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"Good friends are like stars: you don't always see them, but they're always there" I feel Carlisle and Esme don't get enough attention, but through the whole Twilight saga they've always been there, offering love and support and taking risks for Edward and Bella. They deserve a little recognition, so this is what this story offers...hope you like it! Disclaimer: all this belongs to the brilliant Stephanie Meyer, i just do my best to interpret thoughts and emotions and fill in the gaps


Chapter One: The New Girl

Carlisle: It was a quiet day at the hospital. A broken wrist, an ankle sprain…nothing much out of the ordinary. That is, until Edward called in.

“Edward?” I wondered aloud; Edward hardly ever called me at work, let alone came into the building, and never in the middle of the school day. Unless…oh, no. I pulled him into my office.

“I have to go, Carlisle,” Edward started. “I have to go now.”

“What’s happened?” I asked, trying not to let the worry show up in my voice. We had been so careful, for so long…Edward had never slipped up: not while he was staying with me.

"Nothing. Yet,” he said, glancing around anxiously. “But it will, if I stay.” Oh, Edward. I knew you were strong enough…Scolding myself for my doubt, I reached for his arm, still unsure of what to say. He cringed away from my hand, and I let it drop. Though Edward and I shared no physical traits other than those our condition and diet allowed, I had begun to draw various similarities between us. Particularly, we shared guilty consciences: we could not accept forgiveness when we were not ready to forgive ourselves. But he hadn’t done anything, so what was to forgive?

“I don’t understand,” I said. Please, Edward…stay. He drew a deep breath and looked at me with wild, almost panicked eyes.

“Have you ever…has there ever been a time…” he experimented with the words on his tongue, but they were coming out wrong. “Has any one person ever smelled better to you than the rest of them? Much better?”

“Oh,” was all I could say. I recalled Esme all those years ago, lying so still; so fragile. Her scent was so sweet and so strong that it nearly killed me to let her live. I shiver ran down my spine when I remembered what I had done to her…how she shuddered and convulsed under me as my venom coursed through her. How she moaned in pain, how she tried with dying limbs to push me away. My dear Esme, too weak to even scream as I allowed the thirst to drive me to bite again. In an early 20th century cottage bedroom, the sweetest blood in the world ran down my throat, and standing in my doctors’ office nearly a century later, I tasted it again. His face fell with shame.

I reached out for him, wishing to relieve him of his torment, by any means necessary. He recoiled from me again, but I left my hand on his shoulder.

“Do what you must to resist, son,” I hated every word coming out of my mouth, but it had to be done. Even if it meant leaving Esme and I again. Even if it meant I had to be the one to watch her face fall as she realised her son had left again.

“I will miss you,” I told him. “Here, take my car, it’s faster.” I pressed the keys into his hand. This is right. She’ll live now. Everything will be okay. I don’t know whether I was thinking to myself or to Edward as I watched the familiar black car disappear. I remembered the sheer relief on Esme’s as she threw her arms around Edward after his return from years away. His eyes were bright scarlet, lost and angry at the same time, but Esme could still tell him it didn’t matter, that she loved him no matter what. “Promise me you’ll never leave again,” she had practically sobbed. Her words echoed in my head as I sunk into my chair. I remembered in flashes the growing stack of newspapers that recorded Edward’s killings…a collection I had made an effort to hide from Edward. This is different, I told myself. This time he’s leaving to save someone. But how long will it last? No, Carlisle, don’t think like that…he’ll manage, of course he will. He’s leaving, remember? Of course I remembered; how could I forget?

My son was leaving.



Driving home in Edward’s Volvo, I was infinitely glad of my extraordinary senses; with a human’s awareness, I would very likely have crashed. I was at the same time bursting with happiness and pride that my son had been able to resist as I was falling apart with worry for him and Esme the others. When I reached the drive, I stopped so fast the screech rang out. I was inside in less than a second. Esme flew straight into my arms, silent, and I held her against my chest and waited for her to stop shaking.

“He’s leaving again, isn’t he?” Esme asked, finally standing.

“It’s for the best, Esme,” Alice assured her.

“He’ll be back, you’ll see.”

“Her name is Isabella Swan,” Jasper explained, still a little stiff, though not as uncomfortable as he was at school. “She really does smell delicious.” He looked ashamed for having drawn that conclusion, but Alice danced cheerfully over to him.

“Don’t worry, Jazz,” she said. “You wouldn’t have done anything. But I did see-”

"You were wrong,” Rosalie growled. Esme fidgeted, disquieted by the tense atmosphere.

“What did you see, Alice?” I asked politely. Rosalie huffed.

“Bella was one of us. She isn’t yet, but she will be…” Alice said.

