The Twilight Saga


I walk into this house and I couldn't believe how beautiful this house was. it was the biggest house I have ever been in. It was amazing.  I saw all these people in the living just sitting there. I could believe how beautiful they all looked. I thought they were all models. Alice introduced me to Emmet here, Jasper her boyfriend, Rosalie Jasper's sister and this most gorgeous creature in the world that just made my breathing stop. His name is EDWARD CULLEN. When I shook his hands, this feeling ran through my hands to his and through my body and he noticed that I noticed it. We both looked at each other and didn't look away at all. We both were in shock until some blonde girl came over and tugged on his arm.

She ask "Who is this?" with a tank attitude.

"This is Bella Swan. She is from Forks, Washington." Edward says with his velvet voice, that I am in love with. Wait! No Bella Stop.

"Hi." I wave. "Nice to meet you." I stick my hand out and she just looks at it.She didn't shake it.

"Nice to meet you." she says while looking up and down at me. She didn't like me.

"What's your name.?" I ask

"My name is Tania, I am Edwards girlfriend, if you wanted to know." she says stank attitude again.

Well then, that sucks.

He has a girlfriend.


Hi my name is Bella Swan. I live in Forks Washington. I live here with my mom and dad. I am only 16 years. I am a very quiet person. I really don't say much. I just stick to my school work and go home to make sure my dad (Charlie) has supper from coming home from work. I love going to school. There are these girls named Jessica and Ashley that bothers me everyday at school. I have done anything wrong to them. It's not only them two but there other friends too in there gang, if you want to call it that. Angela was my only friend. I really didn't have anyone.


One terrible night really just set everything over the edge with my father and the police and he couldn't get me out of this one. Angela and I got invited to a party. It was out in the woods. We thought it would of been dumb to go but we were bored that night so we decided to go. Everything was going ok, when Jessica decides to do a prank on me. The prank was to get one of the boys to talk to me and try to make out with me. I thought he liked me because the way he was talking to me. I should of known better when Jessica was standing in the distance laughing. I didn't pay any mind to it. I kept on going where ever the boy went to. He was talking to me and holding my hand and getting all touchy. I didn't like it but I just let it go. I didn't let it go too far though. I am not that Stupid. I heard foot steps coming from behind us. I didn't know what it was. I tried to turn around but the boy would turn me  back and tell me it is nothing. I would ignore it. finally i heard foot steps again. I wasn't going crazy, so i turned around and I couldn't believe my eyes. Ashely was sitting in a tree, blood all over her. I didn't know what happen to her so I went over to where she was and it look like someone broke her neck and stabbed her a few times. It looked like she wasn't breathing at all. I turned around to see if the guy was still there but he wasn't. I look everywhere If I see anyone. I start screaming help to see if anyone hears me. I didn't know what to do. When finally I hear footsteps, I see some girls walking towards where I was. I ran over crying hysterically. When I got the girls it was Jessica and her friends. I got to them.

"What's wrong with you loser!" she says laughing.

"Ashely, Ashley....." I couldn't breathe it hurt to even talk. I could believe my eyes.

"Uh..hello! What are you saying about Ashely!?" she yelled

"Ashely is dead!" I screamed and fell to the ground.

"WHAT!!! ARE YOU LYING BELLA!" She yells at me grabbing me really hard.

"OW! Get off of me!! Why would I be lying to you! Look up at the tree over there." I point

They all just looked and they all got pale.

"OH MY GOD!!! WHAT HAPPEN!! WHAT DID YOU DO!!!" she yells in my face and pushes me.

"I didn't do anything Jessica! I swear. That guy bought me over. I kept hearing noises but he would keep turning me away then When I was fed up I looked over to where the noise was and I saw her in the tree blood everywhere!!! I swear I didn't do anything!" I explain myself.

"This is insane! I am not going to be caught here. I swear bella if you tell anyone about this you are dead meat!!!" she says with such harshness and runs off with her friends.

I was stuck here with a dead body. Out of no where I hear foot steps coming at me fast. Then when I turn around I see a gun and a cop. The cop had his gun pointed at me.


"GET ON THE GROUND NOW!!! NOW!!!" the cop yells.

I drop to the ground fast. I sure did not want to get shot. Definitely for something I didn't do! The cop came over and started stating my rights and hand cuffed me. I got put into a police car and sent to the police station. They questioned me why I was there. I told them everything except about Jessica and her friends. Finally after questioning, my dad came in and was furious. He wasn't happy. They were blaming something on me that wasn't my fault. They will have my DNA or whatever there but I didn't do anything. My dad didn't want to hear. He told me that there is going to be some changes.When my dad said changes, his changes were sending me to a girls home to make myself better. Which I thought was stupid. For my whole sophomore year I was in a girls home for something that was outrages. My dad should of known better about me. I would never put myself in situations like this. He couldn't handle it. There was no way of explaining anything, he didn't want to hear it. I came back home a year later. Just before my 17th birthday.


