought I was dreaming cause I had a crush on him since last year.” She said gushing over it.
“You’ve told me before, Lace.” I laughed.
“Sorry, I usually forget sometimes.” She said laughing too.
“It’s alright.” I said.
Lacey had curly red hair that it clearly showed that she had some Irish heritage in her, her green eyes were to die for, she was one inch taller than me, and she had beige skin.
After a couple minutes of talking, we brought our attention back to the lesson.
History was the class that I had with Mom, Daddy, and Jacob. We walked in together and every one would stare at us like we were a bunch of freaks that moved here. But mostly, a lot of the boys always looked at me with wide eyes and smiles. I knew most of them liked me. Thanks to Daddy’s mind reading.
I went to sit down when I noticed one of the boys in my class looking at me. He seemed new and it looked like he had never seen me before. Class soon started and I paid attention the best I could. But in the middle of the lesson, I noticed that same boy still looking at me wide eyed.
Boys in this town. I thought as I was taking notes.
All of a sudden, I saw a piece of paper at the corner of my desk. I noticed it had my name on the front of it. I grabbed the piece of paper and read the note.
I don’t like the looks of that guy. It read.
I could tell the note was from Jacob. I sighed and began writing on it.
How can you be so sure? I wrote. Thank god Jacob sat next to me. I passed the note carefully so I wouldn’t get caught, set it on his desk, and turned back to class.
About a minute later, I got it back.
He just doesn’t seem right to me, Nessie. And besides, your dad had a look on his face like he was pissed at something. He read his mind. I know it.
Just because my dad read his mind doesn’t mean that you can judge him. Maybe he was pissed at something else.
He was glaring at him! Just don’t do anything with him.
What the heck is with you?!
Nothing!!! I’m just looking out for you so you won’t get hurt!!
When the bell rang, I noticed his hands starting to shake.
As we walked out of the room, I brought him to the side and took him someplace to calm down. If Jake lost his temper, people are going to question on why in the hell is a wolf in the school.
We stopped by the cafeteria entrance and just tried to calm him down.
“Jake, please calm down.” I pleaded.
“How can I, Nessie? When some guy is probably thinking about on how to try to hurt you.” He said in between his teeth.
“But you don’t know that.” I hissed. “You can’t judge people like that when you don’t even know them.”
“I can tell by how he was looking at you.”
“Almost all the guys look at me like that.”
“Then why don’t you just go out with them then!”
“What the hell is your problem?!”
His shaking was becoming even worse when he stormed off running and out the door.
Even though Jacob was my friend, sometimes I couldn’t understand him. He never acted like this…well…in front of me anyway. This confused me.
I’ll ask him later. I thought to myself. I turned around and walked into the cafeteria.


I had to get away from the school for a while in order to calm down. I ran towards the woods and as I got deep enough, I transformed into my wolf form.
God the way that kid was looking at Nessie really pissed me off. I was positive Edward read his mind and knew what he was thinking. But I didn’t even want to know. I could tell what he wanted to do by his facial expression.
I laid down in the grass by pond and just looked at my reflection in the water.
Ever since I’ve imprinted on Nessie I developed feelings for her over the past 6 years. And I feel like they grow stronger every day every time I see her.
I love to see her smile, her long bronze curly hair blowing in the wind, they way she looks at me with those brown eyes, and everything about her was just right.
But there was one problem…I just didn’t know if she liked me back or not. A part of me knew that if she didn’t like me like that, I would be hurt a lot. But at the same time though, I would understand completely. It’s her choice though, if she wanted me as a friend or something more. Whatever she chooses though, I just wanted her to be happy.
I thrusted my head back before I howled.
I will post chapter three soon don't worry!
More PLZ and Keep me posted
Chapter 3: Apologizing


School had finally ended when I noticed that Jacob didn’t come back to school. I got worried.
I hope he’s okay. I thought on the way back home.
“Nessie, what’s wrong?” I heard Daddy ask me. I think he saw my face expression in the rearview mirror.
“I’m just worried.” I said.
“About what?” Mom asked.
“About Jake.” I admitted. “He just walked out of school pissed off because I didn’t take him seriously about this guy.” I said.
“Was it the guy that kept staring at you during class?” Dad asked me.
I nodded.
“Then you should take Jake’s word seriously.” He said. “I read his mind and trust me, Renesmee, they weren’t good.”
“Were they that bad?”
That made me feel a little uncomfortable. Knowing that a guy would think that about me.
So Jake was right. I suddenly felt so stupid.
“You’re not stupid, honey.” Daddy said smiling at me.
I smiled back and looked out the car window.