“It’s Isabella. She’s human, Alice; she’s not friend material,” Rosalie reminded her sister.

“She said she prefers Bella. And if Edward goes to such lengths to protect her, she must be worthy to be someone’s friend.”

“I wish you wouldn’t make such a big deal out of this,” Rosalie said, scowling. “She’s really quite plain, you know, and far too awkward…she’d make a very clumsy vampire.” Emmett laughed.

“Yeah – she was shaking like a leaf this morning, and have you checked out her truck?”

“Emmett, really-” Esme scolded.

“It shouldn’t matter-” I started simultaneously.

“Vampire or not, she’s going to be my friend,” Alice stated cheerfully.

“I’ll attack before any of you, I always do,” Jasper hung his head.

“She won’t be one of us!” Rosalie cut us all off. “This one isn’t your choice.” She gave me a dark glare, reminding me of every word she’d ever spoken against me and what I had done to her, then turned and stormed out of the house.

“C’mon babe,” Emmett started, chasing her.

“Oh, dear,” Esme whispered, shocked and sympathetic. “I wish she wouldn’t do that. But I think she is right about this Bella girl…perhaps we would be best to leave too.” Behind her words was another meaning: as much as she wanted to protect the innocents here – which she didn’t count herself among, but did include me – she hoped Edward would be able to return to us. I hoped for it too, but I knew we had to stay. None of our decisions would result in the girl being changed unless it was to leave her unprotected.

“He’ll come back, love,” I assured her, kissing her smooth hair as I fought to hold onto Alice’s words; he’ll be back, you’ll see… _________________________________________________________________________

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yeah yeah i know. it's about time!! I have had loads of problems lately which I'm not even going to bother boring you with. Instead, we have chapter 76! (OMG *sob* it's nearly over!! NOOOOO!!)

btw the bible verses Carlisle recites are Ecclesiastes 3:1, 3:4

Chapter Seventy Six:

As the sky became dark, the house was already remarkably quiet as most of our guests had left. Stephan and Vladimir had been first of course, furious that there hadn't been a 'proper fight.' Ben and Tia had been quick to follow Amun and Kebi, though they seemed reluctant to miss the festivities. The nomads dispersed throughout the night, and by the morning the Amazonians were ready to leave too. I made a mental note to visit Zafrina more often - not that it would be a problem now: I had a feeling Nessie would draw her out of the Amazon more often. The Irish were next. Reluctant to leave so soon, I asked them to tell Alistair what had happened: he had worried about having to hide under a rock for a decade, and I have a feeling that's exactly what he would have done had we lost. Fortunately, Liam agreed to find Alistair. Who knows, maybe he'd make a new friend.
Speaking of was time for the Denalis to leave. Tanya and Kate had joined in the festivities for a while, but with notably less gusto than even fellow Denalis Carmen and Eleazer. Garrett, who had become increasingly closer to Kate during their time here and who demonstrated a powerful devotion to her by grabbing her at the clearing, was dragged down a bit too. The solemnity of their faces now, standing at the door, was almost too much to bear, especially knowing that their sister had died defending us and that I had never been able to set things right between us.
"We're sorry to be leaving so soon, but we don't want to spoil the festive atmosphere," Tanya explained. Finding her resolve weakening, she turned to leave as she spoke. The other Denalis jogged towards the forest, eager to get home after their sad ordeal. But I couldn't let Tanya leave like that; so broken and dispirited.
"I'm sorry about Irina," I said, making her hesitate. She turned back for a moment and beckoned me to join her, and the others discreetly took a different path through the forest.

Out of everybody's hearing range, safely buried in a thick area of the forest, we stopped. Tanya pressed something into my hands.
"Irina's death was not your fault, Carlisle," she assured me. "The bitterness between you was resolved in her last moments; you have nothing left to apologise for. We are just not prepared to celebrate with you in light of what has happened. I appreciate your joy; I do not resent that smile on your face. Siobhan was right; the Volturi will strike again with everything they've got. When they do, we'll stand united. Until they do, enjoy every moment with your family. You never know which might be your last."
Edward could have died today. Or Esme, or Bella, or myself. It was a reality I had been determined to eradicate from my mind. For the Denalis, particularly Kate and Tanya, it was a reality that they might never overcome: without so much as an 'I love you,' their sister was gone forever. The Denali sisters were a tight bunch, almost like three segments of the same organism. Irina's death had scarred them deeply, and may not ever much damage in only a few seconds. If I was smiling before, I certainly wasn't now. Both of us looked away from each other, flushed.
"I'm sorry. I was being melodramatic," Tanya said.
"I'm sorry you didn't get to say goodbye," I said.
"Oh, Carlisle, it's my fault! I should have protected her!" Tanya wailed. An instant later, I was hit with the force of a train. Tanya's arms locked around my neck, and she sobbed tearlessly, passionately.