I get home and my dad tells me that he has new plans. Plans again! Great, I love plans. The only thing that really changed about me was the way act around people. I keep myself closed in all day and night and don't talk to anyone at all. If i feel they are going to get me trouble or hurt me in the end. I keep away. I go to living room and sit to watch some TV. My dad was sitting in there watching football, of course. I pay no mind to him. I am kind of keeping myself a little distant with him. I don't want to fight with him.


"Bella." he says my name

"yeah dad." I say and smile.

"The news I wanted to tell you might not like it." He says with a frown.

"What is it dad??" I am nervous now.

"Well...ummm" He isn't saying much

"Well?" I say with a little attitude.

"I am sending you to a Boarding School." He says with a flat tone

"What! Why? I ask a little pissed.

"I don't think this town is best for you. I think you need to be out of here for everything in this town to go right." He says.

"You think because I have been gone for a year, everything has been going right now!" I yell.

"DO not yell. yes, I think so." he says.

"I really don't have anything to say to you! you are horrible. You are going to send me away. You think that incident was my fault still?" I ask

He just stared at the floor.

"Ok. I get it now dad! Ok every since mom left you, It's been my fault!" i yell

"'s not like that." he says getting upset.

"Just forget it dad. Where am I going?" I ask.

"You are going to a boys and girls boarding school." he says

"Ok. I get that part. Where is it at?" I ask

He didn't say anything.

"Hello! where dad. this is really getting annoying!" I yell getting mad.

"Delani,Alaska." He says in one tone

"De...a...what!?" i ask confused.

"Delani. That is where your boarding school is." he says very out there.

"I...I don't know...I don't know what to day to you dad. This is horrible." i say

"Sorry." he says.

"Don't even be sorry. When am I leaving?" I ask

"You are leaving Monday." he says.

"That's in Two days dad. You didn't give me a chance to even settle in here." I say a upset.

"Yeah. Your packed already so...." he says and get's up and walks away into the kitchen.

Great! My dad officially hates me for something that I didn't do. These people here in denial. I can't take it no more!! Well whatever. What can be so bad about Alaska. I go up to my room and check it out where this boarding school was.


Ugh...great! I am going to school where it isn't sunny. I have been so use to the sun where the girls home was I fell in love with it. I hate the cold, wet weather here in Forks now. Now i have to deal with very light of day and freezing weather. This is going to be AMAZING! NOT. Well I guess this is going to be interesting.


~2 days later~


"Bella! Are you ready!?" Charlie Yells

"Yeah CHARLIE!!" I scream back. I have been calling him by his first name since the day he told me the wonderful news.I walk down the stairs. He looks angry.

"Don't call me that Bells." he says with a harsh tone

"Don't call me Bells either. Thanks." I walk out the door to his cruiser

We started to head to the airport. I didn't say a word to him the whole way. We got to my terminal and all I said was bye. I guess some girl is going to meet me at the airport to bring me to the school. That is going to be interesting. From Washington to Alaska the flight took almost 3 hours. I wasn't surprised. I got to the airport, I exit my terminal. I start walking to see if anyone is wearing some sort of boarding school uniform, but...i don't. Finally I see this really pixie size girl with a sign that said 'ISABELLA SWAN' in pink. She was pixie size with spiked up hair. She dressed normal like everyone else walking in the hotel. I walk up to her and smile.


"Hi. I am Bella." I say to her scared.

"OH MY GOSH! It's you! So glad to see you. I have been so anxious to meet you!" she says with burst of energy.  I was surprised by that. She seems very nice.

I just stand there in shock. I couldn't even breathe.

"Oh my goodness. Bella I am so sorry. I didn't mean to come off so strong. I am sorry." she says all scared.

"It's ok." I say with a smirk. "It's alot. I have had this much excitement over my arrival in a while." I say looking down."

"Well you don't worry Bella this is going to be a new start for you. I promise." she says with confidence.

"Ok." I say.

I hope this is a new start because i just want my life to start all over again.



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alice is a beast! love it! =D
she is right!!! haha!
wow ... its fantastic :)
Simply awesome. Alice was really angry here!! Better not mess with her!  Love it :))
yeah, shouldn't mess with alice at all. lol! thanks!!
Thank YOu so Much!! i will keep you posted.
can't wait 4 the next chapter!!!!

