The Twilight Saga



Chapter 1- I am Bella Swan


     Edward left me to protect me because he thinks I don't belong in his world, but what he don't know is that was I in the supernatural world before I ever met him. I am Bella Swan, I'm seventeen, and I'm a hunter. See I may have lied to Edward about who I was but I also lied to him about him being the first person I loved. See I love a man named Dean Winchester, he is also a hunter. He and his brother, Sam Winchester, saved me from vampires when I was sixteen, Then I got put on the demons radar so I had to go into hiding and moved back in with my dad, a retired hunter.          

     Then a year and four month ago I got a call from my uncle Bobby saying Sam had died and Dean made a deal to bring him back, now usually when you make a deal with a demon you get ten years to live but dean only got a year. Four months ago dean died and got sent to Hell. " Izzy, come on we cant blow your cover you still have to go to school." i heard dad yell up the stairs. Only people who know who i really am call me Izzy. "Coming dad." I yelled as i put on my shoes. I ran down the stairs just in time to see Edward walk through the door. Great anouther long day of pretending i thought as i walked up to him and hugged him.

     "Morning Edward." I said in a sickly sweet voice.

     "Morning love, are you ready to go?" he asked me not even noticing me flinch at just how girly and helpless i sounded. "Sure just let me grab my phone." i said as i took off running. Just about the time i reached my phone it started to ring. I looked at the caller ID and it read Dean Winchester, and theres only one problem with that dean took his phone to the grave with him. So either a Demon is possessing his body tring to find me or he has risen from Hell.

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i love it add me so u can tell me when ur are ging to post more!!!!
ooo sounds really good!!update soon!!
wow wow wow keep me updated
Chapter 2- He's back

Me and Edward left for school, and i was on edge the whole day because that phone call could be from a demon, and just let me tell you if a demon is messin with my mans body it will meet death and I will introduce them. We were walking to lunch when i heard him. "Izzy, wait it's me." I heard him yell. This is not gonna go well, we are in the middle of the cafeteria with people all around.
I took out my silver knife ,incase he was a shapeshifter, and ran at him. "No Izzy, stop it's me I promise." He pleaded with me but i wouldn't listen. He got the knife away."Stop, if i was a shapeshifter could I do this?" he asked as he cut his upper arm. I slowly walked up to him, I had my flask of holy water behind my back, and when he turned around to put the knife down i splashed him. "Babe, I'm not a demon either." he whispered. It really was him. I ran up to him as fast as i could go.
"Dean, I missed you so much." I cried as we hugged. I had totally foorgot that Edward was there and he could hear everything we said.
"Dean I love you so much please never leave me agian."
"I love you to babe, and I'm so sorry." All i could see out of the corner of my eye was the white blurr of Edward running away.
well this sucks for edward!!!!!!!!!!
That was sad why couldn't she just tell edward that she was a hunter and she is going out with dean.
awww thats soo sweet!!!but poor edward :( update soon!!
i will i have other plans for Edward he wont be sad for long
love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3- Scared for my life

Me and Dean was walking out to the Impala when he noticed that he left my knife in the cafiteria. "I'll be right back." He yelled as he ran back to the building. I pulled out my phone to call sammy and give him the news when something sharp hit me in the back of the head, I blacked out.
I came to a few hours later. I was in a warehouse chained to the ceiling, I could hear something moving in the distance. "Who's there you coward, show your face." I yelled into the darkness. I heard a swish and then it was behind me.
"You are in no postion to bargian, Darlin'."
"Well you found me Lilith. Kill me then what rule the world. Dean will hunt you down if you even look at me so watch were you step. You'r walking an thin ice baby." I spat back at her.
"I'm not afriad of your little hunter boyfriend, and i'm not stupid enough to come alone am I boys?" She asked into the darkness. A series of laughter could be heard all around the building. Oh shoot i'm in trouble now.

this is not good.... what will she do now?
Did u find some1 2 help u write it? If u didn't then i could prolly help u. But sometimes I am not very good at writing. I could just give u some I deas.


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