The Twilight Saga

summary: bella and edward are high school sweethearts untill bella leaves aruptly then bella comes back 5 years later with a son? what will edward think? will he still love her? and the big question, is it too late to start over?



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Chapter one: Im Back


 Hi. My name is bella swan. I am 23 years old and have a son named sam. yes a son. he looks just like his dad with dark blue eyes and dirty-blond hair. wheres his dad do you ask? hes dead. he died in a car accident when sam was only 9 months.he was going to work when a drunk driver hit his car at 89mph. he was pronounced dead on the spot. sams dad was my best friend when i lived in arizona untill i moved with my two brothers with my dad. thats where i met edward the love of my former life i still lover but i dont know if im too late.but that went i way too when i moved back to arizona aruptly when i was 17. then i met matt sams dad. everthing has changed. Matts dead. My dads dead. My moms in jail. I have a son. I still love edward. Oh lord. IM BACK.


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rlly good more
once i get more comments i will write chapter no.2 do you know anyone that can make me banners
pls post more
Chapter 2:ready or not here i come

Mom, can you tell me more of the stories about you living here in forbs. hunny its forks like the untencil. oh so i lived her with uncle preston and sean and grandad i went to forks high school with my best friend in high school i actully dated him for four years but thats another story. anyways his name was edward. edward cullen. oh mom are you going to go see this edward guy i dont know i dont think he knows im comming back and he dosent know about you mommy i know daddys gone but you can still see him . you are just like your father sam just like him mom im a big boy know mom i know u are mom.............. he gave me his sly smile yes i said ready or not here we come . yes kiddo her e we............... come


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