Chapter 8 Part 2


Great Weekend...Awkward School Week


Edward and I had an amazing weekend. It seemed so quick but I just couldn't hold back what I had for him. I have never felt how I felt with him. I didn't go back to my room Sunday night. I stayed with Edward at his parents house. It was weird but I enjoyed the company. Edwards family is really nice. They all treat me like family. Which is too welcoming. Edward,Alice,and Jasper jumped into Edwards car and we all headed to school. I hope I don't get the stink eye from Tania and her goons.  We pulled up to the school and we got out. When Edward and I got out of the car all I felt was eyes all over me. I felt like there was 1 million tons of rocks on me right now. I start getting nervous and start sweating.

"Bella.?" I look up at Edward when he calls my name.

"Huh..What'?" I looked very uncomfortable.

"Are you okay?" Edward ask.

"No. I am really nervous. I don't like all these people starting at me like this. I feel like I did a crime or something." I say really nervously. I don't know what else I could say

"Bella." He grabs my hand."It's okay. I am here for you and we have back up if these crazy people do something stupid towards you." Edwards says

"Okay. I guess." I smile and we all start walking towards the school. As we were walking, everyone just had stunned faces I have ever seen in my life. That just put a smile on my face when I saw that. That actually made me feel a little better. We finally made it into the building.

"See guys. You are okay now." Alice says smiling at us.

"Wrong." Jasper says.

"Huh?" Edward was confused.

"Look Behind you." He points. We turned around and who do we see. The Beast herself. Tonya. Of course with her goons.

She walks up to us with the evilest face ever. I don't know what to do now. Be strong. Stand up for myself. That's all. Breathe. She finally made it up to us, with just a few inches in front of us.

"Well.Well.Well. Look what we got here. Mr.Edward Cullen the hottest guy in school with the ugly duckling. Ha!" She says sarcastically.

"Well.Well.Well. Look at the ugly witch who stands before us." he says with a serious look and tone. I didn't even intercept at that. Tonya walks up to Edward.

"Ooh Edward, Pookie. Don't be like this." she says. She goes for his face and Edward slaps her hand away.

"DON'T TOUCH ME YOU EVIL B&%$^!" Edward says. Whoa. I couldn't believe he said that. I am in shock now.

"Edward?"She says shocked. "Why are acting like this? I Love you." She says calming down.

"You don't love me Tonya. You use me. After what Alice told me and It really opened up my eyes. You are worthless. You mean nothing to me." Edward says with his teeth clenched. I don't want to get Edward mad at me. Kinda of scared, well not kind of. I am scared of him.I kind of step back. Tania steps closer to him again. Whispering to him now so she doesn't get embarrassed again.

"Edward..What are you doing? Please don't do this right here with everyone watching. Please??" She looked upset and sad.

"You want to talk to me in private?" Edward ask

"yes.Please?" She begged.

"Well, Bella is going to be with us because I want her to hear everything you have to say." Edward says grabbing my hand.

"Ugh! Really!?" Tonya gets loud.

"YEAH!" Edward yelled back.

"Okay." She whispered and we followed Tonya to a empty classroom. We walked into the classroom and Edward shut the door behind us.

"What do you want to say Tonya?" Edward ask harshly. I think he is being a little too harsh. I walk up to him.

"Edward? I think you are being a little too mean to her. Just let her talk and see what she has to to say." i say calmly.

"No Bella. You should hear everything she has to say before you tell me to calm down or be nice." he says

"Okay. I guess." I say then turning to Tonya. "Go ahead. You can talk now." I say to her with a smile.

"Thank You.' Tonya says. Wow! That was the nicest thing she said and would be the nicest in her whole life.

"First I want to say is that I am sorry Edward for everything I put you through. I am very." Tonya says

"Okay? Anything else?" Edward ask

"Yes there is. When we first started dating. I really truly loved you. You were the best thing that ever happen to me. I loved every moment we had together. I couldn't do anything without you." She pauses. I notice when she said all of this he smirked a little. I know he loved her. He can't hide that.

"Well for the yeah and half we were dating everything was going so well." She pauses again. She looks nervous.

"When I went away for spring break. I cheated on you with this guy. I felt so terrible. I didn't know what to do. I just couldn't tell you. i had to tell someone. I told Alice. She promised not to say anything to you. I told her I would tell you when I got back from spring break. When I got back, I could never get the courage to tell you. I just let it go. Alice would ask me everyday if I have told you. She said you seemed too happy for something horrible I did on spring break." She pauses again. She was about to cry. Edward sits down at the desk.


"Your telling me, that whole two weeks away, you cheated on me with some other guy?" he ask her

"Yes Edward. I did." She says silently.

"How could you? How could you do this to me?" Edward ask upset again. i don't blame him now.

"I am sorry. Really. I feel terrible." she says.

"Sorry isn't going to help you here." he pauses. "Wait. That is why you were being so shady when I would call you. Everything you would answer would be one word answers. Huh?" He sits there and ponders now.