"You are a good friend," she sniffled as I gently lowered her to the ground and hugged her tightly. Her bout of sobs was over, but she was still shaking.
"As are you. And a good leader," I told her truthfully. "What happened to Irina was not your fault, Tanya. Terrible things happen to good people; Irina was a good person and she understands."
"A good leader?" Tanya sniffed bitterly. "Oh, that's rich. I get all mad and jump out of line - Carlisle I nearly got us all killed. I was careless. All our sacrifices, including Irina's, would have been in vain."
"Rage is understandable, and the crisis was averted. Irina died valiantly, defending her friends. It is sad that it had to happen under such unfortunate circumstances, but don't you think she'd have rather gone out like that than withered paper-thin and lost all interest in this world?"
Tanya sighed and shook her head painfully.
"I just can't think of it like that at the moment," she explained, pulling out of my grasp. "I should go."
"You and your family need to be together," I agreed.
"You're my family too, Carlisle. Don't forget that. But for now your place is here. Celebrate, enjoy yourself. Come up in a few weeks, when you're ready. We'll wait for our whole family before we send her off properly."
"Thank you," I replied, taking a step back. I looked at the object in my hand; a sterling silver model of the Denali crest: a phoenix with its wings stretched up and open for all to see. It was a symbol of rebirth, ironically, but also one of majesty, valour and loyalty; very fitting for my dear friends. I smiled at Tanya and held the crest close to my heart. She smiled briefly and disappeared into the bushes, and I wandered back to the house with a warm smile on my face, running my fingers over the ridges that created the phoenix.

I tucked the Denali crest into my pocket and drifted through the house, taking my time to get to my study. I took a deep breath, and all manner of pleasant smells filled my lungs as I wandered over to a cabinet in the corner where I kept some of my most precious belongings. I carefully opened the door and set the Denali crest beside the Cullen crest, on the top shelf.
"They go together well," a familiar voice came from behind. I jumped and twisted simultaneously, almost breaking the cabinet door before I let go of it. Esme grinned, skipped over to me with a youth and energy I hadn't seen in her for a long time, and slid around me like a fox to press the door closed herself.
"Back amongst your books already, Doctor Cullen," she scolded, turning back to me with the facial expression of a teacher telling off a mischievous pupil. "Am I not interesting enough for you? What have your books got that I don't?"
"My dear, it is a question of what you have that my books do not. I'm afraid there is no contest."
I cupped her cheek in my hand and kissed her forehead. She shifted closer to me, a deep purr emanating from her throat. She shivered with delight as I ran my hand down her neck, then down her arm to her hand. I led her over to a settee in the corner and sat down on it with her, drawing her into my lap.
"I love you," Esme breathed, still purring quietly. After a moment of blissful silence she asked;
"Is Tanya okay? Are you okay?"
I replied in the form of a Bible verse; one I found to be very true to life. "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven...A time to weep, and a time to laugh. A time to mourn and a time to dance."
Esme sighed and settled back against me, and I occupied myself running my fingers through her hair, twisting and twirling at will. A human couple might have fallen asleep like this. I found myself wondering what it would be like to wake up with Esme by my side. Sleepy-eyed, we would stare at each other as the morning sun poured in through the window...
"I could stay like this forever," I murmured into Esme's ear. She shifted, suddenly remembering something.
"Huilen and Nahuel stayed," she told me excitedly, twisting around so she faced me. "Alice told them about how much you loved stories. They said they'd be happy to tell you theirs. They'd like to be getting home soon, so I figured you'd want to talk to them as soon as possible."
I grinned back at my wife and both of us stood up. I bowed like a gentleman and kissed her hand.
"Lovely to spend time with you, Miss Esme. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Don't wear anything too precious." I winked conspiratorially at Esme, who giggled. Next door, Jasper loudly cleared his throat. Esme rolled her eyes at the wall and began shoving me towards the doorway.
"Go on, downstairs with you, you rogue!"
lol, i love esme, ;D, awww its gonna b ova soon, :(
Another great chapter!! Thanks for the bible verse - it's one I know of course - even a song from the '60's [ my era!] but I really needed to hear it today . . . Namaste! Keeep mee on your up-date list!!
a song? what's it called?
this was a great POV's lol...loved it.
AWWW!!!!!!!! I love Esme and Carlisle! They bring a new meaning to eveything!
YAY its beena while since I've heard from you EAPEC=] (i need to think of a proper nickname other than Esme)
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Thanks all you guys I <3 reviews + readers!
I know it's been AGES I am sooo sorry! A lotta stuff's been goin on. by the way this is the FINAL CHAPTER OF STARS!!!!!!!!!!!
and I'm pretty sure you guys are gonna want an epilogue so I'm starting one.
but any ideas for new work is welcome :)