After doing my homework, I turned on my iHome as my iPod was hooked to it, and hit play as the sounds of Spellbound by Lacuna Coil was blaring thorough out my room. As I listened to the song, I kept wondering were Jacob was right now. I looked at the digital clock on my night stand and it was about 6:00 p.m.
“I should go find him.” I said to myself as I got up. I clicked pause on my stereo and got off my bed. He was probably in his wolf form so I opened the door of the guest bedroom in the little cabin that my Mom, Dad, Jacob, and I stay in. I went to the drawer, got a pair of shorts, and a pair of sneakers. When I was done, I told Mom and Dad where I was going before walking outside.
The sun was just starting to set as I walked through the forest. God he could be anywhere!
“Jake?!” I called continuing to walk. “If you can here me, I’m sorry that I didn’t take you seriously. I was so stupid!”
I stopped to take a break when I heard some rustling of the bushes right by me.
“Jacob?” I asked walking closer.
And out of the bushes, came out the russet brown wolf that I knew.
I smiled and got on my knees.
“There you are.” I said petting his head.
He smiled and I could see the rows of teeth as he did so.
“I really am sorry about earlier. I was so stupid.” I said with a sigh.
Jake looked at me before he licked my face.
“Eww…Jake!” I laughed as I wiped it off.
He chuckled a throaty laugh.
“I brought you these. Just incase.” I said handing him the shorts.
He licked my face one more time before picking the shorts up with his mouth, and ran off.
I laughed as I got up.
As I did however, I couldn’t help but think about what if Jacob liked me. I doubt it though. He was my friend, and he just probably thinks of me as a friend as well and nothing more.
I turned around when Jake came out of the trees.
“Why are you apologizing, Nessie?” he asked confused. “I’m the one that should be apologizing, for yelling and flipping out back at the school.”
“I know. But I didn’t believe you.” I said.
That was when I realized the he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Jake…had…a body! The only thing I could do was staring up and down his chest. It was perfect!
“Uh, Nessie?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I asked distracted.
“What are you staring at?”
“Oh! Uh…nothing.” I said blushing hard.
“Your face is red.” He noted.
“Shut up!” I said blushing deeper.
Jake laughed and hugged me.
“I’m just kidding. You know that right?” he asked.
I hugged him back.
“I know.” I whispered smiling.
I didn’t realized how much I liked Jacob’s hugs. His warm arms wrapped around me, making me feel safe in his arms. I felt so comfortable and relaxed. It felt perfect.
“I should probably take you back.” He said softly.
I looked at him confused until I realized what he meant. I didn’t think it was that dark out already.
“But I want to stay outside.” I complained.
“Nessie, it’s late. Your parents would probably be worried.” He said.
“Good point.” I said. “But it’s so nice out tonight.”
Jake looked at me.
“Okay, okay fine.” I said giving up. “We’ll go back.”
“I knew I would win.” He laughed as he started walking.
I rolled my eyes and laughed too as I followed him back.
LOVE IT!!!! Nessie is so lucky!!!!

PLEASE keep me updated!! Thanks a bunch!!!! xoxo!!!

Chapter 4: Dream

Jacob brought me back home and I couldn’t help but feel like that I wanted to spend some more time with him.
But it was late when I looked at the clock; it was about 11:00 at night. Boy did time fly by!
“So, I’ll see you in the morning.” I said heading to my room.
“Yes, good night.” Jake said as he went to his room.
He shut the door.
“Good night.” I said as I shut my bed room door.
I walked over to my dresser and took out my Victoria’s Secret ‘Pink’ sweat pants and a cami to match it. I soon crawled onto my bed turned off my lamp and soon drifted off into a dreamless sleep…or so I thought.
I was dreaming of the woods I was just in with Jacob but the scenery was a little different. It looked like it was winter because snow was just starting to fall. I saw myself in just jeans and a long sleeve shirt but my face looked worried.
“Jake!” I kept calling as I walked deeper into the forest.
But I looked down when I saw foot prints…wolf foot prints. Once I realized who they would take me to, I started following them.
“Nessie,” I heard someone say my name and turned around. I saw no one. I turned back around and kept following the foot prints.
All of a sudden, I knew I was getting closer because the footprints started to turn red in the snow; like they were bleeding when they were walking like that.
“Nessie,” the voice became stronger and I soon recognized it.
“Jacob!” I yelled and started running.
I could smell the blood as I came closer. Soon enough, I was staring at a bloody corpse of a russet brown wolf that was once my best friend…
That was when I woke up screaming.
Oh my god…Jake dead in my dream! What in the hell happened?!
Unthinkingly, I got up from my bed and opened my door. I walked out into the hallway and was in front of Jacob’s door. I slightly opened his door so I could check. And he was still there…sleeping and alive.
I smiled. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. He looked all child like.
I shut the door gently and walked back to my room quietly. I got back in my bed and just looked up at my ceiling. How in the heck did I dream of that? I thought. The thought of losing Jake like that, I just wouldn’t handle it. It would hurt too much.
Just thinking about the fact that I dreamt of that was already making my heart ache. So I stopped and thought about the happy times we had together.
The times where I was upset, he was always there for me when I needed his comfort, he would make me laugh when I needed a good laugh, how his smile was like the rising sun in the early morning, how his warm arms would wrap around me in a hug was such a comfort and a wonderful feeling to me…
My list would probably just keep going on and on. My heart started beating so fast whiling thinking of these things that I suddenly realized something…I was madly and deeply in love with Jacob Black.
The best thing about that it was that he was mine. He was my best friend…my Jacob. No other boy could compare to him.
As I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, I smiled.

*Songs that helped me with this chapter.
Cloud Nine by Evanescence
6 Months by Hey Monday*
Wow!! Still love it!!!! Please keep updating me!!! ♥♥
i really like it...
write soon
its sooo gd!
keep it going, im compleatly hooked!
Hey Mickey! [It's Shelby but i'm on Hope's account] I read your FanFic and It's awesome! Keep me posted and keep writing!

P.S. Hope and I are writing are own FanFic! We have some chapters posted already it's called Forbidden Love. Here's the link if you wanna read it:


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