"Edward. I am sorry. Truly sorry. I just want to let everything out now. I do." Tonya says.

"Okay Tonya. Continue. What else is there?" Edward ask

"Sorry. Everything was okay after our spring break. Remember when my cousin had those guys over for the week. John and Joey. Well John and I started talking. Every since then we have been keeping in contact." she says and starts to cry

"You are telling Edward that you were messing around with this guy John, even when you two were still dating?" I ask

"Yes Bella." She says

"Wow. That is horrible. When did the two guys come here to visit?" i ask

"6 months ago." Edward says

"Are you serious?" I ask

"Yes." Tonya says.

"That is horrible. How could you do this to him?" I ask getting upset.

"I..I.." She couldn't say anything but "I"

"You are a horrible person. No one deserves you!!!" I yell at her about to get up from my seat. Edward grabbed my wrist.

"Don't Bella. Don't." Edward says.

"Why. i could kill her right now!" I yell

"You don't want to do that." he says

"Why?" i ask.

"You can hurt her badly." He says

"what you mean--" i didn't even finish my sentence.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. The next thing is that. Since fooling around with this guy. I am 3 months pregnant." she says. " I had no choice but to tell Alice. I didn't trust my other friends. I had to tell her. Every since I told her, she has been so .. so under the radar with Edward and I. I had to blow off so much stress and anger for what I did to him and what I am doing to myself. When I saw you come to there house, I couldn't believe how Edward was just staring at you. He was staring at you like he loved you. Like he could never take his eyes off of you. I hated that. That is when it all started. Every chance I would get if i see you. I had to be mean to you. I didn't like you when I first met and I still don't like you now. It just made me mad that he couldn't take his eyes off of you. Every time I would try to embarrass you, Alice or EDWARD would be in the way to protect you. I just didn't get it. I notice Edward was pulling away from me in such short time. I didn't understand why. When I went to his house Saturday morning and saw you come out of his room with a towel. I knew something was up. I just couldn't bare to see him with you, of all people. Once again Alice comes to the rescue and saves you! I hate this. I hate seeing you two together. It makes me want to throw up. I hate it." she didn't continue she didn't have anything else to say i think.


"Wow. This is unbelievable. I can't believe you did this to a great person here. I am sorry that  Edward felt something for me. I didn't make him feel like crap the whole time you two were dating. Obviously Edward is happy with me and wasn't happy with you at some point of your relationship together. i am sorry. I wish you didn't hate me but i can't help that at all. i am sorry that people fall in love in seconds of seeing someone. i can't control that. Right now you need to really sit down with yourself and realize what you did wrong and what you are doing wrong right now." I say to her standing up with authority I never ever had in my life. this actually felt really good.

Silence. Some more awkward silence. I had to break it.


"She is right." Edward finally poke. "you should really sit and think what you have done. i am not going to give you time to think of your sorry's and apologies. I am going to be up front with you right now. I have no respect for you. I don't want anything to do with you. You mean nothing to me. I hope you and your boyfriend and the baby situation works our. Lets go Bella." Edward grabs my hand and we both walk out the room and head to Biology together. Hand in hand. I don't know what just happen but Edward just pretty much thrown the Tonya chapter out of his life for good. I look up at him he had so much hurt in his eyes. I couldn't see him like this. I had to do something for him after school to take this pain away.


We got to class with no problems. The day went by really fast. it was our last period of the day. I told Edward to meet me at my room. i got to my room and it was left how I left it over the weekend. I went to my closet and put on some regular clothes. Something a little sexy. Hope he would like this. I don't do this often. I think I am doing this to make Edwards day a little for him. I don't like to see him down. I finish getting dressed. Not even two seconds after I finish, I hear a light knock on the door. I run over to door. I open it. It's Edward. :) I love him!

I jump up on him and kiss him passionately. He follows through.

He puts me down. He stares at me. I didn't not take my gaze off of him.

"Wow." Was all he could really say.

"Yeah..." he cut me off.

"You are an amazing girl. You are really one of kind. I wish I knew you a couple years back. You are so beautiful." He says then kisses me again. Then from there we were kissing and grabbed me and rubbed my side. He brought me to my bed. From there he started taking my clothes off and I started to take his clothes off. When I did that he stopped.

"What's wrong?" I ask breathing heavily.

"Are you sure you want to do this??" Edward ask a little scared

"I would love to do this with you. You are the right person and I do not see no regret in this." I say to him

"Wait? You have never done this??" Edward ask

I blush

"Aww.Bella it's ok. IF you don't want I will back off." He says pulling away.

"No. I do. With you. You are the one I want. i want to be tied to you in every way possible." I say to him.

Edward didn't say anything after that.


*You all know what happens after that! haha!!*


comment! sorry it took so long to post another chapter!!

Luv it :)



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