Chapter Seventy Seven:

We farewelled Huilen and Nahuel the next morning, but Carlisle and I didn't get that alone time just yet: our family was so perfect and together we decided to commit the moment to memory in perfect detail.
I couldn't help my chest swelling with pride and contentment as I stood at the top of the stairwell, leaning on the balustrade and watching the movement below: my family safe and together again at last. Alice and Rosalie were fighting over the computer with the best designing software; Emmett and Charlie were watching the football; Edward and Bella were wrapped up in each other on the lounge, talking. Jasper was sitting on the living room floor, teaching Nessie how to play a simplified version of Stratego while Jacob looked on, utterly confused.
I smiled at the familiar sensation of Carlisle snaking his arms around my hips. He kissed my cheek and then rested his chin on top of my head; his head bent forward so that his nose just touched my hair. He took a deep breath, and I laughed.
"You are such an addict," I chuckled.
"I am," he admitted, letting his breath out with a refreshed sigh. He peered over my head, looking down at Edward and Bella curled up on the lounge. "It looks like those two are, too," he remarked.
"That's the way it should be. Bella is happy and Edward...I don't think I've ever seen him more alive than he is now. She's brought him to life, Carlisle, isn't it wonderful? After all this death and destruction, we've all come out the other side so much better for it. Especially Edward. It's a miracle, really." I sighed wistfully. I had stopped believing in God a long time ago, but I had never lost my faith in the power of love and the mysterious forces of destiny. Right from the beginning, fragile, clumsy Bella had been destined to be with Edward: I had never stopped believing that.

Carlisle and I were on the balcony that branched out of my room, watching the sunset, when we heard the thrum of guitar strings from inside. Carlisle and I glanced at each other; it had been a long time since our last family sing-along; even longer since a guitar had been involved. We headed back inside to find that Jasper had been the one to initiate the song, which explained the guitar: that, rather than piano, flute or fiddle, was his instrument of preference. Rosalie took to the piano, and Emmett was already putting the finishing touches on the drum kit.
Like a pebble at her window
She knows I'm back for more
In through the sliding door

Then rustle at her curtain
I rush to meet her now
We found each other somehow

Alice grinned and she and Edward joined in, swaying in time.

I'm counting my lucky stars tonight
I'm lying in loving arms
And it feels alright

I'm counting my lucky stars
I hear the beat of another heart
I'm lying in loving arms tonight
And it feels alright

Edward retrieved a second guitar as Carlisle left my side, walking slowly down the stairs as he sung.

Bedside candle softly burning
No place we gotta go
Ray Price on the stereo

He turned around and reached for me halfway down the stairs, and I took his hand and joined him, taking over the harmony

I'm sharing loving words of kindness
My nerves are settled now
The fever's left my brow

And I'm counting my lucky stars tonight
I'm lying in loving arms
And it feels alright

I'm counting my lucky stars
I hear the beat of another heart
I'm lying in loving arms tonight
And it feels alright

My nerves are settled now
The fever's left my brow
And I'm counting my lucky stars tonight

Even Bella and Jake joined in now. Everyone was singing, swaying and enjoying themselves - and thanking their lucky stars.

I'm lying in loving arms
And it feels alright

I'm counting my lucky stars
I hear the beat of another heart
I'm lying in loving arms tonight
And it feels alright
And it feels alright
And it feels alright
And it feels alright, alright, alright

And it feels alright.

We applauded, and the others continued their little sing-along, but Carlisle led me back onto the balcony. The first stars were starting to show up.
"You know," I recalled, "someone once told me that stars were spirits of the past, watching us and taking care of us, like guardian angels." To be honest, I couldn't remember who. It was a quote from my human life, which I only remembered because it had kept my hope alive through so much. Even at the end there, I hadn't given up on it: I hoped I could watch over someone properly and do a better job than my star had of taking care of me.
"Do you think vampires have guardian angels?" I asked Carlisle.
"You know, I was just thinking about that," he replied. "The song made me wonder...Esme; do you think, somewhere out there, Bella and Edward's lucky stars have been looking down on them? Protecting them, helping them through all this?" He looked up and slowly scanned the sky.
"I do," I confirmed, looking up at the stars too. I wondered which ones were Edward and Bella's, and silently sent my thanks to whichever they were.
awww, u mentioned the stars in the last chapter. lol, love how Renesmee's getting the game and Jacob is completely confused, xD. I cant believe its over *sobs*


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